neglected buildings


Prompt: the reader is a Hale and the girlfriend of Isaac. Derek, Cora, and Isaac go to a meeting with another pack of werewolves and Derek won’t let the reader come along because of her temper.

Warnings: slight violence; reader dies

“I just don’t understand why he won’t trust me!” I shouted, tugging at my roots before throwing my hands up in the air. I could feel my boyfriend, Isaac, watching me pace. I had been venting to him for the past five minutes about my older brother, Derek. He was being an over-protective idiot once again, refusing to let me go to the negotiations he was making with a werewolf pack that had just entered Beacon Hills.

           Isaac pursed his lips. Even in my anger, I couldn’t help but find him overwhelmingly attractive, with those honey curls and watery blue eyes. Not to mention the tight black shirt he was wearing; the sleeves clung to his biceps when he crossed his arms. “I don’t think it’s that he doesn’t trust you.” He stated. “I think it’s that you’re his little sister, and he doesn’t want you to get hurt.”

           Snorting, I set both my hands on my hips, stopping to face Isaac. “I’m a werewolf. I don’t need the protecting. I need to be doing the protecting. Like Derek, and Scott, and you. And Cora, for crying out loud. My younger sister! He’s letting her fight! Why not me?”

           “Well, love.” Isaac pushed off the counter to come and stand in front of me. “You do have a short temper. Maybe he actually wanted to talk before resorting to fighting.” He teased, squeezing my hips.

           I rolled my eyes. “I don’t have a short temper!” I growled. Isaac raised an eyebrow, and I realized that I was only helping his case. “Oh, shut up.”

           “I didn’t say anything.”

           “You didn’t have to. I could see you.”

           Isaac chuckled, shaking his head. “You’re something else.” He placed a soft kiss on my forehead. “Now c’mon. I’m supposed to take you to Scott’s house. He and Stiles are going to… keep you company while Derek, Cora, and I go talk to these ‘big-shots’.”

           My mouth dropped open. “Seriously? You’re making Stilinski and McCall be my glorified babysitters?”

           He grimaced. “It wasn’t my idea; it was Derek’s. I know that they’re not exactly the brightest, but Scott’s a good guy. Please play nice. Just stay with them. I’ll come pick you up as soon as it’s over.”

           “Fine.” I grumbled, brushing past him roughly to grab my hoodie. “But only for you. I’m pissed at Derek right now.”

           “I’m sure he knows.” Isaac laughed.


Isaac hadn’t even been gone 30 minutes before I was ready to eat bullets. Stiles and Scott acted like they were twelve, I swear. I had no clue how Derek hadn’t ripped their throats out already.

           “You know, I have this theory-”

           “No one cares.” I cut Stiles off. His voice was giving me a headache.

           Stiles held his hand out. “What I was saying was that I think all Hales’ are angry all the time.” When I glared, he turned to Scott and said, “And I think I’m right. Which is kind of terrifying.”

           Scott laughed around his slice of pizza. “Y/N isn’t mad; she just wishes she could go with Derek. She might look happier if you took your feet off my Mom’s coffee table, though.”

           I snickered when Stiles jerked his legs back and crossed them. “See, she even sounds mean when she laughs. It has to be a Hale thing, dude.”

           “Oh, whatever.” Scott took a swig of his Coke. “Hey, do you guys want to watch something? Maybe a movie? And before you say it, Stiles, no, I don’t want to watch any of the Star Wars.” Stiles frowned, and I giggled. “What?” Scott asked, looking like an innocent puppy. “That’s what he always asks for, and I’m just making myself heard ahead of time.”

           As I ripped a curly fry in half, I smirked. “Fascinating. Are you sure you two aren’t dating?”



I couldn’t tell you what movie the two idiots had decided on; I wasn’t paying attention. Once they were nice and settled in with heaping bowls of buttered popcorn and blankets, I excused myself. “Where’s the bathroom, Scott?”

           He gestured in the general direction, eyes locked on the screen. Huh. That was too easy.

           Very quietly, I slipped out the front door, and started out on an easy jog. I had been listening to the three traitors talking this morning. They had planned to meet up with the other pack in one of the old abandoned lots on the outskirts of Beacon Hills.

           At a brisk sprint, I was there within ten minutes. I know; I was just that good.

           I could see Isaac’s car parked outside one of the neglected buildings. As silent as a mouse, I slipped in the back door.

           Loud discussion came from one of the farthest rooms. I followed it. Besides half of my pack, I could smell three males and two females. We were out-numbered by one. Hmm, this could be interesting.

           I rounded the corner, and the room went silent. “Y/N.” Derek growled. “I thought I told you to stay at home.” He was seated a long rectangular table with Isaac and Cora at his side; across from them sat the new pack with watchful eyes.

           Not being able to help it, I smiled. “Oh, big brother, did you really think that I was going to listen? I never have before.”

           Isaac’s eyes were blown wide. He inhaled deeply, and gave me the slightest shake of head. I could tell he was unhappy. I had promised him that I would stay with Stiles and Scott. I figured that when I explained to him later the circumstances, and what annoying morons they were, he would probably understand.

           Cora raised an eyebrow. She was clearly amused.

           “Mr. Hale,” a gruff-looking man rumbled. “This is your sister? I thought you only had one still living?”

           “Two,” Derek fumed. “For now.” I just winked and sat beside Isaac.

           “I’m sorry that I’m late. I had quite the time evading some eggheads. Go on, you don’t have to catch me up. I’m a bright girl; I’ll catch on pretty quickly.”

           A woman to the right of the man looked me over before returning her attention to Derek. “As I was saying, Mr. Hale, our pack possesses no threat to yours. We never attack unless first provoked. I’m sure we can exist here in harmony.”

           Derek nodded solemnly. “I would want nothing more than that. I must warn you, though, that I am dealing with teenagers. As you can see from the example my sister set, they can be quite unpredictable.”  He shot me a dirty scowl but I only smiled sweetly in response.

           “Hmm.” The woman smiled too, but it was cold and callous. “Yes, I understand perfectly. Teenagers can be a troublesome lot. Just make sure they understand that they are responsible for their own actions. My pack believes that every werewolf is in control of themselves; their Alpha should not be punished for their wrong-doing.”

           I noticed how the woman said ‘my pack.’ I guessed she was the Alpha. She didn’t seem to like me very much.


The meeting was cut short when the Alpha-chick’s pager went off. “I’m sorry; I must go. I am glad we have come to good terms. I hope to be seeing more of you in the future, Mr. Hale.”

           “Thank you.” Derek bowed his head slightly. I couldn’t help but wonder if the frigid bitch had the hots for my big brother.

           Once the opposing pack filed out of the room, Derek whirled on me. “Y/N, you are in so much trouble. What the hell were you thinking, barging in like that? What is wrong with you?”

           “Don’t even. You let Cora come but you wouldn’t let me. If you have a problem with me, come out and say it now.”

           “Alright, fine! You’re impulsive, you never listen, you act way too immature, and you always let your temper get the best of you!” He snapped, huffing. “Look at you; your eyes are glowing.”

           I crossed my arms. “Yeah, that’s because I’m a werewolf. When I get mad, my eyes glow. Shoot me.”

           “Oh, believe me, I don’t have to. You go out there with your eyes like that and I promise you that plenty of hunters will be jumping at the chance.” I stared at Derek for a few seconds, glowering. Then I shoved his shoulder with mine and stomped out the doorway. “And where the hell do you think you’re going?”

           “Back home. The meeting is done, and you’ve said your piece.” I called back. I was so angry, I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings. I was merely following the stinky scent that Alpha-chick left behind.

            When I finally reached the exit, I thrust the door out of my way as hard as I could. Someone hissed. I spun around to face them, growling. It was one of the werewolves in that chick’s pack. He bared his teeth. Veins still pumping with anger, I snarled in retaliation, shifting into a crouch, ready to spring. Who the hell did this guy think he was?

           Something pierced through my chest; I gasped. Glancing down, I saw five long claws sticking out. Suddenly I was thrown to the ground. Whimpering, I flipped over to see that damn woman. She chuckled softly, wiping her nails on the thigh of her pants suit. I wrinkled my nose and tried to howl, but all I did was cough and spit up blood.

           “Such impulsivity.” She clicked her tongue. “That’s why I hate teenagers.”

           Just then, Derek burst through the door, flanked by Isaac and Cora. “Y/N!” He yelled. Then he saw me on the ground, blood dribbling down my chin. Much softer, much more broken now, he said, “Y/N.”

           Alpha-bitch smirked. “I didn’t take you for one who was sentimental, Mr. Hale. Y/N threatened a member of my pack. I had to protect my pack. She paid for her actions.”

           Derek’s eyes searched mine wordlessly, watching me grow so weak that I couldn’t lift my head. Isaac moved to come to my side, but Derek put his arm out, stopping him. “It’s too late.” He said mournfully. “It was Alpha’s claws.”

           Cora looked away, biting down sharply on her lower lip. Isaac’s eyes watered. Derek remained stolid, as if he didn’t believe that his baby sister was dying. As if he couldn’t believe that the little girl he had pushed on the swings at the park had grown up only to die before she’d even lived.

           The last thing I saw was the clench of Derek’s jaw as he slowly turned his head, eyes lighting up Alpha red, as he lunged for her throat.


Not cemetery related, but I thought some of you might enjoy this anyway so I’m doing this as a kind of bonus post for the night. This is the beautifully neglected Weir Greenhouse as I saw it in 2013. It sits just outside the gates of Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn and is one of the most unique and gorgeous buildings I’ve ever seen. 

I heard that there were at least plans to restore it and I hope against hope that’s true. With any luck, I’ll be able to go back to this spot soon and see for myself. 

anonymous asked:

Why is it that some of today's architects seems to neglect the original building when upgrading or revamping a building?

I don’t think is neglect but not all buildings are design for this kind of interventions. Many factors will decide how the existing building is addressed when doing upgrades. Factors like structural and foundation integrity, the way the infrastructure is designed and how it has been maintained, the type of use intended for the upgrade and the budget for the intervention all play a role.

Top image found here. Bottom image found here.