Thanks, Alisha <3 yeah, I know. D: but there’s still a possibility she could get out before than. which I’m hoping will be the case. :/ I’ll be sure to tell her *hugs* I’m about to go visit her in the hospital with my dad soon, so I’ll tell her than!.

Thanks, Blair! *hugs* that means a lot!. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on how she’s doing (unless of course she’s already made a update, that is)


The amazing Kumo ni Kame did! You can find her and the original picture here 
I was given permission to color in the fantastic Leo piece! 
This was defiantly major coloring practice! 

I just wish that maybe he was just a slight (tiny bit) darker shade of a green than that but oh well. ;w; 

I hope I didn’t mess anything up with the original lining. D: 

My friend’s character ( ) named Yuna is adorable. XD 
Except for some reason her ponytail was always hard for me to draw. O.o dunno why so I just did two different styles of ponytails (my versions) 
The colored in one is probably gonna be how I’m ACTUALLY going to draw it next time I draw her since I can’t do her ponytail right. XD And the non colored one I was just fooling around with I dunno. d: