So, friendly neighnorhood Mok here to point something ELSE out that i noticed before i even got to the dang rift the first time this run–

Chancellor Roderick.

When Cassandra calls him a glorified clerk, she is being very, very, very, very, literal.
He has not a single, tiny, ity, bity, nanometer slice off the end of a pubic hair’s worth of power in relation to the Left and Right hands of the late Divine.
He, if we all are understanding the Chantry hierarchy as it is explained, is a power hungry little shit that is trying damn hard to attach himself to the teat of whoever gets sucked into the power vacuum, and he is treading on some major thin ice to do so.
Him telling Leiliana and Cassandra off in front of people, while they bring the accused is a very calculated move– they all think the Inquisitor is the one that did this whole thing. If he looks like he’s condemning them, his ass is The Most Loyal Paper Pusher.

You see where i’m going, right. The fact that their respective grief is keeping them from assuming control of the situation and telling him to sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and play with some matches like a good record keeper, is what he’s playing on. 
Cullen, likewise being a man in the Chantry’s matriarchal structure is used to seeing the clergy over him while he’s in the military arm– so he isn’t thinking “oh this jackass is sitting in Haven spreading discontent”. No, he sees a low rank clerk making noises that OBVIOUSLY won’t impact anyone, because it’s not a Sister/Mother/Revered Mother saying it.

I digress.

On that bridge on the way to the temple, when he calls Cassandra a thug, and insults Leiliana’s judgement, he is by all rights of the Chantry– as we are given to understand it by the source materials– reaching way above his station to stir up a whole crock of shit he is not prepared to come pouring down on his head.

But they just? Let him say it?
Logistically, i understand they have other things to focus on at the point of the breach, and showing hostility to Roderick at the point the prisoner is there could be dangerous for the troops to see, but once the herald is out. Once they’re sleeping and its calm enough to look at the situation.

Why in the name of Andraste’s battle scars was this man not removed and thrown in a lake to cool off or at least stripped of his status and kept in the cells in the basement so he would be taught a lesson for mouthing off? Logically the intrinsic distrust of men in the clergy that Andrastians have should warrant something aside of just letting him wander.

I have thoughts. Mostly that he pisses me off.