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Bad Things: Part 1

Pairings: Alpha!Negan x Omega Porn Star!Reader

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, angst, sex slavery, mentioned abuse.

Word Count: 5,113

A/N: I was going to write a nice, peaceful story for @ne-gans challenge… two adult actors fall in love, and it’s so beautiful….. But then this happened. And it’s fucking glorious. (I’m also not sorry.)


“Alright cut! That’s a wrap, guys!” Your director, George called out as the camera panned away from your cum covered face and chest. You sighed, grateful that this particular film was finally over, and accepted the clean towel from one of the production assistants. The crew cheered as one of your fellow actors, a beta named Andy, offered you his hand to help you up off your knees.

“Here, sweets.” He said as he took the towel a different assistant handed him and used it to wipe his deposit off your cheek, and ear.

“You’ve got shit aim, Andy.” You teased as you slipped into a light, pink robe and tied it around your waist. He shrugged as he wiped the sweat off his chiseled chest.

“You try blowing your load next to four guys on someone’s face. It’s not that easy, princess.” You laughed and nodded your head as you headed off set to get a shower.

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Yours, Always: Pt. 27

Summary:  When a kind stranger comes to the reader’s aid out on the road, she finds herself drawn to him and desperate to learn more about this handsome man with kind eyes and a devilish smile.  But, when she discovers that he is the monster that is threatening her community, she pushes him out of her mind until a hastily scribbled letter finds its way to her door.  That simple note will take them both on a rollercoaster ride that neither one of them had bargained for.

Pairing:  Negan x Reader

Warnings:  Language

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It was strange how quickly heaven could descend into hell.  

‘I don’t believe you.’  Numb.  You couldn’t feel anything.  Not pain or grief or anger.  Just an all-encompassing sense that you weren’t really there, that this wasn’t really happening.  Dwight’s eyes were unsure as he guided you over to the couch, as though waiting for you to take a swing at him.  You still weren’t sure why you hadn’t, but you just couldn’t get your arm to move.

‘You have to accept it,’ he was saying, his voice low and calm, though his touch was cold as ice as he tried to force you down onto the cushions.  ‘He’s gone.  Saw it with my own eyes. Rick ran him right off the road.’

‘That doesn’t mean he’s gone.’

‘Look, you didn’t see…  There was a lot of blood.  Nobody could’ve walked away from that.’

Negan had been gone when you’d woken.  He’d left you sleeping at first light and taken off to do what needed to be done, never giving you the opportunity to fill him in on who exactly it had been that had sold you out to Rick and his people.  Hours later, it had been Dwight that knocked on your door to deliver the news that would turn your world upside down.  As you processed the information, trying not to picture the accident that was being described, you felt a hot flash of rage burst forth.  ‘Did you know that was gonna happen?’

‘What?  No, I-‘

‘Did you plan it with your new best friend?’  You sneered at Dwight’s pained look.  ‘Oh, come on.  You sold me out to save your own ass.  You wanted Negan dead, that’s what you told them.  Is that what this is?  Is this because of you?’

‘I didn’t want you to get hurt.  I just needed-‘

Your arm did move then, rising fast to land a stinging blow across his cheek, sending him reeling backwards.  ‘Get out.’


‘I said get out!’

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Words of Affirmation: Chapter 4

Negan x Reader (Single Mom)

Negan leaves after your confession and has you feeling a little uneasy, until…

Warnings: Angst City, Weapons Cleaning, Overthinking, Single Mom Stuff, Negan with Kids!, Spot the “Wicked” Reference

(Gif isn’t mine). Sorry it’s taken me so long to update! My life is a mess!

Read  Chapter 3

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“Why don’t we forget about the dress and that asshole for a while?” His words were kind in intention, dripping heavily from his lips. That didn’t seem to soften the blow any when they reached your ears though, reminding you of the last time you were rejected. Why should your love life in the apocalypse be any different than your love life in the old world?

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Bubble Bath with Negan

For Ash’s 2k writing challenge! As you can probably guess by the title, I chose the bubble bath prompt. I hope you all enjoy reading it, and let me know what you think! Also, I’m not sure why on some, the “keep reading” thing isn’t visible. So if you can’t see it, just go to my blog. The full post is there. 😉

Summary: Negan has been stressed out lately, so you decide to give him a night of relaxation… ;)

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, Swearing, Unprotected Sex.

Characters: Negan & You

Words: 1977

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Living at the sanctuary was usually great. Most everyone here got along pretty well, with the exception of a few ungrateful workers. As one of Negan’s wives, you had no right to complain. Life was pretty much as great as it could be, given the circumstances. Negan and the Saviors had found you in the woods one day, half out of your mind and very sick. They brought you back, gave you a place to stay, food, medicine, and well, exactly what it’s called. They gave you a sanctuary.

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So this guy (Yaoi Voice Overs, @yaoivoices ) made this and had it on youtube but the video was deleted, but luckily I saved it and a LOT of people have asked me to put it up. I’m keeping it unlisted because I DID NOT MAKE THIS AUDIO AND IT IS NOT MY VOICE, and I’m not claiming to have made it.

(contains moaning and suggests oral) 


also if you want to download it for yourself, go to and put in the link to the video

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: *exists*

Fruit of the Dead (Negan x Female)

Summary: She lives in a community called Terra and grows food with her mother. When Negan sees her playing in the woods, he knows he has to have her. This fic is written to mirror the myth of Hades and Persephone. 

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 4,290

Warnings: Light smut, lots of fluff, a very fluffy Negan

Author’s Note: This was a fic request from @to-pick-ourselves-up-7 who asked:

“Can I ask for a Negan x reader in the setting myth of Hades and Persephone? Sounds interesting to me. Pretty pretty please?”

I have rewritten this fic like 3 times now. I just wasn’t content with it, and probably bit off more than I could chew. After lots and lots AND LOTS of revisions, I am finally content with the final version. I love a challenge, and this certainly tested my ability as a writer. Hopefully you enjoy it! 

There are a lot of references to the story of Hades and Persephone in this fic, and I’ll include them at the end, so if you want to geek out with me, you can. 

Big thanks to @ashzombie13 for beta’ing this fic for me! 

Please, please, please tell me what you thought! I love feedback.

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Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 4.)

CHAPTER TITLE: Are You Jealous?

Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3.

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (pre-apocalypse)
Negan and Simon see you having coffee with one of your classmates.
Word Count: 7,618
Warning: SMUT!!! (Angry sex, masturbation, voyeurism, and dirty talk)
Author’s Note: Man, oh man. I am having so much fun writing this. I hope everyone that is reading this is enjoying it just as much as I am writing it!! Enjoy!!! :)

Taglist: @oceaninwinter

(GIF Source: @mark-hamil || @rottenwasp)

After a week of non-stop working at both bars, it was finally your day off. Negan and Simon made your second job much easier and you quickly learned all the drinks at Simon’s bar. Business was booming in both businesses and it seemed like the ongoing feud between Chris and Simon was slowly dissipating.

You managed to sleep in until ten-thirty in the morning. As usual, you reached for your phone to look through your emails and unread text messages. Your classmate in one of your classes had sent a message to meet up later today for a cup of coffee. You agreed.

Though, as you continued to read through your messages, you noticed the group chat that you shared with Negan and Simon. It seemed like both men had sent pictures to you. You giggled, simply because Negan and Simon taking photos of their breakfast was a bit hilarious.

Negan: Breakfast is fucking served.
Simon: Omelette? That’s what you made?
Negan: What the fuck did you make then?
Simon: [picture message sent]
Negan: Pancakes? What the fuck? Who do you think you are? Gordon Ramsay?
Simon: A woman loves a man who can cook.
Negan: I can fucking cook!

You laughed quietly, deciding to send both men a photo of you lying in your bed. You were lying on your side, a pillow covering half of your face and the blanket up to your shoulders. Awaiting their reply, you decided to stretch your limbs before climbing out of bed to make yourself a cup of coffee.

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There’s no real meaning to this post. I just wanted to find stuff that Andrew Lincoln and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have done that almost seem similair to me, and boy does that get my heart thumping!!

Daddy Negan {Negan Smut}

Word count: 1.7k
**Rated MA for mature audiences only!**
Notes: In celebration of Negan smut weekend! @negansmutweek
Gifs are not mine.
This MIGHT be a two part thing, if I’m feeling nice, aha~ 
Summary: You accidentally call Negan daddy in front of everyone. 
{Part Two} {Part Three}

You stayed locked up away in your room, hugging against your legs, burying your face into your knees, trying to keep yourself together. The words slipped from your mouth without thinking and in front of so many people, you groaned out, trying to forget this horrible mess. Your chest still heaving from the run up here, the moment those words fell from your lips, you took off, leaving everyone in the room not daring to look back, you couldn’t bare with the judgmental eyes.

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