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Not all spoonies have supportive family members. Not all of them will believe we are sick, even if we’ve had our condition for years. Some of us have had to deal with parents blaming us for our health conditions, blaming us for not trying hard enough to get better. Some of us have faced abuse from our families. Some of us have been cut off and left to fend for ourselves.

I know it’s hard with family, but I’m here to tell you they’re wrong. Your illness is not and never will be your fault. You are not unlovable or less of person for your illness. There is no shame for being a spoonie, and you don’t have to hide our downplay your health if you don’t want to. You will always be an amazing person, no matter what you’ve gone through in your life. You are important.

I’ll always be here to support you.

Hey you,

Yeah you. Real talk for a moment here. I see you struggling, I see you saying horrible things to yourself like you don’t deserve anything and you are a waist.

Look at me right now…

You are NOT what your abuser told you, you were. When depression PTSD strikes it’s easy to slip back in to the repetitious heartache and negativity they used to control you.

You are you. You ARE strong, they can’t control you anymore, so be kind to yourself baby, take their words and realize they aren’t your own.

You are not what your abuser told you, you were. It’s okay, & it’s going to be okay, to be you.

8 Things Successful Students Do

Hey everyone! A lovely man named Mike Strangstalien, MA, MFT, LPC, NCC decided to compile a list of 8 things successful people do. He has been working on this list since 1994 and continues to update this list as he does more research. I decided to share some of his amazing work here with you all by summarizing his main points. Enjoy and good luck!

1. They raise their hand in class.

Now, this may seem trivial and sometimes you’re left with the question, “How can I speak up in class if I don’t even know what I don’t know?”. However, its been proven that people who raise their hand and ask questions tend to do better. If you are unsure of a question to ask, a good technique is to go home and review the material and the next day at the beginning of class, ask your question. This not only gets you to actively participate in class, but you begin to think about the information you learned and are able to commit it to long term memory.

2. They establish routine and structure.

During the day you should try to complete your homework so that at night you can spend your time studying, reviewing and consolidating. Its been proven that studying something before bed can commit it to long term memory. Doing work at night when you’re tired can lead to poor performance and may not commit things to memory if its the first time you’re seeing the information. 

Also, try to go to bed BEFORE 1:30 am! Why is this important? Your serotonin is used up during the day (about 90%)  and is reassembled if you get to bed by 1:30. If you go to bed past 1:30 twice in a row, you miss your key opportunity to replace it and you’re left with only 10%! Do this again and you’re down to only 1%. This affects your concentration, focus, attention, motivation and memory. 

3. They go to office hours.

Those who go to office hours at least 8 times during the semester yield, on average, 0.5-1.2 grade points HIGHER than their non-attending counter parts. The main reason people don’t go to office hours is a fear of looking “dumb”. However, if you just admit to your professor or TA that you’re completely lost, they can help re-teach. Remember to be honest about your confusion because otherwise they may start their explanation off the assumption that you already know something and you’ll have wasted your time and your professor’s. This can be the difference between a C and an A! 

4. They prepare for each lecture.

Preparation for each lecture is essential. Begin by reviewing any information from the last lecture within 24 hours of first receiving this information, otherwise you lose valuable time to commit it to long term memory. Additionally, quick read assigned readings so that the lecture can consolidate what you read. After the lecture, spend about 5 minutes summarizing the major points and look up any vocabulary you didn’t recognize. This all compiles into the three-read principle. 1. Read the textbook (or other materials) beforehand. 2. Reread after the lecture and try to find the main points in the reading. 3. Reread a third time and write notes as though you plan to teach the information. This means simplifying and not writing down unnecessary information. 

5. They remain actively involved when learning, attending lecture, and while studying. 

I have a post about active studying techniques which you can find here. Active learning requires not only that you consciously try to pay attention, but also that you maintain your motivation to learn the material, the willingness to complete the tasks at hand needed to learn it, and saying to yourself, “I am excited to learn something new and I am thankful that I have the opportunity to do it”. Remember, there are kids in other countries literally dying for the right to an education. Your education is luxury, not a right. Additionally, every 15 minutes, stop and ask yourself, “how does this fit into the main idea,” and “what is it that I just read and how can I form study questions from it?”. 

6. They take responsibility for their learning.

Although your professor is there to provide you with the information, it is not their job to make sure you learn it. Often times students fail because they expect the professor to try hard to help them. This is a harmful way of thinking and it can lead to failed exams. Those who take responsibility will make sure they seek help when they need it and they will make sure they search for resources outside of what is provided. If you’re really struggling with a concept, try Kahn Academy, YouTube or asking a TA. Its up to you to earn the A, not your professor. Also, keep track of your own grades and assignments that you turn in. This way if you need to see someone for help, you’re not disadvantaged because you waited until the grades were updated online after you threw away graded papers. 

7. They understand the work load and are prepared to study 7 days a week.

Not everyone can study for hours on end every day. For this reason, those who are successful make sure they break down their studying into 25 minute intervals. Additionally, make sure you touch on this information every single day to keep your brain ready for the class when it comes time and you can avoid procrastination. You also need to be prepared for repeated exposure. This means reviewing the same material 3-7 times. This highly increases your likelihood to not only learn the information for exam, but not become guilty of the “pump-and-dump”. This is especially helpful for anyone pursuing medical school or graduate school. 

8. They have no use for negative self-talk and they are honest with themselves.

You cant commit things to memory if you feel down or you are angry with yourself! Those who are successful maintain the mentality of, “I know that hard work and commitment will lead to success,” and, “I am capable, intelligent, and worthy of excellent grades”. They also understand that any grade they receive is earned and not given. Additionally, they understand that even at the end of the day, if they get bad grades they know for a fact that they tried their hardest. Self-criticism can be more harmful than good. Never scold yourself for missing homework, doing bad on an exam, or being confused. Instead, search for ways to actually CHANGE your behavior. A change in you mentality may sound silly, but it may be the difference between having the motivation to study a little harder and laying in bed feeling bad about yourself. BE HONEST. If you are really struggling and going to office hours and studying isn't helping, drop your pride and try to find a tutor. If a tutor isn’t in the books for you due to financial situations, explain this to your professor and see if you can schedule more one-on-one time. 

you know what
I really love self insert culture… I love the “tag urself I’m…” trend, I love the “look at my bf/gf/bff/..” trend when reblogging pics of your faves and saying stuff like “this is a picture of our first date…” etc etc,

I love that self- or reader-insert fics and fanart exist and that people make all these reactions/imagines and whatever else, because it means you’re recognizing yourself and you’re deeming yourself worthy of inserting yourself in the universes you love so much and let yourself interact with the people you look up to and it makes me smile when I see ppl talking about themselves

 so idgaf if others call any of that cringey because i think it’s a nice tool for us to get closer to ourselves and to put ourselves out there and even if  it’s in a sarcastic or slightly negative way you’re still talking about yourself and your feelings and that’s a Good Thing imo

Self-acceptance isn’t something that happens overnight. It won’t occur miraculously. It’s something that we have to actively participate in if we want to make any real progress. It takes time, work and effort. And it’s something that we have to do; no one can save us from our thoughts except us.

It means making the choice, each and every day, to counter negative self-talk, to consciously remember the things we like about ourselves. It’s a decision that, when insecurity hits - and it undoubtedly will - we’ll do our best to put up a fight and stand our ground, to counter our inner critic with kindness and compassion. 

It’s a lifelong journey; self-acceptance isn’t a destination, it’s a process, a habit, a skill to be honed. It gets easier over time. But it starts with a simple choice, the decision to be a friend to ourselves, a guardian of our own well-being and an active participant in our own lives.

It’s funny what you can convince yourself of when you really want to believe it (AKA my thoughts on wedding weight loss)

Just over a year ago, I made the decision to come back to this blog. I was convinced that I needed to lose weight for my wedding, and reactivating my old Fitblr account seemed like the best way to go about it. I knew that I wouldn’t be happy and that I couldn’t face people on my wedding day if I didn’t lose the weight. I told myself that getting married while fat was only going to make me miserable and that I would hate my wedding pictures forever. There were days when I made myself physically sick worrying that my arms and my double chin would keep me from enjoying what I kept hearing was supposed to be the best day of my life.

So I took this not-so-healthy motivation and decided to do something about my problem. In the end, I did end up losing some weight. It wasn’t nearly as much as I had hoped to lose, and I slacked off for the couple months right before the wedding for a variety of reasons. But that’s not important. I didn’t meet the goals I set for myself and in a way, I don’t really mind. I have no idea what I weighed on my wedding day, but in the end I was surprised to find that it truly didn’t matter. Now that our wedding is over and life has gotten back to somewhat normal, it all seems so trivial. I can honestly say that I don’t know why I stressed myself out so much over the number on the scale when I should’ve been more focused on the fact that I was finally getting to marry my best friend.

Moving forward, I do still want to lose more weight. I want to be healthy and I want to feel good about myself. But I think that if I had stopped focusing on meeting an imaginary, self-imposed deadline, I would’ve been able to make healthier and longer-lasting changes. And I know for sure that I would’ve avoided unbelievable amounts of stress and disappointment. I would’ve felt even better about myself that day if I took the obscene amounts of time and energy I put into hating myself and instead put it toward self-love and body acceptance. By the time I realized all of this, however, it was the week before the wedding and there really wasn’t much that could be done. I did everything I could do to feel good about myself in the week leading up to the wedding, which is really all I could’ve asked for or expected of myself.

All this being said, I did end up feeling beautiful on my wedding day. It turns out that professional makeup, nails, hair-styling, and a dress will go a long way in that department. Also, perhaps most importantly, I actively chose to focus on the fact that we were finally getting married and let the overwhelming feelings of love and pure joy drown out all of the negative self-talk. In the end, I was no happier on my wedding day because of the weight I lost beforehand, and I wasn’t any less happy because of all the weight I didn’t lose. My husband loves me no matter what I weigh, and I am so thrilled to finally be married to him.

How to Love and Care for Yourself More

1. Interrupt the denigrating, negative self talk.

2. Don’t beat yourself up when you get something wrong.

3. Give yourself credit for the ways you’ve changed and grown.

4. Say something good about yourself every day.

5. Refuse to fixate on the things that could go wrong.

6. Believe that you are worthy of unconditional love.

9 toxic behaviours that will affect your life

1) Gossiping.

We all do it. Some of us more than others. We talk about the girl next door or the new guy that just started working here. We talk about how the Brown’s just split up and “Did you hear why they separated?” Did you know that when we talk about people it shows an insecurity or jealousy in us? Boom. Where are you lacking in your life that you feel the need to cut down someone else’s life? Have a think about that for a moment.


There’s no point or purpose to this. Who are you lying to and why? It doesn’t even make any sense to do this and I still don’t understand why so many people still lie. You think the truth hurts, check out a lie. Nothing hurts more than that.

3) Worrying about things that haven’t happened yet.

Let me repeat that if I may. Things that haven’t happened yet. Why would you waste your time and energy worrying about something that hasn’t even happened? I know a lot of us play out a situation in our head and our first instinct is to be play it out with a bad ending. Why do we do that? I’ve done this one myself once or twice. Worry is a natural emotion/feeling. It’s up to you to control it and stop it in its tracks before it spirals out of control. That’s when the stress kicks in and our blood pressure rises. No need for all this now, is there?

4) Holding a grudge.

There’s an old saying “holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”. Think about that for a sec. The poison you are drinking is the grudge. You are swallowing every drop and you are mad and pissed off to a point of no return. Expecting the other person to die? Honestly they could care less what you think. Hell they probably aren’t even thinking about you anyway. So why on earth are you wasting your time and energy grudging on someone? Go pick some flowers and bring them to a nursing home. Really. Spend time doing happy things. Not brewing and stewing over silly things.

5) Jealousy.

The girls in the magazine are beautiful. Sally has a beautiful body. Jimmy has a nice car. The Whites just bought a brand new house. With every turn, someone somewhere has something better or nicer than we do. Our first reaction is jealousy. There is no need to be jealous really. We all have something special, unique and beautiful inside of us. We also all have something that someone else wishes they had. Just be grateful for who you are and what you have. You are perfect and blessed exactly the way you are. Embrace it.

6) You’ve already lived the past.

Oh how we love to hang on to what happened 5, 10 or even 25 years ago. We still go on and on about it to whoever will listen. Why shouldn’t we? Who we are today is because of what happened to us yesterday. Well, yes, you’re right. Sort of. Who we are today is the result of the way we chose to handle the past. We didn’t all have silver spoons in our mouths. Some of us were dealt really shitty hands. It is what it is. Be done with it. No one wants to hear it, really. Just tell us something happy and joyful. That’s all we want to hear now.

7) I don’t love me.

Watch how you talk to yourself. You are listening. Make sure your self-talk is loving, kind, compassionate, gentle, caring and supportive. Talking bad about yourself to yourself is probably the worst thing you can do. Treat yourself in a totally loving and positive manner. When you do this, you will be able to see how awesome you are and how much more awesome you will become.

8) Woe is me.

Always the victim never the victor. Sad things keep happening to you and you can’t wait to tell the next person you see. The more you talk about it, the more depressed you get and the more terrible things keep happening to you. You think your life is bad? Go hang out in a city where they just had a devastating earthquake or tsunami. Stop whining. We’re getting sick of listening to it and there will come a point where no one will want to be around you. How lonely will that be?

9) Negative Nancy.

We are really truly sad for you and wish, just once, you could see something in a positive light. Not everything is bad. Honest. Try to find the good in things and when you do you will see that more good things will show up in your life. It’s a universal law. It has to be. You are sucking the life out of us and we don’t want to hang around you anymore.

This list covers many things that we all do almost on a daily basis. Next time you catch yourself doing any of these, stop it. Immediately. Turn it around and tell yourself that your soul is beautiful and deserves only loving, kind and caring thoughts. Once you get into this habit, in no time you will see that these behaviours will become a thing of the past and your soul will illuminate beauty.

From Simple Reminders

Truth Tip Tuesdays

If someone’s stopped being a good friend or you realize they never were a good friend, it’s okay to cut them out of your life. It’s okay to simply not talk to them anymore or make an effort to hang out with that person, because they don’t care about your well being. You don’t have to keep allowing negativity in your life. 

anonymous asked:

Rosy, you are so wise and mature so I thought I'd just ask your advice. How did you become so confident and love yourself? I find it so hard. My biggest issue is that I can't stop comparing myself to people. I'm always envious of some quality or thing others possess- like someone being more outgoing than I am, having more friends, or having accomplished more. I feel like I'm trapped in a toxic cycle of negativity that's really hurt my self-esteem but I don't know how to not do this. help?

I have been staring at this ask through all this fandom drama laughing, because there are so many people right now who would argue about your opinion of me. I guess that’s why I didn’t answer it, because it would almost feel like I was aggressively telling them the whatfor.

But maybe it’s the right time to answer this after all. Because one of the reasons people go after me is because I have the confidence to say what I think and not back down, even if other people say I am wrong and call me names and literally send thousands of people to bully me (not this time, but that’s what the CLs did.) I mean, I have been called arrogant here since the moment I started writing metas and saying what I thought, even when those thoughts contradicted the prevailing popular beliefs. BECAUSE those thoughts contradicted the prevailing popular beliefs. Because no one is supposed to have the right to question what the powers that be have decided and to do so is the epitome of arrogance. My question is who made those people the powers that be? Not me. I didn’t elect them emperor of my opinion. 

So here’s the thing. I’m confident because I’ve been through a lot and learned a lot about myself and learned a lot about other people. This is the result of decades of not only living but also active personal work. 

When I was a kid. I was weird. In almost every way possible. I came from a weird family. Poor, mixed race, buddhist, hippie, artist, scifi loving weirdos. No one was like me, ever, except for my sister, not even in my own family. I was an outsider. I was different. I was weird. 

I spent my childhood and teens thinking that was somehow wrong. I was ashamed of who I was because I was not like other people. 

But at the same time, I was taught to question authority and think about things and observe others. Not in relation to myself as a person, but to things like racism and class inequity and children’s rights. 

Then I got to college and was suddenly surrounded with people who looked like everyone on tv. Rich, white, privileged. The ones who were the things society said I should be, and you know what I found out? 

They weren’t better than me. In many cases they were so much worse. Some of them were straight up bad people. And that flipped a switch in me and I realized, “There is nothing wrong with me because I am different.”

I stopped being ashamed of who I was, what I thought, what I liked, what I believed. And I just went with it. This is me. This is who I am. You don’t have to want to be like me or like me or agree with me. It’s just me. 

This is not to say that it was like magic and I was magically confident from then on. But it was a watershed point. And I could question even my OWN ideas about whether something was good or bad or wrong. Or where those ideas came from.

From there, I actively worked to believe in myself and recognize that who I was worthy, precisely for who I was. I actively looked to see the positive aspects instead of the negative. When I had negative thoughts I tried to look at them from the other side to see if they could be positive. Are my thighs fat? No they’re lush. Is my skin pasty? Fuck you, it’s luminous. Am I arrogant? You know a synonym for that is “confident.” And then I go. Okay then. Yeah. Maybe I am those things and maybe those things make me who I am and that’s NOT. SO. BAD. 

It’s all about perspective. When people who are trying to put you down (even yourself) tell you how bad you are, you have to take their perspective into consideration, and their motivation. And yes, negative self talk is a killer. We internalize these things. 

But this is the real thing. You are not bad. You are imperfect. And growing. Because this is human. You are allowed to be imperfect. You don’t have to be what they say you should be. You can be you. Imperfect or weird or whatever. And you can be insecure about it, too. Acknowledge that and recognize that it is normal. And then remind your negative self talk to shut up. 


From time to time I get asks about how to cope as an individual with negative self talk- / low self esteem through lower functional development. But the problem is not poor functional development – it is shame .

The following is from Daring Greatly by Brene Brown (I highly recommend reading it – your library system may have it, otherwise it’s worth the financial investment).

The difference between shame and guilt is best understood as the difference between “I am bad” and “I DID something bad.”

Guilt = I did something bad.

Shame = I am bad.

When we apologize for something we’ve done, make amends, or change a behavior that doesn’t align with our values, guilt (not shame) is most often the driving force. We feel guilty when we hold up something we’ve done or failed to do against our values and find they don’t match up. It’s an uncomfortable feeling but one that’s helpful. The psychological discomfort is what motivates meaningful change. Guilt is just as powerful as shame, but its influence is positive, while shame’s is destructive.

Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we can change and do better.

If John’s self-talk is, “God, I’m a loser. I’m a failure” – that’s shame.

(She goes much, much more in depth on shame, how it pops up in life, her own experiences with it, the struggles both sexes face, etc., but I’ll sum up some of the high points here).

Women and the Shame Web (what women said when asked to share definitions of/or experiences w/shame):

  • Look perfect. Do perfect. Be perfect. Anything less than that is shaming.
  • Being judged by other mothers.
  • Being exposed: the flawed parts of yourself that you want to hide from everyone are revealed.
  • No matter what I achieve or how far I’ve come, where I come from and what I’ve survived will always keep me from feeling like I’m good enough.
  • Even though everyone knows that there’s no way to do it all, everyone still expects it. Shame is when you can’t pull off looking like it’s under control.
  • Never enough at home. Never enough at work. Never enough in bed. Never enough with my parents. Shame is never enough.
  • No seat at the cool table. The pretty girls are laughing.

Men and the Shame Web (what men said when asked to share their definitions of or experiences w/shame):

  • Shame is failure. At work. On the football field. In your marriage. In bed. With money. With your children. It doesn’t matter – shame is failure.
  • Shame is being wrong. Not doing it wrong, but being wrong.
  • Shame is a sense of being defective.
  • Shame happens when people think you’re soft. It’s degrading and shaming to be seen as anything but tough.
  • Revealing any weakness is shaming. Basically, shame is weakness.
  • Showing fear is shameful. You can’t show fear. You can’t be afraid – no matter what.
  • Shame is being seen as “the guy you can shove up against the lockers.”
  • Our worst fear is being criticized or ridiculed – either one of these is extremely shaming.

The solution is to develop shame resilience:

The ability to practice authenticity when we experience shame, to move through the experience without sacrificing our values, and to come out the other side with more courage, compassion, and connection than we had going into it).

If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame cannot survive. Self-compassion is key because when we’re able to be gentle with ourselves in the midst of shame, we’re more likely to reach out, connect, and experience empathy.

Here are the four elements of shame resilience, to lead to empathy and healing:

Recognizing Shame and Understanding its Triggers. Shame is biology and biography. Can you physically recognize when you’re in the grip of shame, feel your way through it, and figure out what messages and expectations triggered it?

Practicing Critical Awareness. Can you reality-check the messages and expectations that are driving your shame? Are they realistic and attainable? Are they what you want to be or what you think others need/want from you?

Reaching Out. Are you owning and sharing your story? We can’t experience empathy if we’re not connecting.

Speaking Shame. Are you talking about how you feel and asking for what you need when you feel shame?

In order to deal with shame, some of us move away by withdrawing, hiding, silencing ourselves, and keeping secrets. Some of us move toward by seeking to appease and please. And some of us move against by trying to gain power over others, being aggressive, and by using shame to fight shame (like sending really mean e-mails). Most of us do all of these – at different times with different folks for different reasons. Yet all of these strategies move us away from connection – they are strategies for disconnecting from the pain of shame.

Ways that help cope with shame:

Practice courage and reach out! Yes, I want to hide, but the way to fight shame and to honor who we are is by sharing our experience with someone who has earned the right to hear it – someone who loves us, not despite our vulnerabilities but because of them.

Talk to myself the way I would talk to someone I really love and whom I’m trying to comfort in the midst of a meltdown: You’re okay. You’re human – we all make mistakes. I’ve got your back. Normally during a shame attack, we talk to ourselves in ways we would NEVER talk to people we love and respect.

Own the story! Don’t bury it and let it fester or define me. I often say this aloud: “If you own this story you get to write the ending. If you own this story you get to write the ending.” When we bury the story we forever stay the subject of the story. If we own the story, we get to narrate the ending. As Carl Jung said, “I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become.”

How Do I Look? - Jughead x Reader

Request — Anonymous asked: Hi! So I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is chubby and she has a crush on jughead but she doubts herself? Thanks so much

A/N — Aaa, I thought this request was too cute! I related to this a lot, since I do have BDD and I constantly put myself down for my weight, I know how hard it can be to accept yourself for you are. If you are going through a rough time about something similar and if you ever feel like you don’t fit in because of the way you look, I’m sure you guys are absolutely stunning. Everyone has their flaws and it can be hard to deal with on a daily basis, but trust me, you’re beautiful. I hope you enjoy!

Words: 1135

Warnings: Negative self talk, weight issues

(Y/N) , (S/C) , (Y/L/N) , (E/C) — Your name, skin colour, your last name, eye colour

She just stared at herself through the mirror in her room. She stared over what she was wearing, how she was wearing it, and what she thought about herself wearing it. It started from the top of her head to the bottom of her ankles. A shaky exhale managed to escape her lips, fighting back negative thoughts that surrounded her mind. (Y/N) was getting ready for a party that night. Her best friend and childhood crush, Jughead Jones, was over at her house as he was staying the night. You picked out what you were planning to wear to the party, something casual and not too fancy, just anything that made you feel comfortable. Once again, you eyed yourself over at the black skirt that clung to your (S/C) hips with a grey shirt tucked into it. Jughead walked out from the bathroom, finished getting changed as he didn’t want to invade your privacy.

“Almost ready?” He said, looking down at his phone as he was texting Archie for details. “As much as I hate parties, free food and music isn’t too bad.” He chuckled still keeping his eyes on his phone as he finished off writing his text, putting it in the back of his jeans as he finally made eye contact with you. His eyes widening, so captivated by such a beautiful sight, he was literally speechless. He swallowed hard, stuttering for the right words to come out so he didn’t make a full out of himself in front of such a stunning being. (Y/N) turned around from looking at herself in the mirror, now facing Jughead as her (E/C) eyes met his blue ones.

“W-Why are you staring? Is it the outfit? I-I knew I should have changed, and God it’s last minute, we’ll be late for the party!” (Y/N) blurted out, everything that could possibly go wrong rushed through her head. Jughead knew that she was freaking out about going the party, honestly he wouldn’t blame her, as he himself wasn’t in such a party mood, but anything to please the luck of the chances of getting somewhere with his all time crush, (Y/N), he did anything to make her happy.

“(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N), d-don’t freak out. What’s bothering you, can I help out?” Jughead asked, now scared that he did something wrong like walking in while she was still getting ready. He places his hands on her shoulders keeping her still.

“It’s just…” She paused. “I look so fat. What am I saying, I am so fat. All I see all the time is fat attached to my skin. Why can’t I just look like Betty or Veronica or Cheryl? T-They have the most perfect ideal bodies and I’m just the chubby girl.” You explained, tears now forming in your eyes. Jughead now could clearly tell that this issue had been upsetting you for a while as she told him. Although to Jughead, he never noticed her weight or her appearance in a bodily manner until she pointed it out until now. Jughead, since he could remember, loved (Y/N) for her beauty as well as her personality.

“So what you’re telling me is that you think you’re fat? (Y/N), come here for a ‘sec.” Jughead pulled you over to him, staring straight into your eyes, before he slowly turned you around as you now faced the mirror that knew you so fondly. “What do you see?”

“Everything wrong with myself. My hips, my thighs, my arms, I see an ugly person.” She fought back breaking down in front of him, as she closed her eyes so she didn’t want to look anymore longer. She paused, opening her eyes. “Juggie? What do you see?”

“Well, do you want to know what I see? I see the most beautiful girl a guy could ever meet. I see the most beautiful best friend who I’ve come to cherish for so many years. Do you really want to know what I see?” Jughead walked closer behind you, now standing against you as he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind as he laid his chin to rest on your shoulder, leaning down to match each other’s height. “I see you as I’ve seen, a-and came to love.” That caught you by surprise. In a million years, you never thought that your crush, Jughead Jones, loved you back. Yet again would use that specific term in general, as you knew so much about his past and his family and friends. You turned around, now facing him as his hands still held onto your waist. His gaze was deep into yours, gulping hard once again as he figured out something to say, that was until (Y/N) caught him off guard.

“Jughead Jones, do you realise that you are the most gorgeous human I have ever met with the most beautiful soul?” She asked, placing her hand up to rest on his cheek, as he smiled down at her.

“I agree to disagree, but thank you. It… it really means a lot.” Jughead smiled back at her.

“Also, about what you said before… d-do you love me?” She bit down on her bottom lip. Jughead looked down, before adjusting the beanie that clung onto the back of his head.

“I… yes. I have for, God, I don’t even know how long. But yes, I love you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” He looked down at her, hoping there would be a hopeful reaction to have come out of her. A tear quickly ran down her cheek, her first instinct before she broke out into a cheesy grin. Jughead quickly freaked out, thinking it was a turn for the worse. “W-what’s wrong? W-Was it something I said?” You giggled, looking up at him as he wiped that tear that was still stuck to your cheek.

“No, no, no! Jug, I’m okay, just relax will you?” You laughed, feeling now both of his hands now placed on your cheeks. “I’m crying out of happiness, I-I never thought you’d like me back.” At this point, Jughead was now laughing along with you as he held onto your face.

“Can I kiss you, now?” He asked, trying to stop laughing until you stood up onto your tiptoes to meet your lips with his, closing both of your eyes as you shared your moment together until finally pulling away.

“Do you mind if we ditch? I’d rather stay home and have a horror movie marathon.” (Y/N) suggested, placing her forehead against Jughead’s.

“Can we please?!” Jughead asked in such an excited tone, removing his forehead from hers, taking her hand as they both rushed downstairs to the living room.

A/N — No offence, but I’m incredibly proud of myself for writing this. I thought the ending was cute and honestly, would you rather go to a party or stay home alone with Jughead to have a movie marathon? Once again, I hope you enjoyed!