nehanda abiodun


Nehanda is a New Afrikan Freedom Fighter/Political Exile living in Cuba.  I first met Nehanda in the summer of 1996.  Nehanda Abiodun told me that she had known me and my family approximately 15 years before that.  Nehanda revealed to me that she used to frequent my former school Uhuru Sasa Shule and use the printing press there to print the Republic of New Afrika’s newspaper.  Since officially meeting her in 1996 I have been on a mission fulfilling a series of tasks and assignments from her.  In 1997, she along with Assata Shakur charged me/MXGM with utilizing rap and Hip Hop to educate young people in the states about Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War in the US.  The next summer the 1st Annual Black August: A celebration of Hip Hop and our Freedom Fighters was presented in Manhattan and Havana, Cuba.  Nehanda continues to be a source of inspiration and information.  She remains passionate about freeing her comrades and friends that remain captured in US prisons today.  Even in Cuba she makes sure those who come in contact with her are informed of our Liberation movement and the role they can play in continuing and advancing that work.