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I hope this isn't offensive, but I was recently talking to someone who said that the word "pagan" is derogatory. is there any truth to this? I never thought of pagan as being negative or hurtful in any way. thank you for your time <3

I don’t believe you’re being offensive at all. I have also heard some people say that.

First off, I apologize for not giving you a simple yes/no answer. In order to understand what “Pagan” means, we have to go back pretty far into history. Plus, this is an area I know an uncanny amount about, ever since I took that Paganism & Early Christianity class I always knew that would come in handy someday. So, sit back, get comfy, and enjoy another round of Yunan’s Deluge of History Facts™.

To begin, let’s define Paganism. Paganism does not stand for one religion but many, and is an umbrella term used similarly to the way we use Judeo-Christian. These religions are normally polytheistic, flexible, open, and nature-focused–just to name a few qualities.

Back when Pagan religions were the majority, there was no name for them. It was universally understood that there are many Gods, and that nature should be respected. Based on what little texts we recovered from those periods, Gods were often defined by the region their worshippers lived in. This is why we know many pantheons as “Greek Gods” or “Germanic Gods”, since the region was the only way to differentiate these respective religions. 

In 380, the Edict of Thessalonica established Rome as an official Christian state. Historians estimate that less than 40% of the Roman population was Christian at the time that Edict of Thessalonica passed. This is mainly due to a method of conversion called the “top-down effect”, where the rulers of a kingdom are converted, and slowly the court and the population follow after. However, these noblemen were mainly in cities and less than 10% of the population. The elite didn’t outlaw paganism (yet), but they did restrict pagan worship and put their effort into converting the population.

Around the 400s, Chrisitan writers began coining the Latin word paganus, which I can roughly translate as “countrymen”, or “of the countryside”. Remember that the top-down effect focused on converting Romans in the elite. During this time, Rome underwent rapid urbanization, so most of its higher classes were in the cities. As a result, In Roman society city folk were seen as “enlightened” and “progressive”, whereas those in the rural ares who mostly worshipped the indigenous Pagan religion were suggested to be “backwards” or “uncivilized”. Thus, Christian writers at the time used the word “pagan” to reference the people in rural areas who still practiced their old religion.

I also want to add that the conversation of Europe took hundreds of years, until roughly 1500. When the Church began sending out friars and preachers to scope out heresy in rural areas, you better believe that the word “pagan” was use a lot, and not in a very nice tone.

But to get back on track: All Pagan religions were simply dubbed “Paganism” until the 20th century, when the Neo-Pagan movement arose. Then, people found a need to distinguish the different Pagan religions. This is where we’ve seen the rise of terms like Kemeticism, Hellenism, and even Wicca (whose practitioners were originally called “witches”, but later their faith was given a name). I believe the reason many websites and articles simply say “Paganism” because Paganism is an ancient, common, and easily understandable term for most audiences.

That begin explained—Is “pagan” a derogatory term? In its original conception, yes, it was. Is it derogatory now? I personally believe, no. Although the Romans aimed to move away from the countryside and into cities, nowadays people are aiming to move away from urbanization and back towards nature. As John Muir said, “Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity … and that mountain parks are useful not only for the foundations of timber … but the foundations of life.”

Pagans take great pride in their name. And despite centuries of submission of these religions, I see no reason to see it otherwise.

it’s tempting to be overly defensive to try to make 2017 a good year but don’t. allow healthy conversation and stay open. you’re still not perfect. you can mess up and so can other people. just because it doesn’t make you feel good doesn’t mean it’s negativity.

tips for the signs: going back to school
  • Aries: pay attention!!! listen to your teachers!!! I know I know I know it's really difficult and annoying and boring but just do, it'll pay off massively in the long run.
  • Taurus: try out new ways of learning / revising, the originality will help things lodge in your brain. don't get too stuck in your way my pet.
  • Gemini: yesss I know sometimes the teacher is wrong or annoying but it's okay, don't let it bother you so much you get into trouble. work hard and you'll do well okay?
  • Cancer: please don't get too overwhelmed socially! people are stupid sometimes, you're still lovely <3 focus on what is important to YOU & YOUR LIFE.
  • Leo: even if things seem easy now, that may not last. put the work in now and you can't go wrong. as much fun as parties are schoolwork is the priority right now sadly :/
  • Virgo: don't stress too much. you're smart & lovely & you're going to do really well so don't let school affect your emotional health negatively. remember to relax.
  • Libra: sweetheart you don't have to be perfect, and you will never be. Do what's important to you, you don't have to spend all your time helping others. good luck!!
  • Scorpio: it's all to easy to retreat into yourself. make sure you're engaging with the world in whatever way it is that you prefer. this year's going to be okay.
  • Sagittarius: yesss i know you're going to hate this but please please please do your homework. and don't skive. maybe school isn't right for you but you've got to deal for now.
  • Capricorn: try to be open-minded!!! don't do what you think others want you to do, life isn't about 'success' v 'failure'. make sure you're not putting too much on your plate.
  • Aquarius: you are lovely and smart and funny but you are not perfect and you are going to have to do some work. school's boring but it's necessary. don't look down on it.
  • Pisces: it's all too easy to get lost in a dream, then real life comes crashing in. do a bit of work every day, but make time for what you enjoy too - i love you <3

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I know you're not a fan of this otherkin stuff and neither am I, I'm not really 100% all in. None the less you shouldn't be going out of your way to repost negative posts and pictures that devalue another human or partial human (whatever they believe) just because you're not on board with it. If I said to you that homosexuality isn't a thing I believe in and it is something I can't "agree" with then you'd be having a fucking heart attack. So calm your shit and make the world more positive.

I’d be having a fucking heart attack because homosexuality isn’t some trend that began with teenagers on tumblr so they can have a cute title in their bio that isn’t ‘privileged white teenager’. 

The problem I have with otherkin isn’t so much that they think they’re dragons or whatever it is they want to be at that time, even though that is beyond stupid if you aren’t 6 years old, in my opinion. It’s more so the toxic way they treat and approach minorities that really do not need to be stigmatised any further. Specifically with the way they claim being anti-otherkin = transphobic and the way they group themselves with the LGBT community in general. Or the countless amounts of otherkin that self-diagnose themselves with physical and mental illnesses for what, exactly? Mental illness is a serious problem that should be taken seriously and these assholes are completely vilifying that. 

A culture that is based around making themselves minorities to feel special whilst simultaneously discrediting and belittling minorities that are going to great lengths to be taken seriously/treated equally in society/trying to not be killed for being part of said minorities - is a pretty shit culture to support. Supporting that kind of blatant asshattery will not make the world more positive, buddy.

I’m sure I’m not the only one still crying rivers of tears after the finale but I thought now would be a perfect time to keep the fandom together by having a Lincoln Campbell Appreciation Week!

What is Lincoln Campbell Appreciation Week?

Lincoln Campbell Appreciation Week is an event created to celebrate and show our love for our favorite SHIELD pikachu.

The Days!

Lincoln Campbell week will run from June 13th until June 19th.

  • June 13th: Favorite Episode
  • June 14th: Favorite Quote
  • June 15th: Favorite Scene
  • June 16th: Favorite Character Trait / Trope
  • June 17th: Favorite Outfit
  • June 18th: Favorite Use of Power
  • June 19th: Free Day (Whatever you like)

The Rules

  • Remember to tag all posts with #lincolncampbellweek (within the first five (5) tags, otherwise it won’t show up in the tags page)
  • Be sure to keep it positive! This week is about celebrating Lincoln and his fandom, any harmful or negative posts will be ignored.
  • Feel free to create whatever you like in order to participate, i.e. gifsets, graphics, fan art, fanfiction, etc.
  • Be respectful and do not repost other peoples work.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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A source close to his legal team?? Isn't it illegal to give out this sort of information. Isn't a rep supposed to do this shit??

Louis’ rep has been in a cryptogenic freeze since July 14th, 2015.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter because the source is full of shit. There are no actual legal negotiations going on about this real or fake child. Hopefully they’re just setting up the way out of this - Briana is asking for too much money, Louis wants a paternity test, and the results come back negative.

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Sorry for all the drama going on, but I've just noticed that you often use cis as a negative word to call someone, or that's at least how I experience your tone. Would you please stop? I don't go around calling you or other trans people for a trans in a negative way. We're all people here, I'm a person and you're a person. Being cis isn't a bad thing?

can someone come collect their crying child

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I'm seeing a ton of negative fan encounters with 5sos all over my dash... Please tell me they're all lies/fabricated in some way? I can't deal

I’ve never met them before but I do know that most of these ‘negative’ fan encounters are possibly misinterpreted by the person. I know that I have this image in my head of what I want to happen when I meet them and I know it’s not going to happen or play out in that way. We all have images of what we want to happen when we meet them and 99.9% of the time that image isn’t going to happen. We probably expect our fave to instantly fall in love with us and the boys to instantly become your new best friend and that isn’t how it works. The guys are going to have off days (as they should since they work like fucking dogs) and Calum is shy so its like people instantly think he’s rude if he doesn’t acknowledge you or tell you he loves you back. I’m the exact same way. What would you do if strangers constantly prowled around you and shouted how much they want you to fuck them? They do so much for us and it should really only matter about the music. We shouldn’t be keen on investing in what they do on their time off or who they do (if they do). They already let us in and tell us how much they love us, that should be enough. The boys don’t owe us soundcheck passes or the selfies they give, they don’t owe us anything but they do. That’s what should matter. 

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Can you explain why SJWs (I am determined to reclaim the term, damnit, fuck the SQW) are always arguing with shitty people who don't matter? I'm honestly having to unfollow SO many people because, as much as I love their politics and their thoughts, they're constantly getting into long drawn out battles with random haters and I just..? I don't want a proverbial war on my dash. Why do so many SJW bloggers keep getting involved in these verbal brawls? It isn't even good for their mental health.

I can’t speak for everyone, so I’ll try and speak for myself when I have been drawn into these.

You rarely think you will change their mind, that’s fairly naive, but sometimes it is too upsetting to just let this shit go unchallenged. Sometimes these arguments are bad for your mental health, but sometimes so is ignoring them. Seeing that negativity and never combating it can be draining in its own way.

Sometimes I use these people purely add illustration, to show how negative, twisted, hateful and skewed their arguments are.

People have their reasons. I personally try not to judge because some people need it and I’m not the arbiter of their mental health, though I will say that NO ONE is obligated to argue or get invested or anxious and ignoring and blocking people is a valid response.

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Okay first things first I hugely respect what you do , love your message etc BUT was extremely disappointed to see you used the word retarded in your snapchat story today in order to describe yours and tims actions ! Retarded is not an insult and there is nothing wrong with it so you shouldn't (especially a young girl with a huge following setting an example to many other young girls) be using it in a negative way! It's just like using gay as an insult .. It isn't ! Not trying to be rude or crit

Yes I totally agree!!! I definitely should not have used that word, it’s still an old old habit that sometimes slips in. I think I started to say it and realized and just kinda kept going😣 I’m sorry if that offended anyone and have deleted the snap!

But also I think everyone needs to keep in mind that I’m not perfect, and I will slip on these things from time to time. On snapchat I don’t plan out what I’m saying, I just speak as if I was talking to my friends. Even though I try, I’m not always going to say everything perfectly or ‘politically correct’.

But I do appreciate the messages making me aware of this!
:) :)

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Also, for all this talk about how SQers are bullying actors, the truth is that it's mostly just wanting people to talk about SQ in a positive way. On the other hand, you have hundreds of CSers spewing racist and homophobic hate every time Lana opens her mouth and SWEN/ERs dare to be happy. But yeah, let's keep pretending that saying that JMo isn't as supportive of SQ as we'd like her to be is in any way comparable to pure hatred, death and rape threats and horrific bigotry coming from CS fandom.

Again, anon, most of CS fandom really doesn’t care what other fandoms are doing and is totally happy to ship what they ship and do what they do over there. 

When posts are hijacked, we tend to see the negative, and that one person who’s angry and vengeful when a thousand people are just going about their day. 

CS fandom is huge. A few people who are angry on twitter with CS icons does not mean CS fandom is bigoted, homophobic or sends death threats. 

Most CSers, 99% of them, or more, are kind, lovely people. 

Not all Evil Regals are Swen. I started talking about this because people who ship Swan Queen don’t get to gatekeep liking Regina Mills. You can like Regina and ship her with Emma. You can like Regina and ship Emma with Killian. You like Regina in both cases, and are fully in your right to do so and dammit, I will fight for you. 

I have been far more involved in this argument than I ever intended yesterday morning. I’ve gotten hate. I’ve gotten angry asks and had my posts reblogged so people could argue that even suggesting Regina was queer was homophobic. 

I have more asks than I intend to answer today, than I will probably ever get around to answering, and you know what? 

I have more asks from people with CS icons, talking about their fears of homophobia, of mistrust and not belonging in the Evil Regal part of fandom, than I do angry asks from CSers. In fact, I have received absolutely no negative feedback whatsoever from anyone with a CS icon or who would identify as CS. 

I see more people trying to keep ALL CSers out of ‘their’ spaces than CSers even caring that this discussion is happening, other than those it effects. 

A very tiny amount, of CSers are rude, homophobic and cruel. Which is true of any segment of society. There is not, nor has there even be “pure hatred, death and rape threats and horrific bigotry” coming from CS fandom [as a whole]. 

There has not. EVER been this much nastiness from CS fandom as a whole. 

It’s a few people. The worst parts of humanity are a tiny part of the whole thing. If you paint the whole group as the same you allow that part to hide within them, to feel like they have strength in numbers. If you see individuals, that ability to hide goes away. 

All CSers hate Swan Queen only works when you see it and think “I don’t know any CSers, this must be true.” When another whole of the fandom is a dark place that you view with fear and mistrust, it’s easy to think “they must all be like this one loud angry one.” 

They are not. You need to judge people as individuals, and by their actions, not by what they ship. And if you say “well, they stood by, they didn’t police their fandom, they’re all condemned for allowing a few of them to spew hatred”. Then you are the exact same as that post you hate, because those are the words she used to condemn every SQer. 

Beneath that CS fandom umbrella are queer people, people of color, people who have been raped, people who deal with death threats, because just shipping Captain Swan is not some magical things that saves you from the nastiness of society as a whole. It means you are privileged in that what you like is on television. It gets talked about at comic con. That is it. That is the extent of the privilege of shipping Captain Swan. 

All that actually comes from CS fandom as a whole is a love of CS and even that is varied and has a thousand different perspectives. You don’t have to love Captain Swan, but as a human being, you owe more kindness to the people who do, because most of them would be kind to you in return. Some of them deal with the same awful things that you worry about and deserve your support and solidarity. 

They, like you are individuals and you need to see them that way. You’ll be a happier person if you do.