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The story of Nan Goldin and New York goes back to 1977 when, diploma in hand, she landed in the vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere of the American megacity. Drugs, rock n’ roll, punks, drag queens, run-down neighborhoods, friends and lovers struck down by AIDS—all these can be found in her intimate series The Ballad of Sexual Dependency

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Could you elaborate on their first kiss (if ur not gonna write it in a different post?)

tbh, this ask is psychic. i was actually going to do it on a text post but like, i barely had enough time to do b&r, much less that. so like, you’re a fucking lifesaver, anon.

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  • at this point, neil hatford has changed about pretty much all of andrew’s rules apart from the jock thing. neil has made andrew:
    • bring someone home for something other than a group project
    • eat someone else’s cooking (not after the incident in first year)
    • have a crush on a jock
  • andrew’s reputation around the school counts for him being in the gsa (people think he’s there to mooch up on renee), having hospitalized that dude at the freshman mixer (which was actually aaron’s doing), taking unknown medication in the middle of the day (pain meds because he doesn’t wear his hearing aids to school), and being the MVP of the debate team (him and aaron are a roasting in a package deal, okay)
  • in all the weeks that came after andrew’s realization of his crush, neil has:
    • improved his grades 
    • been to at least two of the debate team’s events 
    • invited andrew to all of his games (”what makes you think i want to go there” “well it wouldn’t hurt to ask, wouldn’t it? it’s not like we have anything apart from tutoring on fridays”) 
    • stayed over to keep andrew company on more than one weekday (which only renee used to do)
    • once, neil even barged into a debate meeting to have a silent freak out about his A- on biology while andrew just looked on not-fondly 
      • aaron: that is bull
      • andrew: shut up, your girlfriend makes you look stupider than this
      • aaron: you may not know this but you just played yourself
  • andrew’s pretty much screwed the pooch, especially with how he gives neil Special Treatment, or so aaron calls it.

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My friend’s parents tried to kill me for not bringing them flowers. His mom tried to run me over, his dad tried to shoot me several times. I climbed on top of the car to dodge the bullets and that worked for a few minutes, but then I had to jump off and try and run away. When I finally got out of their neighborhood and started running down a hill, my friend randomly showed up and gave me dandelions. I gave them to his mom as fast as I could and she went from trying to destroy me, to giving me a big hug and saying she’s glad I’m his friend.

“It was the violin,” Jem explained. “She heard me practicing.”
“Ghastly wailing noise, isn’t it?” Will asked Tessa. “I don’t know how all the cats in the neighborhood don’t come running every time he plays.”
“I thought it was pretty.”
“That’s because it was,” Jem agreed.
Will pointed a finger accusingly in their direction. “You’re ganging up on me. Is this how it’s going to be from now on? I’ll be odd man out? Dear God, I’ll have to befriend Jessamine.”
“Jessamine can’t stand you,” Jem pointed out.
—  Clockwork Angel
Winnipeg Gothic
  • You are driving. You keep driving. You drive for hours and all you see are canola fields. You will find the social eventually, you are sure.
  • Everywhere there are slurpee cups. In the street, on powerboxes, resting on the sidewalk. They are all empty. They are all buzzing.
  • There is a dog barking. It doesn’t ever stop.
  • Someone is drunkenly singing in the distance. It is a song you know, but have never heard before.
  • The line in Tim Hortons is made entirely of men in baseball caps and plaid jackets. They shuffle forward as the line moves, staring off into the distance- or maybe the donut counter. They recite their coffee orders in dead voices. Always fresh, the woman behind the counter hisses.
  • There is a group of teenage girls. They all have identical hair, identical makeup, matching clothing. They speak swiftly in something that sounds like english, but you cannot understand it.
  • It snowed in the night. You cannot see your car under it all. Your doors are frozen shut. The buses are not running. The neighborhood children are making their way to school. If they don’t make it, tell their families they love them.
  • Festival du Voyageur was weeks ago. The snow sculptures are no longer recognizable. Their remains stand on the street corners, shapeless lumps of icy snow. You swear you can see faces in them.
  • The bears are no longer on Broadway.
  • You are in Transcona. You do not know how you ended up here, or how you will ever get out.

Angelic Halloween

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Title: Angelic Halloween

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: 1,290

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This is another fic I wrote a LONG time ago, probably one of the first ones I ever wrote. So I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much!!

It was a few hours before trick-or-treating began.  You took your costume out of the bag, laying it across the bed.  Sam and Dean were out on a hunt, just a simple salt and burn.  You were left at the bunker, but you weren’t upset about it.  For it was Halloween, and you had the perfect costume.  Sure, you were in a bunker and there was nowhere to really go trick-or-treating, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t have fun and dress up.

You planned on watching scary movies and eating candy all night.  You had picked out an angel costume because it wasn’t too revealing and you had always wanted to wear a pair of wings.  You slipped on the white silky dress that only went a little past your knees.  You were short so the costume was a little longer than it was meant to be.  You put on the wings and the halo, straightening it a bit.

You looked in the mirror that you had in your room, assessing how the costume looked.  You were happy with it.  As you folded your clothes you had worn earlier; the sound of wings fluttering was a pleasant surprise.  You turned around, wearing a proud grin as you put your hands on your hips.  “What do you think Cas,” you asked.

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I'm working on a high fantasy late capitalism RPG, named Shotguns & Socialites, whose history is based off of RPG cliches and random people get superpowers themed by their profession. Do you have any probably bad RPG ideas?

I present these probably bad ideas for your approval:

- The world has the standard dungeons (fire-themed, ice-themed, spooky-themed, machine-themed, etc) but now they have been gentrified and mostly contain horrifyingly dangerous Starbucks

-  You are a hitman, but obviously you need to keep this secret. Now you have to come up with a valid excuse for the police as to why you have developed the power to teleport people to the bottom of lakes with concrete boots on.

- There are so many “collect/destroy/use this artifact to win” artifacts that they are now all kept in a big warehouse and the adventure is a quest to navigate its bureaucracy and sign for them

- You work in an office, and now have an instinctive control over printers that you use to torment Pam from accounting

- Every PC is the chosen one. Not for something big like “save the world” but for things like “revitalise the local korean takeaway” or “write a pretty decent, but not great, book” or “have the cleanest car in the neighborhood for two weeks running”. Yes, there is a bored old wizard who has to recite a rhyming prophecy for all of these.

- Homer Simpson exists in this setting and has gained a superpower for each one-episode job he has ever had. He is the most powerful and dreaded entity in the setting. Even the greatest of heroes flee before his mighty “d’oh”.

So yesterday I was a complete idiot. 

I wanted to clean my car, something I haven’t done since I bought it back in Dec 2015. There was hair and dirt EVERYWHERE. It was a gorgeous day, so I decided I’d set up a make shift fence on the porch and keep the front door open so the dogs can lay in the sun.

I’m doing my thing, checking on the dogs every now and then. I finished vacuuming all the hair and dirt (which took over an hour), so I go to grab the cleaning stuff from my husband’s car. I look to check the dogs, and they aren’t there. I assumed they went inside. I open the box where the cleaning stuff is and I see an orange blur run right past me. I think “Oh shit.” I get a better look at the front porch, and one of them (read Kaeda, because I know it was her) pushed the fence far enough so that they can go under it to the stairs.

The dogs were loose! They couldn’t have been out for more than 5 minutes. They didn’t have their collars on, but I wasn’t too worried because everyone knows me and my dogs, and they’re microchipped. Apollo was staying near the house, so I called him over to me and he came running, and I threw a slice of cheese into the house. I grabbed all the stuff off the roof of my car, some shoes (I was barefoot), and collar with leash to go find Kaeda in the car. I saw my neighbor who has a Westie walking without her dog as I was driving down the driveway. I roll my window down and she said she had one of my dogs in her garage. PHEW! So I just go and grab her and everything was fine. I keep them in the house while I finish cleaning my car.

Definitely learned my lesson there! I thought I’d do something nice for the pups, but they didn’t appreciate it. :P 

The Bells of Notre Dame
Cover by Bree
The Bells of Notre Dame

so, i’m not too proud of this one, but i tried my best and it’s a pretty long song so i felt like i should put it somewhere.  volume & high soprano warning !



Dwight:  You take a run down neighborhood with a low property value, then you build it up with remodeled apartments and condos. You increase the property value and eventually the people who originally lived there and ran businesses there can’t afford to anymore.

Jarvis:  Oh

Dwight:  See…I didn’t grow up like you with two hard working parents. My mother died when I was 10 years old and I never knew who my dad was. I spent a few years in foster homes, then I ran away and ended up on the streets.  I started stealing because I had to!  You don’t have to.  C’mon…follow me!

Jarvis begins walking behind Dwight who breaks into a light jog.

Dwight:  You’d better catch up before you get jumped out here.

Jarvis barely has the energy, but he jogs and catches up to Dwight anyway. 

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It Doesn't Mean You Can Explain the Ocean is the first fic that made me aware of you as an author I should seek out more of. I've reread it at least a dozen times. I love the sideways way that you approach Sam's awful unrequited Feelings About Dean, I loved the descriptions of the Savannah heat, and I cannot eat Milky Way bars without the phrase "like he's working the neighborhood glory hole" running through my head at least once.

Explain the Ocean was actually inspired by a day of hot driving through said American South, listening to NPR with the windows down and the volume up in the highway wind, some expert talking about you can understand water but it doesn’t explain the ocean, and that story is forever dear to me for it. Also for how furious people get that I didn’t go full Wincest. (Don’t worry, perverts, Astolat has you guys covered with a sequel.)

Scent of Love

Character: UNIQ’s Sungjoo/Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Counts: 3 404

Summary: How would your love one smell like. Well, Sungjoo knows that too well

A/N: This written form Sungjoo’s POV

A dog sense of smell is averagely 1000 times better than a human.

Bullshit. Well, at least to Sungjoo is. Kim Sungjoo is a human born with the sense of smell ten times better than any dogs. He could smell what you had in your pocket; he could tell what you had for lunch, he even knows where you came from even if it from miles away and he could sense the changes of emotion as different emotion smell differently. He was literally a talking dog. But not many knew his ability as he didn’t want to attract false attention that might make him in danger. Always spotted with a black face mask on or big fluffy scarf covering his face, he always tried to avoid crowded places as much as possible. He even rather walked or cycle than being in a crowded bus, having his nose overwhelmed with different smells. Being born with a heighten sense of smell was not a good thing for Sungjoo. He could smell the truest scent of an object and it’s nowhere near ‘sweet, fresh, flowery’ smell as normal people would claim.

Everything smells dull, rotten, spoiled and never was sweet, fresh and fragrant for Sungjoo. Even the prettiest flower in the world or the most expensive perfume doesn’t smells so appealing to him. Until one day then he finally knew what does sweet and tempting scent smelt like. Decided to take different route home from college, he pass by some small shops at his neighborhood. Kids were running and playing around, laughter filled the alley. This neighborhood was never quiet, day or night. The people lived here were so friendly that he was showered with loves the first time he moved here. Despite his cold appearance, they were never intimidated by his behavior, assuming that he was just a shy college boy living alone. He passed by a noodle shop, where the ahjumma that manages the shop knew about his ability when he helped her find her lost ring that her late husband gave. She is the only person who accepts his ability without any judgment, which made him close with her. Her noodle shop was never out of customers, sometime they even have to queue.

The smell of kimchi tickle his nose as he swallowed, trying not to gag. He hated kimchi, especially the fermented one. Gosh he just hates things that were fermented the most. But he loves the ahjumma’s kimchi stew that made his stomach grumbled. Taking a deep breath through his mouth, he tried to clear the smell out of his nostril when something else started to fill his sense. Something that made his mouth water, something that made adrenaline filled his blood as it started to overwhelm him. He never smelt this before, his eyes frantically looked for the source as he took off his mask, making the scent hit him harder, the scent made his head spin as he can’t help but drew a deep breath of the overpowering scent as his heart beats quicken. When he swallowed down a lump in his throat, a melodic voice greets his ear as a feminine figure came into his sight. She was standing at the flower shop, talking with a few people with her back faced him. One of the ladies saw him and waved him over. “Sungjoo-ah! Come and greet your new neighbor.”

The girl turned around and looked at him, she smiling brightly as he just stared at her with racing heart and parted lips. Realizing that he might look like some pervert, he closed his mouth and bowed down to her, trying to avoid her eyes. “Sungjoo lived next to you, so it would be safe for you. If anything just knocks on his door.” She nodded as she introduced herself to him, he just nodded back while trying to calm down his pounding heart. ‘It’s her. Why does she smell different?’ Sungjoo thought as he watched her, smiling and laughing at whatever the ladies were saying when a tap landed on his shoulder. “Sungjoo-ah! You are back! Why you don’t stop by, I made you your favorite stew.” He turned toward the noodle shop ahjumma as she tugged on his arm. “Ah, I was going to wash up first before going to you.” Sungjoo saw that the girl had turned her attention toward him through the corner of his eyes, bowing to the ahjumma. “Come to ahjumma house later, we would have a party to celebrate Y/N.” She patted his arm before walking away, leaving him with Y/N.

“This neighborhood is so friendly. No wonder people like it here.” She said, breaking the silence as Sungjoo tried to regulate his breathing when her scent overwhelmed him again. For the first time in his life, he gets to smell something good, a tempting flowery fragrance that melts his heart. ‘Just like how spring were supposed to smell.’ “Yea, I got the same treatment when I first moved here. My fridge was never empty.” That made her laughed as the flowery scent become stronger. Her laughter made him smiled too as he rubbed the back of his neck.  They both continue talking with the crowd before he walked her home as they get to know each other. He was also surprised when he found himself attending the small celebration at the ahjumma’s house, enjoying his night as he drowned himself in her sweet scent.

After a few weeks, Sungjoo found himself addicted to her. He kept on meeting her everyday just to be drowned in her scent. And she knew about his weird ability. Instead of thinking he was weird, she was fascinated that made him surprised. She keep asking questions and pondering about it, thinking that it was awesome that made Sungjoo chuckled and swelled with pride. For the first time in his life, he felt awesome for having the ability. Spending his free time with her, he learned that her scent would change through her emotion but were never smelt any different. The scent would become flowery and airy when she is happy, a bit distinct and faint when sad or stronger and sharp when she was angry but she rarely got angry. Most of the time, she smelt aromatic, fresh and comforting which he never felt before. But one thing that made Sungjoo curious was, how would she smelt like if she was aroused, horny? He choked on his kimchi stew, embarrassed at his own thought.

‘Stupid, why would you think like that’ Sungjoo scolded himself, but the sight of her naked body trembling under his touch as he licked a soft spot on her neck making her mewled in ecstasy filled his mind making him turned beet red as he coughed and looked around to see if anyone noticed his lewd thought before realizing that no one knew what he had been thinking making him turned back toward his meal, chomping on them silently. This is all because of his stupid dream. It’s been five months since she moved here, and more than a week since he started to lusting over her. Sung Joo doesn’t even realize since when her scent had turned arousing and mouth-watering. Her scent had suddenly turned sweet, like a ripe peach. He felt like a wolf in heat that made him snarled at himself. ‘Stupid Sung Joo. Don’t ruin this friendship please.’

He finished his meal before thanking the ahjumma and walked home when the scent filled his nostril again, making him swallowed as he tried not to think about his dreams all over again. She was trying to sneak on him when he turned around out of sudden, surprising her instead. “Ahh, you always know when I’m here.” Sungjoo smiled as he tapped on his nose making her nodded in acknowledgement. “I forgot about that.” She mumbled, making him chuckled as they walked together. “Can I ask something?” Sungjoo smiled when she asked. “You never asked permission before.” He mocked making her galred at him as he chuckled. “Ask away.” He watched her thinking face that made his heart melts. Her scent had turned into a fusion of sweet and flowery when she abruptly faced him. “How do I smell? Since you said different people had different scent, so how do I smell, to you?” She asked, her bright round eyes landed on him making his smile falter when he looked away nervously.

‘What should I say, tempting? Sweet? Arousing.’ The memory of his dream came back before he could stop it, making him buried his face in his scarf as he coughed nervously, feeling the tip of his ears turned red. The flowery scent become stronger that made his heartbeat race faster, thumping in his chest.”Sungjoo.. Are you okay?” His eyes snapped upward, right into her two bright concerned orbs that were only centimeters away from his face when he noticed that he his heart beat had accelerated. “Y-Yea. Im fine.” He took a step back as she frown at him, Sungjoo just rubbed the back of his neck before motioning towards her house. “Get in, I’ll leave after you get in.” He said, as he carefully watched her, wondering if his action hurt her. When she beamed at him, he felt relieved as he followed her to the door. But her scent hasn’t subsided yet, it was still strong and deep. She must be deep in thoughts.

When they reached in front of her doorstep, she stopped and slowly turned towards him and smiled at him. He could tell that she was still curious and wanted the answer but decided not to pester on it. “See you tomorrow.” She said, waving at him before turning back towards her door, fishing a bunch of keys out of her bag before unlocking the door. “Sweet..” Sungjoo murmured before he realized it making her turned around and looked at his face, wide eyed. “What?” He looked up into her eyes before saying it again, louder this time. “You smell..sweet. Fragrance, like flowers, I supposed since I’ve never smelt flowers before.” Her lips were parted as she processed what he had said. “But, you said there’s nothing that smells good in this world.” He nodded at her word. “I don’t know why or how but the first time I met you, that’s the first time that I knew how normal people smell flowers. That’s the first time I ever smell something nice.” She was staring at him the whole time he spoke, as he stare back at her, he took a step closer to her, engulfing himself deeper into her scent that gradually become stronger with each step he took.

When he was only inches away from her, Sungjoo reached his calloused fingers up to her face as he cupped her cheek and pressed his  lips against hers softly, making her flutter her eyes closed and kissed him back. Her scent suddenly burst stronger, invading his nostril making his head spin as he tilt his head to deepen the kiss, softly nibbling on her upper lips when her fingers suddenly gripped his coat, pulling him closer to her. Sungjoo wrapped his other arm around her waist to close the distance between them before pressing her against her house door, his tongue coxing her to open up for him which she gladly granted as he stroked her hot cavern making her moan. Sungjoo noticed that her scent had become stronger and sweeter, it made his mouth water and heart beat quicken. The moment he broke the kiss, they were both panting and gasping for air, her lips had swollen from the abuse and her eyes become hooded with pleasure. “Shall we continue this inside?” He hushed to her before she nodded at him making him instantly reached behind her and pushed down the door handle but not taking his arms off her waist as she pulled him inside before slamming the door shut.

Kicking their shoes off, Sungjoo attacked her lips once again making her gasp in surprised as he took the advantages to explore her mouth, stroking every inch of her wet cavern as she grip his scarf making him pull it off along with his jacket, not breaking the kiss. He them fumbled with her jacket, taking it off before pulling her body flushed against his, cupping her face and stroking her cheek. He liked the feelings of her body against his, as if they were made for each other, every curves of her body fit perfectly with his. He couldn’t wait to feel every inch of her skin against his. Sungjoo broke the kiss before trailing it down to her neck as she grabbed on the hand that was on her cheek. Her scent filled him as he inhaled a deep breath, overwhelming his mind with her scent before he suck on the spot behind her ear making her sighed in content. Gasping, Sungjoo pulled away from her, before tugging on her hand and dragged her towards the bedroom. Still in hazy she just followed Sungjoo before he pushed her on the bed making her bounced on the mattress. Sungjoo took off his shirt as he felt her eyes on him while pushing herself up with her elbows, making him smirk. He stalked towards the bed before climbing on it as she scoot backward, giving him space. He enveloped her with his body, wrapping his arm around her waist molding her body against his before sliding his hand under her top, feeling the hot, smooth skin underneath it while his lips had continue its exploration towards her jaw and throat before proceeding to the base of it. He wanted to taste every of her skin, wanted to crave the feel of it, her scent in his brain forever.

Her top were taken off her body, exposing her body to his sight before ruffling her hair in the process. His trembling fingers caressed her waist before unbuttoning her jeans, pulling it down as she kicked it off. The air had become hot as the sound of his panting and her gasping for breath echoed around the room. Sungjoo kneel on the bed as he supported himself with his hands both on either side of her head, trapping her body between his built body and the mattress as he took in her figure. Thin layer of sweat covered her forehead making her dark locks sticked to it and the side of her face, her hooded eyes stared at him with lust as her pink plump lips parted, letting huff of breath out as her chest heaved up and down. Her now exposed body was only covered with pastel lingerie making him swallowed hard. The only things that turned him on more in that moment is her scent. It was so tempting and alluring, so sweet. ‘Like peaches. She smells like ripe peaches. Sweet and fragrance.’  The thought made his blood filled with pheromones as his mouth water, his eyes shut tight when he drew another deep breath of her scent almost making him feel like he was a predator that was about to devour her alive. When she moaned his name, Sungjoo snapped his lust filled eyes open as he stared into her dark irises. She was squirming under him as her fingers were gripping his arms before he lowered himself down on his elbow, kissing her softly.

Her eyes flutter closed as she sighed, Sungjoo circled her arm around her waist before unclipping her bra, taking it off and threw it somewhere, exposing her mound to him. Breaking the kiss, Sungjoo moved his lips down to her collarbone before proceeding down to her heaving chest. He reached up to stroking the erected nipples, making her moan but it soon turned into a whine when he clamped his hot mouth around her nipple and sucked hard making her gripped his hair, pushing his face deeper onto her chest. She wrapped her legs round his waist, making Sungjoo grinded himself against her hot, wet core earning a moan from her and a groan from him. He slowly creep his fingers downward before pushing her panties down, revealing her core to his fingers. Sungjoo pulled away from her chest to look up at her face before running a single finger against her opening, feeling her wetness before slowly sinking in one finger inside her slick core. She gripped the sheet as her lips parted, letting out a wanton cry when he insert another finger seeing that she was slick enough. Slowly, Sungjoo moved his fingers while thumbing her clit, making her whimper as she bucked her hips to keep up with his pace, chasing her orgasm. Before she could even reach it, Sungjoo pulled his fingers out making her whimper in protest as she claw on his biceps leaving bright angry marks making him growl. Licking his fingers clean, Sungjoo pulled away to unbuckled his pants before pushing it down along with his boxers, revealing his erection that had painfully harden during the foreplay. Sungjoo can feel her eyes on him making him smirked as he watched her; a moaning mess on the bed, the room was filled with her sweet scent.

Grabbing her hip, Sungjoo buried his face on the junction of her neck and shoulder, inhaling her tempting scent that overwhelmed his mind, making him drunk. Their sticky body slid against each other as Sungjoo let out a shaky breath. “Gosh, you smell so sweet you make my mouth water, so intoxicating.” Sungjoo rubbed his erected head against her opening making her whimper and wrapped her arm around his shoulder to pull his body flushed against her, his arm around his back and gripping her shoulder from behind. Sungjoo could feel her erected nipples on his chest. “Sungjoo please, I can’t take it anymore.” Slowly, Sungjoo sunk his erection into her wet slit, stretching her inches by inches as her wall wrapped around him. “So tight my love.” Sungjoo grunted, his nails marking her hips as he pushed himself fully inside her before holding still, letting her get used to his length. He could feel himself throbbed inside of her as his breathing turned rugged, her pants had turned into soft moan when he slowly pulled himself out and thrust back in. Sungjoo kept his pace slow, wanted to savor the feel of her around erection and her sweet aroma that made him salivating, he wanted to carve in his memories. He pulled away from her shoulder to watch her reaction, his eyes bored into hers. Her sweaty eyebrows were set in a frown as her swollen lips parted to let out hot breathes, her neck and chest were scattered with his love marks making him smirked in pride.

His pace started to increase making her whimper every time his hip met hers as the bed creak along with their rhythm. He could feel her orgasm approaching by the way her wall started to clamp on his pulsating member inside of her making Sungjoo increased his thrust, gripping her thigh hard enough to leave marks as she clawed his back and whined his name. “Let it go sweetheart. Cum for me.” He breathed into her ears making her cried out of ecstasy, head thrown back as her spine bow down. Her sweet fruity scent burst in the air making Sungjoo groaned. His thrust became sloppy when he felt himself exploded inside of her, painting her inner wall with his seeds. Sungjoo collapsed on top of her, both of them trying to catch their breath. He slid himself out of her making her sighed before lying beside her not before pulling her into his arm. Their body was sticky with sweats but she still smelt so sweet. The room was filled with the smell of their orgasm but it was fairly her scent. Her breathing had turned regular as his fingers stroke her hair, lulling her to sleep. “Sungjoo..” He hummed a respond before looking down at her. “Does this mean you like me too?” Sungjoo frowned. ‘Too?’ When his mind processed her question he grinned. “A lot.” He whispered, the curiosity in her eyes melts into happiness as she snuggled into his chest earning a chuckle from him. Sungjoo took a deep breath when a flowery scent filled his sense, a smile tugged on his lips. Maybe not everything smells bad after all.


The neighborhood of Hazaribagh runs along the bank of the Buriganga River as it flows through Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Its name means “a thousand gardens” in Urdu, but you won’t see much green. Instead, the streets are lined with mounds and mounds of leather. Hazaribagh is home to the country’s $1 billion tanning industry, a place where thousands work in the factories and chemicals makes the river slick and shiny.

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