neil comes clean

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okay but can I imagine your piercing hc but backwards. Like in my mind Neil has really nice lips that Andrew is secretly a little, (a lot) obsessed with. So maybe he gets both a nose, and later a lip piercing??? It gets a little much during the kissing sessions on the roof, but they are both like \_('_')_/ . (Feel free to write a session on the roof. I need it in my life tbh.)


  • like the prompt says: 
  • andrew is obsessed with neil’s lips
    • the shape of them
    • how soft they are
    • how neil presses against them sometimes when he smiles
    • when neil smooths his thumb against them when he’s studying
    • kissing them
    • the way it feels when they brush against his neck or his collarbone 
  • and neil just got that piercing on his nose and it looks good
  • andrew got his lip pierced but it was only spite. he never wanted it
  • he doesn’t even really like it
  • but neil seems to
  • he takes it out after a few days, mostly because it started to bother him
  • neil misses it and starts to wonder……….

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