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I like when you talk about eating death and pick on people about climate change. Makes me laugh when you guys spend all day taking photos thinking you saving animals. When you're not. You're mearly not consuming them. Eating plastic wrapped vegan food uses as much water and resources, yet isn't talked about. Maybe because it's damage you can't see and doesn't fit your agendas.

Normally I wouldn’t answer such a negative message but in this case I think for a fair few people it may look like what we do isn’t effective because you see a certain aesthetic on social media and not the actual impact. I’m going to tell you that not all vegans or movers and shakers look or live or act the way that you may associate with being influential. For starters you don’t know any of us personally. I have seen first hand the amount of lives that Bonny has changed. She cannot go out in public without being recognized. 99% of the people that stop her on the street tell her how much she has changed their lives and made them go vegan. Not to mention the hundreds of messages she gets a day. I don’t even have a fraction of the following Bonny has, yet I get messages every day from people as well. What we have found is that presenting veganism as an appealing way of life is the most effective. Most people these days are learning about veganism through social media. It is the most powerful tool for our generation and for engaging directly with people. Most find transitioning to veganism to be a very a huge step. If we went fully into every issue, we’d struggle to engage people.
You are also assuming that other causes aren’t as important to us because we aren’t posting about them. Why is it the responsibility of the vegan to make sure every world issue is addressed? Of course we can bring awareness to a host of issues but generally as people wake up, they themselves will become interested in more aspects of saving the planet and can further educate themselves. Also different people stand stronger for different causes. I have friends that stand extremely strong for ethical fashion, more so than veganism. I have friends that stand stronger for women’s rights and equality, over veganism. It doesn’t mean veganism isn’t still important to them. Just because we may not post about waste or plastic does not mean it isn’t an issue that is important to us. We have just chosen to put our main focus into not eating animals and the impact that consuming them has on our planet. At the end of the day we all want to make change and create a better future for our planet.
I think it’d be more beneficial for you to not spend your time attacking myself or my friends for falling short (in your opinion) on certain issues and instead use your energy to bring awareness to the issues you feel strongly about. 

“You get to make a wish with it,” Zuko says, nodding to the rose.

She glances down at her rose again. New beginnings.

“I can wish for anything, huh?” She holds the flower up to the sky and closes one eye, tilting her head slightly, replacing the moon with soft peach petals. “Can I have all the waves in the ocean?”

“Well — no.”

She laughs at him and twirls the rose. A petal drifts away. She watches as it dances on a breeze, rising up over the city before spiralling gently away.

“How about all the stars in the sky?”


“Can I have all the knowledge in the world?”


“Can I have you?”

A loud whistle, a distant explosion of light and sound. The fireworks have begun. Katara hardly sees them, hardly hears them. She stands so close to him now, she can almost feel the heat of his skin. He speaks so quietly she almost doesn’t hear him.

“You already do.”

—  Once Around the Sun is so, so beautiful and I’m not over it in the slightest

“For him, this baby is a constant reminder of the fact that Aaron’s trust and loyalties were demolished by Robert….This child is always going to remind him of a really bad time in his life” Danny Miller (TV Times)

Still framing this baby in a negative way and continuing to remind the audience it’s the baby keeping Robron apart. Hmmmm

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I am sorry for being negative. But how do you keep going ? The way things are going it's unlikely we will get to see better days in our lifetime. Isn't it just easier to give up and suffer. How long is life anyway ?!

#LAVENDER sisterhood answer:

Oh you hit it on the nail.  

Most of you, will do exactly that - capitulate. 

It’s exactly what happened this last election.  My generation just gave up.  Be thankful for what you got.  Constantly giving in just to avoid chronic anger & frustration.

BUT that’s exactly the hole patriarchy has had women in since the caveman days.  

I was crushed election night.  I saw patriarchy win again and we women really did rally our best.  I am 50, I knew that nite I was going to be like Susan B Anthony and die never seeing my dreams come true.  

Everyone does realize she died believing she was a loser?  

And I’m sure you can also come up with numerous womanist who died before they knew how much they contributed to your advancement.

You are entertaining that benevolent patriarchy is OK and not stepford wives or handmaidens.   We are already in handmaiden territory.  I live in the South, my local ER hospital tv is always fixed on fox news.  Every bar has fox news on it. 

I walked my dog yesterday and a neighbor was blaring Rush Limbaugh on his radio & could hear it 4 houses away.

Sign up for hulu free for a month and watch The Handmaiden Tale & The Brainwashing of my Father.

53% of women have done just that - given up.  The month after the election I went thru severe “what’s the point” just give up and accept your fate. 

Until my therapist said, “Melissa who else is going to educate all those other women.” 

If you wake up angry everyday then eventually you have to come to the conclusion, YOU ARE A REBEL.  

When I give up and just submit, my depression rises, my addictions get worse, I hate life.  So you can try it ….

or you accept that YOU ARE A REBEL and will die a REBEL satisfied that you were always on the right side and didn’t betry your fellow generational women for your own gains.    Sucking up to the power structure.

Now that may mean you lose jobs, and never marry, accept a less financial position even though you have more education, but I die internally and want to commit suicide when I capitulate.  I hate myself. 

and that’s why every day I try to start all of us off with first breathing exercises and then either Nina Simone’s Feeling Good or now it’s Beyonce’s Freedom. 

I do know this ….

The battle against patriarchy - racism & sexism has been in control since the beginning of time –   


for the numerous women who died throughout history, raped, trafficked, killed for turning down a male’s advancements ….

YOU CAN’T STOP & Just give up. 

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I hope this isn't offensive, but I was recently talking to someone who said that the word "pagan" is derogatory. is there any truth to this? I never thought of pagan as being negative or hurtful in any way. thank you for your time <3

I don’t believe you’re being offensive at all. I have also heard some people say that.

First off, I apologize for not giving you a simple yes/no answer. In order to understand what “Pagan” means, we have to go back pretty far into history. Plus, this is an area I know an uncanny amount about, ever since I took that Paganism & Early Christianity class I always knew that would come in handy someday. So, sit back, get comfy, and enjoy another round of Yunan’s Deluge of History Facts™.

To begin, let’s define Paganism. Paganism does not stand for one religion but many, and is an umbrella term used similarly to the way we use Judeo-Christian. These religions are normally polytheistic, flexible, open, and nature-focused–just to name a few qualities.

Back when Pagan religions were the majority, there was no name for them. It was universally understood that there are many Gods, and that nature should be respected. Based on what little texts we recovered from those periods, Gods were often defined by the region their worshippers lived in. This is why we know many pantheons as “Greek Gods” or “Germanic Gods”, since the region was the only way to differentiate these respective religions. 

In 380, the Edict of Thessalonica established Rome as an official Christian state. Historians estimate that less than 40% of the Roman population was Christian at the time that Edict of Thessalonica passed. This is mainly due to a method of conversion called the “top-down effect”, where the rulers of a kingdom are converted, and slowly the court and the population follow after. However, these noblemen were mainly in cities and less than 10% of the population. The elite didn’t outlaw paganism (yet), but they did restrict pagan worship and put their effort into converting the population.

Around the 400s, Chrisitan writers began coining the Latin word paganus, which I can roughly translate as “countrymen”, or “of the countryside”. Remember that the top-down effect focused on converting Romans in the elite. During this time, Rome underwent rapid urbanization, so most of its higher classes were in the cities. As a result, In Roman society city folk were seen as “enlightened” and “progressive”, whereas those in the rural ares who mostly worshipped the indigenous Pagan religion were suggested to be “backwards” or “uncivilized”. Thus, Christian writers at the time used the word “pagan” to reference the people in rural areas who still practiced their old religion.

I also want to add that the conversation of Europe took hundreds of years, until roughly 1500. When the Church began sending out friars and preachers to scope out heresy in rural areas, you better believe that the word “pagan” was use a lot, and not in a very nice tone.

But to get back on track: All Pagan religions were simply dubbed “Paganism” until the 20th century, when the Neo-Pagan movement arose. Then, people found a need to distinguish the different Pagan religions. This is where we’ve seen the rise of terms like Kemeticism, Hellenism, and even Wicca (whose practitioners were originally called “witches”, but later their faith was given a name). I believe the reason many websites and articles simply say “Paganism” because Paganism is an ancient, common, and easily understandable term for most audiences.

That begin explained—Is “pagan” a derogatory term? In its original conception, yes, it was. Is it derogatory now? I personally believe, no. Although the Romans aimed to move away from the countryside and into cities, nowadays people are aiming to move away from urbanization and back towards nature. As John Muir said, “Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity … and that mountain parks are useful not only for the foundations of timber … but the foundations of life.”

Pagans take great pride in their name. And despite centuries of submission of these religions, I see no reason to see it otherwise.

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I dont blame Dean for his actions. They make sense, and I don't believe he should be obligated to step into a caretaker role for Jack. And I get that it's important for his emotional needs. But at the same time, I think he's also just a victim of circumstance. They HAVE to take in Jack, for obvious reasons. And having a continuously negative attitude towards Jack isn't going to be great for Dean's emotional needs either. It's just a shitty situation, but there aren't many choices for him

Yeah, it’s a shitty situation alright. And to be fair, I think both of them are going at this the wrong way - Sam doesn’t know anything about Jack’s powers, or how Jack may learn to control them, and yet he’s giving it a go and reading books about gifted children (which I found peculiar, since he was so dismissive of Cas’ humanity only last year), as if that’s what Jack is. And while Sam wants to use Jack for his own goals, Dean is just - I think he’s sick to care about other people, because everyone he loves ends up dead, and that’s a pretty common reaction to grief - this soul-wrenching ‘this is not worth it, and I can’t take anymore pain - I never want to love anyone again’. So you’re right - treating Jack badly is not helpful to Dean, but Dean’s not someone who’s good at taking care of himself, and right now, he’s in full ‘let’s limit damages’ mode - he’s drinking and putting himself in danger and shutting his heart off as much as possible (which is not a lot, but it’s better than nothing) and that’s why he’s rude to Jack - because there’s a good chance Jack will die too, and an even better chance Dean will have to be the one to kill him, because that’s just what his life is about - watching people die and killing people he cares about - which means the less he cares about Jack, the less it’s going to hurt in the long run. But that’s a lie, of course, because Dean is Dean and he already cares about Jack - he cares about Jack because Jack needs someone on his side and because he’s a lonely kid and because he’s innocent (so far) and because Cas believed in him and because that’s simply who Dean is, what his deepest instincts are about: loving other people and taking care of them and helping them. Telling Jack he’d kill him if things went out of control - that’s what John asked Dean to do for Sam, and what Dean himself asked Cas to do for him. In his book, that’s not so much a threat as it is an act of love, because this show is 100% a tragedy and whatever happens next - my God, that won’t be fun to watch.

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I don't understand it when antis are like "just let me be an anti in peace!!!" bc isn't the whole point of being an anti actively spreading hate and being negative...? They are making a distinct choice to not Stay In Their Lane, so I don't see why we can't defend ourselves

Lmao literally the whole concept of being an anti is actively going out of their way to attack others over their ships like simple if you don’t want ppl getting mad at you don’t be an anti lmao

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hey! I ship deancas so much and would love if it went canon, but I've always been under the impression that it won't go canon simply because of the way Jensen tends to respond to destiel Qs at cons. he either avoids, says that it doesn't exist, etc... I know Jensen isn't a writer but would he really speak this way about a storyline that he knew they were heading toward? I don't mean to be negative, sorry :( any thoughts?

1. if its endgame its a massive plot spoiler and it is clearly in their interest to not comment or nay say. like wtf kind of spoiler alert is it if they’re like ohh well maaaaybe. 

2. Jensen and Misha act it. its on purpose. as this post so eloquently puts it, there’s no chemistry between dean and jimmy, may I add cas and moc!dean, dean and casifer, dean and crazy!cas. zero chemistry. none.

3. I’ve already answered a more deep post about Jensen and Destiel here so I’ll just link it cos honestly I don’t mind but I prefer to dwell on and write extensively on the positive narrative stuff rather than actor/ tptb speculation.

4. Jensen is hilarious and a giant contradiction of a man. I think he’s pretty ok with it.

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Never trust a man if you feel like you can't talk about your feelings around him or like you can't tell him he did something that upset you, no matter how minor. It's one thing if you have anxiety and assertiveness is something you need to work on, but if HE is the one making you feel that way? RUN. Don't trust a man who isn't receptive to your feelings. And don't trust a man who claims he cares about your feelings but continues to do something after you've told him it upsets you.

This is so important! If you can’t even discuss your feelings, how can you explain to him when you are distressed or upset by something negative he does in a way that will result in him stopping (in the case of something minor). If he doesn’t care enough about you to even listen to what you are going through, he won’t care when he hurts you. I agree with anon, run away as fast as you can.

 And keep this in mind, why would a man want to be in a relationship (something that’s supposed to be reciprocal and equally fulfilling) with someone he doesn’t care about emotionally? What does he get out of it?

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So, i got curious and went to google "chav"... And boy oh boy... Y'all weren't joking. There isn't one positive descroption of chavs. All of them more or less go along with the looks that Louis is wearing: top designer sporty clothes, white trainers, ciggie in hand. Till there i guess it "fits". Then you get PERSON WITH NO MORALS. CANT TELL RIGHT FROM WRONG. BRIT FOR WHITE TRASH. RACIST. QUITE STUPID. MORE HATED THAN ANY OTHER GROUP IN UK and im here like... What. The. Hell. That's *not* him. :/

yeah my mental association with chav has always been super negative (like from way, way before the term started being thrown around in the fandom).

it’s *not* him. at all. it’s not funny and it’s not true and it pains me to see his image being reformulated to fit such a damaging stereotype.

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Oh fuck me, it never even occurred to me that the writers might force Emma to ask Regina to be a bridesmaid. Oh fuckity fuck, I will lose my shit if they do something like that. it's bad enough CS's wedding isn't even focused on them, but if they try to force more Emma/Regina I think I'll finally go insane. -M

Well, they found a way to get every other member of the family involved in the wedding. Given how much they like to pretend that Emma and Regina are “friends” I absolutely would not put it past them.

Again, this wedding isn’t about the lost boy and the lost girl who finally found True Love together. No, it’s about the ungrateful assholes who beg Emma to save them every five minutes.

it’s tempting to be overly defensive to try to make 2017 a good year but don’t. allow healthy conversation and stay open. you’re still not perfect. you can mess up and so can other people. just because it doesn’t make you feel good doesn’t mean it’s negativity.

tips for the signs: going back to school
  • Aries: pay attention!!! listen to your teachers!!! I know I know I know it's really difficult and annoying and boring but just do, it'll pay off massively in the long run.
  • Taurus: try out new ways of learning / revising, the originality will help things lodge in your brain. don't get too stuck in your way my pet.
  • Gemini: yesss I know sometimes the teacher is wrong or annoying but it's okay, don't let it bother you so much you get into trouble. work hard and you'll do well okay?
  • Cancer: please don't get too overwhelmed socially! people are stupid sometimes, you're still lovely <3 focus on what is important to YOU & YOUR LIFE.
  • Leo: even if things seem easy now, that may not last. put the work in now and you can't go wrong. as much fun as parties are schoolwork is the priority right now sadly :/
  • Virgo: don't stress too much. you're smart & lovely & you're going to do really well so don't let school affect your emotional health negatively. remember to relax.
  • Libra: sweetheart you don't have to be perfect, and you will never be. Do what's important to you, you don't have to spend all your time helping others. good luck!!
  • Scorpio: it's all to easy to retreat into yourself. make sure you're engaging with the world in whatever way it is that you prefer. this year's going to be okay.
  • Sagittarius: yesss i know you're going to hate this but please please please do your homework. and don't skive. maybe school isn't right for you but you've got to deal for now.
  • Capricorn: try to be open-minded!!! don't do what you think others want you to do, life isn't about 'success' v 'failure'. make sure you're not putting too much on your plate.
  • Aquarius: you are lovely and smart and funny but you are not perfect and you are going to have to do some work. school's boring but it's necessary. don't look down on it.
  • Pisces: it's all too easy to get lost in a dream, then real life comes crashing in. do a bit of work every day, but make time for what you enjoy too - i love you <3
Symbiotic Relationships With Poison Types

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Getting rid of negative energy can be hard. For me personally, I find myself always trying to destroy it, usually through visualizing it being burnt up in the magma core of the Earth. Everyone has their methods, but sometimes we end up putting the negative energy into places where it can still “leak” back out. Even if we destroy it completely, which can be a good and cathartic solution, I’ve got an idea for ways to put that negative energy to use.

If we imagine negative energy as trash, poison, sludge, etc, clogging up our mind and body, and find a way to “clean” it all up, get it in one place, and get it out of us, instead of destroying it, why not feed it to a Poison type? By turning the negative energy into garbage/poison.

Remember some Poison types will want these energies in a different form. Grimer and Trubbish might like trash and poison, but Ekans or Zubat might not know what to do with a bunch of trash. Zubat might even prefer “blood” (I’m not for or against blood offerings, but “blood” can be substituted for a lot of other things). Heck, sometimes they just want a Poképuff. It’s up to you to research the specific Pokémon and how they interact with poison, and the individual you’re working with to see what they like. But I just want to throw it out there that some Poison types (and you!) will really benefit from this transfer of negative energy.

(There are Ghost types that feed on negative energy too, but in my opinion the process is going to look different. A post for another time.)

If you want to work with a Poison type, consider the ways that the both of you can help each other out! They offer a place for your negative emotions to go where they can’t get back to you, as well as their protection and guidance as a Pokémon companion, and you offer them gross gunk clogging up your soul. Of course, since you’re not feeling bad all the time, sometimes the trash in your garbage can works fine too. ;)

I’m sure I’m not the only one still crying rivers of tears after the finale but I thought now would be a perfect time to keep the fandom together by having a Lincoln Campbell Appreciation Week!

What is Lincoln Campbell Appreciation Week?

Lincoln Campbell Appreciation Week is an event created to celebrate and show our love for our favorite SHIELD pikachu.

The Days!

Lincoln Campbell week will run from June 13th until June 19th.

  • June 13th: Favorite Episode
  • June 14th: Favorite Quote
  • June 15th: Favorite Scene
  • June 16th: Favorite Character Trait / Trope
  • June 17th: Favorite Outfit
  • June 18th: Favorite Use of Power
  • June 19th: Free Day (Whatever you like)

The Rules

  • Remember to tag all posts with #lincolncampbellweek (within the first five (5) tags, otherwise it won’t show up in the tags page)
  • Be sure to keep it positive! This week is about celebrating Lincoln and his fandom, any harmful or negative posts will be ignored.
  • Feel free to create whatever you like in order to participate, i.e. gifsets, graphics, fan art, fanfiction, etc.
  • Be respectful and do not repost other peoples work.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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Hi :) what do you think of Rose West? Was she complicit in the murders Fred West committed? I'm tempted to say yes, but there's no actual physical evidence tying Rose to any of the murdered girls. She definitely participated in abduction, rape, and theft with Fred West, but there's no definite proof that she ever murdered anyone, or disposed of their corpse. Of course, either way she is guilty for horrible crimes, but something about Rose West just gives me the impression she isn't a murderer.

Unfortunately, with Fred West dead we’ll never ACTUALLY know what happened.  There are always two sides to every story and then of course there is the truth.  I also don’t hang onto every word the media spews, and of course they have tried to paint her in a negative light.  Even if she didn’t actually murder anyone herself, she was *in my opinion* a willing accomplice.  If I were in a relationship with someone and they came clean to me about their urges to kill, took me “hunting” with them, etc…there is no way I would ever go along with it.  Even if I were scared of them.  Negative media attention and publicity aside, there is something extremely dark about her.  She is emotionless and creepy to me.  You say that you have the impression that she isn’t a murderer, but I believe she actually did murder her stepdaughter (Fred’s daughter from his first marriage) while Fred was serving time in prison.  Also if you participate in abduction and rape with your husband or wife or partner or friend (over and over again), you are a cold & unfeeling person.  You should also check this out, I find handwriting analysis to be quite interesting.