In my own neighborhood this evening for the opening of William Osorio’s work at Hancock 309 Gallery. William, a Cuban immigrant, came to America in 2007. His paintings and sculpture depict the ‘unfortunate circumstances of water everywhere’. William, center in a grey suit and white shirt, explains to guests that the raft has all the elements of a successful voyage, but is restrained, like the people of his country.


Restaurant: Anticafe / Neighborgood: Paris, France

What I Lettered: Welcome, Hours, Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch, Dinner! (My French is terrible, so that’s the gist of it I believe)

What I Lunched: Bento boxes filled with tofu, salmon, tamago, pickled vegetables, salads, and rice, cookies, croissants, nutella, apples, tea and coffee.

A few weeks ago, French designer Thomas Lin sent me an email about the Will Letter for Lunch project, and it just so happened that I would be traveling through Paris the next week, so we decided to meet up and collaborate on the first international Lettering for Lunch! We lettered the windows of Anticafe, a beautiful cafe/co-working space near the Louvre. The concept is simple and brilliant: everything in the cafe (food, snacks, beverages, and wifi) is free and unlimited; you simply pay for your time there (1 hour is 4 euros and a whole day is 16). After we lettered, we lunched on cookies, croissants, and yummy bento boxes from Bento&Go. Au revoir Paris, merci beaucoup!


Restaurant: Nourish Kitchen + Table / Neighborgood: West Village, Manhattan

What I Lettered: Breakfast, Lunch, Pastries, and Juices

What I Lunched: An egg sandwich with arugula, avocado, and sriracha aioli, roasted pork sandwich, kale salad with local plums, watermelon radish, sesame seeds, scallions and ginger-lime dressing, sesame-soba noodle salad, roasted carrots, truffle oil wheatberry salad, goat cheese and sundried tomato scone, slice of caramelized apple-honey cake, and two Morning Green juices with pineapple, spinach, and jalapeno!

Nourish Kitchen + Table is a seasonally-influenced, locally-inspired takeaway food shop and café that offers the West Village community the comfort of a kitchen away from home. Created by nutritionist and superfoodie Marissa Lippert, who understands the need to bring flavor and balance back to the table, Nourish’s innovative fare bridges the gap between healthful eating and really delicious food.  It’s vibrant, fresh, feel-good food you want to eat.