negative edge

Why do I injure my self so consistently? Why do I slay my dreams with words filed to negative edges, why do I fear the possibility of success so much? I fear failure and success, but success more. In the minds eye, I have never seen myself mapped in the country of worthy.

Haikyuu!! Aesthetics: Kyoutani Kentarou

“You’ve gotta attack at maximum power, or it won’t feel satisfying at all!”  

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Your widowtracer art is the greatest thing I have ever seen omg (∩˃o˂∩)♡ plz could you do tracer topping (¬‿¬)❤️❤️

i am flattered :) sorry this took so long!

When people say nice things to me like my heart just gets 10 times bigger I love it!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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So I’m trying different combos and matchups with Baiken, and it really hits home that she is not only different from how I remember, but also has a lot of gaps to cover and compensate.

For example, button mashing is now one of Baiken’s worst scenarios, especially against Ramlethal who has moves that shift from mid to low and back.  The “dishonest” A.I. With its bull-charge rushowns and button mashing  doesn’t help either, talk about ‘No respect’.

You have to be very confident that the move you parry is giving you an advantage, otherwise you’ll get punished easily.

Azami on pad macro doesn’t respond well to Negative Edge as S and H counters won’t come out unless you release the buttons first.  Her new overdrive is also like that, so even holding Azami down for more frames may not be worth the risk unless you’re stuck eating meaty moves and projectiles.

Baiken can’t switch from standing to crouching Azami to cover mixups, so you have to commit to one or the other.

I had an easier time doing Metsudo Kushodo from Suzuran than expecting to use it normally for that reason, but while it functions like a command grab it can still be blocked.

As if that wasn’t hard enough, I still struggle with low airdashing and spacing after her jumping Dust cannon.  Delaying your attacks just long enough to continue a combo is something I’m still not used to doing (combo physics don’t feel right doing that).

I say all this, but, to be honest Baiken still feels easier to use than she used to in older games.  She just needs to work hard in different ways now.

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From the Missing Pages, Chapter 6

When Robin and Regina go riding together, Regina gets hurt and can’t return back to the castle, and ends up spending the night with Robin. 

For @sometimesangryblackwoman.

Also, for @maythavee who requested the prompt, “Anything to see you smile,” in this verse; and for the anon who sent me a message inquiring about what type of birth control methods would have been available in the Enchanted Forest–because of this, I am now quite the expert in the history of condoms, lol. 

Thanks to @stick-to-the-lasagna-lady for helping me plan out of the next couple of chapters. 

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A small amulet to help my gf be less affected by her students’ negative energy. With the edges and the center, its supposed to read “hahahahaha no”. Maybe something this silly won’t be super powerful, but most of the magic comes from the velvet, which holds a lot of meaning for her. I also used lavender and silver to evoke Unicorns, because my gf feels connected to them.