Lonely Mesa (Sims 2 Neighborhood, WIP Post-Apocalyptic Hood)

Soooo…. besides WildStar I’m actually also a huge fan of the Sims series (The Sims 2, to be specific), and took the liberty of loading up a custom created map called Black Mesa by HugeLunatic on MTS. I picked out the flat, desert version and decided to mess around after gaining inspiration from viewing apocalypse-themed lots at ModTheSims, and started working on a creating my own post-apocalyptic (only recently recovering) town, called Lonely Mesa (Creative Name, yes).

“It was December 12, 2013, when a nuclear power-plant failure resulted in a reactor overload and dozens of lives changed in the span of a single night. Since then, the ash has settled, but the remaining populace that continues to brave the horrors brought about by the apocalypse.

Lonely Mesa - A once-thriving town filled with Sims of all ages, hailing from all walks of life, now desolate as the remains of a nuclear winter settle into dust and drive the stubborn survivors into an age of cautious hope and slow rebuilding. Now that the worst has been weathered, can the survivors of the Lonely Mesa learn to cope with the tragedy?”

- Neighborhood Selection Description

Naturally, this means that the stubborn survivor Simmies live in flat, rundown versions of what was once home. Although some buildings may have withstood the destruction, a lot of others didn’t and had to be cleared away, and looters still run amok among the streets, creating cause for Sims to construct bunkers and safehouses to protect against looting and possible… surprises. Here’s a basic view of the town from one of the Mesas surrounding it.

The less fortunate have been forced to erect tiny, barely-habitable shelters in the wake of the disaster, giving rise to shoddy Shantytowns where crime and violence are a regular companion in the night. Many highrise buildings have been abandoned as a result of the damage sustained from the blast that heralded the arrival of nuclear winter, and anarchy reigns in the streets; Only the strongest survive the onslaught.

Luckily, those hardy enough to survive the harsh dangers of travelling in such a craven wasteland have found refuge among the few relief centers located outside the quarantine zone. There, these hopeful souls stand vigilant against potential incursions by local looters and other manners of monstrosities, while the federal government works tirelessly to restore order to a region now bereft of stability. Some day, peace will return, but until that day the refugees can only cast a wistful eye towards the ruins of what they called home, and pray for those still trapped inside.

The story is different for the survivors within the town, however. Cut off from the outside world and forced to rely on themselves and each other, each passing day highlights the struggles of those trapped within. A large wall has been erected between the town and the region’s only freshwater lake for fear of contamination - water must be taken from the ground wells, and even then there is the risk of radiation exposure. Few have dared to scale the wall - none who have tried have ever returned.

None save government officials may enter the quarantine zone. Buses are stuck in transit, waiting for restrictions to be lifted - police and military work constantly to keep everyone out of the quarantine zone. Luckily, the presence of Relief camps provides incentive for the trapped to dare to voyage beyond the lawless streets; But those who emerge unscathed are few and scattered, making each arrival of those who do manage the entire journey a cause for celebration.

There are those who would seek to take advantage of the phenomenon, however: the first monorails have already begun to be constructed. These blink-and-miss trains often pass by, packed with tourists and cameras laden with pictures of the devastation. Seldom do the survivors manage to keep their eyes on one single monorail long enough, but even a wave is a fruitless effort wasted; The tourists never wave back.

Hope is never in short supply, though. “The Finger of Hope” has become a symbol of determination and survival, pointing to the stars above as a sign to never give up. Many survivors looking to venture beyond the lawless lands and find a safe haven use the Finger of Hope to navigate the harsh desert and remind themselves of the future that’s waiting for them at the other side.

Yet all in all, the Mesa remains plagued by the ruthless, the toxic, and the unknown. The nuclear towers still remain despite the meltdown, and years will pass before the town fully heals. Who can say what will happen in that span of time?

There is a reason why the Mesa has become the final resting place of many.

Depending on how things go with this ‘lil neighborhood of mine, I may or may not consider making it available for Download. A shit ton of CC is being used to create this neighborhood however, and a lot of neighborhood deco pieces are CC and thus required to be downloaded if you want everything to appear as is (As well as a few DLed lots, which will be removed out of respect for the original creators).

This entire Hood is strictly WIP for the moment, however. Expect a lot of things to change as I continue building up bunkers, relief centers, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

The neighborhood was created with The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection. It is NOT going to be made Base-Game compatible if ever made available for download, since it uses Expansion-based neighborhood decorations and lot types.