neighborhood 3


Isak+Even ♥ Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy

I love love love Troye Sivan. He is such an angel, and his music is pure perfection. I also love the SKAM soundtrack, but I kind of wished Troye’s music was included. Especially for season 3, it would have been perfect!

His Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy is so beautiful! (if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor), and I feel like the theme and story of the trilogy fits Isak and Even’s story so well… So yeah. I kind of made my version of it! So if you wanna give it a watch, then start from the top.


So Pokemon Go made a pokestop out of this charming street corner mosaic made of childrens drawings on tiles.

Nowhere in the app does it acknowledge that many of those little drawings are of Pokemon. Seriously there are so many, this isnt even all of them. I moved to this neighborhood 3 years ago and have always thought of it as Pokemon Corner.

I just want it documented that these mysterious heiroglyphs by far predate the arrival of GO. (Robert’s Bulbasaur is even dated ‘99.)


I went out into the night,
I went out to find some light.

Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3