Todays #instagram #exhibition ” Homo Sampi Toysareius” 2011, #ink on #paper, 56 x 76. my neighbour in #yangon brought in a kid to their house at the age of 12. First as at #playmate / #toy for their own son and later as a domestic worker. After 5 years he left the house with an mp3 player and a football. It is not him in the picture but they are everywhere. #Neglicted #art #myanmar #stencil #exploited #capism #stamp #sold

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You're probably tired of hearing about that but I'm getting all confused and I really love the guys so I would like to understand. Besides you seem quite aware about the subject. I've read piece of stuff regarding Blink's break up and everything is so messy. I'd like to have your point of view, maybe it would help to get things more clear. So, from what I understood, Tom was very enthousiastic about his side projets and neglicted a bit the band and that why Tom and Travis kick him off. Right ?


According to Mark and Travis, Tom was too wrapped up in his side projects and wasn’t committing to blink-182 enough.  Travis commented in a KROQ interview that even though he had tons of side projects going on himself, he always prioritized blink, and Tom didn’t.  He said you can’t force someone to be in a band when they don’t really want to be, and he’s right about that.

Tom is super enthusiastic about his side projects, as he always has been, because that’s where he can let another side of himself show that doesn’t really fit in with what blink-182 is.  As we all know, Tom has been really wrapped up in his Poet project — The Dream Walker album, the comics, the film.  He has contracts with artists to help complete all these things, and obviously he can’t just break those contracts.  However, it seems he was actually working on blink stuff, anyway, just on the side.  I don’t think Tom ever intended on leaving the band.

I guess that wasn’t enough for the other guys, as they want to be touring more and recording together as opposed to in separate studios and whatnot.  Maybe they just got fed up with waiting.  Maybe they still hold that resentment over the last breakup and felt like it was going to happen again, so they initiated it before Tom could this time.  I don’t know.

Personally, I think the way it was handled was very childish.  It’s like they didn’t say a word to Tom about anything before announcing that he was “out.”  It’s stupid how they took to social media to deal with all of it, when they could just pick up a phone and make a couple phone calls.  I don’t think it’s fair to villainize Tom the way they and a lot of fans have.  People are leaving comments on his wife’s instagram talking shit, they’re talking shit to Tom on his instagram — he’s basically being constantly attacked, and regardless of the way things went down, shit like that definitely takes its toll on a person, even if we don’t see it.

I will always and forever love Tom, Mark, and Travis.  (And Scott, but that’s not exactly relevant right now.)  blink-182 is home to me, and I owe them everything.  I just think they need to get their shit in order.