why does people always automatically assume like OH NO YOUR THRONE MAKE ROOM LOL like why do people gotta be that way about other blogs who share the same character as us like?? omg. no. thats so negative and hateful stop that. please just stop lol. 

we dont own these characters, and the internet is big enough for all of use like. Im more than excited to see im not the only bara op now. I got a bro in @tertiaxdecima  and I love them even tho i dont know them super well its just SUPER GREAT TO BE ABLE TO SHARE HEADCANONS AND JOKES like they are so funny and we have the gr8est convos and discussions and their content is A+++

everyone plays a character differently too? so I think its exciting to see another unique spin on the same character. it has nothing to do with OH NO IM GONNA BE REPLACED like wtf why what kinda mindset is that like i cant even yo.