neil degrasse tyson

There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on the world’s beaches.
More stars in the universe than seconds of time that have passed since Earth formed.
More stars than words and sounds ever uttered by all humans who have ever lived.

How one Reddit post launched 600 marches across the world

  • It began with a simple declaration on Reddit: “There needs to be a Scientists’ March on Washington.” The Facebook page came hours later.
  • Then word spread among the Reddit forums, across Facebook and onto the Twitter feeds of science’s most beloved public heroes.
  • On Saturday, this spreading message will come to a head as hundreds of thousands of people will March for Science, not just in its most prominent iteration in Washington, D.C., but in around 600 cities worldwide. Read more. (4/22/17, 9:30 AM)

Before the March for Science, scientists were already becoming a major political force

  • The March for Science will bring thousands of people to the National Mall in Washington to demand politicians factor science and proven fact into their decision-making. 
  • The march, which coincides with Earth Day, was spurred by the ascendance of an administration that is moving aggressively to reverse environmental regulations and cut science funding. 
  • More than 200 organizations have partnered to send a message that science is a critical part of good governing.
  • The Washington march, with simultaneous protests planned nationwide, is the most recent high-profile political push by the scientific community. But it is only the latest major step in a movement of scientists becoming more outspoken and political in recent years. Read more. (4/22/17, 8:34 AM)