Last year we did an end of year performance and the first photo is of the cast. If you’ll look to the tall girl on the left, you’ll see that she looks as if she has just taken an extremely satisfying dump. We laughed for ten years.

The second picture is of me when I was six, trying to be sexy at seaworld. This photo has over 150 likes which is more like than I’ve ever gotten on anything. 

So today, the third picture happened and my life is 100% complete

So none of my friends really like me and my best friends happens to be my boyfriend who is graduating this year. I don’t know what to do, I can hardly bring myself to get up in the morning even knowing I’ll see him. I’m scared of myself

the hottest guy ever (besides my boyfriend who obviously is so hot it’s out of this world) talked to me today. For like a second. And he called me ‘miss hangover herself’. 
I wasn’t even that hungover pls leave me alone but also love me