iskabee replied to your post:ok but imagine this

oh i wanna play! i feel like ssk had a slightly neglectful upbringing (where were his parents when he broke his body at 16???) so he is REALLY passionate over his own kids wellbeing and it can be seen as overbearing but u no it isn’t just lots o love

(nods aggressively) YES. to be fair, most of the kids in free! seem to have had a pretty neglecful upbringing (nagisa’s parents were unsupportive as fuck, where were even haru’s parents except for that one time they decided it would probably be a good idea to watch his race???? why was it kisumi’s fault when hayato fell in the water when their parents should’ve supervised them? etc etc) but sousuke… sousuke, my big dumb son. ah.

i can imagine him getting super paranoid when his child tells him about something that’s happened. like, say someone bullies them at school. sousuke would without a doubt go there to confront (not violently, as some people might want to believe, just kinda loom over the kid and go ‘what’cha doin’ to my kid, huh’) the bully, and said bully would piss themselves and never ever do anything of the sort again. ssk would get in trouble w/ the principal and haru would have to come save his ass only for them to get out of it w/ a warning.