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Not everyone is a long time K-pop fan. If someone is wrong and/or misinformed, you don’t have to be rude in calling them out and use profane language. Educate; don’t belittle.

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What would your response be to ppl saying that Clarke betraying the Grounders in the last episode is exactly like Lexa leaving the skaikru in Mt. Weather? I haven't watched this season so idk all the details of what went down with that bunker business and my hunch is that those ppl (i.e. blarkes) are once again twisting/over simplifying things to demonize Lexa/prop up blarke (they think the purpose of the "parallel" is to bash Lexa and present Bell as the real hero who will "correct" Clarke)

My response would be filled with very impolite words but I’m not gonna do that. Instead, I’m just gonna explain how that parallel not only is wrong, but it’s nonexistent. People are so busy demonizing characters that they miss what the show has been literally screaming at us for a few episodes now.

So, if you pay attention, you’ll notice how evident it is that the parallel everyone is looking for isn’t with Lexa, but instead, with the Mountain Men.

But let me go in order. Throughout this season (and even before if we consider all the interviews on this topic) it has been made clear what Clarke’s approach to the upcoming apocalypse would be: try to save everyone. No more Grounders vs Skaikru, us vs them. She transcended tribalism, as it was repeated more than once. Now, while I do believe this is something Clarke already had in her (not as much as some people in the fandom seem to think, but that’s a story for another post), this progress has been shown as a consequence of her relationship with Lexa. Even ignoring the romantic aspect of it for a moment, they did change each other for the better, and Clarke witnessed Lexa’s vision of unity and peace. 

Now, we get to season 4, and not only Clarke is grieving for Lexa, she wants to honor her as well. Throughout the season, Lexa is mentioned multiple times in relation to Clarke, and in a positive light. To make some examples

– She and her legacy are recognized and honored even by past enemies. (x)

– Clarke wants to try to save not only just her people but everyone, as many as she can. Admirable aspiration, which is recognized as something Lexa believed in as well, something she would be proud of. (x)

– We’re yet again reminded of Lexa’s vision. She made the Coalition. She wanted unity because she wanted peace and safety for all clans. Also in this same scene, Indra mentions that if Lexa were there, the other clans might have followed her, and also that Lexa was the only reason a war hadn’t happened before. So, we see that Lexa’s presence could have avoided several conflicts and problems during such a critical situation. So again, a positive mention. (x)

Now, we’ve seen Clarke being very much in line with Lexa, which has been shown a good thing. But there is another scene Lexa is mentioned in that is worth talking about. The discussion between Clarke and Roan in 405. (x)

The first time in s4 we see Clarke possibly reverting back to tribalism, it is portrayed negatively. Roan literally calls her out. And yes, it was a backup plan, but Clarke’s face during Roan’s speech makes it pretty obvious that there is some truth about her in what he is saying.

Now, why did I mention all this? Because I needed to make clear how Lexa and her vision and her legacy are being showcased. Again, in a positive way. Because what Clarke chose to do in 410 wasn’t influenced by Lexa, it wasn’t a parallel to Lexa’s betrayal in 215. It was a parallel to something else, to someone else. Who?

Dante Wallace. More in general, the Mountain Men.

Honestly, it’s right there. Literally spelled out by the show, and more than once.

Clarke has good intentions. We’ve seen it throughout the season. But also the apocalypse is coming and the stakes are insanely high and she keeps on losing hope. We see how all this is taking a toll on her, how it’s literally eroding her, and the harder it gets the more she slips back into a “we have no choice” mentality. We’re not supposed to see that in a good light. We’re supposed to be disturbed. And here comes the negative parallel. 

First, episode 408. Clarke decides to test the nightblood and radiation on the grounder scavenger, finding some sort of moral consolation in the fact that he’s a horrible person who tortured Emori (she doesn’t know it’s a lie). When the truth is revealed, Emori is chosen as the next one to test/sacrifice. This time, Clarke has no excuses. Nothing other than humanity will die if they don’t find a solution. Now, what other people would have been doomed to death (by radiation nevertheless) without committing unspeakable acts in order to ensure their survival? That’s right. The Mountain Men. The parallel becomes even more evident when Luna refuses to give them other bone marrow and they knock her out, strap her down and take it by force. As Raven says (x)

In this particular case, the final outcome is less grim than it could have been. Clarke doesn’t go all the way, she decides to inject herself instead of doing it to Emori. Through the episode, we see her being plagued by what she is about to do. She can’t even look at Murphy, we see her doubting her own choice, meditating on it. And eventually, she chooses not to do it. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she ends up changing her mind after Roan mentions Lexa. Lexa is a reminder of what she’s been trying to accomplish, of who she’s been trying to be. At least, that’s how I see it. 

And once we get to Clarke injecting herself, she repeats Dante’s words. “I bear it so they don’t have to.” In doing what she does, she retains some of her morality, but also, it’s the first sign of the direct correlation being established between Clarke and Dante. When you think about it, she is doing what he was planning to do if his people had eventually left Mt Weather. He wanted to stay inside, to sacrifice himself. Here, Clarke is sacrificing herself as well.

And finally, we get to 410. Clarke’s “transformation”, so to speak, is complete. Now, I’ll try to make this as evident as possible going step by step.

  1. At the beginning of the episode, she’s still holding on to her plan/ethic (we have to try to save everyone). 
  2. Enters the threat of Luna.
  3. Jaha instills fear about the death of their people.
  4. Clarke initially ignores it and goes to talk to Roan but he won’t listen.
  5. Clarke makes up her mind and decides to steal the bunker.

This is 410. Now look at 215, from Dante’s perspective.

  1. Dante has been refusing to have any part in the killing of the 48, which means he’s holding on to his ethic. 
  2. Enters the threat of Lexa and Clarke, ready to break into Mt Weather with an army.
  3. Cage instills fear about the death of their people.
  4. Dante initially ignores him.
  5. Dante changes his mind and suggests a plan to save his people (deal with Lexa)

It’s so incredibly linear. Clarke and Jaha become a mirror image of Dante and Cage. And to make sure it’s clear, at the end of the episode, Octavia literally says

This is the parallel. This is the negative influence. Lexa is nowhere to be found here, if not in the fact that by doing this, Clarke, who wanted to honor Lexa’s legacy, is now literally betraying it. She has turned into what used to be the Grounders’ and Lexa’s greatest enemy. 

That’s it. This is what I think that scene and Clarke’s arc are supposed to mean. To analyze it further, we can only wait for next episode, when we’re going to see the repercussions of this choice and we’re probably going to delve into Clarke’s psyche much more.

In regards to Bellamy, again, I think the best thing to do is to wait for the next episode to air and then see.

But this is my answer. I hope I made my thoughts clear enough.

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The Stella drama becomes annoying. When will they finally give it a rest? Everybody claims she had more character than Luna in that new concept art they released, but all I see she had an advantage over Luna is the phone, the rest is still the same. Where does she have more character? Just because she is prettier?

Okies, well here is the thing. I firstly want to clarify that I myself did not follow the whole versus concept. I think I might have watched one trailer some long time ago and that was it. I rolled into FFXV blind (and i am still grateful for myself doing that to this very day), and I got perhaps hyped last minute or something like that. But now of course I did indulge myself into the history a bit more, and I know and we all know it had a very long/sluggish development time (if we consider the concepts of versus too with it, because FFXV was roughly made from the ashes of Versus in 4 a 3 years or such).

I am going to be blunt here, but I don’t care about Stella. She was and is a unfinished concept that got scratched, which happens all the time in every creative sector, and developers and directors have their reasons for it. Who am I to judge their judgment? Those are their creations and decisions and its like I said, a normal thing that happens within the creative sector/business. Can one disagree with that? Of course! And people have, and I understand that. But the fact is that we barely know nothing about that concept, just a few bits and pieces of a ‘possible direction’. And it makes zero sense to me, to compare a unfinished/concept with a finished and actual delivered character that exists. And I feel you on this anon that it is really frustrating and obnoxious too see some use this new concept art/storyboards that appeared, and use it as a excuse to bash on a certain character and further more on a particular ship (and I detest character/ship basing of all kinds *shivers*) hence I don’t mingle myself too much into that.  

It is a concept that doesn’t exists and never made it into the actual game that we know is FFXV. For all I know, there could have been 50 more character concepts that in the end got scratched, but we never got to see (kinda a exaggerating here but I hope you get my point) For all we know she could have been this, could have been that, maybe even could have been a local banana sales girl in the end (jokes aside here now though). We don’t know, and in my opinion it really isn’t fair and once again logical to compare such matters because it makes 0% sense.

In my opinion, Square made a mistake my showing too early footage of still in development concepts at that time, which was in my believe all part of the marketing and $$$ + building up hype, because once again that’s what marketing does and is. I sincerely hope they learned from this, and also hope they don’t show too much of Episode Ignis (only when they got a steadfast concept in which they have cut the knots) and then show trailers and such. 

And so yes I do agree with you, that people need to drop this. There is a difference by simply disagreeing and being bummed by a choice, and simply bashing every thing because it didn’t make it into the game or fit your own head canons and such. All I can do is advise you to ignore it and continue on spreading positivity in this fandom. 

Can we stop with the hate already?

Let us live with positivism in our hearts and mind. Negativity will get us nowhere. Stay away from things that are toxic to you, and that is how you will do better with and in life. There are many things in life that we can not control, and they will affect us. What we can do, as individuals, is to maintain a positive outlook and do what we can. It’s easier on tumblr than in real life, yes, but one step at a time.

If you do not like a particular person, unfollow, blacklist and block..
If you do not like a particular artist, unfollow, blacklist and block.

If you have nothing good to say about it, please keep it to yourself, or rant to someone who cares. People who come to this blog came here for Hiro Mashima’s artwork. If you do not have that intention, or like them, please just leave. There is no place for your hate here. This is a place for people who enjoy Hiro Mashima’s artwork to unite and connect.

If any word is spread in this post, let it be this. 

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Originally posted by omg-daddario

This show keeps getting better and better in terms of its plots, locations, casting, writters and all its season 2 crew members which are just stunning, creative and so inspiring. Shadowhunters really has a special place in my heart. It made me cry, laugh and so much more. This fandom is just an amazing community that I’m really proud to be part of. You guys are so passionate, thoughtful, lively and devoted that it really made me realize what it’s like to be part of something bigger and to be fully alive.

THANK YOU GUYS, bless all of you!! (except those who spread negativity that clearly leads nowhere.)

PS: be prepared for 2x18 ‘cause this is gonna be epic ! ! ! Still convinced that the “after” is not a flashback. I leave you to that, just think about it. If you’re like me, you have plenty of time to kill before it’s Monday.

Dear People Who Run Anti Blogs,

Do you ever get tired of being negative all the time?

I mean, it must be so exhausting living your life so full of hatred.

Like, are you okay? I can’t imagine the kind of shit life you lead that you can only be happy by putting other people down.

I hope that you find some peace Anti Bloggers. Because negativity gets you nowhere.

You should focus on promoting the things you love instead of wasting your time and energy bashing the things you hate.

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Diligence + Remy/Gambit? :3

Prompt: “Last time I failed you. I won’t ever do that again.”

A/N: if you guys don’t know already, i’m remy trash omg on another note, thank you so much for 700 followers :)) 

He trusted you, as both a member of the X-Men and as a friend. You were a well-experienced fighter and your mutation of manipulating sound waves gave you more than enough capability to fight the creatures on your own. He would be lying if he said he didn’t worry about you, it was in his nature to do so, but he would never admit it to you. Remy wasn’t known to be the most loving of characters, instead, he preferred not to deal with the feelings of love. Sure, here and there he has had a couple of flings—but in all honesty, they were not anything he could really see going anywhere. That all changed when he met you. It was almost as if you were determined not to fall for any of his smooth lines or charming smiles. That was what made it interesting, and every day he made it his personal mission to get you to fall for him. However, the battle that was once about pure attraction, soon blossomed into something deeper. He couldn’t understand these emotions that he was feeling, they were foreign and ran much deeper than physical intimacy.

You were simply breathtaking in his eyes—the pure light of his life, and despite not giving him the exact attention he craved, he loved you regardless. Only once has he felt this way, and it was not the most happiest for times for him. That love was unrequited, a proposition disguised as fool’s gold, and he would be damned if he let it happen again. While he was never really the careful type, this was something he handled with caution and delacy. He was not the best at concealing his feelings, and he made his attraction to you apparent with his constant flirting. And you made your feelings clear for him as you bluntly refused his affections. As a human being, you were not immune to his charms, instead you merely knew the consequences of tangling yourself up with a man like that. He was notorious for breaking hearts, as he was not really invested in the concept of a relationship, but merely his love revolving around the idea of lust. And while the physical side of love was enough to make some swoon, you were a different story. Men like him was not something you indulged yourself in, instead preferring to invest your time in something more lasting. But, he wasn’t one to easily give up, and he would be damned to allow his affections to go unrequited.

As X-Men you knew full well that your job came with risks. Yet, when you signed onto the team, you knew the trouble and danger you were getting into. It wasn’t everyday that you’re blessed with extraordinary powers, and you would feel nothing but selfish if you didn’t use these powers for good. Sure, the world did not yet understand that mutants do not impose a threat of mundane life and society, but you were hopeful that soon people would begin to understand. Signing onto this grand of a commitment was not something to fool around with, and despite holding a slight attraction to the other mutant, you were not going to allow your feelings rid your focus of the main task at hand—which was helping to stop the extermination of all mutants. 

It all happened so fast, he could swear that one moment you were by his side, the next you were on the floor. He heard your cry for help, his attention immediately drew away from the attacking Sentinel and on your wounded form. In a flash, he threw one of his cards at the attacking robot, his powers causing it to collapse into a heap of mixed metal parts and screws. He couldn’t help himself but run over to your side and assess the damage, and the sight of you was enough to make his heart drop to the pit of his stomach. There was so much blood, and god, your face was so pale in the moonlight. You looked like literal death, and if he didn’t know any better he would have assumed that you were dead. As he approached your slumped over figure, he grasped your clammy hand, nearly sighing in relief as he still felt a pulse underneath your skin. You were delirious from the excruciating pain you were experiencing, as your vision faded in and out of darkness. No one needed to tell he what to do; however, a quick shout from Rouge was enough to propel him and he rapidly scooped you up in his arms. He then rushed you off to the jet, attending to you the best he could, as the rest of the team executed the retreat. 

There wasn’t much he could do in order to stop the bleeding, it keep oozing from the deep wounds as he continued to apply pressure. Throughout the rest of the ride back to the mansion, his mind was racing with all the possibilities and scenarios—his mind tending to focus on the negative. He couldn’t help but feel an abundance of guilt, despite it being not really his fault for causing your injuries. Remy felt that it was his job to take care and watch after you, and so far he was failing. The rest of the ride back to the mansion was clouded in silence, as he was too consumed in his thoughts to even properly register his teammates around him. All he could do was grip your hand, a lasting effort to help you understand that you were not alone, as Jean did her best to get you back to the mansion as quick as the jet would fly. 

By the time Jean landed, Remy was already up and with you in his arms, and for the entire walk inside the mansion he could only pray that you were going to be alright. As he handed you off to one of the medical staff, he could hear their shouts down the hall as they rushed to patch you up. Now, all he could do was wait, the part that he hated the most. It wasn’t his first time sitting in one of those comfy chairs outside one of the many doors of the hospital wing, but it was his first time feeling as terrible as he did. For the next couple of hours, all he could do was stare at his hands—soaked in your blood—and think about everything that went wrong. He should have been there, protecting you, it was his fault you were lying there bleeding out while he wasn’t by your side. God, if you died, he would never be able to forgive himself. He knew he shouldn’t think that way, and Rogue always told him that his negativity always got him nowhere, but he couldn’t think of anything else. There was just so much blood, and the paleness of your skin was enough for him to fear the worst. 

Those minutes soon turned into hours, as he desperately wished to know the nature of your condition. So, when the doctor came around the corner with a grim look written across his features, Remy’s heart dropped into the pit stomach. However, as soon as he received word that you were out of surgery and resting in a room, he didn’t wait for further instructions. His feet carried him to your room, and as he arrived at your room, his heart nearly broke at the sight of you. An IV was currently hooked up to your arm, and bandages wrapped cleanly around your torso and abdomen. As carefully and quietly as he could, he made his way over to your bedside, hoping not to disturb the peaceful look that was cast over your features. He grasped onto your hand, glad to feel warmth now radiating off your skin again.

From this sudden movement, your eyes fluttered open, and you could see his guilt-ridden figure. It took a moment for you to gain your bearings, but as you did, the memories of what happened to you came flooding back. You attempted to sit up, as you needed some sort of understanding about the extent of your injuries. The stabbing pain was enough to cause to fall back, flat on your back against the pillows. With a small smile he moved from his seat, placing one hand on the small of your back and gently eased you into a sitting position.

“You know, if you needed help you could have just asked.”

There was something off about the tone of his voice and for a moment, you couldn’t place it. He acted like the typical Gambit you knew, as he found the worst possible moments to flirt with you, yet there was something deeper hidden within his eyes. Something that he couldn’t easily play off as a charming smile, and as he glanced away sheepishly from your piercing eyes, you knew exactly what it was.

“Stop, just stop,” your voice startled him, as he gave you a questioning look. You didn’t back away, instead, you held your ground against his gaze and grasped his hand firmly. “This isn’t your fault.”

He merely shook his head, running his hands through his shaggy hair and let out a self-deprecating laugh. As if your hand was on fire, he snatched his away, as he couldn’t bare to touch you in that moment. “I can’t, it’s my fault. I’m the reason you’re hurt and lying here in this bed. If I could have done something, if I could have been better, done better than you wouldn’t be lying there.” You could feel you heart shatter at his words and every ounce of self-control you had built against him crumbled. In that moment, you were sure that no one could possibly love you as much as he did. With as much strength as you could muster, you grasped his face and pressed a soft kiss on his lips. While it didn’t last long, it was enough to calm down his anxiety. And while you rested, all he could do was hold you close and make a promise to both you, one he intended to keep till the day he died.

“Last time I failed you. I won’t ever do that again.”

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Hey Dr.! I was wondering about how your clients have changed over time. For instance, as the natural grain free organic trend has been getting more popular for pets and such, have your clients been affected? Like any became all negative out of nowhere with internet claims and such? Or do pet trends not affect long time clients? I would think that at least one client would start something because of the elitist ways pet care is becoming (at least, imo).

Clients that become super negative about vets tend to stop coming in, so I wouldn’t really call them clients.

The ‘grain free’ trend is annoying, but doesn’t actively harm the majority of pets. Animals that need to be on prescription diets for their health should stay on them, but the grain free trend doesn’t harm normal animals. (Though my pet peeve is the ‘grain free’ food that still included rice. Last I checked, rice was a grain.)

‘Organic’ isn’t regulated on pet food like on human food. There’s no guarantee that just because the packet says it’s organic that it actually will be, but this is of no concern to the pet.

I’ve seen one or two pets with amber collars, but fortunately they were also on proper parasite control, so nothing bad became of them.

If someone is a long term client, it’s because they trust the practice and the advice we give. Usually they will trust our opinion over that of the internet. We’re not particularly heavy handed when it comes to promoting over the counter products, we would rather focus on medicine than on selling dog food. If we want a client to change part of their pet’s management, it’s because it’s important, not because we’re trying to sell something.

I think we avoid a lot of the changes in these trends because we’re not a trendy clinic. We don’t advertise any ‘alternative therapies’ so we don’t attract that kind of pet owner.

I prefer to focus on the good clients, rather than worry about the impossible to please ones.

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I respect your opinions. If there is one thing about our fandom that needs to be changed what do you think it is. I have asked people and the 1st place is hate.

Anon, first of all, thank you for saying that. 

I know I don’t have a right to dictate how a person can run their blog or how a fandom should function. Of course, I have opinions, but so does everyone. 

Hate is a very, very strong word. Thrown around casually as is Tumblr culture, and I get that fandom often gets over-invested and emotional regarding those they blog about. And that’s fine, everyone has their own story and past and an actor or a TV show could have affected their lives in a different way. Again, no judgment. 

My personal take is negativity. I’ve had my blog for quite a while now. I have grown with it and made mistakes and did my best to learn from them. At times my life on here seemed like it was the only place I could express myself freely. That included the negativity I had. 

But moving on from the past I had to realize that the negativity was getting me nowhere. Yes, it’s fine to vent out anger once, twice or thrice. But after a while it became redundant. I found it useless to keep getting pissed off at things over and over and over again. All it did was perpetuate this cycle of negativity that helped nobody, least of all myself. 

I realized that if I didn’t like something or somebody, the best way to express it on my blog was not to express it at all. Oh and that made blogging a much more joyful experience. A weight lifted off my shoulders. Blacklist became my best friend, as did Tumblr’s block feature. My dashboard was a place where I could scroll happily, unafraid to come across a post that could even tempt me to go down a road of shitty cyclical negative behaviors. 

 My policy now is basically live and let live. I’m not oblivious to the blatant BS, but giving it attention fuels the fire, and why would I want to play a game I so desperately wish to end. I am thankful knowing I have found a place on this website where I see what I want to see, talk to whom I want to talk to and blog about the people I actually care about. 

If I could advise, rather than change I would offer this. Please don’t let BS distract you from an enjoyable experience. Please don’t start shit and arguments when they are not necessary. And above all PLEASE respect other bloggers and know that you deserve that respect back (and if you aren’t getting it, LET IT GO. Unfollow. Block. Blacklist. BUT SERIOUSLY. MOVE ON). 

Guys this is actually happening ok? You all will have your chance to meet this woman I know it…please don’t get discouraged because and feel like it’s not going to happen because living with that negativity gets your absolutely nowhere….meeting her might seem like a vague concept and so impossible but trust me it’s not and it will come if you keep trying to get her attention on here….I wish the best for all of you and you all deserve this moment

A ‘Rich Kid of Instagram’ Had Four Luxury Cars Destroyed in Arson Attacks Last Week

The Rich Kids of Instagram (#RKOI) is a group made up of the sons and daughters of the world’s one-percenters. They enjoy showing the internet how filthy-rich they are, posting pictures of themselves jumping into the water out of helicopters and their gaudy toilets made of gold tiles, among other annoying things. But if you look past the worry-free lifestyle they promote on social media, you’ll find they have it just as hard as the rest of us. Last week, “Lord Aleem”—a.k.a. 19-year-old Aleem Iqbal, whose father owns a Birmingham, UK–based luxury-car rental firm—had four vehicles torched in as many days, totaling around $850,000 worth of damage. Of course, you might argue it was his own fault—that any of us might attract the attention of arsonists if we relentlessly posted photos of our luxury-car collections—but it’s never a nice feeling to watch your most valued possessions being set on fire.

Following the attacks, Aleem suggested that they could either be “a vile act of jealously,” or simply some “mindless vandals on an arson spree.” Regardless of the motive, he promised that “when they get caught” they’ll be “going down for a long time.”

Speculative statements are all well and good, but the news still made me wonder whether any other #RKOI are now worried that their own belongings are going to be targeted by marauding fire starters. To find out, I searched for the Rich Kids of Instagram hashtag and spoke to a few of the people I found.

VICE: What do you think of what’s happened to Lord Aleem?
@a_george_life: Lord Aleem shared his address on Instagram, which was a mistake. I’ve met Aleem a few times. He’s a polite and kind-natured individual, but he sometimes lets his “fame” get ahead of him.

Do you worry a similar thing could happen to you?
I keep a tight lid on my location, and I’ve never taken pictures of my house or of the area I live in. I have a very high level of security, so I feel safe. You’re right—you never know if someone is planning to attack you out of jealousy, but I’m well prepared for such an event.

You don’t share your address, but you do post photos of license plates and that kind of thing.
The plates don’t matter because I register the cars in other people’s names and keep them in garages. Besides, I’ve since sold a lot of cars on there and now have different ones.

Why did you first decide to show the internet how wealthy you are?
I simply enjoy looking at other people’s pictures, and I’m sure people enjoy mine. For example, I buy rounds of drinks because I like to share what I have with my friends. I like to give other people an insight into that lifestyle. I don’t do it to flaunt my wealth or try to be a Z-list celebrity—I use #RKOI to help share my pictures because Rich Kids of Instagram is popular and I’m happy people gain pleasure from my pictures.

Fair enough. Do you get many haters online?
I receive very little backlash from haters, but when I do it doesn’t bother me; I couldn’t care less about the opinion of someone I don’t know. I appreciate kind words because I believe a positive attitude leads to positive accomplishments, whereas being negative leads nowhere.