negative space tattoo


Before and after… Awesome henna stain!

I warmed up some water and added sugar and lemon juice to it. Then I took this solution and added it gently over the paste. It is a little sticky but it really brings out the color of the mendhi.


Submission by NOLAN SCHEUER    
The Netherlands     

Adaptation of a painting;
Know the original artist?
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So the other day I was listening to “Doubt” and at the bridge part I was thinking about how it kind of seemed like Tyler is questioning/criticizing his religion cause he says “gnawing on the bishops // claw away at their system // repeating simple phrases // someone holy insisted.” And then next he says “want the markings made on my skin // to mean something to me again” and I was really confused about that and the first thing I thought was that maybe he was talking about his tattoos? AND THEN today in the car it came on again and I remembered that TYLERS TATTOO ON HIS LEFT ARM IS A CROSS. If you look at the negative space on his tattoo it makes a cross. So I think that “Doubt” might be about Tyler’s faith, especially because of the line “even when I doubt you // I’m no good without you,” as if you say that even when he’s questioning his faith, he still needs it. Not sure I’m on the right track, but that’s what I’m getting from it after a few listens.