neighborhood running

They take a shortcut through a kind of run down neighborhood, meaning that the streets are narrow and the roads are all bumpy. It’s one broken segment of pavement after another. The driver apologizes but says the route is ten minutes shorter and traffic-free, despite the conditions. Harry tells him not to worry about it.

“S’alright, mate.”

Y/N first worries briefly, if it is alright because from where Fionn’s got his arm around Y/N’s waist he digs his fingers into her skin through her clothing and it triggers something carnal inside of her. Her thoughts drift to ones that verge inappropriate, nearly have her cheeks heating. It would all be fine if she wasn’t intimately in Fionn’s lap and his grip wasn’t verging possessive.

And then YN worries, again, because she realizes these thoughts triggered by Fionn’s tight grip are mutual. There is an undoubtedly existent bulge budging against Y/N’s bum from Fionn pants.

She swallows and looks at Harry, instinctively, almost, and because she’s a bit overwhelmed, frozen because she doesn’t know how to proceed with this information.

or, Y/N’s a film student working on the set of Dunkirk and Harry’s her sugar daddy who likes to watch her have sex with Fionn.

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Hey, I think you’re really cool, I like you a lot. Maybe we can hang out…or something

The Ice Cream Truck

The ice cream truck arrives, right on schedule, at 2 AM, the third Friday of the month.

You sigh, rolling out of bed to look out the window and watch. And to listen.

The ice cream truck plays its usual haunting melody, parked outside your apartment. But what you strain to hear, feeling as though your ears are on tiptoes trying to make it out, are the wishes.

Coming from all around the neighborhood, children are running through the streets as fast as they’re able, forming an impatient line by the ice cream man’s window.

At the front of the line is a boy of perhaps 5. He excitedly wishes for a puppy, then hands the ice cream man a baseball card. Then he skips off down the starlit street, a smile on his face.

After he leaves, a girl, maybe 12, and her younger brother approach the ice cream man. The girl whispers something nervously, then hands the ice cream man a Valentine. You smile. You’ve seen this before. Children wishing for their crushes to like them. The ice cream man nods and accepts the card. The younger brother doesn’t wish for anything; he just wants to say hello. The ice cream man ruffles his hair and sends him on his way.

The last wish of the night, a teenage girl, self-conscious in the wake of the children. She approaches the window of the truck.

“I just want my mom to wake up tomorrow,” she manages. She throws coins on the counter and begins sobbing.

“The payment has to be something important to you, miss,” says the ice cream man, gently. The girl says nothing, still sobbing. The ice cream man nods, then closes his window and drives off into the twilight.

You’ve never seen a single wish given to the ice cream man actually come true. That’s why you don’t go down there much. But the children, the children.

The children never stop wishing.

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Could you elaborate on their first kiss (if ur not gonna write it in a different post?)

tbh, this ask is psychic. i was actually going to do it on a text post but like, i barely had enough time to do b&r, much less that. so like, you’re a fucking lifesaver, anon.

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  • at this point, neil hatford has changed about pretty much all of andrew’s rules apart from the jock thing. neil has made andrew:
    • bring someone home for something other than a group project
    • eat someone else’s cooking (not after the incident in first year)
    • have a crush on a jock
  • andrew’s reputation around the school counts for him being in the gsa (people think he’s there to mooch up on renee), having hospitalized that dude at the freshman mixer (which was actually aaron’s doing), taking unknown medication in the middle of the day (pain meds because he doesn’t wear his hearing aids to school), and being the MVP of the debate team (him and aaron are a roasting in a package deal, okay)
  • in all the weeks that came after andrew’s realization of his crush, neil has:
    • improved his grades 
    • been to at least two of the debate team’s events 
    • invited andrew to all of his games (”what makes you think i want to go there” “well it wouldn’t hurt to ask, wouldn’t it? it’s not like we have anything apart from tutoring on fridays”) 
    • stayed over to keep andrew company on more than one weekday (which only renee used to do)
    • once, neil even barged into a debate meeting to have a silent freak out about his A- on biology while andrew just looked on not-fondly 
      • aaron: that is bull
      • andrew: shut up, your girlfriend makes you look stupider than this
      • aaron: you may not know this but you just played yourself
  • andrew’s pretty much screwed the pooch, especially with how he gives neil Special Treatment, or so aaron calls it.

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“It was the violin,” Jem explained. “She heard me practicing.”
“Ghastly wailing noise, isn’t it?” Will asked Tessa. “I don’t know how all the cats in the neighborhood don’t come running every time he plays.”
“I thought it was pretty.”
“That’s because it was,” Jem agreed.
Will pointed a finger accusingly in their direction. “You’re ganging up on me. Is this how it’s going to be from now on? I’ll be odd man out? Dear God, I’ll have to befriend Jessamine.”
“Jessamine can’t stand you,” Jem pointed out.
—  Clockwork Angel

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LEMME GIVE YOU AN IMAGE. Derek Hale is taking a walk around the neighborhood, running errands here and there. And then he encounters a kitten. A very small, very meowy kitten who's all black with a white spot on the tip of its tail. And it's the cutest thing Derek has ever seen. So naturally he takes it home, buys all the necessary kitty stuff, becomes an official Cat Dad and is absolutely DELIGHTED because he's a big scary Alpha but is loved and trusted by something so smol and precious.

Alright, I’m not saying you just made me cry…..but you just made me cry, nonnie. 

It’s a firm headcanon of mine Derek adopts stray cats and gives them homes. Only a couple stick around 24/7, long enough that he tentatively gives them names (’Newt’ because you can bet your ass Derek would name a pet after the biggest Hufflepuff ever to Hufflepuff, and ‘Leia’ which was in no way influenced by the knowledge the name might make a certain someone smile and visit more often…) 

The rest of the cats….well, let’s just say Derek leaves a lot of food and water out. One cat has a fondness for a special kind of organic cream though, because it’s a goddamn stereotype, which Derek leaves in a special place for them to get. (So what if he drives an extra 15.6 miles every week to buy it…’s worth it when the kitten rubs against his leg every so often, as a thank you). 

Derek gets strange looks from the pack, and Stiles outright mocks him (that is, before Stiles sees one of the kittens asleep on Derek’s chest after Derek has nodded off himself, and he has to run out of the room before he starts making embarrassing cooing noises). 

Derek Hale isn’t just an official Cat Dad, he’s a beautiful, heart wrenching tragedy (and you can also bet the day Stiles finally just yells “fuck it”, and storms across the room to kiss Derek’s beautiful face off for the first time, it’s probably because Derek has been sitting patiently for two hours, playing with a fucking string and smiling to himself every time the kitten caught it, like a proud father). 

Winnipeg Gothic
  • You are driving. You keep driving. You drive for hours and all you see are canola fields. You will find the social eventually, you are sure.
  • Everywhere there are slurpee cups. In the street, on powerboxes, resting on the sidewalk. They are all empty. They are all buzzing.
  • There is a dog barking. It doesn’t ever stop.
  • Someone is drunkenly singing in the distance. It is a song you know, but have never heard before.
  • The line in Tim Hortons is made entirely of men in baseball caps and plaid jackets. They shuffle forward as the line moves, staring off into the distance- or maybe the donut counter. They recite their coffee orders in dead voices. Always fresh, the woman behind the counter hisses.
  • There is a group of teenage girls. They all have identical hair, identical makeup, matching clothing. They speak swiftly in something that sounds like english, but you cannot understand it.
  • It snowed in the night. You cannot see your car under it all. Your doors are frozen shut. The buses are not running. The neighborhood children are making their way to school. If they don’t make it, tell their families they love them.
  • Festival du Voyageur was weeks ago. The snow sculptures are no longer recognizable. Their remains stand on the street corners, shapeless lumps of icy snow. You swear you can see faces in them.
  • The bears are no longer on Broadway.
  • You are in Transcona. You do not know how you ended up here, or how you will ever get out.

My friend’s parents tried to kill me for not bringing them flowers. His mom tried to run me over, his dad tried to shoot me several times. I climbed on top of the car to dodge the bullets and that worked for a few minutes, but then I had to jump off and try and run away. When I finally got out of their neighborhood and started running down a hill, my friend randomly showed up and gave me dandelions. I gave them to his mom as fast as I could and she went from trying to destroy me, to giving me a big hug and saying she’s glad I’m his friend.


Five miles of hill repeats with almost 900 feet in elevation climb. Felt great… even mentally and the hill next to the local dam is my new “zen zone.”

When I got home a lady walking her dog stopped by and chatted. Apparently her friend down the street recently qualified for Boston. The neighbor said she remembers seeing me in the fall when I started running regularly and she remembers how it was more of a jog then. Then she said, “Now you are legitimately running around the neighborhood.” Made my day. 🙌🏼

Golf outing tomorrow then 10 miles on Wednesday. It’s the final big buildup week then time to taper! ❤️✌🏼🏃🏼

tuesday trot


the road to new york

An easy 7 miler on a cool comfortable cloudy fall-like day, would have been great for tomorrow’s 5k but it’s supposed to warm up again by race time.  Feeling more recovered than the past few days, looking forward to a restful evening and sleep before tomorrow - another road race party in the neighborhood.  

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Would Mr. Min and Hoseok ever do face masks together like Yoongi and Hobi did in that Vlive? Or maybe the better question is how drunk and depressed would Mr. Min have to be to agree to that lmao

God dammit.  Okay.  So I fully intended on finishing Watch Me tonight but then I saw this ask and the ideas started turning.  You didn’t even ask for a drabble but…the wine started flowing and the ideas wouldn’t stop…so enjoy this.

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bowtochris  asked:

I'm working on a high fantasy late capitalism RPG, named Shotguns & Socialites, whose history is based off of RPG cliches and random people get superpowers themed by their profession. Do you have any probably bad RPG ideas?

I present these probably bad ideas for your approval:

- The world has the standard dungeons (fire-themed, ice-themed, spooky-themed, machine-themed, etc) but now they have been gentrified and mostly contain horrifyingly dangerous Starbucks

-  You are a hitman, but obviously you need to keep this secret. Now you have to come up with a valid excuse for the police as to why you have developed the power to teleport people to the bottom of lakes with concrete boots on.

- There are so many “collect/destroy/use this artifact to win” artifacts that they are now all kept in a big warehouse and the adventure is a quest to navigate its bureaucracy and sign for them

- You work in an office, and now have an instinctive control over printers that you use to torment Pam from accounting

- Every PC is the chosen one. Not for something big like “save the world” but for things like “revitalise the local korean takeaway” or “write a pretty decent, but not great, book” or “have the cleanest car in the neighborhood for two weeks running”. Yes, there is a bored old wizard who has to recite a rhyming prophecy for all of these.

- Homer Simpson exists in this setting and has gained a superpower for each one-episode job he has ever had. He is the most powerful and dreaded entity in the setting. Even the greatest of heroes flee before his mighty “d’oh”.

Angelic Halloween

gif is not mine

Title: Angelic Halloween

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: 1,290

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This is another fic I wrote a LONG time ago, probably one of the first ones I ever wrote. So I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much!!

It was a few hours before trick-or-treating began.  You took your costume out of the bag, laying it across the bed.  Sam and Dean were out on a hunt, just a simple salt and burn.  You were left at the bunker, but you weren’t upset about it.  For it was Halloween, and you had the perfect costume.  Sure, you were in a bunker and there was nowhere to really go trick-or-treating, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t have fun and dress up.

You planned on watching scary movies and eating candy all night.  You had picked out an angel costume because it wasn’t too revealing and you had always wanted to wear a pair of wings.  You slipped on the white silky dress that only went a little past your knees.  You were short so the costume was a little longer than it was meant to be.  You put on the wings and the halo, straightening it a bit.

You looked in the mirror that you had in your room, assessing how the costume looked.  You were happy with it.  As you folded your clothes you had worn earlier; the sound of wings fluttering was a pleasant surprise.  You turned around, wearing a proud grin as you put your hands on your hips.  “What do you think Cas,” you asked.

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Our good pal Jon showed us around The Sunflower Center, a community garden located in the Glenwood neighborhood, run by ten people who identify as queer or trans. 

As Jon put it, “The garden exists to combat the aspect of food insecurity in our community - we are not trying to solve food insecurity but trying to solve food sovereignty; talking to folks in the area about what they want to eat and bringing power to the community by having a say in what grows in the garden and then having access to that food. Our end goal is to not only feed the community but to provide education through farming in the area so folks can learn how to grow food in their own neighborhood.”

Unlike most projects, even our own, this group of people has managed to use very limited resources to create a garden that actually does engage the community. We spent a couple hours today helping with watering, weeding, and some transplants spending time with each and every row but what stood out most was the amount of people walking by who stopped to talk. Some people were new to the project and others Jon knew by name but every single one of them thanked Jon for being a part of putting a garden in Glenwood. One man spent ten minutes talking with Jon reflecting on his childhood in the country and how even there he didn’t see plants THIS alive and beautiful. They talked about the food he was most interested in and set up a future time to make a trade. My experience today left me with the impression that for a lot of people, walking by this garden everyday, is a beacon of hope and inspiration. 

We wish this project and this group nothing but luck with their season. It is heart warming to see our peers getting involved and achieving success!! 

Levy’s birthday, a one-shot for Levy appreciation day!

If Levy had a favorite time of year, it was August. Not only because her birthday took place on the first day of the month, but because the sun was always shining and her favorite most flowers were in bloom and Magnolia was covered in them, thanks to her doing.

Every late May, Levy took the initiative to plant sunflower seeds anywhere she could find a patch of grass or empty lot all over the town of Magnolia. Every year she would skip to her favorite gardening shop, the one owned by a little old lady who had given her many plant related books and taught her the best way to grow a garden. She would buy a bag of sunflower seeds in bulk, and lug it over her shoulder and carry it home. When she was home, she would fill small bags with the sunflower seeds so she could carry a bag in her purse at all times, with a map of Magnolia to mark where she had already buried seeds, and a pair of gardening gloves.

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"Baby"// Jack Maynard Imagine Pt. 2

Warnings: n/a

Word count: 1287

Requested: no || Requests are closed 

Summary: After Jack came back into Y/ns life she soon finds out shes pregnant again 


Part 1

a few years later

“Emily come here,” Jack said grabbing her and picking her up making her giggle. It was Emily’s third birthday and you were currently putting out snacks for all the people due to arrive in around 30 minutes. You had invited around all of your and Jack’s friends and our families.Jack and you also invited some of our neighbors that had kids Emily’s age. You carried chips outside where you had set up her party. Jack had hung streamers up and you had tied down balloons to some areas of the fence. You placed them on one of the many tables. Jack came out with Emily on one arm and food in the other. 

“Thank you, baby,” You said smiling. “You’re welcome,” he said placing it on the table. You walked back inside and grabbed more food. When you walked back in, Emily was running around. Jack stepped in front of you and when you tried to step away he followed. He pulled you close by the waist and took the food from your hands and placed it on the table. You wrapped your arms around his neck watching Em from over his shoulder. Jack cupped my face and kissed you. You kissed back smiling into it before walking over to Emily.

 "Em do you want your birthday tiara on before people come?“ She nodded. "Can I wear my pretty pink dress?” She said quietly so Jack couldn’t hear. You nodded. “Daddy we be back,” she said. He nodded with a smile. You picked her up and walked upstairs with her in your arms. She changed into her dress and she fixed her own hair by flattening it with her hands. “Do I look pretty mommy?” she asked. “You look absolutely beautiful,” you said making her smile and giggle. Your daughter now looked more like you with her growing y/h/c hair. Her eyes were still a bright blue like Jack’s. Her face was the same shape of yours and she looked like your spitting image. 

“Let’s go show daddy!” she said. You picked her up again and carried her down the stairs. You put her down and she ran to Jack. You watched as Jack picked her up and twirled her around. “You are so beautiful princess,” he said kissing her cheek. “Thank you, Daddy,” she said hugging him. You waited a while but soon people started to arrive. Joe, Zoe, and Alfie were the first ones here. “Uncle Joe!” Emily screeched running to him. 

“There’s the birthday girl!” Joe said quickly setting her present on the ground to pick her up. When you and Jack dated for the first time, you and Joe were very close. He was like your brother and your best friend.When Emily met him for the first time, she was absolutely fascinated by him. “Hey guys,” you greeted. You hugged Alfie then Zoe saying hello to them. “What no hug for me,” Joe said acting offended. Em started wiggling in Joe’s arms signaling that she wanted to be put down. He set her down gently and she ran over to Jack. 

You hugged Joe and he hugged back. “I missed you,” you said smiling. He smiled back and you waited for more people to arrive. Next was your family followed by Jack’s family then Mikey, Josh, Caspar, and Oli. After that, other kids started to arrive from around the neighborhood. Emily was running around with a few other kids, Jack was outside with all of his friends and our families and you was in the kitchen with Joe. “I have to tell you something but you can’t tell anyone,” you said cleaning up the counter knowing you could trust Joe with basically anything. “I promise I won’t,” Joe said. “I think I might be pregnant,” you said smiling. Joe gasped with excitement. “I need your help to tell him,” you said. “Okay leave that to me,” he smirked.

“All I need from you is a pregnancy test,” Joe said over the phone not even a week later. “Okay, we will see you tonight,” you said with a smile. You had already done a few pregnancy test and all were positive. While it was all hard to hide from Jack: the tests, the morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms, you knew Joe’s plan would be worth the wait. You hung the phone up and continued to pack an overnight bag for Emily who was staying with Jacks family.

 You sneakily put the test in your purse without Jack noticing and you all got ready to go. After dropping Emily off, you and Jack went to Joes. “Can I watch you film?” you asked. “Of course,” Joe smiled following the plan. Joe made an obnoxious noise clearing his throat making you laugh. He did his intro before telling everyone what video they were doing. “Okay guys today we are finally deciding to follow trends and do the what’s in my hand challenge. Jack and I have both picked 5 items and we both have them in bags. If you don’t know how this works well Jack and I will take turns being blindfolded and the other will put an object in the persons hand and they will have 3 tries to guess that object and if they guess it they get a point and the person with the most points wins and the loser will have the classic forfeit of a tweet of the other persons phone. Jack are you ready?” “Yeah,” he smiled.

 By the last round you were crying because you were laughing so hard. “Okay last rounddddd what’s the score?” “I’ve gotten 3 correct and Joes rubbish and has only has 1 and a half,” he laughed. “I can’t help it,” Joe said laughing. Jack did his object and Joe got it right, not that it mattered because Jack already won. “Okay blindfold me,” Jack said. “I think Y/n might get jealous,” Joe joked. You playfully rolled my eyes but we all laughed. Joe wrapped the blindfold around his eyes and you handed him the test quickly out of my purse.

 "Okay Jack let me show the camera quickly,“ Joe said. He showed the positive test to the camera. "Hands out.” Jack put his hands out. Joe only touched the tip of it. “What the heck,” he said. Joe placed it in his hands and he felt around. “It feels like a thermometer,” he said. “Wrongggg,” Joe said. “Mate I genuinely have no idea,” he said. “Can I have a hint?” “Hmmm let me think,” he said looking at me. “Think about what people females mainly do if they need to check something. What do they use for it?” He said. 

“Is it like a tampon?” He said. “What kind of tampon have you felt that is like that,” you said laughing. “Jack think about it,” Joe said. “Oh umm give me a minute. Is it a um um wait I know it! It’s a um pregnancy test?” He said. “Yes!” Joe said,“take your blindfold off.” “Out of all things a pregnancy test,” he said laughing taking the blindfold off. I looked up at him as he looked at the test. “It’s positive?” He said. Joe looked at him, Jack furrowing his eyebrows. Jack looked at me. “Is this what I think it is?” “Well tell us what think it is,” Joe said. 

“Are you pregnant?” Jack said with a huge smile on his face. You nodded. “Yes!” Jack yelled hugging you. You and Joe laughed and you hugged him back. “I love you so much,” he said kissing your lips over and over. “I love you too,” you smiled. Joe smiled and watched as Jack hugged you again.