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DAY TWO!!?? highschool!!!

headcanon: in high school tord would write love letters to Edd pretending to be a “secret admirer”, just to make him feel better about himself since he knew that Edd’s self esteem wasn’t that high. Tord writes paragraphs full of cute compliments and how nice and good he is, and later asks what he thinks about it, and the answer would never be something negative. Best way to gain courage.

(I’m rly excited abt this even if school is…. draining me… both physically and mentally)

Essential Oil Benefits: Clove

Health Benefits: Relieves colds, numbs the skin, especially muscles, joins, and oral pains. Reduces swelling and the appearance of ageing on the skin,  heals and prevents acne, repels lice, boosts the immune system, helps allergies, warms the body (add to the tub), treats indigestion, stress, headache, neuralgia, repels insects, and improves brain function and aids in mental fatigue.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Related: Analgesic, anti-ageing, circulatory, digestive, anti-infectious, rubefaicent, immunostimulant, antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-coagulant, anti-helmintic, anti-fungal, anti-histamine, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-parasitic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-phlogistic, carminative, cicatrisant, disinfectant, nervine, nuerotonic, stimulant, and warming.

Beauty Benefits: Treats acne, corrects topical skin imbalances on all skin on the body, dissolves age spots.

Magickal Uses: Protection, banishing hostile/negative forces, gaining what is sought, attracts riches, stops gossip, attracts opposite sex, cleanses aura,  chases away melancholy and to helps one to sleep soundly, divination, love, lust, banishing, releasing, inspiration, helps one become more sensitive and aware of others, common for rituals.

Interesting Facts: During the 15th century, clove oil was used by grave robbers to protect against the black plague.

The name clove came from the Latin word – clavus, meaning nail.

People of Moluccas believe in performing certain rituals at the time of planting and cultivation of cloves. In past people used to plant a clove tree to celebrate the birth of a new member of the family.

I think I’m actually ready to seek medical help for all this mental health shit….

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the original post was out of order but please dont pull that "gay is used as a slur too sometimes" line because gay is often used in a derogatory way but it isnt a slur, it doesnt have the history and weight in it that queer does because it wasnt created by homophobes purely for abusive purposes the way queer was. we can reclaim it individually and be proud of it as a term but we're always going to have to be careful with it and sensitive about other peoples feelings on the matter bc its a slur

Starting from the 1890′s, gay was used as a slur for gay people, especially when they were doing sex-work. It has, contrary to the only popular meaning of “happy” (which it meant around the 12th century), the much less nice meanings “light, easy, lewd, wanton” and has a very promiscuous meaning. This meaning can be traced back to the 16th century, but it wasn’t used only for gay people at the time. In the 17th century it meant like “Of loose and immoral life” which leads us to the meaning associated with homosexuality that we know today. So they didn’t start using gay because it came from happy, they started using it for gay people because they felt gayness was immoral.

(I also read somewhere that the popular use of gay for gay people came from the term “gay cat” as in someone who works on the road and was usually looking for a quick lay, but I’m not sure how true this is - 1920′s America this is I think)

Started to be reclaimed by the gay community around 1920 (alongside queer!), but stayed used as a slur (and to describe it as an illness) definitely until around 1940. And I think around 1950/1955(?) that it’s considered reclaimed. 

Queer was the most common term used by gay men before WWI, and only gained its negative association afterwards.

ALSO when most of the “gay” reclaiming was happening in America, Europe didn’t feel comfortable with the word which has such a negative association, and thus in many countries people are using “queer” because of the eccentric nuance - one of my teachers said that the lgbt community has always had a really good sense of humour

It’s easy to forget that language evolves differently for different people, and though I’m in no way rejecting that queer was definitely used as a slur, gay has a very similar history hmmm


Gender: Masculine

Planet: Jupiter or Sun

Element: Fire

Spiritual Attributes: Protection, exorcism, love, money, good luck. Use in incense to attract money, drive away negativity, purify, gain luck or stop gossip. Wear to attract the opposite sex or for protection. Worn or carried to repel negative energies around you, also said to protect babies in their cribs if hung over them strung together and bind those who speak ill of you.

Medical Uses: It has a mild antiseptic quality for toothaches (chew), or in tea form it is an expectorant for colds, also good foe nausea or vomiting. Cloves kill intestinal parasites and act as an antimicrobial agent against fungi and bacteria.

*Use caution when applying it to the skin as it heats up the area you apply it to.*

small rant

I hate to bring negativity but I see way too much of this and I need to speak out. This is mainly to do on twitter but may even exist on tumblr. If you have twitter, you’ll most likely know what I’m about to talk about.

If you stan one group, stick to supporting that group. Do not focus your attention on trying to bring down other groups. From an army’s perspective, there’s so many pages trying to target BTS by tweeting horrible things by telling them to die. One particular twitter page called btsaresluts is set on telling everyone that BTS should get in a car accident and die. She says twice are better and BTS are pieces of shit. This is fucking immature and disgusting. Twice is no better than BTS. BTS is no better than Twice. They belong to different genres and have different styles. Just because you do not enjoy that one genre doesn’t give you the right to bash it. These idols have done nothing to deserve this hate and I’m not talking about just BTS and Twice but others as well. They are here to make music and live their dreams. They DO NOT need you to fucking discourage them or upset them by telling them to die. 

Support your favourites and fucking leave it at that. Don’t fucking try and diss others. ‘They shouldn’t have one. These people deserved it more.’ ‘They’re so ugly why are they even there?’ ‘Lol they can’t sing or dance lmao go die.’ These types of comments are reasons why idols don’t even check twitter anymore. These types of comments bring people to depression. THESE TYPES OF COMMENTS ARE WHY KPOP FANS ARE SEEN AS HORRIBLE. 

You do not gain anything from saying these types of things besides more negativity and useless attention. Why feel the need to gain this negative attention when you could actually get a life and focus your energy and supporting your group. Focus on getting them wins rather than complaining why they didn’t get one. Stop being fucking negative and unnecessarily petty over people that haven’t done anything to you and spend $0 on being a nice person.

I could go on but you get the idea. I’m done. That negativity you choose to focus on others will come back to bite you in the ass and don’t expect anyone to help. Peace out.

[Trollhunters] Ithaca

Title: Ithaca
Summary: He doesn’t realize it’s Ithaca he’s looking for until he finds it. When he does, she has blue eyes and a different name.
Characters: Walter Strickler. Mentions of Barbara and Jim.

A/N: last week I watched all of Trollhunters instead of sleeping and now I wrote this instead of sleeping. I need some lessons in adulting because man, do I fail at it. 


Changelings never remember precisely what is done to them in order to change them in the first place. What they do remember every waking hour is what they’re told throughout the process.

You can never go back.

‘Back’ is a vague concept to beings that remember nothing prior to their turning. ‘Back’ is the nebulous reality of a family that, somewhere, woke up to an empty crib. Perhaps they mourned before picking up the pieces and moving on. Because they do move on, every single one of them. Sometimes the crib remains empty; sometimes a new offspring fills the void, guarded viciously by parents who’ll never allow it to meet the same fate as the previous.

They will never look for you. They never speak of you. They’ve all forgotten you.

They’ll have a dead child over an Impure one.

There are tales of a Changeling who went back, one who was taken young but not quite young enough. She remembered things from before, the tale went, and decided to look for her birth family. What she remembered was enough to find them - ignoring warnings, clawing her way back even as her brethren tried to hold her back. She had appeared before her bloodkin wounded but deliriously happy, reaching out for them with hands stained by the blood of her brothers and sisters.

They had recognized her as one of their own corrupted young, the tale went on. They had reached back for those outstretched arms.

And then they had torn her apart.

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Positive, And Negative Energy

Positive energy is energy that is harmonic with the rest of your being. Positive energy does not need to be light energy, or any other type of energy it just has to be energy that is harmonic with your very being.  This energy will have positive intentions with you, and your spiritual system, and will be seen to be very helpful, and beneficial to you. This energy can be used to heal, and restore balance to your spiritual system. Positive energy can be attracted to you, if you’re open to receiving it. Positive energy can be used by intentionally trying to send it to someone, or something else. This will usually result in you blessing them with your positive energy.

Things that can be gained from positive energy :

  • Feeling of being disharmonic with everything else around you
  • Peacefulness.
  • Feelings of being safe, and secure.
  • Feelings of love, and fulfillment.
  • Mindfulness.
  • Calmness.
  • Your energy, and chakras will be more open, balance, and flowing.
  • And much, much more.

Negative energy is energy that is disharmonic with the rest of your vibrational frequency. This energy does not have to be dark to be negative energy it just has to be disharmonic with you. With too much of this energy around you, or interacting with your being you can, become physically, mentally, and spiritually ill, or drained. This energy can be cleansed, or banished from your being in order for your being to flow better, and run more smoothly. Negative energy can be thrust upon you, even when you are not expecting it, but negative energy can be protected from using many different magical techniques, and practices. This is energy that contain some form of negative intention, and is usually harmful to most things that it comes in contact with. Just like positive energy you can also focus, and intended for negative energy to be sent to someone else or something. This will usually result in some form of curse placed upon that construct using negative energy. I have even heard of practitioners saving their negative energy in things such as needles, so that they can use them later when they have somebody to curse.

Things that can be gained from negative energy :

  • Feeling of being disharmonic with everything else around you
  • Feelings of being physically, mentally, and spiritually drained.
  • Feelings of being physically, mentally, and spiritually illness.
  • A streak of bad luck differing in intensity.
  • Spiritual blockages.
  • Mental blockages.
  • Increased amounts of fear, and paranoia.
  • Nausea.
  • Irritability.
  • And much, much more.
Hyomin’s full interview for High Cut May 2017 issue

Q. T-ara debuted in 2009 so now you’re going on your 9th year as a girl group. How does it feel putting behind all the times you spent together and preparing for your last album?

Honestly, we didn’t know the news would come out first. We were discussing T-ara’s future just amongst ourselves when suddenly we saw the articles so it somehow,,, felt like we can’t turn back now. “Ah it really turned out like this,” this is how we felt. But deep inside, we thought “since there’s still time left, we have to wait until then to really know.” When we saw the news articles, we shared lots of messages like “I feel strange” in our group chat.

Q,You must have talked a lot regarding the group’s future amongst the members.

We all know that nothing good comes from us splitting apart. The things we have achieved so far, it’s a waste…. anywho, we all cherish T-ara all the same.

Q.But why can’t you be together anymore?

We all want to stay together. But now we are all old, and it’s not like we can force each other to choose the same path. Each of us wants something different as well. However, regardless of which company we are in, I hope we can meet up between ourselves again later. We talked about this before, that’s what we are hoping for. To be honest, reality still hasn’t hit us yet.

Q.The fans and the public will probably feel sad about the timing (of your breakup). Because T-ara had so many ups and downs yet still kept promoting steadily and always achieved good results. Even recently, new evidences surfaced about the bullying scandal, in which T-ara used to be drawn as the ‘perpetrators’, and people started having a new perspective about it as well.

It’s very ambiguous. Lots of time has passed and we started feeling indifferent about it, we can’t even be sure if we had any bitterness deep inside regarding that scandal. We don’t feel relieved that “the truth was revealed,” not at all, we simply hated that it was brought to light again. Because there are lots of such perceptions about T-ara… because we always stay quite or try to be careful but then people start talking about us.

Q.Wouldn’t it be even more sad for the fans that you’re disbanding now after they have sticked together with you all through such crisis?

Our fans is the saddest part about this. Our fans had it tough too. For us, it’s something that we brought upon ourselves. Because we know well about our naive and immature actions…whenever we get criticised or go through difficult times, I believe it would have been difficult for our fans to confidently say “I’m a fan of T-ara.” We want to repay back our fans even if just by a little, we all feel the same about this….that’s partially why we carried on until now. Of course, we also carried on for the sake of our families and ourselves as well.

Q.We heard that you’re very close with your fans.

Yes, there are lots of fans whom we know their names and faces. Our fans are way more mature than we are. I don’t know how to feel about saying this but if I was a T-ara fan, I would’ve switched to another group long time ago. Rather than being thankful for certain words from our fans, we were just very thankful that they treated us as if nothing happened. That’s why… (Hyomin became speechless here).

Q.It must be very upsetting.

Yes. We feel very…. Since 5 years ago, we didn’t have any special goal. But even then, not a single member said that she doesn’t want to do this anymore, we just carried on altogether. We came this far just relying on each other (the members) so it’s a shame (to let go now). (Hyomin started tearing up). We talked about this a lot as well. I think it’s only right to keep going until the end. Because if we were to quit we would’ve quit sooner, and if we didn’t want to do this any one of us could’ve have quit earlier but not a single one of us did.

Q.During T-ara’s peak days, you had lots of schedules that you couldn’t sleep more than 2 hours a day. There were lots of different talks about T-ara, but no one can deny than you were a hard working team. Is there anything you want to praise yourself for when you look back on the past 9 years?

Um….the fact that I became able to just accept and adjust in any situation. In the past, whenever I am put in an unpleasing situation on or whenever something bad happens, I can’t accept it and just get sad by myself but now it’s different. Maybe because I got older as well (laughs).

Q.Have you ever thought that if you can fix just one thing about that situation, everything would’ve turned out better. Have you ever had such regrets about the issues in the past?

“I should’ve held it in,” this is what I thought. We all were so young. 

Q.In a past interview, you mentioned “I look up about myself a lot. I know even the rumours other people don’t know about myself.” Do you still do this?

It’s not that hard. I think I became indifferent. Rather than getting hurt over negative talks, I instead gain strength from the small supporting words or positive mentions in between the lines. The public and the netizens wouldn’t just criticise someone who has no fault. People’s criticism wouldn’t turn into praises all of the sudden, so it’s easier that I change, myself. That’s how I thought. It’s important to recognise the problem, that’s why I look it up. I think things changed way more positively through time. Although there were still much more negative situations than positive while promoting in T-ara

Q.Through the time you promoted in T-ara, what is the period time you felt the happiest to the point where you want to go back to it?

I want to go back to our debut days. The youngest days of our group promotions. (laughs).

Q.On 30th of July, 2009 you debuted through <Radio Star>, I watched it live and I still remember this vividly; Kim Gura’s dumbfounded face when he said “Why are you debuting like this?”

We were fresh out rookies back then so no one even knew our names or faces. All of the MCs were dumbfounded. They told us to introduce ourselves first, they were like “Who the hell are you?” (laughs). We even had a phone call with Kwangsoo CEO during the broadcast. 

Q.It was such a one-of-a-kind debut. You were probably even more nervous than on stage.

Of course. It’s a period of time in which one gets nervous over anything. We also were very embarrassed when we saw the script, we thought “who comes out on TV first then introduce themselves (for the first time).” We felt that we must introduce ourselves well so we even practiced doing talent shows for each other. We couldn’t just sing and dance only, so we divided roles between us just like in a school play; Boram unnie did cartwheels, I did musical, Jiyeon did board smashing, and so on. We wanted to show something new.

Q.Do you want to debut in the same way even if you go back in time?

If I had the choice, I do want to do that. It’s a very big opportunity for a rookie. Actually, we want to go on <Radio Star> one last time before disbanding. We did voice out our desire to do that but we can’t be sure if that will happen or not. 

Q.Let’s talk about your future. After your last album promotions, you have to slowly start preparing for your solo activities. 

There are no plans at all yet.

Q.You don’t have anything you want to do either?

There are lots of things I want to do but…I don’t think it’s the time to do what I want to do. I want to do something I can be good at or learn something new. I have lots of interests in videos and pictures so I want to try travelling alone. I have never travelled alone before. I have lots of fears, also my parents don’t allow it.

Q.Wouldn’t it feel lonely?

During a point of time I used to feel lonely when I’m not dating, but I think I feel way less like that now. I’m my parent’s only child but I still know how to play by myself. The time I spend alone feels lonely yet fun too. Just because I have someone by my side doesn’t mean it will fill up my loneliness or eliminate the hollowness in my heart.

Q.You’re already 29. It’s a point of time where women commonly start having lots of different thoughts.

I don’t think much about it. I was rather depressed last year because it’s the last of my 20s. But this year, it’s already April before I know it. Each new year, I always have something new I want to try but I don’t think I have anything in particular this year. I just enjoy doing what I want to do from time to time and also rest in between. I don’t think this is right…I will be jobless after T-ara disbands. (laughs). It’s a point of time where I have to start doing something but I just can’t think of anything. I think I’m being the most idle I’ve been my entire life. To think about it, I used to plan a lot when I was younger. 

Q.You worked so hard all that time so I don’t think it’s a bad thing to rest a little now. 

I think like that sometimes too. I believe it’s a good thing that my anxiety is gone. We used to have so much schedules but then suddenly none so we now know how to be grateful for having work to do. 

Q.What kind of group do you want T-ara to remain to your fans?

(Hyomin paused to think for quite a while). There are probably many people who think “T-ara are such persistent kids”, I’ve been grateful just for this alone. I really wanted to continue doing this until the end while hearing ‘persistent’. If I have anything to wish for, I want to be persistent again together with the members. Although no one knows when. 

Q.What do you want Hyomin to be remembered as?

I don’t have anything in mind. I’m grateful even if they just say “She does work hard.” 


Hyomin: This might not be T-ara’s last album…but anyway, this so-called “last” album, will it turn out well?

Answer: This card refers to ‘me’ of the past. It shows that you had lots of thoughts and worries, but even so, you kept your balance and tried your best to work hard. The card that refers to the current you shows that you’re still maintaining your balance. You are maintaining your balance between your past experiences and the positive influence of your future. At last, the card that refers to your future shows that you will have something to gain even in the midst of a stressful situation. It means that even though you might not be necessarily happy, you will still gain something even in the midst of concerns and worries. It means that you will get stronger and will gain new possibilities in the future. You can say that you will have a successful fruit-bearing.

Hyomin: Does this divination sign apply both on me and our team?

Answer: This divination sign applies on the person picking up the card. But of course, since the question is about a team album, it will take an influence on that too. 

Hyomin: Will my solo endeavours turn out well in the future? 

Answer: This card means that you can be either the superior or the assistant. It means that instead of being confident of the things you have achieved so far, you will start having the desire to try something new. This card that shows a person hanging upside down means that you will start viewing your job in a different perspective. The other card means conflict. You will have a conflict between the thing/job you have done so far and the new thing/job you will be doing.

Hyomin: I’m 29 now. I’m curious about my fate that will approach me in the future. 

Answer: The two cards you have picked have the same meaning. One means new news coming to you and the other means letter. If we were to interpret this, it means that someone will confess to you. This card means someone will passionately and enthusiastically ask you out. It’s a person who has known you for a long time. They’ve been faithful all along and never had a change of heart. But even so, you will still hesitate. Because the feelings you have for that person are close to friendship. Looking at the card, that person will confess to you very soon.

1. It’s okay to lose friends. Not everyone needs to be in your life, the people who stayed truly care about you.

2. NEVER change your lifestyle for someone else whether it’s your boyfriend/girlfriend or someone you care about. If they care for you they wouldn’t need you to change.

3. Owning a diary is the best choice to make. It doesn’t have to be a daily thing just once a week, writing it all down takes the stress off you.

4. Wake up early on a weekend. Go for a run, watch a movie on tv, or do some yoga whichever is more pleasing. The solitude is beyond peaceful and helps with collecting thoughts.

5. Being single is O.K. And being in a relationship is O.K. Don’t conform for anyone and stick with what makes you comfortable. But it’s NOT O.K. to force your opinion of this on others.

6. Sometimes you do need a break from your friends. No, this doesn’t make you a bad friend and you aren’t betraying them it’s just that sometimes being around others for a long period of time can be overwhelming. So take a day or even a week of “avoiding” your friends because those are the times where you can honestly collect your thoughts and be yourself.

7. It’s totally fine to spill some of your secrets to people you’re not entirely close with. Go ahead and tell the girl you have only gotten close to this year about the guy you’re head over heels with because there are some secrets that belong to your best friends while others belong to your platonic friendships. It may not make sense now but one day it will.

8. That boy that is now giving you the time of his day isn’t as important as he should be for you. More likely than not he is simply using you as a distraction so don’t get too caught up in him. I’m not saying you have to drop him entirely I just highly suggest you keep your distance and don’t fall into his arms quickly.

9. Spend quality time with your best friends. Head to IHOP after school or head to the museum on a Saturday morning. Do things that you all will enjoy and do them with positive vibes. Because these are the “wonder years” and yes taking a break from your friends can be helpful but they shouldn’t be constant. So go out to that restaurant you guys have claimed but never went inside and take as many pictures as you want so a few years from now you’ll remember how much fun you and your friends had.

10. ALWAYS remember that you as a human being matter. You matter entirely. You may be a small person in this big world but you play a huge role in the lives of those around you and as cliche as that sounds it’s true. Don’t ever let the negative vibes bring you down. Please stay positive for everyone and most importantly, yourself. And if you haven’t heard this in awhile, I love you and think you matter a whole lot.

-Ten things I learned before turning 17.

—  (Melanie A.)

Emirates A380 over Arabian Sea on Jan 7th 2017, wake turbulence sends business jet in uncontrolled descent.

An Emirates Airbus A380-800, registration A6-EUL performing flight EK-412 from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to Sydney,NS (Australia), was enroute at FL350 about 630nm southeast of Muscat (Oman) and about 820nm northwest of Male (Maldives) at about 08:40Z when a business jet passed underneath in opposite direction. The A380 continued the flight to Sydney without any apparent incident and landed safely.

The business jet, a MHS Aviation (Munich) Canadair Challenger 604 registration D-AMSC performing flight MHV-604 from Male (Maldives) to Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) with 9 people on board, was enroute at FL340 over the Arabian Sea about 630nm southeast of Muscat when an Airbus A380-800 was observed by the crew passing 1000 feet above. After passing underneath the A380 at about 08:40Z the crew lost control of the aircraft as result of wake turbulence from the A380 and was able to regain control of the aircraft only after losing about 10,000 feet. The airframe experienced very high G-Loads during the upset, a number of occupants received injuries during the upset. After the crew managed to stabilize the aircraft the crew decided to divert to Muscat (Oman), entered Omani Airspace at 14:10L (10:10Z) declaring emergency and reporting injuries on board and continued for a landing in Muscat at 15:14L (11:14Z) without further incident. A number of occupants were taken to a hospital, one occupant was reported with serious injuries. The aircraft received damage beyond repair and was written off.

Oman’s Civil Aviation Authority had told Omani media on Jan 8th 2017, that a private German registered aircraft had performed an emergency landing in Muscat on Jan 7th 2017 declaring emergency at 14:10L (10:10Z) and landing in Muscat at 15:14L (11:14Z). The crew had declared emergency due to injuries on board and problems with an engine (a number of media subsequently reported the right hand engine had failed, another number of media reported the left hand engine had failed).

According to information on March 4th 2017 the CL-604 passed 1000 feet below an Airbus A380-800 while enroute over the Arabian Sea, when a short time later (1-2 minutes) the aircraft encountered wake turbulence sending the aircraft in uncontrolled roll turning the aircraft around at least 3 times (possibly even 5 times), both engines flamed out, the Ram Air Turbine could not deploy possibly as result of G-forces and structural stress, the aircraft lost about 10,000 feet until the crew was able to recover the aircraft exercising raw muscle force, restart the engines and divert to Muscat.

No radar data are available for the business jet, it is therefore unclear when the business jet departed from Male and where the actual “rendezvous” with the A380 took place. Based on the known time of the occurrence at 08:40Z as well as the time when the CL-604 reached Omani Airspace declaring emergency and landed in Muscat, as well as which A380s were enroute over the Arabian Sea around that time the most likely A380 was EK-412 and the “rendezvous” took place 630nm southeast of Muscat, which provides the best match of remaining flying time (2.5 hours) and distance for the CL-604 also considering rather strong northwesterly winds (headwind for the CL-604, tailwind for the A380s) - this analysis was confirmed on Mar 23rd 2017 by BFU information.

On Jan 7th 2017 there were also other A380-800s crossing the Arabian Sea from northwest to southeast: a Qantas A380-800, registration VH-OQJ performing flight QF-2 from Dubai to Sydney, was enrooted at FL330 about 1000nm southeast of Muscat and about 400nm northwest of Male at 08:40Z. An Emirates A380-800 registration A6-EDO performing flight EK-406 from Dubai to Melbourne, VI (Australia) was enrooted at FL350 about 470nm southeast of Muscat at 08:40Z. Another Emirates A380-800 registration A6-EUH performing flight EK-424 from Dubai to Perth, WA (Australia), was enrooted at FL350 about 350nm southeast of Muscat at 08:40z.

Air Traffic Control all around the globe have recently been instructed to exercise particular care with A380s crossing above other aircraft.

A number of Wake Turbulence Encounters involving A380s already reported:

Incident: Virgin Australia B738 near Bali on Sep 14th 2012, wake turbulence from A380
Incident: Air France A320 and Emirates A388 near Frankfurt on Oct 14th 2011, wake turbulence
Accident: British Airways A320 and Qantas A388 near Braunschweig on Oct 16th 2011, wake turbulence injures 4
Report: Antonov A124, Singapore A388 and Air France B744 near Frankfurt on Feb 10th 2011, wake turbulence by A388 causes TCAS RA
Report: REX SF34 at Sydney on Nov 3rd 2008, wake turbulence injures one
Incident: Armavia A320 near Tiblisi on Jan 11th 2009, turbulence at cruise level thought to be A380 wake

On Mar 18th 2017 an EASA safety information bulletin released stating:

With the increase of the overall volume of air traffic and enhanced navigation precision, wake turbulence encounters in the en-route phase of flight above 10 000 feet (ft) mean sea level (MSL) have progressively become more frequent in the last few years.

The aim of this SIB is to enhance the awareness of pilots and air traffic controllers of the risks associated with wake turbulence encounters in the en-route phase of flight and provide recommendations with the purpose of mitigating the associated risks.

The draft reasons:

The basic effects of wake turbulence encounter on a following aeroplane are induced roll, vertical acceleration (can be negative) and loss or gain of altitude. The greatest danger is an induced roll that can lead to a loss of control and possible injuries to cabin crew and passengers. The vortices are also most hazardous to following aircraft during the take-off, initial climb, final approach and landing.

However, en-route, the vortices evolves in altitudes at which the rate of decay leads to a typical persistence of 2-3 minutes, with a sink rate of 2-3 metres per second. Wakes will also be transported by wind.

Considering the high operating air speeds in cruise, wake can be encountered up to 25 nautical miles (NM) behind the generating aeroplane, with the most significant encounters reported within a distance of 15 NM. This is larger than in approach or departure phases of flight.

The encounters are mostly reported by pilots as sudden and unexpected events. The awareness of hazardous traffic configuration and risk factors is therefore of particular importance to anticipate, avoid and manage possible wake encounters. The draft issues following recommendations.

As precautionary measures, operators and pilots should be aware that:

- As foreseen in Reg. 965/2012 AMC1 to CAT.OP.MPA.170, the announcement to passengers should include an invitation to keep their seat belts fastened, even when the seat belt sign is off, unless moving around the cabin. This minimises the risk of passenger injury in case of a turbulence encounter en-route (wake or atmospheric).

- As indicated in ICAO PANS-ATM, for aeroplanes in the heavy wake turbulence category or for Airbus A380-800, the word “HEAVY” or “SUPER”, respectively, shall be included immediately after the aeroplane call sign in the initial radiotelephony contact between such aeroplanes and ATS units.

- When possible, contrails should be used to visualise wakes and estimate if their flight path brings them across or in close proximity.

- When flying below the tropopause altitude, the likelihood of wake encounter increases. The tropopause altitude varies (between days, between locations).

- Upwind lateral offset should be used if the risk of a wake encounter is suspected.

- Timely selecting seat belt signs to ‘ON’ and instruct cabin crew to secure themselves constitute precautionary measures in case of likely wake encounters.

In case of a wake encounter, pilots should:

- Be aware that it has been demonstrated during flight tests that if the pilot reacts at the first roll motion, when in the core of the vortex, the roll motion could be amplified by this initial piloting action. The result can be a final bank angle greater than if the pilot would not have moved the controls.

- Be aware that in-flight incidents have demonstrated that pilot inputs may exacerbate the unusual attitude condition with rapid roll control reversals carried out in an “out of phase” manner.

- Be aware that if the autopilot is engaged, intentional disconnection can complicate the scenario, and the autopilot will facilitate the recovery.

- Avoid large rudder deflections that can create important lateral accelerations, which could then generate very large forces on the vertical stabiliser that may exceed the structural resistance. Although some recent aircraft types are protected by fly-by-wire systems, use of the rudder does not reduce the severity of the encounter nor does it improve the ease of recovery.

- Make use of specific guidance available through AOM for their specific type(s)/fleet.

ATS providers and air traffic controllers should:

Enhance their awareness about en-route wake turbulence risk, key factors and possible mitigations, based on the information provided in this document and other relevant material. This could be achieved through flyers, e-learning, and refresher training module.

Possible risk mitigations may consist of:

- Make use of the wake turbulence category (WTC) indication in the surveillance label and/or the flight progress strip (whether electronic or paper), and observe closely separated aeroplanes that are at the opposite extremes of the WTC spectrum;

- As the best practice, provide traffic information, advising “CAUTION WAKE TURBULENCE”, when you identify that a ‘HEAVY’ or ‘SUPER HEAVY’ wake category traffic is climbing or descending within 15 NM of another following traffic;

- Manage en-route traffic crossings such as , when possible while preserving safe tactical management of overall traffic in the sector, avoiding to instruct climb or descend to ‘HEAVY’ or ‘SUPER HEAVY’ traffic within 15 NM distance from another following traffic;

- If at all possible, avoid vectoring an aeroplane (particularly if it is LIGHT or MEDIUM category) through the wake of a HEAVY or SUPER HEAVY aeroplane where wake turbulence may exist.

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Meg, do you think Lauren is being somehow punished by the label for something? Maybe the audio leak over slave labor? She became the target of many negative things about her image and I was thinking about it. What do you really think? I'm an increasingly fan of your blog, big kiss.

Hey dude -  big kiss to you too. Hmm i guess i don’t really see it that way. I honestly have no idea how these things work on the ground but i expect there is a bit of push and pull/ negotiation that goes on with PR stuff. At least with the stuff that involves the girls’ participation in any way (with stuff that doesn’t directly involve the girls’ cooperation, they can literally do and say whatever the fuck they want). But they have certainly shown that they don’t mind ‘going negative’ if it gains attention. I don’t think it’s about punishing Lauren specifically for a particular thing - it’s just the type of publicity they tend to go for - they like shocking/messy/headline grabbing stuff. And Lauren is their go-to ‘bad girl’. Her whole public image has been shaped around her being ‘the rebel’ (even right from the start you can see this in how she was styled), which is why they don’t mind tipping off the media with the ‘weed arrest’ etc… It’s all part of her brand. I honestly feel like since before Camila’s exit Lauren has been co-operating a lot in publicity stuff. I feel like if we are going to read into how this played out my instinct is to say that it’s something that was agreed to as part of bigger negotiations. It may have been a sort of ‘we’re gunna make you big, and give you a slightly better deal on some things, but in order for this to happen you need to suck it up and play along’. i dunno - i really am speaking out of my ass a bit, but thats more how i would imagine these things go down

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Popular Carmilla blogs already hating on Natasha's new show. Yeah, because someone working fucking hard to make their dreams come true deserves to be shit on. And like I get if the show is boring or sucks or is Hoh bad, feel free to call it out. But hating and them even getting funding? The sad thing is it's the same people hating on Natasha over and over gain putting negativity out into the fandom. Like you said, if you hate someone so much, why are you so obsessed with them? It's so pathetic.

I’m sorry I don’t really follow much popular blogs so I don’t know what to say.  All I know is I’m here to support Natasha and Elise.  And even if I don’t like the project they work on, I still wish and hope for their success and I’m glad that they have something passionate and creative that they’re working on.  As of right now, I don’t know if I’ll be into Natasha’s new show but I’m super happy that she and the crew got the funding.  I’m always willing to give any of Elise and Natasha’s projects a chance, even tho it costs money sometimes ;___;  I hope everyone’s support is being reached to them instead of the negative comments and they continue to make and/or find work (:

And you’ll know exactly how I feel about the series bc I’m always honest about my opinions XD  If anything, I’ll just enjoy making gifs like I did with H*H d:

((After seeing Mischief’s M!A, I just HAD to draw what it might look like. In the picture there are two other demons with Mischief, those being Misfortune and Posichief. Misfortune is the negative voice (hence why his bow is a light pink). Misfortune has a Red Rose adorned on his head, as it symbolizes the old saying ‘every Rose has its thorns’. Posichief is the positive voice in Mischief’s head, as indicated by the light blue bow. He sports a Forget-Me-Not (which is a sweet reminder to never forget the good things in life). Both mini demons play the ‘angel/devil sitting on your shoulder’ role to Mischief, and can overpower the other solely on what Mischief focuses on. For example, if Mischief is thinking about negative thoughts, Misfortune gains an advantage over Posichief and his voice becomes louder. -Bunny ))

[ This is SO UNIQUE!! I love it so much!! I kinda wanna make this a thing. Like outside the M!A. Probably gonna make it a thing. But thanks SO MUCH!! ]

Magickal Uses of Clove

Planetary Association: Jupiter/Uranus

Gender: Masculine

Element: Fire

Astrological Association: Aquarius

Magickal uses include: protection, banishing hostile/negative forces, and gaining what is sought.

Cloves are burned to stop gossip as well as to purify & raise the spiritual vibrations of an area. Use to bring a sense of kinship to a social gathering. Wear for protection and mental clarity. Said to protect babies in their cribs if strung together and hung over the crib (being sure that the strand can’t fall into the crib, of course!).

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The ES aren't really shipping Sam and Cait. They are shipping the public personas, their perception of them. We all know that Sam and Cait are very different when they aren't in "promotion" mod; we get glimpses of this when e.g. Cait talks about WCC or Sam about his alma mater. We saw it IMO in the SeaTac pics. In these instances there is not much to ship there. But ES think that just because they are beautiful they couldn't resist falling in love. But T and MM fit their dating history much more

They just go too far with it. When they actively engage in behavior to hurt people it’s no longer shipping in the traditional sense. What many are doing, i e. the no_bs account, and those who follow and support the account, is not shipping. It’s harassment. I wonder what kind of satisfaction they get out of this behavior? It’s so toxic and negative, what’s the benefit gained for them?

Alice 🐇

In The Grip – Our Hidden Personality by Naomi L. Quenk Extraverted Intuitive Types: ENTP & ENFP

Important Features of Dominant Extraverted Intuition

Extraverted Intuitive types typically use their favorite perceiving function in the outer world of people, things, and activities. They have a passion for new ideas and possibilities in the world. As a result they tend to

• Prefer what might be over what is

• Approach the outer world with trust and optimism

• Take risks others might avoid

• Find new challenges more appealing than what is known and verified

• Ignore time and energy limitations for themselves and others

• Have an uncanny instinct for trends and future developments

• Use an incoming fact to stimulate their intuition at times

• Find facts, details, and repetitive activities boring

Triggers for the Inferior Function

Extraverted Intuitive types report the following type-specific factors that are likely to provoke a grip experience:

Physical exhaustion: Fatigue and pressure from over-commitment often trigger an inferior function reaction in Extraverted Intuitive types. They mention physical exhaustion as a stimulus more frequently than other types.

The enthusiasms of Extraverted Intuitive types encourage them to overextend themselves and neglect normal needs for food and rest. The result may be a physical illness that forces them to stop overdoing things and also may serve as a trigger for an inferior function experience.

A focus on facts: Having to do a great deal of detail work or attending to practical matters for long periods of time can serve as triggers. Dealing with bureaucratic red tape can be especially noxious for both ENTPs and ENFPs and cause them to dig in their heels and refuse to capitulate to “ridiculous rules.” Requiring an Extraverted Intuitive type to learn a great many disconnected facts in a stressful situation strongly increases the likelihood that inferior Introverted Sensing will emerge.

Violation of values and principles: For some Extraverted Intuitive types, violation of important values can constellate a reaction. One ENFP described what triggers the inferior function for him: “It happens when I feel the pain of others who are the victims of someone’s extreme aggressiveness.”

An ENTP economist’s severe inferior function reaction was triggered by working on a theoretical model with extremely negative societal implications.

Forms of the Grip Experience

Just prior to falling into a grip experience, the dominant function of Extraverted Intuitive types may become exaggerated.

They rapidly emit a barrage of undifferentiated ideas with no balancing judgment available to them. As this one-sided approach becomes less and less effective, their characteristic enthusiasm, optimism, and energetic approach to life disappears, and inferior Introverted Sensing takes over.

As a reminder of what Introverted Sensing looks like in its adapted, dominant form, Table 18 describes how

Introverted Sensing is expressed in dominant Introverted Sensing types, as well as in Extraverted Intuitive types for whom it is the inferior function. Notice the difference between conscious (dominant) Introverted Sensing and unconscious (inferior) Introverted Sensing.

Withdrawal and depression: Processing internal information is not a comfortable activity for Extraverted

Intuitive types, so when they are in the grip of the inferior function, the inward focus of energy is unfamiliar and disturbing. The diminution of extraverted energy results in feelings of sadness and despair. One ENTP described feeling isolated, convinced not only that no one loves her but that no one has ever loved her. Another reported feeling hollow, turned off, “fixated on a narrow linear trap.” One ENFP described the experience like this: “There is a sense of feeling numb and frozen with no way out. I have tunnel vision and lose my sense of time.” There is a general loss of enthusiasm and motivation reported by both ENTPs and ENFPs. This is accompanied by low energy and uncomfortable pensiveness and inability to find pleasure in usually pleasurable activities. This may lead to self-neglect and, eventually, illness.

Obsessiveness: Inferior Introverted Sensing emerges as an obsessive focus on one or more isolated, often unrelated facts or details. A prominent aspect of inferior Introverted Sensing is the presence of “tunnel vision.” All sense of possibility is eliminated. There is no perspective beyond one fact, which is obsessed over and projected into the future ad infinitum. ENTPs and ENFPs become picky, upset about little things, irritable, and cranky. They may escalate small irritations into major issues, especially in matters that involve their personal comfort. An ENTP described becoming outraged by minor errors, irritated by detail, and intolerant of interruptions and people.

Focus on the body: Effective dominant Introverted Sensing types can describe the nuances of their internal sensory experiences in exquisite detail. Inferior Introverted Sensing focuses on inner sensations and internal experiences that become exaggerated concerns about real or imagined physical symptoms. Extraverted Intuitive types frequently over-interpret real or imagined bodily sensations as indicative of illness. During a particularly stressful time, an ENFP insisted that her husband have an innocent-appearing wart removed because she feared it was malignant. Another ENFP told of having a blood pressure cuff he rarely uses-except when he becomes very stressed. He then takes his blood pressure three times a day. One ENTP described taking any fact and blowing it out of proportion, such as imagining an illness in his child as a fatal disease.

Ways of Returning to Equilibrium

Extraverted Intuitive types need time to reflect, fully experience themselves, even “wallow” in their inferior state.

Meditating is particularly appealing to them. Others need to back off and to avoid patronizing them, but they can help by relieving them of some of the burden of overwhelming details. Attempts to assist by taking over and solving the problem for them, however, are not appreciated. Talking to trusted friends helps, as long as the friends don’t offer advice, make judgments, or try to talk them out of their negative state. ENTPs use their auxiliary Thinking to analyze what is happening. ENFPs, who may be communicating uncharacteristic coldness and indifference, respond with their auxiliary Feeling to others’ warmth, kindness, and approval.

New Knowledge

ENTPs and ENFPs often respond to an inferior function episode by resolving to pay more attention to details, especially the kind involved in their recent negative experience.

They can gain a new respect for their bodies and their physical limitations with a plan for a consistent exercise regimen. They report being able to maintain a more balanced perspective regarding their often overly ambitious expectations of themselves, and they try to include quiet time or formal meditation in their lives. They are also able to notice better and deal more quickly with the overload that signals an impending inferior function episode.


Table 19 summarizes the important triggers for the inferior function, forms of grip experiences, ways of returning to equilibrium, and typical new knowledge gained from the experience for Extraverted Intuitive types.

A Grip Experience

The following episode was reported by an ENFP. However; ENTPs report similar responses to the kind of situation described here.

“If I Ever Tell You I’m in Love Again .. !’

Harold, a 50-year-old ENFP, was recovering from his fourth divorce and was quite depressed about his failure to succeed at yet another marriage. His negative view of himself generalized to all aspects of his life-his work, his relationships with friends and relatives, and his prospects for the future. "I feel like I’m in a dark hole and there’s no light for miles around;’ he tearfully said to a long-time friend. "I feel humiliated and unworthy, unable to control anything in my life. I never have, and I never will:’

Harold related the following pattern: When he was single and living alone, Harold tended to overextend himself at work and in community activities. He avoided personal relationships, especially with women .Then, ultimately, his fatigued, stressed state would make him vulnerable to some woman whom he saw as perfect often generalizing this from some minor quality like her hair color. What he sought was soul-mate. ’‘I’m hopelessly in love with the most wonderful woman,” he would tell his friends. While “in love” he would ignore old relationships, alienating people who cared about him.  He became cavalier about work and careless about commitments. As a result, he put his career in jeopardy. Showering his current “true love” with gifts, poems, and promises of his undying devotion often scared her off. Those women he married were quite different from his distorted image of them-and had unrealistic perceptions of Harold as well. The marriages failed, often because of some very trivial disagreement.

Harold was determined to get to the root of his obsessive attachments to inappropriate women. He resolved to resist his usual pattern of frenetic overwork with inevitable poor perception and judgment “Please; he begged his best friend, "if I ever tell you I’m in love again, shoot me!”

* This article is from the book “In the Grip - Our Hidden Personality” by Naomi L. Quenk

International Celebrity (G-Dragon)

Synopsis: Y/N is an international celebrity dating G-Dragon. Their relationship has not been made public, even though Y/N wants it to be. It doesn’t seem that G-Dragon wants people to know - that is until he admits it on TV!

Type: Fluff?? Confession??

Requested by anon.

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