I did an overlay of my storm montre & main battle pet, Soldier. This took me months tbh; I tend to get nitpicky when staring at my own art for too long & I start to hate it, and since Soldier is my main battle pet, I stare at him every day when I do my battle quests, so I really wanted to make sure I drew him right. I was almost going to commission someone, but I was being fussy & I didnt really fall in love with any style that I saw haha..

idk, I am pretty happy with how he turned out in the end. The sale came at a pretty nice time! I was going to wait until he was tier 12, but he is just shy sigh; I’ll probably give in and buy those csc stat boosters..

When Subeta was down, I did some buttons for my pets/characters. tbh I looked into buying some, but all my characters are human and artists seem to only do quad buttons… so I just did my own. :B

Since I haven’t really seen any human buttons on offer… Would anyone be interested in things like these? If so, how many would you want, and how much would you be willing to pay?