neighborhood of make believe

Hi Jim, 

Can you please paint Mr. Rogers in a war-torn post apocalyptic setting, with a blood soaked red sweater and a bloodied Japanese headband resting a katana over his shoulder and giving a friendly smile as he stands over the body of a recently killed Darth Vader. Nearby are corpses of Sauron, Lord Voldemort, and Agent Smith, while a few members of Sesame Street are bowing to him in honor and a torn banner with the words “Welcome to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe” falls above him like the ending of Jurassic Park. 



Mr. Rogers

How stupid is this….I just stumbled across some “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” toys, recognized the characters, setting, whole concept basically, as a rip off of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood of Make-Believe and felt like someone had punched me in the stomach.  I really felt like crying about this :(

After looking up more about this new neighborhood I understand that it is NOT really a rip off and that Mr. Rogers would be pleased (at least that is what the wiki article makes it sound like.  I haven’t actually seen any episodes).

Is it weird that this upset me so much?