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Petition for a spin off with Zimmerfield and Estevez before the Lydia Spring case, just finding missing people and being annoyed with the FBI.
I wrote The Boss fanfic. Sort of.

I didn’t feel good today and I couldn’t concentrate on anything, and generally I was pretty blah. I thought, you know, everyone is rewriting their books from a different POV, and people have asked me to rewrite The Boss from Neil’s POV, so I wrote a little bit. You can read it if you want. It hasn’t been edited or even seen by anyone but me, so I guarantee it’s going to be riddled with errors. At this point it was just a little exercise to occupy my writing brain. But it was fun to do.

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Thanks to Mara I started reading The Boss. 

I was so tired of listening my cousin and aunt talk about 50 Shades of Grey and how good it was. The Boss is free on Amazon and so far it’s so good.

I haven’t read 50SoG and I’m not planning on doing it. But I have read parts of it and know how creepy the Grey dude is and how scary their relationship is. 

I highlighted the parts where Neil is being a responsable parner and shows he cares about her safety and that she is comfortable. I am so excited about this couple because they do communicate and they are honest to each other. Also Sophie knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to talk her mind. 

So far so good. 

I might end up buying my own paperback copy. 


…I have been severely annoyed by a tendency that I faced, even among my family, ever since I took a renewed and real, not child-level interest in fighting and combat sports. I will first give some counter examples and then divulge what I am referring to, as I think my blow will have a bigger impact this way.

Eugene S. Robinson

Oxbow vocalist, musician, scriptwriter, journalist, playwright, author, former bouncer, combat sport commentator, combat sport historian, tango dance instructor, fighter, well versed in at least six forms of combat sports (based on his book Fight, one of my favorite books on the subject), and still fights and competes to this day. I am pretty convinced that when the time comes, Eugene will be remembered as one of the most versatile, most interesting renaissance men of this era. I myself spent roughly three articles in my native Hungarian dedicated to his work, but even that is only scratching the surface.

Josh Barnett

“The strongest nerd alive” is one of the most well known fighters all around, two time black belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion, heavily decorated MMA fighter, multiple catch-as-catch-can wrestling champion, current Metamoris heavyweight champion, photography enthusiast, art collector, self-taught wrestling historian, metalhead, actor, an expert of strategic card games, he himself is a multiple Magic: The Gathering champion, actively fights to this day, his latest “legendary” accolade is submitting Ryron Gracie with a toehold at Metamoris 6,which is an accomplishment in and of itself.

Forrest Griffin

Studied political science and ethics, was part of the police force for years as an ethical consultant, actor, writer, combat sports commentator, well versed in at least three combat sports, retired from fighting due to injury, works as a trainer.

Jonathan Gottschall

English teacher, historian, linguist, at 39 he gave up teaching to become a professional MMA fighter, never done any other sport before that, well versed in at least three combat sports, at 42, he still trains and fights, though not professionally, resumed teaching, author and journalist, TED invitee.

Sam Harris

Neurologist, neuro-philosopher, ethics philosopher, professional debater, author, journalist, teacher, conference attendee, science communicator, one of the most important and most controversial contemporary philosophers, black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, 48 and actively fights in his spare time.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Astrophysicist, astronomer, author, journalist, world renown scientist and science communicator, narrator, one time greco-roman wrestler, used to be the captain of his university’s wrestling team, retired from fighting.

Sam Sheridan

Author, fireman, ex-soldier, expert and journalist on the physiology and psychology of fighting, decorated MMA fighter, well versed in at least 4-5 combat sports, actively fights and trains to this day.

Eddie Bravo

Developer of a whole personal system of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu called “10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu”, which is copied all across the world, musician, author, educator, trainer, but his most important contribution is completely forgoing on the Gi when it comes to BJJ, one of the most important reformers of modern combat sports.

Chael Sonnen

Heavily decorated MMA fighter, wrestler, radio host with his own program, combat sports commentator, fight communicator, a sociologist by trade (just like myself), at once a politician, actively fights to this day, although nowadays he is more and more in wrestling and BJJ circles, than in MMA.

Scott Kelly

Another one of my favorite musicians, founding member of one of the most experimental, most crushing, most beautiful bands out there, Neurosis, a genre setting musician, as a founding member of Tribes of Neurot as well, he has been on the forefront of experimental and highly conceptual music for the last three decades, as well as being an acclaimed experimental folk musician, he used to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, until he had to give it up due to an undisclosed injury a few years back.

Maynard James Keenan

Front man and vocalist for one of the most intelligent bands out there, TOOL, an actor, philanthropist, stand up comic and winemaker, Maynard has been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with none other than Rickson Gracie himself, he is currently a violet belt, took a leave from training recently due to an injury, but plans to continue once he is better. Hope they bring out the new TOOL record as well, can hardly wait.

Ed O’Neill

Universally known for his portrayal of Al Bundy, although had a tremendous amount of other roles as well, an actor, lecturer, philanthropist, he has been a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt since 2007, he trains with the likewise legendary Rorion Gracie, he has been training for 22 years straight and despite being 69 years old, he trains and fights to this day. Have nothing but respect for the man.

Finally, as a closing note, here we have Pierre Bourdieu (1930-2002), one of the greatest sociologist, philosopher and social scientist the 20th century produced showing the connection between fighting and sociology:

So now finally, the tendency I wanted to dispell is the one that maintains without any real basis, that “only uneducated, dumb, stupid, meat head clobbering machines are interested in fighting or combat sports”. Yeah, take another look at the above, although heavily incomplete, list and say that one more time to my face, you ignorant moron. You know where you can stick your mis- or uninformed baseless opinions.

Since I did one for the places in the Boss series, I’ll do one for the characters. These people are the physical inspirations for the Boss series characters. And this is going to be a really tall post, but I don’t want to hear it because do you know how many times I’ve had that color-of-the-sky post show up on my dash? Exactly.

Sophie Scaife (Naya Rivera) When I started writing the series, I imagined Sophie as looking like Amber Heard, but a couple of people said they imagined Naya Rivera, so… Now I’m really depressed that I described Sophie as being a white woman. But when I write, i just ignore my past stupidity and picture Naya.

Neil Elwood (Anthony Head) Let’s be real, who else was he going to be?

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