Page 1: Thank the owner of Karumi Meinert for this. After talking with her for a bit and going through her gallery, I learned that Sixfold was possibly a past for Karumi. So I thought that if Karumi was in another tournament, only older, what would my character look at that time? Possibilites ensue!

Stylist: Colin becomes a salon owner, (YES, OWNER!) and takes care of regular clients. Even Pokemon.

Scientist/Doctor: Colin studies even more and possibly starts working toward becoming a professor, OR he becomes a doctor for humans and Pokemon.

Ace Trainer/Musician: Colin wanders the road as a professional Trainer, and spreads a love a music wherever he goes. (Plays a harmonica.)

Page 2? hehehe, blame Jamie for these cutesie doodles of Colin and Neibe. eue