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I doubt beyonce or any other A list singer would voice a character besides Nicki. The crew can barely afford Nicki as casting her costs a ton since she's so high up there and they don't have unlimited funds to cast more ppl like that

I mean, we can only assume casting and booking her cost quite a lot. Again, given that there’s buzz about the show, general and sometimes parties come together because they’re both interested. Money isn’t always a driving force for involvement (as there’s also publicity as a guest actor, participation in a series you enjoy, etc etc)

I don’t disagree, Beyoncé does feel like a stratosphere level super star that likely would be at this pint well out of range for the series, but we’ve got the likes of Patti Lupone, and Estelle to boast about in terms of star power.

Not to mention the incredible line-up of guests CN has hosted for similar shows like Adventure Time like Neil Patrick Harris, Mark Hamill, George Takei, Ron Perlman, Andy Samberg, Donald Faison, “Weird” Al Yankovic, freakin Biz Markie too! While there’s no doubt that AT’s notoriety has helped pull guest stars in by being on the general radar of even the most casual viewer of cartoons currently on the air- Steven Universe isn’t THAT small of a show if you ask me. It’s not to be overlooked, that’s for sure.