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Do you need someone to talk to?

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What happened? What’s wrong?? D:

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I know it hurts. If you need a listener, I’m here.

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Oh no, what happened? Message me if you need to talk. :(

Let’s just say some people think it’s okay to go around telling others about my eating disorder & anxiety, even though they swore not to tell. And I thought we were good friends. 

Several months ago, a friend whom I thought was close to me, immediately stopped talking to me after I told him about my anxiety, which was why I sometimes missed class. He cut off all ties, just like that. It hurt but I got over that. 

Gah I’m just done with humanity today. I’m gonna go listen to some music & draw stuff. 

(by the way, thanks guys for your concerns. I’ll be okay, I just needed to rant)

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I came across your message and I couldn't help but to um, feel bad if I ignore it because you went out of your way to ask people and I don't want to be part of that 99.999999%. ;A; So um. My face is round. I have wide jaw. My eyes sharp. My brows are natural. My nose is flat. And my lips are normal. Sorry if that is as descriptive as I can get.. >w<



Take a look at this cupcake surprising me with a gundam model kit. I had my eyes set on this during our date and was wondering if I should get it then next thing you know.. this girl right here went ahead and sent me this.

A friend once said, “If she accept your Gundams then she is worth keeping.”

I wonder if this is the case? Anyways, she knows that she already took my heart and here I am smiling like an idiot despite the crappy morning I woke up to.

She always know how to brighten my day. c:

I love you.

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Thank you for the follow. I must say, you have an awesome blog and most of your posts I seem to relate to so thank you for that. I hope we become not just followers but friends! c:

Hey, thank you :) i like you blog too. i’m sure we can be friends ^^