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Spell to Release Emotional Blockage

Forward: My Mother was physically abused by her first husband. She had PTSD and carried her emotional baggage like a nuclear bomb. She carried it day in and day out, waiting for when it would explode. This is what PTSD will do to a person. It will cause you to detonate in public, at your loved ones, at a stranger, or even a flickering light bulb without warning. She’d been carrying it for 20 years. Until she did a spell to let go. This is that spell.

This is not a spell to get rid of PTSD. My mother did not want to get rid of it. It had become deeply rooted inside of her, it made her the strong person she is today. She’s learned important life lessons from her experience. Taking it away would turn her into a stranger who is nothing like my wild, fierce mother. She didn’t want her past to change, she just wanted to let go.


  • Geode
  • Black salt
  • Chalk
  • Hammer (Cleansed)
  • Basic circle casting materials


  1. Make Shadow Stone- The first step is to make the Geode into a shadow stone. This involves focusing on the stone and imaging your trauma being manifested inside it. The outer geode will symbolize the blockage. Imagine the outer shell of the geode not allowing the trauma to pass. Do not actually put your trauma inside, just create a projection or shadow of the pain. Do this on the New Moon. Continue to do this every night for an entire Lunar Month if you want the spell to be strong. (If you don’t have the time, one session will due.)
  2. The Ritual- When the Lunar month has past and a New Moon has come, it is time to perform the Spell. Cast your basic circle, however that may be. Call Elements and whatever Deities or Spirits you want to aid you in your release. Make sure the circle is large. We are going to fit another inside of it. 
  3. One-Way circle- A One-Way circle is a circle made of Black salt. Black salt is very good at containing strong negative energies while allowing persons/covens to send good energies in. We will use this circle to contain whatever negative energies may come pouring out. If the trauma has been pushed down for a long time, removing the blockage will be like releasing a flood gate. This will protect anyone or any tools that are nearby. Create the One-Way circle especially if you are performing the spell with another person or coven. 
  4. Creating One-Way circle- Use chalk to draw pentagram on floor (the pentagram is used to keep the person protected in the circle. It is not necessary if you cannot do it.) Make pentagram big enough for a person to comfortably sit in. Next, sit in pentagram with shadow stone and hammer. Trace pentagram circle with black salt. Say something along these lines (I believe a spell is more powerful if they are your own words): “Here lies the One-Way Circle. No negative energy shall exit. Only positive energy shall enter. The circle is sealed.”
  5.  Release- Focus on the shadow stone and project your trauma inside it. Say words along the lines of “I will move on from my past. I will not let myself be controlled by these negative emotions any longer. I will remove whatever blocks me from moving on when the stone breaks. I release you. I release you. I release you.” Break the Stone.
  6. Break down- Break down circle and cleanse space. 
  7. Cleanse- Bury shattered geode for a full lunar month to cleanse. Dig up and display on altar as reminder of your inner strength.

I love this spell because it allows you to move on without removing what will make you strong. We sometimes keep ourselves from moving on from our past. We keep ourselves living the pain over and over. You may believe you deserve the pain or know no other way to live and cling to it out of fear of letting yourself be happy. 

Let Go. Be Happy. Be Strong.

I saw a great post the other day about how frustrating it is that so much media very narrowly defines self-sacrifice as one character dying for another, and it reminded me of how much I adore Critical Role for cheerfully subverting that idea again and again and again. Don’t get me wrong, character death is certainly possible with a bad dice roll, but whenever things are controlled by some form of narrative, there’s a clear appreciation for scenarios that don’t involve killing off characters for angst or drama.

I mean, the obvious example is the perfect setup for a tragiheroic character death: Vex gets caught in the detonation of a trap in the tomb of the Raven Queen’s champion and is killed instantly, and her brother, distraught, demands that the Raven Queen take his life in exchange for hers. Raven Queen agrees, Vex starts breathing again… but Vax is still alive. The DM getting creative with what it means for someone to sacrifice their life (surprise! you’re the new champion of the Raven Queen and she’s got a series of creepy and ominously ill-defined jobs for you!) meant that we got a series of fascinating character arcs unspooling all at once.

Keeping away from the self-sacrifice = character-death idea also helps you avoid fridging characters. Percy’s backstory features his sister Cassandra helping him escape the Briarwoods… and getting shot down in the process. But when the party returns to Whitestone, they discover that Cassandra is not only still alive, she’s been working with the Briarwoods to dismantle the townspeople’s attempts to revolt out of a complicated combination of supernatural persuasion and her lingering guilt and rage over Percy having left her to die. The result—Cassandra’s sacrifice taking a very, very different form than the “died to save her brother” narrative—is a million times more interesting than yet another angsty backstory death.

You can apply this stuff to make villains more memorable, too. Delilah wanted Sylas back, so she raised him as a vampire in exchange for a different form of self-sacrifice: the work they’d do together in order to bring Vecna back into the world. The sacrifice can go way, way, way beyond the personal, to the point where there are bodies literally covering the walls.

Or you can have a heroic character refuse an act of self-sacrifice. Vex refused Sondur’s offer to make her into something stronger in order to protect her friends because she wasn’t willing to give up what he requested in return. She knows it was the right thing to do, but the guilt of that decision lingers and has done a lot to shape her character.

You can have a self-sacrifice scenario where the person in question knows that there’s no positive result but is willing to do anything to avoid the negative. When Allura’s teleportation circle malfunctioned, Kima knew that following her was probably not going to bring Allura back and could’ve resulted in both of their deaths, but she wasn’t going to leave her. And again, that act of heroic death was averted when Keyleth and Vex managed to rescue them from the ocean.

There are so many vastly more interesting ways to approach the narrative notion of self-sacrifice that go way, way beyond “so the character dies and everyone else is sad about it, the end”. The challenge that goes into approaching self-sacrifice in a creative way really pays off, and the kicker is that you can explore loss and fear and devastation without losing that underlying beacon of hope. That’s pretty cool.

You Know.

Summary: The Phenomenal One is feeling the opposite of that after his defeat at the Royal Rumble. His girlfriend refuses to let the night end with him feeling so down. Featuring some angst, comfort, and hella smmmmut – with usage of daddy kink and brief foreplay/teasing with chocolate covered strawberries

A/N: While I’m not very confident with my smut skills (it’s been awhiiiiiiile and even then used to rp lol) I just wanted to get this out before tonight’s PPV after this poured out of me the last few days thanks to re-watching AJ’s promos and to my cold from hell (and ignoring my others in progress haha) so I hope you all enjoy! 

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It was an off day at base. No training, no missions, just a leisure day. Genji had planned to meditate with Zenyatta in the morning and then spend the rest of the day with you, but he could not find you anywhere. He asked around base and no one had seen you. Genji felt a little uneasy as he walked quickly up the stairs and to his S/O’s room. He knocked twice, but heard no response. He knocked one more time before saying “My love, are you there?”.
“Yeah” a weak voice called out. He turned the knob and slowly entered the room. His S/O was sitting in front of the mirror, wearing barely any clothing, their gaze fixed on their scarred body. Genji stepped to you, and placed a metallic arm on your shoulder. “Is everything alright?” He asked, sitting down next to you. Your eyes stayed fixed to your body, not trying to hide the sadness in your face. “Do… do you think I’m attractive?” you whispered, finally looking at Genji’s reflection in the mirror.
Genji took a moment to answer, initially shocked that they would even need to ask that question. “Y-yes, of course!” he assured. “Do you think otherwise?” he asked, kindness and comfort in his voice. Your head hung low as you tried to hold back tears. “N-no! Not with these stains on my skin” Your voice cracked as you spoke, allowing a tear to escape from your eye. “What are you talking about? Your scars do not take away any beauty you ho-” he said before you cut him off. You stood up quickly and stomped away from him and the mirror.
“Don’t lie to me, I know they’re ugly. They’re just muddy smears of times where I wasn’t strong enough to protect myself” You sobbed, tears falling down your cheeks. Genji slowly stood and inched quietly to his S/O.. He sighed “I should have shown you before, but I didn’t know they bothered you that much.” Genji said, as his hands moved up to his mask. There was a small screech as the pressure was released and the mask removed from his face.
You turned your head back, surprised to see genji without his visor. You faced him fully, as your hands instinctively rose to his face, rubbing your thumbs and fingers across the marks. “You’re so handsome” you whispered as you scanned his face. He had never shown his face to you before, so you didn’t know he was covered with just as many scars as you had on your body. A large smile grew on your lips as you rested your head on his shoulder. “You are as well” Genji smiled, wrapping his arms around you into a hug. He pulled back and lifted your chin as he leaned in and kissed you on the lips for the first time.

You and Hanzo held hands as you walked along a crowded path. You and him had agreed to pick up a few things from a market in Spain. You wore a tank top, showing off your wounded arms and neck. Normally you didn’t mind their existence, it showed you survived whatever hurt you, so you bore them without a second thought. You were not far from your destination, and while enjoying the comfortable silence, you overheard some people behind you. “… bestia con cicatrices” was all you heard other than a few snickers. You glanced back and saw a group of teenagers staring at you -no, your arms- and laughing. Hanzo quickly took notice as you let go of his hand and instinctively covered your arms.
Hanzo had not heard or understood what the teenagers had said, but understood the situation immediately. He turned back to the group and sent a death glare to them. His resting face already seemed like he was angry, so when he actually was, it was terrifying. All five of their eyes’ widened as they stood and hurried away, muttering curse words out of fear. Hanzo then turned to face you, your gaze purposefully avoiding his. “My love…” he said stopping you and holding your hand.
“It’s nothing, they were just pointing out the truth.” You whispered, still refusing to meet his eyes. His brows furrowed as he pulled you into a hug, embracing you tightly. A gesture so uncommon from the prideful archer, especially in public. You wrapped your arms around him and buried your head in his neck. He did not say much, only a few sentences in Japanese you had learned the meaning of because he says them so often. After a minute, you pulled away with a smile on your face. “Thank you.” You said, wiping the last tear from your eye.
“Anything for you” he smiled and took your hand again. Actions always spoke louder than words with Hanzo, and you loved it.

c [translation: “scarred beast” in Spanish.]

You laid across Jesse’s lap, eyes closed and exhausted after a mission today. Mccree was humming some song that was starting to send you to sleep, when he stopped. You felt his gaze lie undisturbed on your face. Your eyes opened slowly to see he was just staring at your face. You smiled, “whatcha looking at?” “Just something beautiful” he cooed in response. A light flush of red overcame your face as you looked away from him.
Your attention had returned to Jesse as his hand caressed your cheek, along a deep scar you received a long time ago. You closed your eyes, enjoying the touch, but also feeling the slightest bit self conscious. You had not thought about your scars all day, but now you were. Your mind spiraled slowly in a circle of negative thoughts, only to be broken by hands on your arms.
Mccree had rolled up your sleeve and was tracing all the major scars on your arm. You opened your eyes and looked up to him. “What are you doing now?” You asked timidly. “Just admiring” he said simply. “I know I should keep my hands off the merchandise, but I just can’t do that” he teased. You squinted your eyes and pulled Jesse off the couch and onto the floor, you fall in after him. He let out a chuckle before asking “what was that for?”
“I’m not merchandise you fool” you snarled, looking down to him. A soft smile spread on his face before he reached up and stroked your face again. “Darlin’ I know that. I’s just teasing” he apologized “sometimes I just feel I need to remind you how beautiful you are” your face turned a brighter red before you leaned down and pecked his lips. “You’re too good to me” you teased. “I know” he responded, pulling you back into another kiss.

All team cap/team tony arguments about the accords basically boil down to team cap thinking that there’s something shady going on and team tony asking for evidence.

Is there any evidence that their doing anything wrong. No, but there could be. Is there any evidence that they’re not doing everything wrong? No, but you can’t prove a negative.

And around the circle goes.

anonymous asked:

I've been thinking for the past year that the things that upset me the most about the stunt/closet/bearding situation is (apart from Louis and Harry's happiness obviously) the reaction from antis, media and even my dash. We're just always in a circle of negativity. When something "bad" happen, the media does an het article, larries talk about it, antis say things about us or send us message, we talk about it. and it's always like that we let the media and antis entering our space --> ugliness

Agreed 100%. The fandom itself is the hardest part of fandom. It’s tearing itself apart. That’s why I had to reevaluate things and try to only focus on the good stuff. Or at least find SOME sort of joy in the bad. I can’t COMPLETELY ignore everything that’s happening because that’s just not the person I am, but I can at least try to find something good within a situation. Because to me the good still does outweigh the bad.

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