anonymous asked:

Hi! Was there ever anything akin to LARP on Beforus?

Oh yes of horse! There hoof been several different versions, but the most common was Friendly Live A%ion Role Playing. Trolls from every caste were welcome to don foam armour and weapons. Some versions had simple playfoal fighting, others involved intense quests and stories. This was one of the Empress apprhooved activities where all castes and trolls of aneigh ability were allowed to play as equals, because (with the e%ception of the casual friendly fighting) intera%ions were based on luck, not skill. 

For a short time, there was Furry Live A%ion Role Playing, which was similar, e%cept participants wore fursuits. Maney a troll died from heat e%haustion. The game was justifiably banned. I would hoof loved to trot around, foam tipped arrows in hoof, appearing as the true stallion that I am, but alas, it was neighver mane’t to be for my generation.