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What it means to be a mom A Ruff and Rouge fanfic part 3 by krispinathederp

The Hyena female fell on the grocery store floor, her little daughter was to young to understand so she sat quiet in the seat of the cart.

Rouge hovered above her. the Hyena got up and leaped at her, thetwo females almost hit the cart that the baby pup was in, Rouge was lucky to angle herself away from the cart and land against a shelt, knocking some items over,

the Hyena woman was on top she pinned Rouge on the foor. the two mobian ladies were covered in exploded bag of flour. rouge rolled over pinning the hyena down, there scuffly knockled more items of the shelf, sugar, spice, instant pancake mix, it was a mess in the aisle. The Htyena sucefully got Roug pinned back dowen, her head was covered in flour. Rouge’s cloths were covered in flour as well, and bits of brown spices were sprinkled in her fur.

“ DON’T YOU EVER INTERFEAR WITH ME AGAIN!” she screamed. Rouge kicked the mother off, but she hit the cart. The little hyena pup was zipping down the aisle, one csutomer who was watching the fight rushed over to the run away cart and stoped it before the pup got injured. she took the child out of the cart.

The female hyena notice her daughter being taken “ GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY BABY!” she screamed. she was about to go after the mobain but Rouge tripped her making her fall on her face.

“ What if that were you boys?” The bat asked getting up “if some stranger took them would you go after them? or would you just let them be taken?”

“ THAT NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” The Hyena female snarled" I could care less what happens to them, their nothing but stupid boys!“

Ruff who was watching the fight heard what his Ex-mother said, his ears pinned back, how could she say that, is wasn’t his fault if he and Tumble were born as boys, the little pup slip away feeling hurt by the hyena’s words.

Rouge was disgusted! The bat picked the hyena up by the top of her hair yanking at her fur.
” you disgust me!“ Rouge started ” people like you should be thrown in jail, you should never abandon those boys, they are the best thing that has ever came into my husband and my life!“

” Well mister bat must be so proud" the hyena female mocked. Rouge shook the hyena “ MY HUSBAND IS AN ECHIDNA YOU DOPE!” she yelled really loud “ IF ANYTHING YOU SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO CARE FOR CHILDREN , CHILD SERVICES SHOULD TAKE YOUR DAUGHTER AWAY FROM YOU!” the bat let her go.

“ Ruff may not been my child by birth but I love him and Tumble as if I have, I love them just the way they are male or female, they are the best children a mother could have, you rejected someone special, and now they are in my life!” Rouge turned on her heels, The Hyena female got up and walked ovet ot the mobain that was holding her daughter. The female growled at the mobain and she handed the pup back over to her.

The Hyena went back for her purse in the cart and exited the store without saying a word, customers watched as she left.
/ / /

Rouge went to see if Ruff was with the cart but instead he was in the aisle next to them,he was curled up on the floor crying.

“ Ruff” the bat crouched down to him, The pup looked up at her, unexpectedly he latched onto her. Rouge slowly reached around and embraced him. It must of been hard for him to hear all of that.

“ I’m sorry….” was all she could say.
/ / / / / /

After paying for the grocery, Rouge even bought him a lollipop to help make him feel better, as the walked home the pup was slowly licking his candy treat.

“ R..Ruff” The bat spoke The two walked towards a park bench to sit down and rest. Rouge sighed She knew it wasn’t her place but as mom she had to do what it takes to make her son feel better.

“….It was on the playground” Ruff spoke “….. It was the last time I saw her!”
/ // / /
When Ruff was only four, and Tumble was only a few weeks old, They were taken to the park by their mother, Ruff found it odd for his brother to be placed in the sand box with him but his mother told him to stay where he is.
After some time past He realised he was all alone.

a mobain woman found the two and realising they have been abandoned she took them in, of course after a month living with her the mobain had to bring them to the orphanage. Ruff once again felt like he was being abandon all over again.
/ / //

that would explain why Ruff was so hostile when they got adopted. unlike Tumble who immediately  warmed up to them Ruff was be distant.

“ Oh Ruff” she pulled him closer “ I had no idea!” The pup wiped his eyes.

“ I can’t let T-bone know ” he said “ please don’t tell him, He has no memory of our mom and I want to keep it that way”

“ I won’t say a word” Rouge said “ but you’ll have to tell him one day”.

“ I… I can’t” Ruff admitted “ He’s so happy, with you and…Sir…” he said referring to Knuckles “If I told him what our real mother was like he’s probably resent you, I don’t want you to be disappointed in him like you are with me" he sighed.

Rouge pulled the pup closer to her embracing him “ Ruff were not disappointed in you, We love you for who you are, don’t let yourself think otherwise”.

Ruff tried to be tough, he didn’t want to cry but all that has happened he let his guard down and sob in his adoptive mother’s arms.

He realised that Rouge was a better mom this his biological one, she was there for him, She was there for his brother. she cares deeply for them, when they are sick. yes they can be difficult, even after Tails and CC’s party he, his brother along with Sticks turned the whole evening upside down.

”….M….Mom" The pup squeaked “ I’m sorry Mom!”

Rouge though he was talking about the hyena but then it became clear he was referring to her! The bat gently stroke the pup’s fur on his head.

“ It’s alright, I’m here” she told him “ and I’ll be here for you”.


 / / / / // //

Talk about long……..Well here the final part!

[Oh gosh, this was so emotional! You did a great job portraying their relationship, that’s exactly how things were for them in their early years. Thank you so much for this story :) ]

   The Royal Horseguards Hotel in Whitehall Court, and Whitehall Court, I tell you truly, is one of the unsung glories of London.  The eminent architect Nikolaus Pevsner described it thusly…..“the (great) Whitehall Court, Archer & Green’s French Renaissance pavilions of splendour built on Victorian Embankment in 1886….”

If you are walking down Whitehall from the Houses of Parliament towards Trafalgar Square (and you simply MUST walk down Whitehall, and around every single building, because it is stupefyingly lovely) you will see the Old War Office on your right followed by a street called Whitehall Place, also to your right; turn onto Whitehall Place and Whitehall Court is just a bit further on, also to your right. (image Rich Daley flickr)

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