So I got bored and checked the weather for both Almaty and St. Petersburg and they're hilariously different so here's an otayuri drabble

Why the hell Yakov was making him practice in this heat, Yuri had no idea. But he hated him for it.

Sure, it wasn’t drastically hot, but 19°C was hot for St. Petersburg, and Yuri could be enjoying the weather if A: it wasn’t so humid, and B: Yakov wasn’t making him practice.

Yuri tipped his head back, the vertebrae in his neck creaking and tense muscles stretching.

“Hey Yakov-”

“Give me a perfect triple axel into a spread eagle and you’re free to go.” The old man told him, drinking from the water bottle handed to him by Lilia.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Yuri said, exasperated. “In this heat?”

“Vitya’s been making Katsuki practice his quads all day, at least I’m not that cruel.” Yakov shrugged.

“Actually, I’m doing this voluntarily.” Yuuri called, taking off and landing a frustratingly perfect quad flip.

“I’ve been trying to make him come home for hours Yakov, this is none of my doing.” Viktor groaned, leaning against the barrier and wiping his brow.

“You said it yourself Vitya,” Yuuri shrugged, pulling off an effortless triple axel into a spread eagle. “I’m going to need to try my best to beat you.”

“I’ve created a monster. I’m doomed.” Viktor sighed defeatedly, gazing at Yuuri.

“And Yurio-” He started, trailing lazily around the rink.

“Don’t call me that.”

“I’m not stopping until I have both records, so I suggest you watch yourself.”

“Getting cocky, now are we, Katsudon?” Yuri asked, cocking a brow.

“Well it’s not the only thing I’m getting.” Yuuri shrugged, taking off into a perfect quad salchow, winking at Viktor as he landed.

“What the fuck have you done to him, Vitkor?” Yuri asked, slightly disgusted at the innuendo.

“I don’t know!” Viktor said exasperatedly.

“Alright, that’s it.” Yakov sighed. “Katsuki, get your ass out of my rink before you kill yourself.”

“I’m not even tired though.” Yuuri sighed, taking off into a quad loop.

“You’re hell bent on destroying my skaters and I can’t have that. Get out before you hurt yourself.” Yakov said firmly.


“Yuuri.” Mila started. “We adore you, you’re sweet and talented and everything but with every jump you land, Yakov pushes us that much harder, so please, for the love of god, get the fuck out of the rink.”

“Okay, okay.” Yuuri sighed, finally skating off of the rink, Mila earning an exhausted ‘thank you’ from Viktor, who followed behind Yuuri.

“Yura. Triple axel. Now.” Yakov said firmly, folding his arms.


“Yes. Now.”

“I’d like to see you do it, old man.” Yuri huffed, crossing his arms.

“Just do it, Yuri.” Yuuri called. “Anyway, we’re leaving for today, guys.”

“Finally!” Georgi groaned.

“Please take like, the next week off, you’re making us look bad.” Mila joked.

“No actually do, you’re driving me insane.” Yuri called.

“And Yakov said I couldn’t coach anyone.” Viktor smirked, pecking Yuuri on the cheek.

“Just leave already.” Yakov sighed. “Yuri, triple axel. I’m waiting.”

“For fucks sake, do I have to?”

“Do you want to lose the Olympics?”

“… fine.”

“That’s what I thought.”

Yuri unlocked his dorm, dumping his duffle bag at the door and kicking his shoes off. It’d been a week since Yakov and Lilia’s asshole of a son kicked Yuri out of his mother’s house.

He stalked over the mini fridge in the corner of his room, opening it and pulling out a cold can of fanta, wrenching open the tab and flopping down on his bed.

He pulled his phone out of his back pocket, unlocking it and opening up whatsapp, ignoring the 689 missed texts from the Barcelona GPF group chat and scrolling to Otabek’s contact, selecting video call.

Otabek picked up after around the 3rd ring, and the imagine Yuri was greeted with wasn’t what he expected.

A flushed, tanned, sweaty, muscular chest and a giggling little girl in the background. The camera shakily carried up to Otabek’s face, where it was obvious that he older boy was fast asleep.

“Bekaaaa!” Giggled the little girl, a bony little hand with garish pink nail polish and ratty bracelets pressing down on Otabek’s chest. “Oyanw! Beka! Käne Beka!”

Otabek made a weird noise between a snort and a squawk, eyes snapping open suddenly as he lurched forwards.

“Sälem aytşı Yura!” The little girl giggled.

“Natya…” Otabek murmured groggily. “Nege telefonım bar?” He asked, reaching for the phone and pulling the little girl to the side. “Bul öte jaramsız.” He scolded, blowing a raspberry into the little girl’s cheek.

“Um… is this a bad time?” Yuri asked awkwardly, taking a sip from his soda can. “I can go…”

“Crap! Yura, I forgot. Sorry, I fell asleep and my little sister took my phone-”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” Yuri shrugged. “It’s kinda cute.”

Otabek laughed, ruffling his sister’s messy black hair.

“Sälem Yura!” She grinned, waving at the screen.

“She says hi.” Otabek grinned, translating.

“Hi Natalia.” Yuri smiled, waving back, earning a gap-toothed grin from the little girl.

“Natya, Siz bizden kete alasız ba?” Otabek asked his sister, slipping back into his native tongue.

She nodded, waving at the screen.

“Bayt Yura!” She giggled, running off.

“She’s adorable.” Yuri smiled, sipping from the can again.

“I know.” Otabek grinned.

“Did you teach her to call me that?”

“Call you what?”

“To call me Yura?”

“She’s called you that since she saw you on TV at the Russian Nationals two years ago.”

“Why though?”

“Don’t look at me, she just does.”

Oh, Yuri was look at him.

“Why aren’t you wearing a shirt?”


“You’re half naked. At least I think you are… I can only see your chest.”

“I’m wearing underwear if that’s what you’re asking.” Otabek snorted, flashing Yuri a crooked grin.

“Really? No pants?”

“It’s too hot.” Otabek shrugged, reaching for a something offscreen and bringing a glass of water to his lips.

“Seriously? Isn’t it like, 19°C? Kinda pathetic. And that’s coming from a Moscow native.”

“It’s 36°C over here.” Otabek said flatly.

“Damn, your coach makes you practice in that heat?” Yuri asked incredulously.

“Nah. Training’s cancelled. He’s passed out in the porch.”

“Lucky bastard. Yakov’s been forcing me to train.” Yuri huffed.

“Watch your language, Yura. My family is in the vicinity.”

“I’m like 300 miles away they can’t hurt me.”

“My cousin will find you. You know what Aleks is like.”

“And I hope you boys are keeping it PG-13!” Came the call of cousin in the background, causing Otabek to flush slightly.


“I’m just saying! Your mother wouldn’t be too happy if she saw you-”

“Aleks, sabırlılıqtı toqtatıñız Beka!” Came a call.

“Dude I can hear like, your entire family, where are you?”

“In my back yard.” He shrugged, switching the camera so Yuri could get a view of the lush, green garden, and the hammock Otabek was laying in.

“Its huge!” Yuri gasped. “Your family must be loaded!”

“My mother was an Olympic silver medalist. That kind of set us up for quite a while, then I started to send money home whenever I got it.” Otabek shrugged. “Joq, Natya, şlangini tömenge ornatıñız!”

Yuri heard giggling in the background, along with running water. Otabek shifted, the camera shaking a bit as he moved.

“My sister has a hose, I’m going inside.” He explained as a jet of water splashed behind him. “Nope nope nope nope. Not today.”

“Are you afraid of getting wet, Beka?”

“No I just don’t want to get- AH!”

“Are you okay?” Yuri asked, cocking an eyebrow at the maniacal cackling heard in the background.

“Yeah, my sister just got me in the ass while I was running inside.”

“Damn, good aim.”

“Yeah,” He said, camera shaking as he went up the stairs, opening the door to his room and pushing in. “Yura?”

“Still here.”

“I’m gonna need to change but I’m too lazy to disconnect the call, can I just put you against a pillow so you don’t see anything?”

“Sure.” Yuri shrugged, tossing his empty soda can into the trash.

The screen went a dark reddish-brown colour as it was pressed against the pillow, the camera suddenly flipping just as the screen went black.

Yuri could see Otabek pull away, turning around and pulling down the damp, dark grey boxers.

What the hell was Yuri supposed to do?!

The rational thing to would be to tell Otabek 'hey the camera accidentally flipped and I can see your ass and probably dick but I’m not sure’, but for some reason Yuri couldn’t speak.

Otabek turned in the direction of the camera, humming to himself as he stopped up the boxers and tossed them into the laundry hamper at the edge of his room, walking over to a chest of drawers and pulling out a pair of boxers.

Otabek quickly pulled the boxers on, rooting through the drawers and pulling out some shorts and a t-shirt, putting those on too.

He reached for the camera, which suddenly flipped back to front facing as it was being pulled away from the pillow.

“Sorry I took so long- Yura, are you okay?” Otabek asked, suddenly concerned.

“Y-yeah I’m fine. Why are you asking me?” Yuri stammered awkwardly.

“Your face, it’s all… red. Are you sure you’re fine?”

“Yeah yeah I’m fine! I’m just a bit hot and sweaty from practice, I should probably shower.” Yuri said quickly.

“Okay…” Otabek murmured, unconvinced. “If you don’t feel better after the shower, call Viktor or Yuuri or someone like that. And make sure you drink a lot of water. And eat properly. None of that energy bar nonsense-”

“Okay mom, jeez. I’m fine, really.” Yuri said, rolling his eyes.

“Don’t get smart with me, young man.” Otabek said jokingly.

Yuri rolled his eyes, snorting.

“Bye Beka.”

“I’ll see you later, okay? I’ll call you later.”

“I really can’t stop you can I?”


Yuri laughed, ending the call and flinging his phone onto the other end of the bed and pressing his hands into his face.

Otabek is hung like a fucking horse.


I just winged it ok sorry
Steven Ogg On Simon's True Allegiance In 'The Walking Dead' Season 8
The stage is set for The Walking Dead to follow a key comic book story line in a certain betrayal [...]

“I always thought it’d be fun to do a spin-off,” Ogg joked. “Jeff and I laugh about an episode where we’re on a road trip, like Dwight, Negan, Simon. We’re all driving the truck together… Dwight’s got to take a piss every ten minutes, and, ‘When are we going to get there?’ Negan’s like, ‘I’m hungry,’ and I’m like, ‘Gah, girls. Come on, shut up.’ Have that, or Negan and Simon are in the Sanctuary together and they’re wearing onesies, and they’re in bunk beds, and Simon’s telling Negan to turn the lights out, and wearing onesies. And you didn’t flush the toilet again. 'Oh come on, Neges!’ Like a Three’s Company spin-off of the Sanctuary. Coming this fall!”


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Cum iti stii ca iubesti o persoana?

Bună. În drum spre munte ți-am rumegat întrebarea, așa că am să încerc să îți răspund cât se poate de cuprinzător aș putea să descriu sentimentul de a fi îndrăgostit, în prisma unui romantic încurabil.
Ei bine, să te îndrăgostești de o persoană…
Nu cred că e o definiție exactă, pentru că persoanele de un suflet romantic și cald par evident îndrăgostite, sunt evident emoționați, se înroșesc în prezența celuilalt, rămân fără cuvinte, căci în mintea lor e un haos și abia pot articula câteva cuvinte. Ajung să viseze tot felul de momente împreună, un posibil “viitor” cu acea persoană, nu contează cât de “pure” (când mă refer la pure, nu mă refer la intenție, ci la faptul că există posibilitatea să ajungă de la stadiul romantic-platonic la un nivel mai intim.) pot fi aceste gânduri. Pe scurt, pentru asemenea persoane, să fie îndrăgostite e ceva copleșitor, uneori că nu au experiență sau persoana din fața lor este percepută ca un Adonis și chiar dacă nu îi vor atinge inima, îndrăgostiții vor să fie aproape de acea persoană.
Mai e un tip de a te îndrăgosti la persoanele alea ale dracu’ de reci sau pur și simplu sunt ale dracu’. Ei bine, din experiența mea proprie cu asemenea persoane, crede-mă că doar par ale dracu’. De ce? Ei bine, ele au și motiv, au fost profund rănite și s-au ascuns într-o carapace tare, un gard imens, o fortăreață imposibilă. Zicea odată unu’, un nene Tudor Chirilă parcă, atunci când gardu’ e mai mare, cu atât va fi cineva mai bun să îl sară. Și când îl sar, ei bine, acele persoane reci sunt vulnerabile, se înmoaie, devin persoanele îndrăgostite pe care le-am menționat mai sus. În primă fază, aceste persoane își vor nega sentimentele total, până când devin din ce în ce mai puternice și vor trece în a doua fază: te vor testa, vor fi mai nesuferite, mai ale dracu’, să vadă dacă te vei îndepărta și să reușească să își nege sentimentele. În a treia fază, devin din ce în ce mai vulnerabile și îți vor arăta semne de afecțiune ca până la urmă să se îndrăgostească iremediabil de tine. Dar crede-mă, când se va întâmpla asta, vor fi cele mai calde și mai iubitoare persoane pe care le-ai întâlnit.
Iubirea? Iubirea intervine după câteva luni de relație (sau chiar câteva luni bune în care persoana ți-e “crush”), cam de la 3-4 luni încolo, depinde ceea ce îi dovedești dpdv sentimental.
Sper că răspunsul meu te-a ajutat.

Cu drag, cineva ce încearcă să teoretizeze iubirea. #LT

Sing our anthems with me

♡Bish i wanna get high (LET’S RIDE)
♡KNOCK KNOCK ja deureogamnida
♡Too beautiful to handle
♡Gender doesn’t matter as long as you can cook ramen well
♡hi hello annyeong
♡simply kpop CMON
♡vRoOm vRoOm
♡*in a high-pitched voice* NEGEMAN JIPCHAKHAE *the part where internationals cant relate* SO BABY DONT WORRY
♡monsta x is a bih right here
♡tWo tHouSanD anD siXtEeen
♡stop,calm down let’s stop,calm down
♡*while crying* neon eoddaee??¿¿¿
♡banchigiiiiiiyaaa *after jooheon’s part along with kihyun while screaming* BABYAYYAAEAEE
♡be quiet dodododoodododoodo
♡o m g o m g o m g
♡cuz i’m a fighteer fighteer
♡sir yes sir
♡i’ll be your king and baby you’ll be my queen
♡simply k-fop
♡*beginning of blue moon* laaa la la laa la laa
♡I A M W H A T I A M M A N
♡i got a phone call
♡who is hot who is not
♡everbody let’s come and started HEUNDEUREO LET’S PARTAAAAY
♡the question who am i

Xiumin as Your Boyfriend

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  • cares more about marshmallows than you 

  • seriously the boy tried to make up for forgetting your birthday with a deluxe bag of marshmallows like babe wtf I wanted some gucci flip flops not some jet puffed marshmallows. 

  • Will try to fix your eyebrows every five seconds 


  • will fight someone with aegyo if they say that you’re cute. He must remain as the alpha cute one. 

  • Will seethe in silent fury if you leave a shirt he j u s t washed on the floor that he j u s t cleaned, why the hell did you do that? 

  • Will set up your makeup for you, mainly because he puts everything away in places you can’t find it. The first few times he did it you thought it was adorable, but after a few months you realized he only did it so that he could have clean counters.

  • You need to let him a week in advance about company coming over so he could scrub the crap out of the entire house. It can’t look like you two live there. 

  • After a little something late at  night he’ll clean you up and, again, you thought it was so sweet and caring but in reality he didn’t want to get the sheets dirty. 

  • If you try to play fight, no matter what he’ll make you think you hurt him and when your guard is down he’ll put you in a fireman’s carry before throwing you as hard as he could on the floor. If he does that in front of the other boys expect one of them (usually Chanyeol) to start scream-singing the John Cena theme song as you lie on the couch in a crumpled mess. 

  • He would put his ringtone in your phone as something embarrassing and call you at awkward times of the day. There’s nothing more annoying than being in a public bathroom trying to pee and then your phone just starts screaming “bAAABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY  NEGE BANHAE BEORIN NAEGE WAE IRAE-” 

  • You beg him to go into a haunted house with you thinking he would protect you but he ended up laughing every time you jumped or screamed. The man eventually got bored of you in the house and ditched you for one final scare at the very end of the house. 

  • Then when you two go home for the night, he’ll suggest watching scary movies and makes fun of the tear marks in your makeup, comparing it to his flawless face full of perfect makeup. 

  • You would start tearing up again and he’d pick you up bridal style and place you into the bed and tuck you in, not caring about the makeup stains. He would disappear for a few minutes before returning with hot coco, marshmallow free for you, before climbing into bed with you and cuddling you until the sniffling stopped. He’d kiss your cheeks until you fell asleep. Once you were asleep he would furiously scrub away your makeup and get stain remover for the sheets. He might feel bad for teasing you but no way in hell was he giving a free pass to dirty up his sheets. 
Sleep over at Bills (Entire gang)

Words 1611

Once at  least every month the losers would come together for a weekend at Bill’s house for their annual movie night. The boys would all sleep in Bills room with pillows thrown on the floor trying to look for a soft surface. while Bev was down the hall in the spare bedroom.

    During these days it was obvious they were getting over… things. Stan couldn’t sleep alone, Bill’s stutter got worse, Mike would flinch away at any unexpected movement, Ben’s anxiety was worse than ever, Bev couldn’t stand anyone touching her (her neck in particular), Eddie was refusing to take any and all medication, Richie had insomnia.

    They were all trying to help each other as best as they could with every new problem that would come up but they were still children and their parents weren’t as that oblivious as they had been before. It was impossible for them to deal with everything by themselves. Bill, Ben and Stan’s parents had them put into therapy which was helping a bit, of course the parents just assumes it was teenage stuff and dealing with Georgies death.

    Eddie knew he should talk to someone but he had grown to have a distrust of all types of doctors. Bevs aunt was helping her through it with late night talks and expression through art. They weren’t sure about Mike, you could never tell with his Grandfather. Richie was drinking more and more caffeine to deal with sleep loss. He was lucky to get three hours a night.

    It was their second meet up, everyone was piled up on Bill’s bed. Bill was sitting with his back against Stan’s chest and between his legs (they weren’t official yet but all the losers knew).Stan was leaning against the headboard. Richie was leaned against the wall with Eddie (they had come out to the losers a week after It that thing) in his lap. Bev and Ben were leaned against the same wall, but they were next to each other. Mike was facing them all at the foot of the bed. They had been sent up to Bill’s room nearly an hour ago since his parents were going to bed and it was getting late.

As it was nearing midnight they were all getting ready for bed, Bev had gone and come back after changing into a nightgown while the rest of them all changed in Bill’s room.

Bev wanted to hangout before they all fell asleep, when she thought it was safe to come back into the room she opened the door to find more pillows spread across the floor with blankets and cushions. Stan was sleeping on the bed with Bill but the rest of them were all sleeping on the floor.

Mike and Ben had spread themselves out across the floor while Richie and Eddie had laid down next to each other. They were all starting to look tired Richie always looked tired recently . Bev was getting more and more worried for the glasses wearing boy, she could tell just how bad it was getting from the heavy bags under his eyes being more prominent than ever.

“Hey Richie,” she asked, “You gonna sleep okay?”

He glanced up at her quickly before smirking, “Yeah, no need to worry. If I get restless I’ll just go visit Bill’s mom.” “Beep beep Trashmouth.”

“No really Richie, she’s got a point. You going to sleep tonight?” asked Ben. He always looked for a serious answer when it came to their health.

“Okay mom, no need to worry. I’ll probably be up for a few more hours then go to bed around three.”

Bev sighed, “Isn’t there anything we can do to help tire you out?”

She knew there must of been something that had popped into Bill Stan and Eddie’s head by the mischievous gleam they all had in common and the near evil looking smile slowly spreading across Stan’s face. Not that Richie could see any of this, he was faced away from them all. Ben and Mike looked back questioningly, wondering what could possibly be going through their heads that would cause them to look like that.

Stan sat up from where he was laying at the edge of the bed, Bill was quick to follow while Eddie just backed away until he hit a wall.

Just as Richie turned to notice that Eddie was gone she figured out why Eddie had left in the first place.

Right as Richie was about to ask what was wrong he was pounced by Stan knocking him onto his side. Bev never thought she would see the day where Stan would be playful.

Before any of the three confused could ask Bill had joined in pinning Richie, who by now was flailing his limbs around. Then they understood when they heard Richie’s “Stahahan nohohoho!”

She knew exactly what was happening, and she could see Ben and Mike’s confusion leaving their faces being replaced by grins. They silently decided they would sit out this time and observe for a possible next time.

By this time Bill had maneuvered Richie so his head was in his lap and was currently tickling Richie’s neck and poking at his chest. Stan had strung himself across Richie’s thighs and was digging his fingers between the gaps in Richie’s ribs with his shirt pushed half way up his torso.

Richie was scrunching up his neck and his hands were alternating between grabbing at Stan and Bill’s wrist, it didn’t really look like he was pushing away all that much, more so just needing something to hold onto Mike noticed. Even if he would of it looked like he was losing his strength to quickly to fight them off.

Mike Ben Eddie and Bev were laughing right along with Rich as they watched the fast deterioration of his will to fight, with in a minute he was just limply holding onto Stan’s wrist and Bill had joined them in watching the scene play out.

Stan had taken his middle and ring finger on both hands and was making quick circles against Richie’s ribs, it must of been a good spot because Richie’s laughter was starting to go silent with a snort thrown in every couple of seconds. Ben Mike and Beverly had never heard Richie laugh so hard, hadn’t even known he snorted before this moment. They couldn’t of been happier to figure out though.

“Dohohohon’t dohohoo thahahah. Stahahaahn nahahahh,” Cue another snort.

“What’s wrong Richie? I can’t understand you through all your laughter. Oh look, you even snorted again, isn’t that funny. Eddie, don’t you think that’s adorable?”

Eddie nodded, they could tell he was thinking those thoughts to himself without Stan’s prompting. He had a shine to his eyes they only ever saw when he thought about Richie doing something he thought was cute. Bev shipped it so hard!

“Ihehihi Cahahn’t” Richie’s voice died out ending in another, adorable, snort. He just shook his head back and forth making a mess out of his already messy curls.

Stan began to slow down until he came to a full stop. They all sat and watched as Richie caught his breath trying to stop the residual giggles. They three newest members waited for him to retort or some mom joke but it never came. Eddie came over as Stan and Bill backed away and laid down allowing Richie to curl into his chest, tangling their legs together. Within a few minutes Richie had fallen asleep half on top of Eddie’s torso.

“That was the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.” Bev whispered.

It was a few minutes till another spoke, it was Mike who asked what the three had been thinking, “how’d you know how to do that?”It seemed like a stupid question but Ben couldn’t come up with a reasonable answer. They shot a funny glance to where Eddie was playing with Richie’s hair with a smile on his face, Richie had curled himself around Eddie’s entire torso by now.

”Wh-when we were yuh-younger h-he would always tic-tick-tickle Eddie, one day he got fed up with it and we ga–neged up on him. B-by the end of-f it he seemed a-almo-st coma-comatose.” Bill explained, getting frustrated to the point where Stan had to whisper in his ear to get him calm enough to focus towards the end.

Mike chuckled. “I wouldn’t of expected him to be that ticklish though, he kind of just gave up about halfway through, didn’t he?”

Ben nodded, “Yeah, is that why you backed away from it all Eddie? Because he used to do that to you a lot?”

Eddie blushed but nodded. “Yeah, Richie’s the second most ticklish out of the four of us,” He gestured to himself, Bill and Stan. “Me, then Richie, then Stan then Big Bill.”

Stan glanced over at the three, not listed. “Now we just have to figure out where you all fit on the scale.”

Bill stood up, straightening the pillows that had been knocked aside in the escapade, “That’s a job for later though. Its thirty after and I don’t know about you guys but I want to go to bed.”

With that Bev stood up, said her good nights, riffled the sleeping Trashmouths hair before taking off and setting his glasses on the nightstand before turning out the light and leaving.

She had only one thought as she walked to where she would sleep for the night, ‘If any of those boys want to find out if I’m ticklish they’ll have another thing comin for ‘em. And a full out war.’ She would demolish them if they would dare to try, and they did.


Vol. 13 Unchanging Part 2 - Touch



amu mar-eopshi nareul bol ttae

na-ui pal kkeutchi neoreul seu-chyeo daheul ttae

keu modeun sun-gan deuri tteo-oreul ttae

nan michyeo


chaga-un mallo hwa-reul nael ttae

naege jab-hiji anh-neun saega dwel ttae

nareul tteonagal-keol almyeonseo-do halke

eoptdeon na


keurae amu uimiga eopseo, yeojeonhi nan hal mari eopseo

tteonagago naseoya, da an-goya, naega eotteon nom inji

keurae naegen aewonhago butjabeul cha-gyeogi hanado eopseo

nan eopseo


keunyang dora-ojima naege

neoreul apeugeman han naege

keujeo neurin babo-in naege

keunyang dora-ojima, dwido dora-bojima

[SHIN HYE SUNG] keunyang dora-ojima naege


(dashin) dashin eopseo second chance

mukkeo juji mothae chain-do for real though

igeon uri dur-ui misconception meomchuji anh-neun coin

eodiseo bon deut like inception won-ineun nanikka

kwaenchana, just holla


charari chagab-ke haejwo cold (wo) so i can leave you

keureol geo gatjiman keurae-do mothae nan so baby i can’t

nan mothae let go of you

naega jalmothan geot-deuri

neomu mana nege i can’t forgive myself so please forgive me


na-egen ni heunjeogi isseo

neo-egen nae heunjeogi eopseo

dora-bomyeon igi-jeogin nae gyeote wero-un neoman isseo

keurae naegen keureon nareul seolmyeonghal 

iyuga hana-do eopseo

nan eopseo


keunyang dora-ojima naege

neoreul apeugeman han naege

keujeo neurin babo-in naege

keunyang dora-ojima, dwido dora-bojima

[KIM DONG WAN] keunyang dora-ojima (naege)


naega nappeun nom in-geol, ak-han nom in-geol, apeun neo-in jul areo

naega eodil gado neo gateun yeojan mot mannal keoran geol areo

jom pabo gatko, jom hanshim hago, mojaran nom in-geol areo

keugeol mideo jugo yeope ittdeon niga naneun ijeo jijiga ana


neo-ui ireumi nan jiwojiji ana

nun tteugo gam-eul ttae neon keogi isseo

(you you you you, you you you you)

neon naege jidokhan beorin geoya


jageun teum-do jujima naege

hwimang ttawin jujima naege

keunyang heom-han mareul hae naege

naega neoreul dashineun, barajido mothage

(keunyang dora-ojima naege)

(keunyang dora-ojima naege)

boksunga juseu sweet and sour mikseu mood

nege jugopeun kakteireul brew (RED)

gwissogi jjaeng koga maeng

sangsang geu isang gibun Up and bang (RED)

Bet you wanna bet you wanna dance like this

wecheo boja joahaeyo soljjiki

ginjanghae ttami ttukttuk gwiyeopji

sarange ppajeo geueullyeo urin RED RED Ah

Girls Generation

Girls Generation - Girls

Deureo jullae salmyeosi na nege i noraereul jeonhae
Will you listen? I’m softly singing this song for you

Can you feel? uriui mameul seoroege nanwo dama Song for you
Can you feel? Our hearts are shared with each other - Song for you

Naeul eonjena ganghan moseup sok neol gaduji malgo
Don’t just trap yourself in a strong image

Gakkeumeun gamchwo dun yeorin ne pyojeong kkeonae nohado dwae
Sometimes, you can take out your soft face that you’ve hidden away

Same as you uimido emneun datume gominhago
Same as you- sometimes I get worried about useless fights

Same as you gwaenhan tujeonge huhoehal ttaedo isseo
Same as you- and regret over my pointless complaints

 Never gonna look back, girls.  Never gonna look back, girls.

Heundeullim eopsi kkumeul hyanghae gyesok georeoganeun geoya
Without being shaken, we’ll keep walking toward our dreams

 Never gonna look back, girls.  Never gonna look back, girls. 

Chanranhan bicheun mam soge isseo. Chaewojyeo gal Story Yes, it is
A bright light is in our hearts. The story will be written, yes, it is

Gakkaie nugungaga jamsi ijgo dugo gan kkum
If someone close by forgets and leaves their dreams for a moment

Jjochagada neomeojil ttaen seoro irekyeo jumyeon dwae
We’ll just chase them and raise them up when they fall

Same as you (you) jeo haneuljocha barabogi silheojil ttaen
Same as you (you) When you don’t even want to look at the sky

Same as you (you) gidaeeo swil su itneun sarangeul kkumkkwo
Same as you (you) Dream of a love that you can lean on and rest in

Never gonna look back, girls.  Never gonna look back, girls.

I sesangeneun uril wihae pyeolchyeojin giri itneun geol
There is a path for us in this world

Never gonna look back, girls.  Never gonna look back, girls.

Yeohaengui kkeuteun ajik meon yaegi
The end of this journey is still far ahead

Stop! deo hemaeji anha jeoldae pogihaji anha
Stop! Won’t get lost anymore won’t ever give up

Huimihaejin sesange nunbusige keun kkocheul piuja (I will be there)
In this blurry world, let’s make a big and dazzling flower bloom (I will be there)

I will always be with you, whenever you call my name

Neoui saehayan miso mueotboda yeppeun geol
Your white smile is prettier than anything else

So I’m..    Never gonna look back, girls.  Never gonna look back, girls

Heundeullim eopsi kkumeul hyanghae gyesok georeoganeun geoya
Without being shaken, we’ll keep walking toward our dreams

Never gonna look back, girls.  Never gonna look back, girls.

Chanranhan bicheun mam soge isseo
A bright light is in our hearts

Chaewojyeo gal Story Yes, it is
The story will be written, yes, it is

Never gonna look back, girls.  Never gonna look back, girls.

I sesangeneun uril wihae pyeolchyeojin giri itneun geol
There is a path for us in this world

Never gonna look back, girls.  Never gonna look back, girls.

Yeohaengui kkeuteun ajik meon yaegi. Mirael hyanghan Story goes on
The end of this journey is still far ahead. Towards the future, story goes on.

(credits; translation: popgasa)

When Fangilring About K-Pop Around Friends Pt 8
  • -Song Edition-
  • Friend 1: hey everybody!
  • Friend 2: *to Friend 1* wtf is wrong with you
  • Friend 3: you should KNOW that you can't say that around her
  • Friend 1: omg I forgot she was here
  • Friend 2: don't ever say that around her again
  • Friend 1: okay, sorry sorry
  • Friend 3: OMG
  • Friend 2: you did it AGAIN!
  • Friend 1: I didn't even know that one existed omg
  • Friend 3: make it ssstttooooppppp
  • ---
  • Friend: the amount of broken glass in that room is dangerous
  • Me: uh huh
  • Friend: I hope those guys realize the danger they're getting themselves into
  • Me: uuuhhhhh hhhuuuuhhhh
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me: ~You're in Danger~
  • Friend: oh come on
  • Me: ~Hetgallige hajima~
  • Friend: stop plz
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me: ~Danger~
  • Friend: no
  • Me: ~oneul bame oneul bame oneul bame oneul bame~
  • Friend: is that a different song
  • Me: ~Danger~
  • Friend: there are /two/ for Danger?
  • Me: yes
  • -Admin Jinnie
쿵치딱치 (Koong Chit Dak Chit)
나인뮤지스 (Nine Muses)
쿵치딱치 (Koong Chit Dak Chit)

이렇게 쿵치딱치 내가
이러지 마 Stop it 혼나려고 Stupid
앞에서 쿵치딱치 네가
One Step Two Step 이게 내 Solution
이렇게 쿵치딱치 내가
너한테는 Bad News 들이댄다고 Success Uh
앞에서 쿵치딱치 네가
Hey stupid boy Are you crazy?

아무리 꼬셔봐 내가 네게 넘어가나
몰랐니 나 시크해 좀 알고 덤비지
이러지 마 간 보지 마 나 좀 바쁜 여자야

귀찮게 좀 하지 마
딴 데 가서 알아봐
번지수가 틀렸어

내가 쿵하고 차고 네가 칙 하고 밀면
이게 밀당이라도 될 줄 알았니
네 말 딱 잘라먹고내가 칙 하고 쏘면
좀 눈치 좀 센스 좀 더 가져봐
Don’t know why

쿵치딱치 내가
우린 이제 Break up 너는 이제 Black Out
앞에서 쿵치딱치 네가
이젠 그만 Talking Breathing Mocking Uh
이렇게 쿵치딱치 내가
Love it yourself or doing it yourself more baby
앞에서 쿵치딱치 네가
Hey stupid boy Are you crazy?

도대체 왜 이래 그런 자신감은 뭐니
똑같은 그 멘트 너무 재미없잖아
이러지 마 잡지 좀 마 나 좀 바쁜 여자야

내가 쿵하고 차고 네가 칙 하고 밀면
이게 밀당이라도 될 줄 알았니
네 말 딱 잘라먹고 내가 칙 하고 쏘면
좀 눈치 좀 센스 좀 더 가져봐
Don’t know why

도대체 왜 이렇게 들이대는지
이해가 안가 네가 정말
뻔뻔함이 별로 그냥 제발 가줘 Hallo
안 되겠어 이제 그만 Stop 꺼져줘

자꾸 애를 쓰고 또 노력 해봐도
억지로 웃을 수가 없어
매달리지 마

내가 쿵하고 차고 네가 칙 하고 밀면
이게 밀당이라도 될 줄 알았니
네 말 딱 잘라먹고 내가 칙 하고 쏘면
좀 눈치 좀 센스 좀 더 가져봐
Don’t know why

쿵치딱치 내가
이러지 마 Stop it 혼날라고 Stupid
앞에서 쿵치딱치 네가
One Step Two Step 이게 내 Solution
이렇게 쿵치딱치 내가
너한테는 Bad News 들이댄다고 Success Uh
앞에서 쿵치딱치 네가

ireohge kungchittakchi naega
ireoji ma Stop it honnaryeogo Stupid
apeseo kungchittakchi nega
One Step Two Step ige nae Solution
ireohge kungchittakchi naega
neohanteneun Bad News deuridaendago Success Uh
apeseo kungchittakchi nega
Hey stupid boy Are you crazy?

amuri kkosyeobwa naega nege neomeogana
mollanni na sikeuhae jom algo deombiji
ireoji ma gan boji ma na jom bappeun yeojaya

gwichanhge jom haji ma
ttan de gaseo arabwa
beonjisuga teullyeosseo

naega kunghago chago nega chik hago milmyeon
ige mildangirado doel jul aranni
ne mal ttak jallameokgo naega chik hago ssomyeon
jom nunchi jom senseu jom deo gajyeobwa
Don’t know why

kungchittakchi nega
urin ije Break up neoneun ije Black Out
apeseo kungchittakchi nega
ijen geuman Talking Breathing Mocking Uh
ireohge kungchittakchi naega
Lovin’ yourself or doing yourself more baby
apeseo kungchittakchi nega
Hey stupid boy Are you crazy?

dodaechae wae irae geureon jasingameun mwoni
ttokgateun geu menteu neomu jaemieopjanha
ireoji ma japji jom ma na jom bappeun yeojaya

naega kunghago chago nega chik hago milmyeon
ige mildangirado doel jul aranni
ne mal ttak jallameokgo naega chik hago ssomyeon
jom nunchi jom senseu jom deo gajyeobwa
Don’t know why

dodaechae wae ireohge deuridaeneunji
ihaega anga nega jeongmal
ppeonppeonhami byeollo geunyang jebal gajwo Hallo
an doegesseo ije geuman Stop kkeojyeojwo

jakku aereul sseugo tto noryeok haebwado
eokjiro useul suga eobseo maedalliji ma

naega kunghago chago nega chik hago milmyeon
ige mildangirado doel jul aranni
ne mal ttak jallameokgo naega chik hago ssomyeon
jom nunchi jom senseu jom deo gajyeobwa
Don’t know why

kungchittakchi naega
ireoji ma Stop it honnaryeogo Stupid
apeseo kungchittakchi nega
One Step Two Step ige nae Solution
ireohge kungchittakchi naega
neohanteneun Bad News deuridaendago Success Uh
apeseo kungchittakchi nega

Znate još postoje one djevojke koje bi radije ostale doma uz dobru knjigu i dobar film nege išle u disko.Još postoje djevojke koje bi htjele umjesto skupog nakita dobiti samo jednu ruža i to bi im bila sasvim dovoljno.Još postoje djevojke koje bi se bolje prošetale pokraj rijeke na mjesečini nego se vozile skupim autom.Još postoje one djevojke kojima bi samo jedan zagrljaj bio sasvim dovoljan. -Još postoje one skromne djevojke
how to sing boy in luv like a pro

doegopa neoui oppa

neoui sarangi nan neomu gopa

doegopa neoui oppa

neol gatgo mal gEOYA DUGO BWA















ddokgateun europil sajin wae JAKKUHWAGINHALKKA

geureohdago chakgakhajima swiun namja anya!


nIgA mWoNdE? nEoMaN jAlLaSsEo?


neo ije geumaNHOL’ UP HOL’ UPPPPPP


say what you want say what you want


say what you want say what you want






geoteuron bAD BAD GIRL
sogeun deo bAD BAD GIRL
hehoehagE DOEL GEOL

“il” jari eobseo jimhwa dONGSIE SOKMAN TAJI NEBIIIgeisyeonina salkka bwa


eopilharyeogo gyesok nan ADUNGBADUNGBADUNG

jInSiM? (IGOTEM) dWisSiM? (IGOTEM) naega yuilhage gajji mothan geon neoui (AREUM AREUM DAAAUUUMMM)



daesin apeumyeon irilgu mALGO NAL BULLEOOO

nIgA mWoNdE? nEoMaN jAlLaSsEo?
neo ije geumaN HOL’ UP HOL’ UPPPPPP



say what you want say what you want


say what you want say what you want

 doegopa neoui oppa, neoreul hyanghan naui maeumeul wae molla
 nareul moreun cheokhaedo chagaun cheokhaedo, neol mireonaejin mothagesseo
doegopa neoui oppa, neoui namjaga doel geoya dugo bwa
jigeum dallyeogal geoyAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

*dramatic pause*

















say what you want say what you want


say what you want say what you want

the end

submitted by Jay