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series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut

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The House of Horror

16-year-old Sylvia Likens was the daughter of two carnival workers. Her parents separated, and her mother, Betty, was incarcerated for shoplifting. As a result, Sylvia and her sister, Jenny, were sent to live with Gertrude  Baniszwewski and her family, paying them $20 to take care of the two girls. When the payments were late, Baniszwewski would turn on the girls, particularly Sylvia. She would hit the girls with paddles. Being fragile and asthmatic herself,  Baniszwewski recruited her children and neighbourhood children to subject Sylvia to horrendous abuse over the period of three months. This abuse included putting cigarettes out on her skin, burning her with scalding water, beating her, rubbing salt in her wounds, forcing her to eat things which would cause her to vomit and on at least two occasions, she was raped with a Coca-Cola bottle. On one occasion, a neighbourhood boy, Coy Hubbard, used her to practice his judo, which as a result, caused her to become incontinent. Baniszwewski responded to this by forcing her to eat her own faeces as well as her 1-year-old sons. Jenny, Sylvia’s sister attempted to get help and contacted their older sister, Diana, who came to the house yet did nothing to help. 

Shortly before her death, Baniszewski took a hot needle and carved “I’m a prostitute and proud of it!” on Sylvia’s stomach. A neighbourhood boy, Richard Hobbs, helped. He also helped 10-year-old Shirley Baniszewski burn the number “3” into her chest with an iron poker. The night before Sylvia died, she attempted to escape the house of horrors. She was caught by Baniszewski who threw her down the stairs into the cellar which had become her home. The next day, on October 26, 1965, Sylvia’s body gave up after the countless beatings, burnings, rapes, and lack of food and water. She died of a brain haemorrhage, shock, and malnutrition. She had suffered unimaginable torment. Her body was covered in wounds, bruises, and burns. In her final moments, she had almost completely severed her lips with her teeth from the beatings. 

Gertrude received a life sentence while the younger assailants received petty sentences and were all released and went on to lead normal lives, something Sylvia could never do. Disgustingly enough, Gertrude was released for good behaviour after just a measly fourteen years in prison.

The Secret (13)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

“Where are we going Mummy?” Zoe asked again for what felt like the hundredth time since you picked her up from school. With a glance at your rear-view mirror, you could see her swinging her legs excitedly. Unlike you, Zoe loved surprises but was rather impatient for them.

Following the sat-nav, you made a quick left off the main road into a more residential area. All around you were a number of tall apartment buildings, fairly new and modern. “I don’t technically know,” you replied covertly, laughing at her frown. Clearly she didn’t approve of your vagueness.

With another quick glance, you smiled at your daughter staring wide-eyed out the window, taking everything in with her child-like curiosity. “Look there’s a park,” she squealed excitedly, pressing her face up against the glass as you slowly drove past a filled playground. “Is that a swimming pool?” you heard her exclaim behind you as you turned down another road.

You have arrived at your destination.”

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I absolutely adore that headcanon that went around a while ago where the layout of the Fenton household is constantly shifting and changing

but what if we took it a step further

what if the WHOLE OF AMITY PARK was affected by the portal, being in such close proximity to a tear between dimensions and effectively SOAKING in all the ectoplasmic radiation it’s been pumping out over the years

so this quaint little town starts to develop a few rather odd… quirks

like the water fountain in the park turns strange colours on occasion and smells (and tastes as Tucker discovered on a dare) strongly of burnt sugar

there’s this one road on the edge of town that, though it appears to be straight, somehow loops back on itself so that you end up back where you started, but only if you’re wearing shoes, this odd detail was discovered when Paulina’s heel broke as she and Star were writing a school paper on the landmark and she had to continue barefoot

the local shopping mall has its strange traits too, the glass ceiling of the food court shows an odd stormy red sky no matter the weather outside, except for once every seventeen days when it randomly turns into an aurora borealis-esque light show for differing periods of time, Kwan has these days marked on his calendar and sometimes skips school to see it, sometimes Danny joins him

a lot of the stores reach much farther back than physics says they really should, clerks always remember to clear the back of the shops on Monday afternoons, some of the stores like to revert back to regular size on Tuesdays

the parking lot behind the bowling alley is a favourite of Ida Manson’s, she and the elderly of Amity frequent the spot on Saturday mornings as the strange gravity shifts do wonders for their aching joints, being able to dance and leap like they’re light as a feather makes them feel young again

the walk to school could take someone five minutes one day, and an hour the next, Lancer has added ‘spacial disturbances’ to his list of acceptable excuses for being late

there’s this one tree in the park that every child feels compelled to climb, because halfway up they discover that they’re suddenly climbing back towards the ground upside down, their friends have to grab hold of their arms to stop them from falling into the sky until they climb back down the tree again and gravity goes back to normal

the Mansons lobby to have the tree cut down after catching their daughter climbing it, Sam and the neighbourhood children protest by climbing the tree and hanging upwards from the lower branches like reverse bats, the parents refuse to let the tree be destroyed until their childrens’ sense of gravity is restored

nobody goes down the slide at the Nasty Burger playground any more, the last three kids to do so still haven’t stopped screaming, nobody can figure out why

a majority of the residents of Amity Park overlook most of these strange occurrences, or put police tape around the dangerous ones and ignore them, they live in a town where ghosts attack regularly, changes like these have become not only unsurprising, but expected

and then the animals start to mutate, dogs are born with unnaturally coloured fur, fish are leaping out of their tanks and floating above the water, cats slip behind one object and come out behind another across the yard, some herbivorous animals gain a craving for meat and all of the local pigeons decide that flying in a spiral shape above the public library for three hours every morning is a productive start to the day

even plants start to grow into weird shapes and sizes, fruits with strange tastes and colours become a trend at local Sunday markets, seeds grow without even being planted or watered, root vegetables are found on above-ground vines, berries start growing out of the painted wood of a backyard fence

and then the children start to change

the only trend among the human mutations that local doctors can find is that every person identified had been a child or young teenager whose body had yet to finish developing when the ghosts had first started attacking (or, more accurately, when the portal had first been opened)

mutations range from purely harmless to downright disturbing, a teenager with blue eyebrows, a child with horns growing from the back of their left hand, a little girl whose hair drips down her back as though it’s made of liquid, an older boy whose teeth all fell out and grew back seemingly normal but turned out to be diamond hard and capable of biting through solid steel

the mutations only grow as the years pass, the older children developing dangerous abilities that could rival some of the local ghosts, kids being capable of duplicating themselves, a girl spotted flying to school, someone with green skin seen at the local supermarket, it’s even said that the Fenton’s kid can knock buildings over just by screaming at them

the Guys in White stop trying to protect the town, it becomes very clear that it doesn’t need protecting, it needs CONTAINING, but they soon discover that this is a far more difficult task than first assumed

because the overpowered youth of Amity Park have grown accustomed to a new-found sense of freedom the likes they’d never experienced before

and they don’t like being contained

Our Song (Sam Drake x Reader)

Requested by Anon.

Request:  Heyyyaa I want to request a Sam x reader with lots of fluff. Maybe the reader believes Sam is away on a treasure hunt on their wedding anniversary and when she gets back from work she’s greeted by Sam dancing in the living room to their wedding song?

A/N: Ooh can you imagine how nice it would be being married to Sam, not even my dreams would create such a reality lol. Anyways, this was a really cute request to write, I tried to make it all fluffy and cute so I hope you guys will like it. Thanks so much for requesting this, and do let me know what you think! :’)

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Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960 to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer, in West Allis, Wisconsin. Jeffrey was the Dahmer’s first born child. With Jeffrey still in infancy, Lionel, a chemist, moved the family to Iowa, where he was working on his PhD at Iowa State University. While residing in Iowa, Lionel found a pile of small animal bones under the house. Jeffrey was delighted with the new treasure and played with the bones. Lionel and Joyce had volatile marriage, and the implications of this violence were observed in Jeffrey’s early behaviour. Early home movies of Jeffrey depict hyperactivity, incorrigibility and displace aggression in the form of violently beating trees with sticks. Following completion of his graduate work, Lionel found employment as a chemist in Akron, Ohio. Coinciding with the family’s move, Jeffrey’s younger brother was born. Jeffrey, only six years old, demonstrated significant sibling rivalry and disdain over the attention his brother was receiving. He manifested a change in behaviour, shifting from being an exuberant active child to one that was shy, insecure and fearful. The parental discord, the attention his younger brother received, and the move to an unfamiliar neighbourhood precipitated this change in personality.

In 1968, when Jeffrey was eight years old, Lionel and Joyce moved the family again to a home on an acre of land in Bath, Ohio. Jeffrey began to exhibit bizarre behaviour following this move. Lionel purchased a chemistry set for Jeffrey while on a sales trip. Jeffrey would spend countless hours with the chemistry set, experimenting with animals that had been struck by vehicles on the road nearby. Jeffrey would use different chemicals to burn off the animals’ skin. He would cut off the heads of the road kill he had found, place their heads on pointed sticks, and position the sticks among a ring of fire in the woods. Jeffrey would also preserve animal body parts in formaldehyde, and he had a small cemetery in the woods on the property where he would bury the animal remains. Jeffrey had also shown an interest in human anatomy, and would persuade the neighbourhood children to remove their clothes so he could observe them and listen to their heartbeats. He began to manifest these abnormal behaviours in elementary school, prompting his teachers to register concern. However, there were no attempts at an intervention.

Westley Allan Dodd began to show signs of sexual deviancy from an early age. He began exposing himself to neighbourhood children when he was 13. By the time he began attending high school, he had progressed to molesting his cousins, children he babysat and the children of his father’s girlfriend. Dodd was arrested multiple times but no serious action was taken against him, even when he attempted to abduct two young girls in 1981. Over the next several years, Dodd continued to molest children. This lead to his discharge from the navy and numerous arrests, always resulting in minimal punishment and short jail sentences.

Dodd’s sexual fantasies became progressively more violent, and on September 4, 1989, he lured two young brothers, Cole and William Neer, to a secluded area. There he tied them to a tree, performed sex acts on them and then stabbed them before fleeing. Cole died at the scene and William died as he was transported to hospital.

After this, Dodd made several unsuccessful attempts to lure children to their deaths until he encountered two brothers at a park in Portland, Oregon, 4-year-old Lee and 9-year-old Justin Iseli. After Justin went home, Dodd offered Lee a ride home, but instead took him to his apartment. He forced Lee to undress before tying him to his bed and repeatedly molesting him, taking pictures and keeping a record of the abuse in a diary. The following morning, Lee was strangled with a rope and hung inside a closet. Dodd disposed of the child’s body near Vancouver Lake and burnt his clothes, keeping his underwear as a souvenir. When a manhunt for the killer ensued following the discovery of Lee’s body, Dodd kept to himself, spending most of his time in his apartment, constructing a torture rack and writing about his plans to abduct more children.

After attempting to flee, following a failed attempt to abduct a child from a theatre, Dodd’s car broke down and the boyfriend of the child managed to restrain him. The police were called and Dodd was arrested and confessed to all three murders. Incriminating evidence, such as pictures of Lee Iseli and details of the murders in his diary, were uncovered upon a search of Dodd’s room.

Westley Allan Dodd was sentenced to death in 1990, opting to be executed by hanging, “because that’s the way Lee Iseli died.” In all, he is thought to have abused as many as 175 children, mainly boys.

Hello Neighbour | Lee Jihoon | Neighbour!Seventeen Series

Title: Hello Neighbour

Pairing/Characters: Lee Jihoon x Reader, Wen Junhui, Xu Minghao

Synopsis: Jihoon wants to be a friendly face to his new neighbour who never seems to be at home.

Genre/Warnings: Fluff, Neighbour!Jihoon, slice of life, female reader, Non-idol!AU, swearing

Words: 2.2k

POV: Third Person

Requested: No

Jihoon sat at the windowsill of his room and watched as the moving trucks came and went as they unloaded their contents in front of the house next door. There weren’t enough boxes for a family, which Jihoon silently thanked god for as the thought of loud neighbourhood children made him shudder, however there were too many boxes, in his opinion, for one person. He hoped it was another nice elderly couple, just like the previous owners of the house, as it would keep the peace in his quiet neighbourhood.

The thought of his old neighbours, now gone to live with their grandchildren, brought on a wave of melancholy. They always greeted him from their porch whenever he was out, invited him over for dinner and worried over him as if he were their own grandchild. He definitely considered them his own family. When he first moved to the area, unfamiliar with the space, they were the first friendly face to greet him. He hadn’t known what it was like to live alone until that moment. Jihoon was extremely grateful to the couple for being as welcoming as they were to him.

Their parting was one to remember and would definitely stick.

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[DRABBLE REQUEST] Boyfriend!Vernon (G)

Request: An angst situation where the reader is three years younger than Vernon
Requested by: @g-xsoline
Word Count: 4,864
Genre: Angst 

Warnings: Mild cursing

A/N: Sorry for the late updates (but you already know my usual excuses…) Boy did this fic hit close to home. I’ll be sitting for my SATs this coming fall as well, so writing this truly helped vent the pent up frustration and stress. Hope you guys enjoy it and let us know what you think of it!


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It is midnight by the time you stream out of the building along with the other students, shivering in the monsoon-chilled breeze. Your brain is so weighed down heavily by a seemingly endless flow of math equations and chemical reactions, you vaguely register the rest of the students greeting their parents and friends after a long day at the academy. Rubbing your arms near the entrance, you watch as they, one by one, hop onto their respective vehicles to begin their journey home.

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Bizarre Victorian fact of the day...

A traditional Halloween custom which was practised across Britain (particularly in rural areas) in the Victorian period was for groups of people (of all ages) to don strange costumes and go door-to-door in the hopes of receiving food or gifts, or of causing a bit of mischief. This custom had a huge number of regional variations. On the Shetland Islands the ‘skeklers’ wore tall pointy hats and voluminous costumes made of straw. In Montgomeryshire in Wales men dressed themselves as ‘gwrachod’ (an ancient Welsh hag-like monster) by putting on ragged clothes, sheepskins and masks. They went through their neighbourhood frightening children and being rude to adults. Young people in Glamorgan cross-dressed and went from house to house singing riddles, while ‘guisers’ in Scotland with masked, blackened, or painted faces chanted rhymes like:

Tramp, tramp, the boys are marching
We are the guisers at the door,
If you dinna let us in, we will bash yer windows in,
And you’ll never see the guisers any more.

it x a softer world prompts


360 - I am a cheerful, loveable performing clown, lady. It is perfectly reasonable for a human in my position to inquire where the tasty neighbourhood children are.

Georgie and Bill

15 - I have this dream where my sister is taking my picture, and I keep saying don’t get on the plane and she says say cheese

Bowers gang 

836 - I try to only get upset / about one in ten tragedies. Because let’s face it, statistically, the rest of them / were probably assholes. 

1182 – Monsters are even / more scary / when you’ve / seen them afraid (Henry gun scene)

302 – I’d be less nervous if my son killed hookers in that video game he just gets in a car and drives real slow and careful looking for blacks (Butch Bowers)


259 - second best isn’t so bad

697 – Sometimes when two people love each other it’s really unfortunate.


629 – I want people to know that I’m a nerd, but it feels weird to have to announce it. So, could you tell people?

Bevvy or Henry

702 - Every year / on the anniversary / of his death I visit my father’s grave to make sure it took.

Greta/Bevvie (yep, ship it)

906 - Slut: (noun): / Someone who thinks / sex is fun, / but not with me. 

River scene, general

618 – Boys and girls can’t really be “just friends.” It’s a fact of nature. Pass it on.

303 - naked boys live there under the waves and we talk and talk but today I brought my harpoon gun because a girl has needs

796 – Sometimes, son, when a man loves a woman he gets sort of creepy.

Stan or Eddie

670 - It turns out / that sometimes / the future actually / belongs / to someone else.

665 - Childhood is the best / part of life. / So don’t worry, kids. / You won’t be missing much

811 – Death is not the end. Death is the credits rolling. The movie was over a while ago.

680 - Nobody dies / before their time. / That’s what “their time” means. [some people aren’t books, they’re poems.]

625 - Live and learn or die and teach / by example.

1064 - here’s to a long life and dead friends.


572 - My mom made me / the best t-shirt. / “GAY AND PROUD” / in big colorful letters / on the front / and a big target / on the back

691 - A woman’s love is like a big spider. Super gross.

183 - all my friends are assholes and I am an asshole / tomorrow I am picking a new host body / for real this time


678 - Having a gay friend / doesn’t prove / you aren’t a bigot. / It just proves / that your friends / aren’t paying enough attention

882 - I love that you don’t care / how weird you smell, / and how stupid you look.

328 - Is there enough air? Is help even coming? / Is it too soon to suggest spin the bottle?

776 - No offence, but I am glad that / we’re friends.

788 - I don’t believe each person has just one true love, / but sometimes we don’t have enough time / to find another. 

1120 - I hacked into your heart, but I didn’t mean / for you to love me, I was just a bored kid.

238 - I can’t decide if this is heaven or hell the walls keep closing in and we’re running out of space but you’re pretty cute

921 - Will you still love me when I am a spooky ghost?

996 - If our love lasts forever it’s gonna get real awkward when one of us dies.

1200 - I am terrified I will never find another love like ours.


1030 - even monsters are welcome when your home feels empty. 

695 - Sometimes when someone says, “go big or go home,” it’s kind of nice to just go home.


1212 – I got myself / a time machine, / only to learn the / disappointing truth. / that whenever I go, / then I am.

224 – I stole a time machine / so I could buy liquor / for my friends back when / they were underage and still into / experimenting

1219 – We’re not going to do better next time.

1224 - Remember when / your potential was a promise instead of a regret?

49 - It was a plague nobody expected. puberty again, instead of death. cracking voices and new bodies we can’t understand.

Sweetest Halloween

Hi there again! I saw this prompt on a Tumblr and even though it is not Halloween I was in the mood of writing something like this. Hope you enjoy it!

prompt: ”I’ve just gotten braces this year, so I can’t eat any candy, so I decided to just stay home and even though you love trick-or-treating you want to stay in with me and watch horror movies.”

summary: Halloween is Phil Lester’s favourite holiday but his best friend Dan is not so keen on going trick-or-treating this year because of his braces. Will Phil manage to do something so Dan can enjoy Halloween this year too?

word count: 1.3k

no trigger warnings

author’s note: this is a teenage phan story, so sorry if you are not into that.

“31st of October – Halloween” read a 14 year old Phil in the old calendar he had on his bedroom wall. “YES FINALLY!” he exclaimed, making his mum shout at him for screaming this early in the morning. It was Saturday so that meant he could go trick-or-treating with his best friend Dan at night.

Phil loved Halloween, it was his favourite holiday. Oh, he loved going trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, getting different candies from every house possible and even though he was already a teenager he loved doing it. Also, he could stay up late watching scary movies and eating chocolate. Who wouldn’t like that to be honest?

He sent Dan a message to check if he was still going with him trick-or-treating later, he still wasn’t sure since he had noticed Dan a bit uncomfortable these last few days when he spoke about Halloween. Maybe he didn’t want to be his friend anymore and this was a way to tell him that…

Phil really wasn’t sure what Dan was to him. Yes, they were best friends, they had established that long time ago but lately Phil felt different towards Dan, like he wanted to kiss him… He wanted them to be something more than friends, boyfriends maybe? They were only 14 and he didn’t understand much about relationships or feelings, but he already knew he didn’t like girls. But he wasn’t sure if Dan felt the same so he hadn’t told him anything.

“Phil! Come down here, I need your help!” his mum’s voice startled him from his daydream, letting out a sigh and walking downstairs to see what his mother wanted.


Phil hadn’t checked his mobile phone in all day, so when he was almost getting ready to put on his zombie Captain America costume (he wanted something scary but also epic and he loved superheroes so it had been a great idea at the time) he heard his mobile phone vibrate, letting him know he got a text.

He picked up the phone and saw it was a message from Dan. Oh yeah, he had texted him earlier and he hadn’t replied until now.

“Hey Phil, I don’t think i’m going trick-or-treating tonight, since I got my braces I don’t think it would be the best idea, but have fun! x D” said the text. Oh poor Dan. He had gotten braces two months ago and his mouth wasn’t in the best shape to eat sticky and sugary candy yet.

Phil was debating himself. He didn’t really want to go trick-or-treating by himself, that wasn’t fun, he had wanted Dan to come with him. Or maybe… if Dan couldn’t go trick-or-treating, trick-or-treating would come to him.

The blue eyed teenager rapidly dressed himself on his costume, grabbing his bag and emptying a bag of mixed candy they had bought to give the neighbourhood children inside it before letting a rushed out “Bye mum!” out of the door.


Dan was laying on his bed, looking miserable. His parents and brother had gone trick-or-treating too, leaving him alone playing videogames. It was a good plan till he had already played most of them and was bored. He would have liked to go trick-or-treating with his best friend to be honest.

He was about to change the videogame he was playing when he heard a knock on his front door. He didn’t really feel like walking towards the door to give candy to some stranger… but he suddenly heard a familiar sound. Wait, that was the secret door-knocking password he and Phil had invented when they were eight!

‘Could Phil be here?’ he thought, and still a bit unsure Dan walked down the stairs, carefully opening the door to find a Zombie Captain America at his door.

“Surprise!” Phil screamed into his face, laughing at Dan’s surprised expression.

“Phil, what are you doing here?” he asked his best friend, not even trying to hide his smile so Phil didn’t see the braces that made (in his opinion) his face look weird.

“You told me you weren’t coming with me trick-or-treating so I guessed trick-or-treating would come to you” Phil told him, lifting his bag full of candy with a smile.

“Phil, you spork! You should be out asking for candy, not here with me, Halloween is your favourite holliday!” Dan reminded him.

Phil brought a hand to rub the back of his neck, avoiding his gaze from Dan’s “Yeah, but you are my best friend and I don’t think I would have much fun out there without you…”

“You are the worst, Phil Lester” Dan said to his best friend, not letting the smile fade from his face letting him know that he meant the complete opposite, “C'mon we can watch horror movies all night now that you are here.” he said before grabbing his best friend’s hand and closing the door, leading them into Dan’s bedroom.


Dan had let Phil some of his sweats and hoodie, so he could be more comfortable. They were now watching The Exorcist, the both of them sitting against Dan’s headboard, surrounded by pillows and blankets.

Phil was eating some of the candy he had brought, a bit bothered that he couldn’t share it with Dan since he had the braces.

Apparently, his best friend was thinking something similar since his stare drifted from the candy bowl to Phil’s profile several times, wanting to eat candy too but he knew he couldn’t. Damn braces. So he sighed a bit louder than he would have wanted and threw his head back a bit.

His best friend’s exasperated sigh caught Phil’s attention, pausing the movie and looking at Dan “What’s wrong Dan?”

“I just want a bit of candy but I can’t have any because of this stupid braces” Dan explained to him.

A idea popped into Phil’s head, not really knowing if it would be 100% okay with Dan but he had to at least try it.  

“Well… maybe you can have some” Phil said mysteriously.

“How Phil? I already told you I cannot have any becau…” Dan started ranting again, making Phil grab him by the shoulders and making him look into his eyes.

“I have an idea, do you trust me?” Phil murmured, a bit scared of what Dan could think of it. His best friend only nodded, completly trusting him.

“Okay, now close your eyes” Phil told him, making Dan look at him strangely but closing them anyway.

Dan waited a few seconds before he felt his best friend’s lips on his, where he could taste a bit of orange flavoured candy.

Oh. OH. Phil was kissing him. And he could also taste the candy. This was the best idea Phil had ever had.

Suddenly he didn’t feel Phil’s lips on his anymore, so he opened his eyes and tried to look into Phil’s scared face, probably worried about Dan’s reaction to the kiss, his head and gaze looking down, not daring to say anything.

“You know, I am not really sure I could taste the candy a lot. Was it lemon flavoured? Mint? Orange?” Dan said, touching Phil’s chin and moving his head up so he could look into his eyes, “Maybe we should try again, don’t you think Phil? I really wanna taste all the candy you have brought.”

Phil, still not believing that Dan had accepted his kiss, smiled a bit and continued his best friend’s game “Yeah, I think we should… I have plenty of candy that you haven’t tried since you got your braces and I really want you to try them.”

“Well, so what are you waiting for?” Dan asked him, grabbing a chocolate candy from the bowl and putting it between Phil’s lips, making the other open his mouth gladly accepting the candy, which he let it melt.

“I think you are gonna like this one,” Phil whispered, moving forward a bit, his lips almost touching Dan’s again, letting their breaths mix, “it’s sweet, like you.” was Phil’s last comment before their lips touched again, now enjoying the sweet sensation of chocolate and teenage love.

But He’s So Ugly!

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FANDOM: Gally [The Maze Runner AU]

AUTHOR: MK (purityimagines)

TAGS: swearing, AU

Gally Kynan tilts his head at his wife. “Why?” was all he asked. The sun was out and it was steaming the whole town. No one expected the weather to be this hot— and they were in the middle of May. Usually the month would have rain and mud with cloudy skies but there was Y/N in her shades, lying on her lounge chair with a margarita in her hand with Bob Marley playing in the speakers by Bluetooth.

At age of 16, Gally encountered the beautiful face of Y/N at the chocolate fountain at Minho’s party after his win at the track and field race. Apparently she had a huge chocolate with fruit fetish and she had the audacity to swim in the fountain of melting chocolate while devouring on strawberries, her face covered with chocolate. 

He remembered how brave and outgoing Y/N was— he also remembered Minho kicking her out with a trail of chocolate outside the banquet hall and the parking lot. The remainder of the event had Gally kissing Y/N with chocolate on his face as well.

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I was supposed to post art and fic updates today, but then I put up a whole fence in an act of suburban passive-aggression instead.