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she is white though, armenian ain’t a race. She indentifies as white, she looks white, she knows nothing of the struggle.

yeah, by American standards, as X approaches white, she’s pretty high up there. i don’t wanna deny that she’s Armenian or whatever, but I also feel like she’s not accepted as completely white? idk. what i will say is that she, at the very least, has a shit-ton of passing privilege.

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Eren jager

I think I’m the only person on the planet who wasn’t watched Attack on Titan yet *sobs*

~*Eren Jager*~

Whenever I see his name I start thinking of the song Moves Like Jagger.

And the thigh straps are cool.

that’s it that’s all I can say

~*Eren Jager/Jäger/Jaeger/Yaeger/ (yeezus? moOoOoOoOoves like jagger????)*~

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I’m sorry this happened to you. I’m ashamed to admit young men are the worst offenders of demandin time and energy without giving anything back. When people walk out like that let them go and don’t give em the time of day again unless you trust em to stay

I let him go back in December, word is bond. There wasn’t much to hold on to, but very wise words, nonetheless. Thank you, much appreciated.  

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je suis d'accord. que penses-tu de l'accent senegalais?

Ce qui est marrant avec les sénégalais et aussi les ivoiriens c'est qu'ils utilisent des mots qu'en France on utilise pas. Des mots qu'on retrouve dans de la littérature du 19ème siècle ou plus ancien. Bon, c'est l'héritage colonial, mais c'est un truc que j'aime bien dans leur accent et leur manière de parler :)

Aussi c'est difficile de parler d'accent sénégalais parce qu'il y a plusieurs peuples et cultures là-bas et ils n'ont pas tous le même accent, mais je vois ce que tu veux dire!!