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hello, i love your writing style! can i request a joshua, mingyu and seungkwan neighbour au? thank you!!


  • prettiest balcony in the entire apartment complex. like he has it covered in plants that he takes care of really well and then there are pretty little glass decorations that hang outside the door and every morning you pass by it and you can see him watering them and he looks like he has his own little garden up there 
  • is one of the only tenants who actually knows how to recycle correctly
  • helps the elderly carry groceries to and from the elevators and doesn’t mind it when you ask him to hold the door while you get the mail
  • is really just a pleasant and considerate person, everyone in the building loves him
  • you finally get to meet him in the neighborhood library where you two end up reaching for the same copy of a book
  • and joshua gets a bit shy when your fingers brush and he says that you can take the book, he’ll just wait till you return it
  • but you tell him that you’ll bring it to his door when you’re done 
  • and joshua is actually like right! we’re neighbors and you’re like yes! i hope it isn’t weird if i stop by to give the book to you?? and he’s like oh no no it’s fine
  • and about a week later you keep your promise and knock on his door and joshua opens it and you think he’s just going to take the book and say goodbye but he welcomes you inside
  • and it is so clean and simple, he lives really humbly but the one thing you notice is the acoustic guitar prettily displayed in the corner and the huge bookshelf crammed with books
  • and you sit down, a little awkward while joshua trips over himself trying to prepare tea
  • and he asks if the book was any good and you rant a little about your open, stopping to apologize for babbling but he shakes his head and is like ‘it’s nice to meet someone so passionate about reading!!’
  • and somehow your talk extends even longer as you share your current favorite books and authors and the tea cups are empty that he brought out and joshua tells you that you’re free to come and visit him if you want to talk about books again!!
  • and you get up but before you go, you shyly ask if you can go out on his balcony because you’ve always admired his plants from far away and joshua practically lights up like new years eve and nods
  • and he tells you the different names he gave the plants and you’re like gigging because gosh he’s cute
  • and you’re like ‘it’d be nice if i could start my own little garden too!’ and joshua stutters a bit but he’s like ‘i- i can help you!!’ and you’re like omg really
  • and you clap your hands together and you’re like i would love love love that and you don’t see it but joshua bites back his lip because wow you look adorable all excited like that 
  • and it’s cute neither you nor joshua wants you to leave but you have to and joshua even offers to walk you to your door but you’re like oh im just down the hall and it’s cute you two wave at each other
  • and once you’re in your respective apartments you’re like oh,,,,,no why can’t my heart calm down,,,,(because you both find each other charming hehehe)


  • is always in trouble with the other tenants because of his dog who keeps shedding all over the building and has a tendency to bark early in the morning
  • and mingyu’s whole apartment is covered in white hairs from his pup and he doesn’t even have a dog bed he just lets the dog sleep with him
  • is that person who has an ‘i love my dog’ sticker on their door
  • you know it’s his apartment when you see the garbage outside the door which is always only two things: high quality dog food bags and instant ramen. it is really obvious what mingyu’s priorities are when it comes to what he eats and what his dog eats
  • surprisingly though, his place is clean but all the furniture doesn’t match because he buys it second hand at thrift stores LOL
  • when mingyu is away, you pet set his dog and his dog like loves you to death 
  • to the point where when mingyu comes back from his trips the pup won’t even go running to him - he’ll stay asleep in your lap
  • and when tenants try to pick fights with mingyu over the dogs barking or the fact that it is a bit big and scary to younger children
  • you always stick up for him because the dog is really sweet and mingyu does his best to look after it so it doesn’t bother anyone and it never has
  • and mingyu will joke that you’re the dogs other parent
  • but one day, the dog goes missing and mingyu shows up at your door frantic and disheveled and you know he’s going to lose his mind so you quickly go out with him to try and find the dog
  • and you know that there’s a park the dog really likes so you guys go there and look through every bush and every play ground until finally you find him
  • sitting near a swing set and both you and mingyu run toward him and mingyu hugs him squeezing his face into the fur and you gently scold the pup for running away but you pet his head because you’re glad he’s ok
  • and mingyu checks his watch and you guys had actually spent like 4 hours outside looking for him and he’s like ‘let me get you dinner to repay  you’
  • but you’re like oh it’s fine, anyway i know all you do is eat instant ramen so LOL
  • but suddenly mingyu takes your hand and he’s like ‘i get paid at the end of the week, seriously let me take you out for an actual dinner’ and you’re like jokingly like on a date?
  • and mingyu blushes but the dog barks suddenly almost as if to be like ‘yes’ and mingyu’s like sHH and then turns to you and he’s like 
  • ‘it,,,,COULD BE A date,,,,’
  • and you giggle and you’re like ‘aw is this puppy love?’
  • and mingyu is like really a pun, right now, of all times???
  • but you just laugh and lean up to kiss his nose like ‘ok - ill go on a date with you but-’
  • and mingyu’s like but????
  • you grin and point to his dog like ‘he comes too.’


  • his apartment always smells soooooooo good 
  • and every time you walk by your mouth waters because what in the world is he cooking in there??
  • seungkwan has an affinity for wooden furniture because it reminds him of back home on jeju and he has a ton of his family photos hanging up on the wall on like those cute yarn threads 
  • his kitchen is his most beloved space because he spends the most time there and sometimes when he sings in the morning 
  • and you pass by the window that faces out of his kitchen
  • you hear the gentle melody of his voice and it is really pretty and you always assume that whoever seungkwan is living with must be so lucky to have someone good at cooking and singing
  • but then you learn that he’s actually living alone because you end up over at his place when he catches you outside and asks if you can do him a favor
  • the favor is that he’s made this really big portion of soup that he needs to put into small containers to bring over to an homeless shelter he works at
  • and you’re the first person he saw and he tells you that, like his mother, he has this great perception of people and he always knew you were a nice person 
  • so he knew you would help him out
  • and you’re kind of like thank you??? because that is a compliment ??? right????
  • and you really like his apartment because somehow it feels cozy, like a home even though you don’t live there
  • and seungkwan is really talkative and funny and when you ask why he’s working so hard for the shelter he tells you that he knows that it is really hard to make it nowadays - even talent won’t get you places and he wants to support those people through their toughest moments
  • and once all the soup is sorted seungkwan tells you that he can take it over himself he’ll just have to make a couple of trips
  • so you volunteer to help him out by carrying half the bags and seungkwan  tries to insist that you don’t 
  • but you’re already stacking the bowls and you’re like ‘c’mon, we can’t keep the hungry people waiting!’ 
  • and seungkwan smiles to himself as he sees you working hard just to help him out and he tells himself that aha- his perception was on point - you are incredibly kind
  • and you’re like ‘huh what did you say??’ and seungkwan is like OH NOthing,,,,,,
  • when you get to the shelter the chef of the kitchen there thanks you and seungkwan over and over but seungkwan keeps telling her that it is nothing and then when the chef turns to you she’s like
  • ‘take care of seungkwan, he’s such a great catch you don’t want to lose him~’
  • and you’re like OH YOU THINK WE’RE DATING and she winks like ‘of course you two are, you look great together!’
  • and you and seungkwan are like what we’re just neighbors!!!! but she’s like oh you kids, don’t by shy about it~ 
  • and you and seungkwan are turning cherry red as the rest of the kitchen is giggling over how cute you two are
  • and before  you know it seungkwan takes your hand is like we should go before they tease us even worse
  • and you two bow before leaving and as you’re walking back to your building seungkwan is still holding your hand
  • and you ,,,,,,,you know ,,,,,you don’t say anything you just grip it a little tighter hehehe
Houses in Astrology
  • 1st House/Ascendant: Represents appearance, leadership, fresh starts and beginnings.
  • 2nd House: Represents immediate material and physical possessions as well as income, money, and self-esteem.
  • 3rd House: Represents communication, siblings, neighborhoods, libraries, schools, teachers and the community.
  • 4th House/Imum Coeli: Represents home, privacy, your security, your parents, motherhood, children, your mothering abilities, and your basic foundations.
  • 5th house: Represents children, creativity, attention, romance, fun and play.
  • 6th house: Represents health, organization, routines, fitness, diet/exercise, healthy living and helping others.
  • 7th house/Descendant: Represents partnerships (both business and personal), contracts, marriage, and business deals.
  • 8th house: Represents birth, death, sex, transformation, bonding (at a deep level).
  • 9th house: Represents the higher mind, international/long-distance travel, foreign languages, universities/higher education, religion, philosophy, morals/ethics and adventure.
  • 10th house/Midheaven: Represents career, corporations, tradition, public image, fame, reputation, achievements, rules, discipline, and authority.
  • 11th house: Represents teams, friendships, groups, society, networking, social justice, rebellion, originality and humanitarianism.
  • 12th house: Represents endings, surrender, isolation, institutions/hospitals/jails, hidden agendas, secret enemies, imagination, creativity and the subconscious.

we can even touch the stars

Summary: Of fate, names written inside book covers, and the space between fairy tale and reality. A Whisper of the Heart AU.

For the lovely anon who asked me for headcanons for this AU (sorry I went a bit overboard), and for @witchymomo because I love her and hope this helps her spirits lift!

Nico makes the connection for the first time the summer of his senior year, on an afternoon that’s sloppy with the kind of heat that makes breathing a chore.

The name is a simple one. Unassuming. Will Solace, written in the scrawling, fanciful letters of the head librarian. It’s not the kind of name that’s made to be noticed.

Nico notices it anyway.

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Words Rolling Off Your Lips

A Harry Styles one shot.

One of the things Harry liked about working in this studio was the location.  He could park where his car wouldn’t be noticed off the main street, he was in close walking distance to small, family owned restaurants and cafes, and the views from his favorite room were incredible.

He could see people walking outside.  He could watch the traffic move at the slow pace the narrow street required.  He could watch kids and dogs playing in the park across the street.  He could watch people move in and out of the neighborhood library right next door to the park.  He liked watching people go about their normal lives.  There was something poetic about the way people interacted each other, and watching from a distance, he could dissect parts of it that they may not recognize.  He could connect it to a memory that might lead to a string of other memories that would lead him to a song.

It was the closest he had found to Holmes Chapel in the U.S.

Harry was scratching at his notebook, waiting for Julian to finish with his phone call so they could go back to work.  They had been struggling for a week to get work done.  Harry had come into the studio full of ideas and hope, only to have it all crumble to his feet for multiple reasons.  They didn’t sound right out loud.  He couldn’t piece the words together in a sensible manner.  The lyrics were golden, but the music just didn’t sound right.

It was frustrating.  Enough to drive any person mad.  He hadn’t considered how difficult it might be writing for just himself.  He’d always had a wealth of individual voices to work with and join together, and now it was just him and some musicians.  Harry was used to writing alone, they often split up to write, but there was a distinct loneliness knowing that it was only his voice going into this.

There was pride, too, and excitement, but right now the loneliness was winning out.

“Maybe we should take the afternoon off,” Julian suggested, coming back into the room as he hung up his phone.  “Take some time to relax, stop thinking about writing.  We can try again tomorrow, maybe after supper instead of meeting in the morning. We do our best work after dark.”

Harry had to bite back the urge to respond with, “Yes, I know.  We named an entire album after it.”  He was going into a gloom and everyone, including himself, could sense it.  He didn’t want an entire album built around his angst; it was in everyone’s best interest if they went in their own directions for a while.  On a deep sigh, he sat up as he ruffled his hair out. “Yeah, sounds good, mate.  After 7, maybe?”

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Arden looked at her phone when she felt it buzz, she was surprised it wasn’t dead yet. It was a text from Jeileen. Arden had completely forgotten that she was at the party, off doing God-knows-what. It read, “Hope you got home safe x”. Arden huffed and then stared at the screen for a moment. She sighed before dialing Cherry’s number into her phone. She couldn’t talk to her dad in this state. 

“Cherry? Y– Yeah it’s Arden. I… I need you to pick me up. I’m somewhere in Willow Creek, I think I’m in the neighborhood behind the Library. I know, I know. Just– don’t tell dad? Please? I just wanna go home.”

I forgot they gave these away last night. Send me a message if you want it and I’ll mail it to you. Otherwise our neighborhood little free library is going to get it.


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BBC 100 Books

You know what’s funny? I owned The Life of Pi for like… 10 years? A long time anyway. And I just donated it a few weeks ago to my neighborhood’s little library box. Such is life. Lol. But I’ll strike you a deal- if you read Atonement, I’ll read Pi!

That is so strange! What an odd coincidence. 

I mean, I don’t know if it’ll be exactly your cup of tea. It spoke to me on a very deep level, but it does deal with subject matter and concepts and principles that are a firm part of my life. I’ve heard how it doesn’t resonate with everyone because some elements of it turn people off. I’ve always found it excellent though. Closer to poetry than a novel really, it has a profound beauty to it, or at least in my experience. Still, I think the BBC got this one right by including it on this list. 

Atonement? Oh dear. The film adaptation was… upsetting to say the least, and I hear it was very accurate. But I’m not one to shy away from a challenge. And simply because something is sad or ends sadly doesn’t mean that it’s not worth reading (many of the best stories end in a way that leaves some measure of pain on the reader). I believe you’ve said it’s inspired parts of your writing, or at least was an important book to you, so on that basis alone it must be worth reading. 


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A Muslim woman was threatened with handcuffs after she refused to remove her hijab in a library

On Wednesday, a Washington, D.C. police officer reportedly approached a Muslim woman in the Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Neighborhood Library and asked her to remove her hijab.

“The man next to her spoke up, but the officer continued to harass her,” said witness Jessica Raven. “Ultimately he came towards her in an intimidating way, pulled out his handcuffs and said if she didn’t want to take off [the hijab], she had to leave.” The library has taken action to make sure it doesn’t happen again.