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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (Peter Parker x Reader)

Characters/Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: slight angst

Words count: 2244

(A/N): Hello! This piece here is my very first bit of fanfiction written in english and published here, on tumblr, so… I’m nervous. But I hope someone will like it. It’s reader insert, sort of, but in 3rd person, written in the middle of the night and finished the next day, becouse I just had to get it all out in some way and this idea just seemed perfect. I may write another part, maybe even a small series, who knows? For any mistakes I sincerely apologize, English’s not my native language, but I tried my best - let me know, if you have any tips to how I can improve more. For now - enjoy!

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That was it. She had enough. Busting through doors leading on the roof, (y/n) could barely see, her vision blurry from tears. They threatened to fall for the whole day, but she had to make it through, she had to sit in the class with clenched teeth and trembling hands, feeling like her chest was about to burst. It was terrible, at least, and when she finally made it to her building, she went straight for the roof. To her little hiding spot.

Wind blew in her face the moment she closed the door behind her, whipping long curls in her face, but she ignored it. Blinking away the tears, with few long strides (y/n) reached the edge of the roof and climbed on it, sitting cross-legged on hard concrete. A small fear of falling squeezed her chest, but it was nothing compared to feelings crushing her insides. Pain. Loss. Sorrow. Longing. She was pushing them to the back of her mind so long, that when they finally busted free, she couldn’t handle it.

Shaky, broken sob left (y/n) lips, as her body trembled with so much sadness and longing everyone would fall from. She bit at her lower lip in attempt to silence herself a little but it was futile. Hugging herself tightly, she squeezed her eyes shut and tried to listen to wind and never ending sounds of New York. Only then (y/n) was finally able to hear something rustling beside her, like feet on the floor.

For a second breath cached in her throat, but before she could lift her eyes, she heard a curious voice.

“You’re not gonna jump, are you?”

Startled, she did jump a little in her spot, clawing with fingers at her heart and whipping head to the source of soft voice, only to freeze at the sight of one and only Spider-Man himself. In his blue and red costume, tall and lean, and totally unexpected.

“Hi” he greeted, crouched beside her, in reasonable distance. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you” he sounded sheepish, a little shy even.

(Y/n) couldn’t really answer, still trying to catch her breath. And, to be honest, didn’t believe she was really seeing him.

“Mind if I sit here? No? Great!” Spider-Man sat a little bit closer, like in arms reach, and looked at (y/n), slightly inclining his head. “Oh, by the way, I’m Spider-Man” he said, pointing at himself.

“Yeah, I figured…” she sounded so hoarse, she had to couch a little to clear her throat and be able to continue. “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be off… fighting crime or this sort of thing?” (Y/n) rambled, voice still a little trembling, but this at least for a second took her mind somewhere else.

“City’s fine at the moment, I don’t see any crime over here, do you?” he asked, half jokingly, looking around as if searching, but before she could answer, Spidey continued. “And when I saw you, I thought ‘Hey, such a beautiful girl sitting alone on the edge of a building? Something’s not right!’ So I figured it’s important and here I’m! Your boyfriend’s not coming, right?” He added the last part as a joke, way to make her relax, but it couldn’t work. She laughed bitterly, shaking her head.

“Oh, he’s definitely not” she said with venom, frown upon her face. “And I hope he won’t. Ever.”

Spider-Man was now looking at her with what seemed like new intensity and emotion, but she couldn’t really tell with the suit and all. And she really didn’t want to look at him now, feeling new tears rising in her eyes, so instead settled on the beautiful view of New York. Always moving, always full of voices and life, it seemed unaffected by the sorrow of one fragile girl, making her feel this much more insignificant, but – surprisingly – also soothed her a little. Like nothing could reach (y/n) here, even the cruel world beneath.  

“You want me to web him to the wall or something?” the superhero offered, drawing a little laugh from her.

(Y/n) sniffed lightly, pulling few strands of hair behind her ear and simultaneously wiping away the already dried off trails of tears. She felt heat rising to her cheeks and didn’t really know what caused it – the presence of Spider-Man, his words or the way he seemed to look at here. Even with the mask on, he was impressingly expressive.

Remembering his question, she shook her head a little.

“No, thanks, it could harm your reputation” (y/n) answered, sending him a small smile, which seemed to immediately brighten his mood.

“Don’t worry about it, I would make sure everyone would know that he hurt a wonderful girl and deserved a lesson” he assured her, making a deliberate gesture with his glowed hand and successfully drawing another smile from her. But this one was a lot sadder than the previous one and he was instantly alarmed. “Hey, why the sad face? Sorry, if I said anything impropriate…”

Again (y/n) only shook her head, this one little smile also turning somehow bitter.

“Maybe I deserved that” she said, her voice so quiet that if not for his enhanced senses, he probably wouldn’t even hear it.”Maybe I wasn’t good enough, maybe I was too much or, or…”

Her voice started quivering again, her petite frame trembling. Tears began to shine in (e/c) eyes and threatened to spill any moment, but before she could utter another word, Peter sprung from his place.

“Hey, shush, stop it” he urged, gently grabbing (y/n) chin and turning to him. He felt his heart falter for a moment at the sight of this beautiful, shining eyes and flushed face. “Why would you think that?” the question fell from his lips before he could stop himself.

(Y/n) shrugged only, not saying a word. She seemed like she tried really hard to stay strong, to not let her tears fall and calm down, but when he decided to softly stroked her jaw, it suddenly snapped, letting all the emotion, hurt and shattered bits of her heart pour free into broken words.

“I don’t know, I-I r-really don’t…” she whined, shuddering violently. “And y-you know what’s the w-worst? It was so-o good, a-at the beginnig, l-like we were perf-fect together. But then…” (y/n) shook her head once more. She bit at lower lip, trying to calm herself just a little, and hugged her knees to her chest. Peter inched closer while she talked, sitting with his back to the city and bringing his other hand to rest on hers. “I don’t know what happened, it all fell apart… He broke up, saying he don’t love me anymore” at that, bitter, humorless laugh broke from her lips, “and now I have to see him everyday in class, all happy with his friends, when I… It’s been months, you know, months since that day, I should be fine at his point, like him. Everyone think I am, but… but I’m not. I didn’t really have anyone else, my friends moved away a year ago. I’m alone and I miss…” She shuddered and lowered her head, falling completely silent, like she couldn’t finish this thought.

“Him?” he suggested, though a strange felling was telling him it wasn’t the case. And the sudden jerk of her head confirmed that.

“No, not him” (y/n) answered, nipping with fingers at the edge of her black sweater. She buried her face in her arms, looking at the horizon. “I miss… being in relationship, I guess” she added, (e/c) eyes turning to look at him with such sadness and longing shinning in them as brightly as stars on the clear, night sky, he felt breath catching in his throat. “The feeling, you know? That I’m important for someone, the confidence that I have someone out there, the hugs, kisses, dates… I miss it…”

The truth was – she was starved for affection. For physical contact, for the deep, meaningful connection with someone, for love – both giving and receiving. For another being as in love with her as she in them. She craved that more than anything and it was eating her up, gnawing at her mind, clawing at her heart, to the point where she could only break down and cry, only in tears finding a little release. It was exhausting. But so was her everyday from the one where it all began to crumble.

All the while Peter was looking at (y/n) as if he has seen her for the first time and simultaneously known her more than any other girl ever. He knew who she was, of course, they were in the same school. He remembered now how in few days she seemed to suddenly disappear, going from constantly being in a circle of boys with her boyfriend to sitting alone in the back of the class or trying to merge into the wall, so no one would see her.  But Peter saw her. She was smart, very intelligent – easily one of the best students among him and others – really pretty and quite… different. Her alternative look wasn’t helping her, she stood out from the crowd, wasn’t really socializing, as if she didn’t care about it, and seemed really tough. But now – now he saw how fragile, delicate and sensitive she was under that exterior – and it awakened a feeling in his heart he wasn’t expecting.

Standing from his position, he jumped down from the ledge onto the hard concrete of the roof and tapped lightly on her shoulder. When she looked at him quizzically, Peter scratched his neck a little nervously.

“I thought… I could happily hug you, you know? But first you need to get down from there, I’m not risking you falling” he said, trying to sound stern at the end, but obviously failing as she smiled lightly, pink blooming on her cheeks.

“You would catch me, wouldn’t you?” (y/n) said, jumping from the ledge to stand beside him.

“Well, yeah, of course, but I would gladly avoid it altogether” Peter replied lightly and spread his arms to (y/n).”C’here.”

She made one small step before stopping and looking at him strangely, as if she tried to mask her shyness.

“Do I have your word you won’t kidnap me or something?”

“Whaaaat?” He looked at her with disbelief, but quickly caught on the joke and feigned hurt, making theatrical gesture of putting hand over his heart. ”How could you think so low about me? I’m a superhero! Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man no less! Or am I not?” he waggled his eyebrows, fairly sure it won’t show through the mask, but it seemed that it brightened (y/n) mood either way, as she smiled and took one last step towards him.

“Okey” she replied softly, almost in sing-song voice, and finally pressed her body to him tightly, hugging him like her life depended on it. (Y/n) intertwined her arms behind his back as she buried her face in Peters chest. At that moment he could swear his heart skipped a beat.

Small, content sigh left his lips, as he returned the hug, pulling her even closer. Encircling her shoulders with his arms, Peter started to draw soothing circles on her lover back and gently stroked her long curls, resting his chin on (y/n)’s head. It felt good. Right. Like it was exactly the place he should’ve been in, pressed against her, caressing her delicate frame, holding close to his chest. And when quiet, almost happy sigh left her lips, his heart stopped for a second.

“Better?” he asked after awhile, his voice barely above whisper. (Y/n) nodded, her face still on his chest, arms a little tighter around his waist. Peter smiled behind his mask, but then – oh, of course in that moment – police sirens suddenly cut through air, caching their attention. He almost cursed.

(Y/n) sighed a little heavier this time, as she loosened her arms and brought back her head.

“It’s time for you, isn’t it?” she guessed, looking up at him.

“Yeah, duty calls” he confirmed, though he didn’t want to withdraw his hands just jet, lowering them to her hands.

“Superheroe’s life, right?” she joked, small sad undertone in it, but except that, she seemed in much better mood and there wasn’t even a trace of tears in her eyes like before. Peter knew he couldn’t leave it just like that.

“Yeah, but you know what? I’ll happily cuddle with you anytime you want, really, it’ll be my pleasure” he said quickly, at the same time jumping on the ledge and looking at her one last time before he had to go.

“Okey” she replied happily, wrapping her arms around herself. “Tomorrow, maybe? If you want, of course, it could be next week too or…”

“Tomorrow” he interrupted before she could back away from the idea entirely. “See you very soon, beautiful!” he shouted as he jumped from the edge and quickly shoot web to the other building, almost effortlessly swinging between them. He turned his head just once to see the awe clear on her face as she watched him go, and then he wanted to facepalm himself for his stupidity. Of course he didn’t ask for her name. And what she will think about him now?

“Congrats, Peter, you are clearly a genius.”

Sighing heavily, he swinged one last time and landed smoothly at the actual crime scene. He would ask tomorrow.

Yeah, tomorrow sounded great.  

Isak+Even ♥ Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy

I love love love Troye Sivan. He is such an angel, and his music is pure perfection. I also love the SKAM soundtrack, but I kind of wished Troye’s music was included. Especially for season 3, it would have been perfect!

His Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy is so beautiful! (if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor), and I feel like the theme and story of the trilogy fits Isak and Even’s story so well… So yeah. I kind of made my version of it! So if you wanna give it a watch, then start from the top.

Lonely Hearts

a/n: yeah this is all smut, enjoy!

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Warning: NSFW stuff like thats all this is.  this is for everyone that asked for more smut between Boomer and Claudia. So, enjoy. This is about my character Claudia and Boomer from my fic New in the Neighborhood, but you dont need to read that to enjoy this.


Capt. Boomerang X OFC [Claudia] // Suicide Squad

word count:  2,140

Lonely Hearts

It took Claudia a little while to decipher Digger’s handwriting at first. She didn’t expect he’d reply often and once she did finally receive a response, she was ecstatic. It was a scan of note paper which he had scribbled wildly across in sharpie, paying no mind to the horizontal blue lines. Once she had finally worked out what the letter said she couldn’t help but blush. He was no poet laureate, but she’d be lying if she said didn’t have a physical response to his words, ‘I can’t sleep at night. All I think about is your tight cunt around me cock, shocking and squeezing me as you cum.’

Claudia had also been having trouble sleeping, staying up thinking about him at all hours of the night. The evening before she laid awake on her mattress, staring at the opening above her bed, remembering how he’d try to sneak up on her. It was more than obvious whenever Digger was on the roof, his heavy footsteps shaking the tin sheeting as he stomped across it. Even if she had been asleep, by the time he peeked over the edge she’d be awake enough to know what he was planning. She would pull her arms in close, lying still in the center of the bed, aware of what he was going to do and humoring him anyway.

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leave this blue neighborhood. by katarama

Pairing: Kent Parson/Jack Zimmermann
Word Count: 36,777 words
General Warnings: Anxiety, Depression, Discussions of Jack’s OD, Alcohol and Drug Use/Abuse, Suicide Ideation.  Each fic is individually tagged on AO3.

Summary:  This is a 16-fic series that centers around Jack and Kent and their history and their future. It follows canon, with one major difference; Bitty decided not to go to Samwell.  Each fic is named after and based around a song on the Deluxe version of Troye Sivan’s album Blue Neighborhood.

Individual fic info/song links below the cut.  (link for mobile)

Credit to @queerlyalex​ for the beautiful graphic.

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“Friendly Neighborhood Watch” | Young Sam x Reader | FLUFF

WARNINGS: suggestive, language


DESCRIPTION: There are four days left of school before Graduation Day. It’s so goddamn obvious you and your childhood best friend Samuel Drake feel the same thing for each other… but you won’t say anything because you don’t want to risk your established friendship, and Sam doesn’t want to say anything because he can’t risk giving himself away. But when two people are a perfect match for each other, some things are bound to be revealed sooner or later.

This is technically Part 2 of “Trick of the Light”, but you don’t have to read that in order to understand this (regardless I’ll still leave the link to it below). I’m really pleased with how this one came out because it just makes my heart so happy like aw Sam :,)) It switches between Reader and Samuel so sorry if it’s kinda unclear as to whose POV you’re reading from haha *sweats intensely*

And I also wanna tag @le-ephemere @hyperionbabe @a-n-g-e-l-frommynightmare and @nataliarmnov because you guys are SO NICE and left such sweet comments on Part 1 ily please enjoy

Trick of the Light

Inspired by this song (Rather Be With You - Sinead Harnett)

The only reason why you were with Rafe Adler in the first place was because you were lonely.

Well, more like the one guy you were ever seriously in to never paid attention to you the way you wanted him to, and conveniently, Rafe Adler transferred to your shithole high school and you thought he’d be a lovely distraction.

Except that, despite getting together with Rafe, you still couldn’t get over your one true crush.

The boy next door, your childhood sweetheart, your best friend: Samuel Drake.

You remember precisely when you started crushing hard on that boy. You were in middle school, still in your semi-awkward tween stage, lost in the masses of equally confused prepubescent boys and girls trying to find their places in the social hierarchy. Sam was one of the popular kids; he and his little brother were both notorious for their mischievous methods of cutting class and their bright, cheeky grins. Always the one with extravagant (although mostly exaggerated) tales of adventures, it was expected for girls and boys to flock around Samuel Drake. His heady Bostonian voice and loopy grin managed to light up any room he walked into; Samuel Drake had this laid-back, passionate, and approachable dynamic.

And on top of that… it was almost painful how good-looking he was.

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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (Peter Parker x Reader) Part 2

Characters/Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Few swear words, some fluff

Words count: 2409

(A/N): Hello again! I wasn’t sure, if I should continue this story (the first part still can be read as one-shot) but I decided to give it a shot. Because, why not? It took some time, because I had quiet a few ideas how to continue and couldn’t decide, but with small encouragement I’ve finally written it. Again for any mistakes I sincerely apologize and hope you all will like it. So, enjoy!

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Part 1 | Part 2


Peter knew the next day in school would be hard for him, but – man – he wasn’t expecting it to be this hard! Not in the way that classes were hard or that he received another portion of malice from the stars of their school, but in a very specific way of “she’s so pretty, and she’s sitting alone again, should I go to her? What? No! Peter, you’ll meet her later! – But I want to now!” going on repeat in his head. He started to notice her almost everywhere, when just yesterday she was only one of many faces in the crowd. (Y/n) stood out now like bright crystal on plain white sand and Peter was inevitably drawn to her.

“Hey, man! What’s up? What you’re looking at?” Ned greeted his friend, sitting beside him on the bench outside the school.

“Uh, huh, nothing in particular, really” he stuttered and quickly averted his eyes from the girl that was doodling in her notebook. She sat exactly opposite of them, behind one of the empty tables, with long curls almost covering her face.

“Yeaah, right” Ned answered, drawing out the first word. “Oh, but look who’s sitting there! You sure you weren’t looking at her? Because I still remember how you come through my window yesterday, babbling about how you two…”

“Okey, okey! Dude” Peter threw his hands in the air with defeat, looking sideways at his friend’s smug face. “Yes, I was looking at her, can you quiet it down now?”

Ned chuckled wholeheartedly, patting him on the shoulder.

“Oh, man, you got it bad. You should talk to her, you know?”

Peter looked at his friend like he’d just grown another head.

“You can’t be serious.”

“Why? You’re making puppy eyes to her all day and she seems cool from what you told me, besides if she notices, she could find it a little creepy, all the gawking and so…”

“Yeah, I know, but…” He hesitated, looking at (y/n). She had that little, adorable smile on her lips, like she was remembering something nice – him, maybe? He almost instantly groaned in his head at the thought. Not him, Spidey. “She doesn’t know it’s me, she talked with Spider-Man-me, not… me-me, like, ever, on top of that.” He sighed a little, turning his head at any other direction to stop imagining her in his mind and think of something else.

“Well, duh” Ned made a little, funny voice, like it was the most obvious thing in the world and Peter just missed it. “And she liked Spidey-you, right? So why she wouldn’t like you?”

“Because I’m awkward?” he uttered under his breath, nipping at a little too long sleeve of his hoodie.

“Who in school isn’t?” Ned added, making really valid point of which Peter wouldn’t even think, but – still – he wasn’t very convinced.

He looked down on his hands and then new thought occurred to him – something he should have realized at the very beginning of this conversation.

”Well I shouldn’t really talk to her”, Ned looked at him like he just lost his mind, so he quickly explained, “Think Ned, she could recognize my voice.”

Then his friend sighed in what seemed both understanding and sympathy. Of course immediately after there was a thought in Peter’s head about asking Mr. Stark for some upgrade to his suit, that would change his voice, but it was entirely to late for that. For now he would have to settle only on stealing some glances at the girl.

“Well, at least you’ll see her later today, right?” Ned exlaimed, again lightly patting him on the shoulder. Then he stood from the bench, sending him a smile. “I need to do something, see you in class, nerd!”

“Yeah, later” Peter responded absentmindedly, again turning his gaze to petite frame across from him. (Y/n) chin rested now on one of her hands, as she was still drawing something on the pages. It seemed like she was totally oblivious to the world around her, trapped in one of her own, but there still was this small, cute smile. His heart almost skipped a bit when one corner of her pink lips quirked upwards like in some fond memory.

“Crap, Ned was right, I have it hard…”

Suddenly she stopped doodling, frowned a little and then her gaze raised from the notebook, searching for something. Peter almost froze in his place, unable to tear his eyes away, until she finally looked straight at him with one raised brow.

He jerked his head away, as if something required his immediate attention, but could only last a second or two, before his eyes returned to the (e/c) ones. To Peter’s surprise (y/n) didn’t look away like him, she hold his gaze with her soft one, sitting in almost unchanged position. The only difference being she was now fully turned to him and there was a spark in her eyes, little twinkle which caught Peter almost in trance like state, where he couldn’t move or think of anything other than her. And then corners of her lips lifted in genuine, sweet smile, making him forget about breathing for a split second. Dumbfounded Peter almost didn’t respond and if not for his quick reflexes, she would probably back away before seeing a shy little smile of his own. He also went so far as to wave to her awkwardly with one hand. She chuckled at that, another spark lightening her eyes and making Spider-Man’s heart stutter.

Exactly at that moment the sound of ring bell cut the air between them, piercing through the intimate bubble created during their small exchange. Well, at least the next few classes didn’t seem so bad now. Peter still peeked at her from time to time – or rather whenever he had the chance – but just for few seconds, to not come off as a creep, as Ned said earlier. Though, somehow, he had the feeling she wouldn’t think that way about him.

She really was quite different from other girls, from Liz for sure but he didn’t want to think about her now. So he sat through the rest of his day anxiously - waiting, thinking, wandering to places he probably shouldn’t and trying really hard to listen, with rather miserable outcome. But when the last bell finally rang, he sprung to action, hastily making his few goodbyes and looking for some quiet place to change. He was almost sure her classes ended earlier and (y/n) was already at the roof, so he tried to be as quick as possible.

It took him well twenty minutes to finally land on a building closest to the one he was supposed to, but before he swinged beside (y/n), Peter took a short moment to just look at her. And, again, she seemed different. Not a trace of smile on her lips, that familiar sad glint in eyes, while she sat on the ledge, hugging her knees to chest. He wondered if she looked like that when he had last seen her in school, but he couldn’t recall it. Something must have happened.

Not wasting any more time, he shoot web to the top of the destined building and swinged of the edge, landing softly on the wall. He didn’t want to startle her, landing beside her seemingly from nowhere, so he climbed to the roof and emerged at the corner few meters away from (y/n). However she didn’t react, staring in the distance, again totally lost in thoughts, so he approached her, purposely making some noise to get her attention. And when she finally looked up, small smile almost instantly forming on her lips, he couldn’t hold back his joy.

“Hey there! You still up for cuddles?”

Peter plopped down beside (y/n), as she laughed lightly at his words, and his heart tightened a little at that. But when she looked at him, he could still see the sadness and something like tiredness in her eyes.

“You have no idea” she said with this cute smile of hers, pinkish blush making way to her cheeks.

“Well then by any means” he spread his arms and turned his chest a little more to (y/n), so she could press to him without leaning behind the edge and stay safe.  

She seemed to hesitate for a second, doubt crossing her beautiful features, and he almost started to regret his upfront behavior about all this, but then she sighed and inched closer. When there was almost no space between them left, she leaned closer and reached behind him, hiding her face in his chest. He felt arms closing tightly around his waist and her curled legs pressed against his thigh – and it felt amazing. Like his heart wanted to burst from the confines of his ribcage and show (y/n) just how quick and strong it was beating, all the while turning his insides into jelly. And he couldn’t resist resting his cheek on her hair, caressing lightly long tresses and stiff shoulders. She seemed much more relaxed than when he saw her from the other building, but still there was tension in her body, and when she sighed softy, he decided to try and find out. But first, he needed  to confirm something.

“You know, I really didn’t catch your name yesterday” he said, his tone light, though he felt a little ashamed that he forgot. Fortunately (y/n) only chuckled at that.

“It’s (y/n)” she answered, shifting slightly, as she looked up at him with small, knowing smile. “But I suppose it’s no use asking for yours?”

Peter was actually surprised she thought about that, most people would probably insist, but she understood and it was really nice.

“Well, I’m trying to maintain a secret identity here and I just got this great suit, so, yeah, I wouldn’t want to blow it off so quick” he laughed, half-jokingly, so it wouldn’t possibly sound like he was pushing her away, even though she seemed perfectly fine with just his alter-ego.

(Y/n) chuckled lightly with him and nodded with understanding, returning her head to his chest, hugging him a little tighter. She snuggled so perfectly to him, he almost groaned with delight – he had literally no idea this feeling could be so wonderful. Peter started to understand why she missed it so much. But after his words, she didn’t say anything and silence fell over them – it wasn’t heavy or awkward, just the opposite, actually. It was easy, peaceful silence, in fact he was surprised how comfortable it felt. But… he really wanted to know why she was sad earlier. And when she sighed lightly, he saw his chance.

“(Y/n)… I hope you don’t mind me asking, but… did something happened? You looked sad before” he said, voice quieter and softer, as to not scare her away. She sighed again, shifting slightly beside him, and moved her head to rest against his neck, on his shoulder. He could almost feel her breath.

“It’s nothing, really, just…” she struggled to get the words out and sighed heavily.

“You can tell me, sweetheart” Peter murmured against her forehead and the shiver that ran through her body didn’t slip his attention, if anything, it only caught it. (Y/n) loosened her grip, lowering her arms a little, and finally gave out.

“It’s just… He was bragging again about all this girls” she huffed, one of her hand brushed his hip and tightened into fist at his side.”Like everyday there was a new one that wanted his number or to go on a date, or was gushing about him, it’s just… ugh.” She couldn’t find more words in her or was too frustrated to say something more and before Peter could think about it, it slipped.

“What a dickhead…”

(Y/n) raised her head and looked at him in disbelief, but he too was so frustrated, he didn’t caught on his own words.

“What? He sounds like an asshole” he said matter-of-factly, “and you won’t deny it!”

New smile, wide and almost incredulous, stretched her lips, as she shook her head a little and even chuckled. Peter was dumbfounded at first, until she clarified.

“I won’t deny, but… this kind of words in superhero’s mouth? I’m shocked” she sounded more amused than anything else and if not for it, he would probably vanish to thin air in shame.

“Well, it slips sometimes… Especially if I hear of something like this, it’s unthinkable! He should be ashamed of himself!” he exaggerated, making big gestures with his one hand that wasn’t playing with her hair, fortunately drawing a laugh from (y/n). Good, she should smile and laugh more, it suited her. “Well, when I think about it, I think he’s making that up, so you are jealous and still give him your attention. You should ignore him, you know?” he suggested, though he had the idea it wouldn’t be easy, and her face told him exactly this. But then he remembered today’s school. “And you know what? I’m pretty sure there is at least one guy that can’t take his eyes of you. You’re too amazing to not have any boy crushing on you.”

At his words deep, pink blush rose on (y/n)’s face, making his heart and mind go into frenzy, and she bit her lip in thought. Peter hoped she remembered their little encounter and it was this little moment in her mind right now, but – like he said – he was almost sure there were others too. Because, honestly, who didn’t have a crush at this age? And she was really pretty.

“Well… I think there might be…” she admitted, almost blushing more. He couldn’t stop his heart skipping a bit at this or his own growing curiosity.

“See? Told you! You know him well?”

“Not exactly” she said, his hope rising, “I caught him looking at me at lunch break, and he waved and smiled back at me… He’s really cute, you know? ”

He couldn’t really resist the grin that spread his lips in the biggest smile of, like, the whole month probably, and was grateful the mask covered it well.

“She thinks I’m cute!”

 His mind screamed with this simple thought and he was almost sure (y/n) would hear his beating heart if she would only listen closely for awhile. Also – the blush on her face and the dreamy, shy look in her eyes… Man, he was lost. Completely lost.

And totally okey with it.  

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alice/fp’s first date headcanon: a double date at the movies, except fp forgets to tell fred until the very last minute and fred is all annoyed bc that means he has to cancel his hot date with the french exchange student but he owes fp one. & when he asks fp who his date is supposed to be, fp shrugs and is like ‘idk dude alice said she would bring a friend’ & fred is just like ‘!!!!!’ bc it’s totally like alice to set him up with someone plain & boring & now he’s v annoyed and complains during the whole car ride. ‘what do you even see in her? i mean, she’s hot and all, but it’s not worth-’ & fp is just smiling the whole time bc he gets to finally hang out with alice. they drive into some swanky neighborhood and stop in front of pembroke apts and fred is rambling on about rich entitled kids & capitalism & big companies (he’s v dramatic). alice and her friend step out and fred immediately shuts up bc his heart literally skips a beat when he sees hermione.