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[one shot] Drunk On You



AUTHOR: winterheart17


STORY GENRE: Humor, Drama

STORY SUMMARY: This is based on one of the prompts for the microfiction contest.  But seeing as how I suck at writing short, here comes a one shot where the OC finds herself in a bit of a mess after a drunken run-in the night before with the new sexy professor who moved in next door.


STORY WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: Mature for swearing and for hints at sexual content.

FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: it’s been some time since I wrote, so feedback would be the best thing ever! I hope you enjoy it and that it translated from what I envisioned as funny in my head into words.

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“Grab a tea for Mr. Samir and put it on the tab of our neighbor, Professor Naguib Mahfouz!!" 

Egypt’s Nobel Prize winner graced the cover of a 1965 issue of Samir, the popular kids magazine. Week after week, young readers were treated to caricatures and profiles of the country’s greats, including actors, athletes, authors, journalists, and military men.

These bright finds are part of an ongoing research project—and a stack of forty grimy comics I bought yesterday.

My favorite part: Mahfouz is puffing a cigarette as the young water brings him a waterpipe. It’s an object lesson of how to chill at a Cairo cafe. Carcinogens and other concerns aside, the lad in the pink apron doesn’t hold a candle to Mickey Mouse and his fierce shisha skills

(For more on Mahfouz and comics, see here.)

Neighbor Professor and the Elite University
  • Neighbor Professor: See if I were teaching at an elite university I would be wearing a tie
  • Me: (burst into uncontrollable loud laughter in the middle of class)
  • Neighbor Professor: (acknowledging my laughter) I know, I've never worn a tie in my life. So I work here.
  • Me: (oh neighbor professor I was so not laughing at the idea of you in a tie but it's endearing really)
Notice Board

By Skyler10

Summary: When his sister finds a lost mp3 player, a physics professor falls head over heels for his neighbor, an art teacher with impeccable taste in music and a smile that lights up the universe.

Notes: For the TimePetalsPrompt “lost and found.” Thought I would try something different this week! I’ve never written an AU like this, so… hope it works. haha

Rose Tyler hadn’t yet lived in the building two weeks when she spotted a note on the hallway notice board directed at her. She was on her way to a night class at the local community college where she taught painting and sketching, so she didn’t have much time. But something about the post made her stop anyway. And it’s a good thing she did.

Notice: to the person playing the loud music last night

Please turn it up, that was my favorite band. ;)

Interesting. The person it was addressed to had to be to her. She had felt a little guilty at the time but knew her closest neighbors were gone for the week and figured anybody else would knock on the wall if they were bothered. She tried to remember the bands she’d had on as she painted. Her music always helped her get in the zone for her work and the louder the better.

She shook her head tried to move on with her day, but soon realized it was going to drive her nuts. What songs had she even been listening to? She got out her mp3 player just as the doors of the crowded lift opened. An acquaintance – just in time, Rose remembered her name was Donna – from a few floors up greeted her with the usual exuberance Rose had come to expect every Thursday night, as if they didn’t see each other every week coming or going. A while back they had met at a bar, realized they lived in the same building, and Rose hadn’t been able to get a word in edgewise since.

Never mind on the playlist, she sighed, stuffing the mp3 player back into the open pocket on her art supply bag. Small talk with Donna it was.

The Doctor, as his students and colleagues called him, was running late for his morning faculty meeting after a late night. He loved his drives out of the city to help his grandfather with his telescope. Donna called it “manly bonding,” but he didn’t mind her teasing. Still. Lucky thing he didn’t need much sleep. This morning, it was up to him to defend the funding of the new observatory and planetarium. What good was an astronomy program without that? If he was supposed to encourage students to aspire to the government’s new space program, what good was all that physics instruction without vision? Without ambition? Without desire?

At that, he realized he was staring at a beautifully designed notice that hung on the community corkboard.

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anonymous asked:

Hey guys :) Any fics with mistaken identities? (Where Derek or Stiles thinks the other is someone else, and they find out it's all misunderstanding :D )

Okay Anon, I have some fics for you!

And if you like this fic, you might like our: misunderstandings tag, and our online relationship tag.

Message From My Heart by Hepzheba

2,694  I  Fluff, Humor, Pining, AU-Human

General Audiences

Derek is forced by his relatives to pretend to be Laura on an online dating site so she can finally find someone. Derek wasn’t supposed to fall for someone there…

Message received by WeirdV

2,863  I  Cop Stiles, Artist Derek, Joke Gone Wrong

General Audiences

She’s drunk.
Very drunk, and that’s her defense for doing it.
When the guy asks her number - cute, sexy and into boys and girls - she gives him her brother’s number instead.
She expects it to come crashing down when he tries to call her later. Looking forward to see her brother’s face.
But he doesn’t call.
He sends a text.

Prompt: This guy/girl gave me her number last night but it’s actually yours.

Follow the Lead by r2metoo

4,177  I  Groomer Stiles, AU-Human, Dogs, Idiots in Love

General Audiences

Stiles’ favorite customer is Laura Hale and her little Cocker Spaniel. A handsome man comes into his shop one day with the dog, and Stiles learns Laura had a bad accident, he also learns that she has a very handsome husband…he is her husband, right?

Cherry pie by devilscut

7,300  I  Strippers, Deputy Derek


Much to his disgust new Deputy Derek Hale is dispatched to a party for excessive noise. However, when he arrives the reception he gets is not what he’s used to and when he encounters the drunk birthday boy, one Stiles Stilinski, Derek’s never felt this way about anyone especially not so quickly.

So what’s a guy to do when the hot birthday boy starts whispering naughty things in your ear.. and then you find out exactly who his Dad is - your new boss.

A tale of mistaken identity, strippers, werewolves and love at first sight (although neither of them will admit to that last one just yet).

Sideways and Slantways and Longways and Backways by hologramophone

7,799  I  AU-Office, AU-Human, Fluff, Pining

Teen and Up

“I called you a slave-driver!” Stiles cried hysterically. “I called you an ogre! I stole all the blue paperclips!”
Derek raised an eyebrow at him.
“That’s company property!” he shouted, waving his arms madly in distress.
Derek ran a hand over his face. “It’s not theft if the vice president of the company gives you permission.”

(Otherwise known as the Elevator AU)

Handsome Hobo by relenafanel, and Swing Set in December (swing_set13)

8,853  I  Neighbors, Professor Derek, Comedy

Teen and Up

Derek should probably stop rummaging through garbage if he doesn’t want people to assume he’s homeless.

Navigating This Space Between Us by Omni

9,641  I  Pining, Bottom Derek, Oblivious


Derek gets forced to watch some sci-fi show about a surly, secret prince and the sarcastic young spaceship captain hired to aid him on his quest. Strangely enough, he finds himself hooked on it. So much so that he’s even drawn into the fandom. There he meets a popular fanfic author with an oddly endearing attitude, and he gets rather smitten. Maybe this mystery guy could actually help get him to stop pining for Stiles…

‘Linski’s Late Night Antidote To Lame by WhoNatural

13,865  I  AU-College, Pining, Radio

Teen and Up

Where Stiles has his own college radio show, and the mysterious, faceless Derek is his number one fan.

Also there’s this really hot guy he keeps meeting in the library who totally hates his guts.

Total System Meltdown by thegirlgrey

17,223  I 5/5  I  Pining, Misunderstandings

Teen and Up

Stiles has the hots for Lydia’s pool boy. Sadly, Lydia’s pool boy is not Derek Hale. Nobody’s told Stiles that.

One Way or Another by alis

22,181  I  4/4  I  Angst with a Happy Ending, Catfishing

General Audiences

Derek thought he had the perfect plan to get past Stiles’ defenses and know him better: by making an account on an online RPG Stiles’ plays, and getting closer to him.

Except Derek is an idiot, Stiles is just as bad as Derek, and everything goes wrong.

Catfish by crimandclove

26,763  I  8/8  I  AU-Human, Slow Build, AU-High School

Teen and Up  I  Part 1 of the The Art of Being Caught series

cat-fish (verb) - to lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.

Stiles is sick and tired of being the only one without a date, so he decides to set up an OK Cupid profile. Little does he know, the guy he starts talking to isn’t all what he seems.

The Orange is a Lie by GreenasCole

26,923  I  7/7  I  Canon Divergent, Magic Stiles, Pack Dynamics

Explicit  I  Part 1 of the Mandarin series

July was a always a rough month for the Stilinski men. It had been ever since Stiles lost his mother. This year was going to be different. After getting a perfect score on his PSATs (which nearly resulted in his evisceration at the hands of a certain wrathful strawberry blond goddess) the University of Chicago, his parents’ alma mater, had invited him to come spend a week being wooed by the alumni association.

Stiles was looking forward to reveling in the normality of this milestone with his dad and best friend, despite the potential for big love and drama. This was going to be their first step on their road back to a safe, happy, supernatural-free life.


Or the one where Stiles finds a book, botches an enchantment, and discovers that the skeletons in his mother’s family’s closet are the animated kind that try to kill you (meanwhile Scott causes a diplomatic incident and Derek struggles with a different kind of closet).

A Devotion by TroubleIWant

77,076  I  9/9  I  AU-Medieval, Prince Stiles, Pining, Angst with a Happy Ending


There’s a boy exiting the doors as they approach. Where Derek is tan from hours outside, the boy is pale except for a few beauty marks on one cheek. He’s dressed in fine riding clothes, and flanked by a guard wearing the sign of the royal house. A noble, then. He’s younger than Derek, but, considering his higher station, a bow would be appropriate. Despite that, Derek can’t help looking curiously at the boy, who’s looking back at Derek with just as much interest. For a moment, their eyes meet - the boy’s are a deep amber in the sunlit courtyard, ringed by long, tawny lashes.

A gloved hand smacks the back of Derek’s head and he instinctively flinches away, hunching his shoulders. He loses track of the other boy as they pass one another, and as he turns to get another look, the knight grabs his shoulder and marches him forward into the stable.

“Keep your eyes to yourself,” the knight instructs. “And next time, show the proper respect to Crown Prince Stiles.”

Or: A medieval AU that’s a little Princess Bride, a little bit more Game of Thrones, and a healthy side-serving of gay erotica.

Enjoy these adorable motherfuckers falling in love!

Love and internet hugs,

Fluffy Wolf