Park Bom is the most weak and pathetic idol I have ever laid eyes upon. The tragedy she faced in the 1990’s when her friend died, is not an excuse to go on a three year hiatus in 2014. Dong-woo of infinite’s father recently passed away before their comeback, and he never once considered going on hiatus. He continued to promote and be part of the comeback because he loves his fans and gained nothing but their support. Park bom is a selfish, coward with weak personality. Cant handle a fan base.

Admin Y: Every person deals with loss difrently you can’t compare one case to another. We are all unique and deal diffrently with grief, agony, pain of loss, sadness, health issues and even joy. The same goes with mental illnesses/disorders.

Also I dind’t took your permited pictures because Bom was super blurry.
And everyone needs to see crossdressing
Dongwoo as Bom ♥

Art is Falling

The profession requires a specific kind of person.
You must be educated, political, radical, and academic.
You know individuals whom survive on no sleep,
With bucket-loads of Xanax to blot out their senses.
They are capable of getting ahead in the institution.
Art is over.”
You are fretting over which kind of student you embody.
The world is constantly moving, and there is no time to pause.
You must grab every opportunity that comes by
Else your stomach will permanently flutter with regret.
You must be bold, distinguishable, 100%, and more.
You want to be unseen, successful and capable.
You know some whom are active to fight the system,
They nourish their souls on retro anthropology texts.
They will pass with flying colours in the institution.
Art is manipulated.”
You are fearing the personality you show to the world.
Unsure of what it is you were meant to do.
You must be strong and unique and revolutionary.
You want to rest, restore and mend.
You know students whom meet new faces every day,
They dive into promising futures with each “hello”.
They thrive to great heights in the institution.
Art is chronic.”
You are tired. You are well. You are medicated.
The former cloud you had is fading away.
You must be truthful, diligent, and good to yourself.
You want to be productive, healthy, and good.
You know people who find their ground and hit it running,
Working their way up to the faraway stars.
Art is falling.”
You are tired. You are alone. You are weeping.
Your shoulders are heavy and sore.
You must be educated, political, radical, and academic.
The profession requires a specific kind of person.