coming from someone who’s done nothing but be by Miley’s side since 2006, this needs to be said.

I’ve never been more dissapointed to be a smiler in all the years that I’ve stood by this girl and defended the shit outta her since I was 12 years old. Miley, when people were on the bus saying they believed the rumors that you were pregnant I defended. When people were calling you a slut everyday just because you were dating Nick I defended you. When you had your first run in with controversy with the Vanity Fair cover I defended. When people called you a hoe based on certain dresses you would wear at award shows I defended. When the “Can’t be Tamed” video came out I defended when people were saying you were growing up too fast. When you cut your hair and were getting ridiculed for it I defended. When “We Can’t Stop” was released along with the video I defended. When you performed at the VMA’s in 2013 and got every bit of negative press I defended. When the “Wrecking Ball” video came out I defended. When you and Liam called off your engagement I defended. When you decided to come out of course I defended and I love you for that. But as of last night when you did almost everything to offend almost everything and everyone, and the worst part is that part of me feels like you didn’t even give a fuck. I didn’t defend and I won’t! First and fir most I don’t play blame games because that’t not what I’m here for or what others should be here for. You’re 22 years old,we get that you’re no longer a little girl on a TV show, nobody should look at you that way anymore obviously, but then again that doesn’t give you the right to just lose your shit after you’ve been free from that network. You know you’re a good person with all the foundations that you have and everything with your happy hippie one. But as of right now you’re completely turning me and alot of us off. Not just the public but your die hard’s like myself in general. This is something I can’t help you with under any circumstance and I don’t plan to because whatever you’re getting I can’t help but agree with it. I’m not going to kiss my favs ass whenever they do something they know is wrong and fucked up. I don’t know who’s on your team besides Tish and others but my girl get it together, SHUT THE FUCK UP, and listen to why people are upset with you. They don’t hate you because of your music or the fact that you were on a television show. Especially your father. People are turning you off and tuning you out calling you disgusting because you’ve completely lost yourself and to be quite honest I don’t even know who you are anymore. As much as I hate this saying I do miss the old you as of last night. I hope you get your fucking act together and educate yourself since no one is considering helping you understand. Pull yourself up and get back to the bad bitch we all know and love and not this try hard, wannabee you’ve allowed yourself to become. So just do us a favor and even if you have to take a break to reconsider all the stupid shit you’re saying and doing, just don’t continue this issue and ongoing frustration that’s going on this year and in general. Focus on just being more of you rather than what people wanna make fun of and toss around. There’s a difference in giving people something to talk about rather than making it a negative attention grabber. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER GIRL!

i wanted to get some practice in using charcoal on a large scale instead of just blindly jumping in during class. this is roughly 18″ x 20″ and it still needs to be fixed with spray but hey, i think it came out pretty great. 

My School: Oh yes, here’s a new, tech savvy idea that will really advance our education. Let’s fucking spend our ENTIRE budget on it despite not having an adequate amount of textbooks. Hell, let’s get a new gym floor too! AND THROW IN A FANCY NEW FOOTBALL FIELD DESIGN.

My School: Shit. We forgot we don’t have wifi.

The curriculum: *entirely online, and therefore inaccessible*

Teachers: Fuck this. *reverts back to old curriculum*

Students: Okay, but we need to print things out because our laptops can’t work in this hellhole. Where are the printers?


Students: What’s that behind your back?

School: *burning the printers* uhhh….not what you think it is….

Students: *failing because there’s no wifi, no textbooks, and no printers*

This year’s really off to a good start.

it’s honestly just like

what’s even the point

and then i feel like a worthless piece of crap no one cares about hahaha

it sucks. i see other people reblog ask memes and they get tons of things sent in. and i just get nothing, or next to nothing.

i don’t understand what i did to cause this

and i hate having to ask directly “please send something” because if/when someone does send me something after, i feel like such a manipulative shitlord

confessionforanothertime asked:

I'm still going to write Lolix that isn't problematic. We can always have Paris.

thank you and bless you

i just

i wish I could look past this

because I’m just sitting here going

did i get it wrong?  did i not know these characters after all? i put so much work into trying to understand their motivations and their conflicts and their thoughts and to create fan content that I thought could reflect that

and I just…

i don’t know what to think about everything I’ve drawn and written for these two anymore

I don’t know if I can keep doing more of it and I’m really sad about that because some of my best work was for these two horrible idiot mercs


i feel like I don’t understand them anymore

  • friend:hey its ok if you have a mental illness i wont love you any less :^))
  • me:"has panic attacks and mental break downs and does risky stuff 24/7 to try and help me handle problems etc etc"
  • friend:oh uh um i dont think this friendship is going to work out you give out a negative vibe and nobody wants that :^((