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This supposed to be my contribution to the Loscheday celebration.

I wanted to make something special yet useful.
Yet unannounced. Some kind of surprise.

We are still in July so here it is!
A set of various road signs. It’s very basic, and you’ll definitely miss some essential signs there, but you can always recolor/clone any of those to add the ones you actually need.

All signs are available under ‘Miscellaneous’ and can be placed everywhere. 

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Over a San Juan freeway overpass, near the low-income Playita community, there’s a sign that reads, “SOS Playita Needs Water and Food.”

It was a cry for help put up by residents who say they waited more than a week after the storm without receiving any outside aid.

There was a feeling, says 21-year-old Edison Rodriguez, that his community was “running out of time. That you can only have so much water, so much food [between] each other. That’s why they put out those signs outside.”

Now, like many other parts of the country ravaged by Hurricane Maria, there are small signs that the situation here is improving — but for the residents living through it, the progress is painfully slow.

Just five percent of the island has working electricity from the hurricane-devastated grid, and cellular service is slowly getting better but is still at about a third of capacity, according to Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Rosselló Nevares.

Infrastructure problems that predated the hurricane dramatically worsened the situation in Playita. There’s a small lake right behind the neighborhood, where pumps usually prevent the water level from reaching flood levels.

Slowly, Painfully, A San Juan Neighborhood Sees Small Signs Of Improvement

Photos: Angel Valentin for NPR

Blue Neighborhood for the signs

Aries: Wild

Taurus: Suburbia

Gemini: The Quiet

Cancer: Blue

Leo: Cool

Virgo: Talk Me Down

Libra: for him.

Scorpio: Bite

Sagittarius: Lost Boy

Capricorn: DKLA

Aquarius: Heaven

Pisces: Youth

one day, henrietta will forget.

the many sleepless nights it shared with the boy who was too small for the skin he wanted to carry will disappear from its memory. the walls of monmouth manufacturing will grow cold again, without the warmth of youth filling them up like a gentle sun, without noah’s silent presence. a latin exam with a hurried a+ on it in whelk’s dispassionate handwriting left behind in the trashcan in the bathroom will slowly become unidentifiable because of the dust and humidity. the smell of mint will fade, the ever-dirty bathroom mirror will never fog up with the heat of someone’s late-night shower again. the fridge will be taken out of the bathroom. monmouth manufacturing will stop being a home. 

300 fox-way will fade into the dozens of other brightly-colored houses in the neighborhood. the sign in front announcing the presence of psychics will start to fall apart with time, because the family that moves in after will never bother to get rid of it. the silent magic left by calla’s sharp existence and orla’s bubbling energy and the smell of maura’s teas and persephone’s soft being will disappear. the telephone will stop ringing. blue sargent’s room will be cleared of it’s clutter, until it become just a little space that holds nothing and no one at all. the things that set the little house apart will become just a thin silhouette lost in time. 

the little room above st. agnes church will be rented to other people with different dreams and different reasons to want to escape, but the door will never be pushed open by the same slender, hard-working hands. the old, ratty mattress will forget the shape of the sleepy, 3 am shadow of a boy. the mirror will forget the reflection of the determined eyes, and the smell of moss and want will disappear. the little place where the floorboard creaked whenever adam stepped on it will be fixed. the old cereal box will be left behind and eventually thrown away, and it will forget the almost invisible result of worry and desperation and desire it used to carry. 

the streets will forget the feel of ronan lynch’s car, and the air will never again feel the taste of kavinsky’s impossible dreams. aglionby will teach and house richer, more dangerous, prettier boys. they will have newer, faster, better cars. richard gansey the third’s camaro will take its last breath and it’s orange paint will fade until it is forgotten. 

only the trees will remember. but without the raven king, the trees no longer speak.
Houston’s Floodwaters Are Tainted With Toxins, Testing Shows
Water samples contained unsafe levels of fecal bacteria and other contaminants, both inside and outside homes, The Times found.
By Sheila Kaplan and Jack Healy

“It suggests to me that conditions inside the home are more ideal for bacteria to grow and concentrate. It’s warmer and the water has stagnated for days and days. I know some kids were playing in the floodwater outside those places. That’s concerning to me.”

The Associated Press and CNN last week reported high levels of E. coli contamination, but did not specify where the samples were taken.

The E.P.A. and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality have expressed concern about toxic floodwaters, but have not made public the results of sampling they may have done.

Residents and medical professionals said they are seeing infections that likely resulted from exposure to the dirty floodwaters.

Dr. Beau Briese, an emergency room physician at Houston Methodist Hospital, said he had seen a doubling in the number of cases of cellulitis — reddened skin infections — since the storm. He said it was a more modest increase than he had expected, and that the infections had been successfully treated with antibiotics.

Dr. David Persse, the chief medical officer of Houston, said residents caring for children, the elderly and those with immune disorders should try to keep them out of homes until they have been cleaned.

“Everybody has to consider the floodwater contaminated,” Dr. Persse said. He also warned residents to avoid letting cuts and scrapes come into contact with the floodwaters, which can cause infection.

Brad Greer, 49, developed two scabby infections on each of his legs where rain boots had irritated his skin. He took antibiotics, but on Saturday, he said, he started feeling lightheaded and weak as he and his brother-in-law tried to move possessions from Mr. Greer’s flooded home.

He went to the emergency room at Houston Methodist, where he was put on an intravenous drip and given another antibiotic prescription. Mr. Greer said swimming pools around his neighborhood are rank.

“All the pools are just giant toilets you’re unable to flush,” he said.

The lab analysis was paid for by The Times. The sampling was conducted by a team from Baylor Medical College and Rice University, working with the Houston health department’s Bureau of Pollution Control and Prevention.

The group, accompanied by The Times’s reporters, took water and sediment samples last week by boat, truck and on foot. The samples were analyzed by A & B Labs, a state-certified service that often works with federal agencies.

The dearth of information about the safety of the water has upset many residents, including Maria Sotolongo, who lives with her husband and three children on Briarhills Parkway, an upscale development in Houston’s West Oaks/Eldridge neighborhood.

Photo Flooded homes on Briarhills Parkway, an upscale development in Houston’s West Oaks/Eldridge neighborhood. E. coli, a sign of fecal contamination, was detected in the water there. Credit Eric Thayer for The New York Times

“Nobody has told us not to come,” Mrs. Sotolongo said on Sunday, the first day she was able to get back into her house.

Earlier in the week, she had helped The Times’s team reach her home by boat in order to take water and sediment samples on what had been her front lawn.

“It’s a horrific smell and full of gunk,” she said. “We’ve seen fish in parts of the kitchen.”

Mrs. Sotolongo was well outfitted in rubber boots, gloves and a mask. But some families in inundated neighborhoods in west Houston said they had developed staph infections and other health problems after wading through waters released from reservoirs that swamped their homes long after other parts of the city had dried out.

“It scared us to death,” said John Denson, 40, who lives in the Nottingham Forest neighborhood. He had waded through the murky waters with his wife and two sons to try to salvage things from their home.

Mr. Denson said infections had festered on a cut to his hand and small scratches where the waterproof waders his family wore had rubbed skin raw. In addition, Mr. Denson said that his 14-year-old son, who has asthma, started coughing and had difficulty breathing after being inside their home.

“Coughing up a lung,” Mr. Denson said.

Roderick Francis, 47, who has been living with his wife, Kimberly, and four of their children in Clayton Homes, was also unaware of the health risks.

“I know the houses all flooded like mine,” he said. “I didn’t know of any contamination.”

Mrs. Francis said the couple came back to salvage their belongings from the house, but found it too putrid to stay for long. She was troubled by the yellow, green and black mold already appearing on the couch — as well as by the information that testers had found elevated levels of lead and arsenic, which are neurotoxins, in the floodwater.

The family will not go back to live in their house, and will likely move to Dallas.

Dr. Winifred Hamilton, director of the Environmental Health Service at Baylor College of Medicine and a member of the testing group, said she is especially worried about exposure to mold among people who are moving back or who bring along their children as they try to clean and repair their houses.

“I’d be wearing a mask with a filter,’’ she said, “and goggles and gloves, with rubber boots. I would change my clothes immediately after leaving the house, and put them in the wash with nothing else.”

“Mold is taking off all over the city,” Dr. Hamilton added. “People with allergies or asthma are particularly sensitive to it. If people have bad headaches, respiratory problems, swelling of a limb or a bad rash, go see a doctor right away. Don’t assume it will go away on its own.’’

Ms. Hamilton also encouraged people to keep an eye on their kids.

“We have a lot of what looks like sand, like something you might want to make a castle of,” she said. “But this is not clean sand, this is sludge sediment.”

“Don’t let your children play in sediment from the flood. We don’t want children playing in lead.”

anonymous asked:

hi! can you rec some mchanzo fics? what are your favourites?

Oh gosh, thanks for asking! I’m not sure how long this list will be, but hopefully you’ll find something that you haven’t read yet.

   - Hang The Fool, by  AlmaMeDuele. Which, that’s probably one of the best known McHanzo fics, but I’ll put it here anyways.

   - Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, by  vandoodle. Fake married fic where they have to infiltrate the whitest of suburban neighborhoods looking for signs of Vishkar activity. It sounds kind of cracky, but this person makes it work, it’s hilarious.

   - Magic McCree, by  Cawaiiey. Stipper AU, wherein Genji drags his poor brother to a strip club to unwind, where he meets McCree. Porn with plot, don’t know if that’s your kind of thing but its super steamy and good.

   - A Losing Combination, by  manic_intent. Canon divergent AU. Before the fall of Overwatch, but Hanzo never left his family, and McCree is sent undercover as some hired muscle to investigate him. There is also some background Reaper76.

   - Four Days, by  starscry. I’ve read this story multiple times. McCree is in a bind because he told his mom he was dating someone, and now needs to bring that someone home to meet the family. A lot of fluff, McCree has adorable younger sisters, it’s great.

   - new perspective, by  starscry again. Band AU, Hanzo is in a band with Genji, Lena, and Amelie, and they hire on McCree to be their new guitar tech. Also features background Lena/Amelie.

   - Red Desert Moonshine, by  JadedTimberwolf. Werewolf!McCree, pre-Overwatch recall. Hanzo is still wandering after killing Genji, and is called to kill an annoying coyote, when he happens to run into McCree.

Aaaand, I’ll think I’ll cut it there, otherwise I’ll go and list every single McHanzo fic I’ve read.