neigh neigh neigh!!

D –> Nepeta I command you to desist before you embarrass me in front of Horuss

its been a while since i got one of these! sorry its a little late, anon

104th Corps in a nutshell
  • Eren: I hate, no, despise titans but I became one anyway.
  • Mikasa: Lay a finger on Eren and that finger comes off.
  • Armin: People think I'm the most useless one but somehow I always save their asses with my brain.
  • Jean: Neigh neigh, Mikasa, Neigh neigh
  • Marco: You probably know me because of the freckled Jesus jokes or "half" memes.
  • Reiner: I won Best Actor in Oscars
  • Ymir: Just marry me, Christa.
  • Historia: I freakin' hit Captain Levi and he SMILED
  • Sasha: I fought my father for meat. Heck, I'd fight anyone for meat.
  • Connie: Miraculously still bald.

so i drew equius putting vriska’s robo-arm together and figured i needed to do tav too! so here he is. (i got a little carried away lmao)