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‘The Good Doctor’ Gets Full-Season Order From ABC After 2 Airings
After impressive premiere and Week 2 hold, ABC’s breakout new drama The Good Doctor starring Freddie Highmore has received a full-season pickup, earning an early Back 9 order to bring its fre…
By Nellie Andreeva
The neighbor • S.M

Shaun Murphy x Reader

A/N: I’m very excited to be writing again! I thought I’d write an imagine about Shaun Murphy because he deserves all the love and kindness. Anyways, if I make any mistakes, I apologize. I’m trying my best. If you guys also want a part two, let me know? Enjoy! Credit goes to the owner who made this gif

You heard your alarm blast How Far I’ll Go throughout your room, and you tossed the duvet off yourself before cheerfully singing along to the song. Moana never fails to motivate you in the morning. When you finished your morning routine, you went out the door, after shutting it behind you and locking it.

 It is your first day as a Music Therapist. I had better not mess up on my first day, you thought to yourself as you stepped inside the elevator, pressing the button to the first floor.

 You saw a young man walk briskly towards the elevator with his hands clasped together, stepping inside. “Hello, where to?” you asked brightly. “San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital, I’m a surgical resident. Today’s my first full day.” Shaun replied.

 “Oh, I meant floor. But, that’s awesome because I’m going there as well,” you beamed, Shaun’s eyes flickered to the floor, “Oh, ground floor.” he looked up, “I’m taking the bus!” The elevator door slides shut. “That’s nice. What’s your name?” you asked. He rocked his body back and forth, “Shaun Murphy.”

 The reader smiled, “You have a nice name.” The elevator rang signaling that we have reached the first floor. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Shaun. Have a great first day.”

 A small smile formed on Shaun’s face, “Thank you!”

The Board of Music Therapists certified you in the fall after passing the exam, and you earned your bachelor’s degree at Northridge. You could help many people through music. You drove your way to the hospital prepared since Dr. Glassman asked you if you had any time to meet with a patient who would like to take music therapy in San Jose. You have been to St. Bonaventure Hospital before, and the only people you were close to besides Glassman was Claire.

As you arrived, you parked close to the hospital so you would not have to walk very far. The secured car delighted the reader. Once you were inside the building, you searched the area for Dr. Glassman; you decide to check in at his office when you heard Dr. Melendez and Dr. Murphy having a conversation. You recognized Melendez’s voice. You did not like how rude he was.

 “Sir, what do I do?” Shaun asked. “Scut work,” Melendez replies. Shaun responded, “What’s scut work?”

 “Today I’m going to need my surgeons to have no distractions. Therefore, I am going to need you to handle those distractions. All the work that they do every day that they hate doing you is handling it for them.”

 “Excuse me, Dr. Melendez is this how you treat people?” you asked, arms folded below the chest. You saw Shaun turn his head. “Just because he has autism doesn’t mean you can treat him negatively. He is a person just like everyone. He has to dodge people like you!” you retorted. Melendez stood there shocked. “Also, have you guys seen, Dr. Glassman?”

 “He just went to the Cafeteria,” Shaun says a small smile plastered on his face. You flashed him a wink, “Thank you, Shaun. I’ll see you around.”

On today’s episode of ‘why aren’t we talking about this because this definitely needs to be talked about’: andreil + kisses

  • Andrew kisses Neil’s cheeks after his face is mostly healed; he’ll be scarred and marked for the rest of his life, but the gentle press of Andrew’s lips to his face helps Neil come to turns with that
  • When he’s finally given permission (”yes or no?” “just fucking have your way, josten. i hate you irrevocably, by the way”), Neil leans down and presses his lips to Andrew’s forehead, usually before Neil goes for a run and Andrew, somehow, isn’t up before he is
  • They’re drunk (”c’mon neil, those crazy fuckers aren’t after you anymore! you an spare at least one night of total inebriation!”), and the scotch is low in Neil’s belly and Andrew just feels so good, and when Andrew has him pressed against the wall, hands on his hips and body trapping his, Neil leans into his space, hot breath over Andrew’s admittedly edible lips, and rubs his nose gently over Andrew’s; Andrew scoffs, presses bruising force into his hips and whips out a harsh “402% fucker” (neil notices that when the hate percentage is higher than usual, it means about the exact opposite; Neil counts this as a victory
  • One day they have an especially brutal practice (”kevin for fuck’s sake, if you don’t chill out with these goddamn drills, we won’t be alive to play the next game!”), after they’ve both showered and hauled themselves back to Fox Tower, Andrew wordlessly steers Neil to their bedroom and sits Neil on the edge of the bed, takes Neil’s calloused fingers in his own before gently pulling them apart and up to his mouth, one finger at a time, until each tender finger has been dealt with; Neil watches in bated silence
  • Eden’s Twilight is a living pulse in Neil’s veins; he’s allotted himself a few drinks when they come out, enough to feel the affects but not enough for him to lose his inhibitions; by some sheer act of god, Andrew is out on the dancefloor, and they’re not really dancing so much as slowly and hotly grinding against each other, and Neil licks a hot stripe across Andrew’s neck, Andrew visibly shudders, pushes Neil out of his space and harps about Neil being a “goddamn fucking vampire” but Neil only smiles in triumph 
  • Neil says it first, not like he means to, but it slips out nonetheless; they’re alone for once, everyone else has fucked off and the two of them are spread out on the couch, watching something neither of them could honestly care less about. Neil feels so content, safe, happy, alive, and he’s saying I love you before he can stop himself; Andrew freezes immediately, body tense and a cold gaze on his face. 
  • “what the fuck did you just say?” Neil sits up to look at him. “you heard me. i love y-” “shut up. shut your fucking mouth before i cut your tongue off and feed it back to you.” “i’m not scared of you.” “you should be.” Neil switches tactics. “andrew, you want to keep me safe, yes or no?” “why are you being stupid?” “stop deflecting and answer.” “yes.” “you’re happy that i didn’t leave when the fbi wanted me to, yes or no?” “’happy’ is a very tricky word to use.” “yes or no?” “yes.” “’this’ means something to you, yes or no?” “i haven’t gotten bored of you just yet, so, perhaps.” “you love me too, yes or no?” “323% and going strong” “yes or no?” “fuck you.” but they’re doing talking about this, done using words, when Andrew pulls Neil in by the back of the neck and answers him with a tongue in his mouth, a moan in his throat and a promise burning molten hot between them

Neil Bates | 20 | Techie | Skills: Gadgets, Programming, Disguise Analysis and Application | Private | FC: Gerard Way | Open

Neil is a cute little nerd and kind of a loser. He lives to disguise things and he makes it a point to make sure he can make just about anything invisible. He’s friendly unless he’s with a girl he likes and then he’s so shy it hurts. He tends to be full of blushes and stammering and makes himself ever cuter because of it. He’s the same way when someone hits on him.