Halloween (The Walking Dead) - Chapter 6

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“Do you know what day it is sheriff?” Hershel asked. “Do you know the date?”

“Look, I have enough to worry about on Halloween night in this town,” Rick told him firmly. “I can’t have my force out here looking for a ghost.”

Nicole approached where Negan stood with Rick and Hershel with Carl at her heels.

“We are talking about evil on two legs,” Hershel went on. “He stole a car from Smith’s Grove last night. Judith Myers’ headstone is missing! Mark my words he is here or he is coming here.”

“Hey…” Nicole greeted Negan and pressed her eyebrows together upon hearing Hershel’s latest claims. She lowered her voice. “What’s going on?”

“Are you the one that saw him?” Hershel approached them.

Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Me?”

“Michael Myers… this morning in the yard.”

Nicole looked to Negan who shot the man daggers. “He’s not… he’s dead… right?”

“He’s here and if we don’t stop him we’ll have a repeat of 1978 on our hands.”

“You said a car was stolen,” Nicole indulged in the man’s story. “What kind of car was it?”

“A green station wagon with-”

“Writing on the side,” Nicole finished.

“You’ve seen it,” Hershel suspected. He eyed Negan. “Don’t let her out of your sight the rest of the day. She may very well be in grave danger.”

“Okay I’ve heard enough,” Rick said. “You’re going to spook the whole town. It’s time to move it along.”

“I’m wasting my time.” Hershel shook his head and then handed Nicole his card. “If you see the car again don’t approach it but call me… urgently.”

Negan took it and gave the man a look. “Thanks.”

Hershel reluctantly made his way back to his car and shook his head as he left their small group of people standing dumbfounded on the town green.

“I knew there was something up with that car,” Nicole said to Negan.

“Honey, the man he’s speaking about is dead.”

“I wouldn’t put much thought into it,” Rick added.

“But the car… and the man in the mask… it’s an odd coincidence, no?”

“No,” Rick assured her. “Every Halloween in Haddonfield is more like a circus than anything. Do you know how many idiots I see trying to scare people with the Myers mask.” He turned to Carl. “And why are you down here?”

“Nicole drove me. Michonne said to come tell you personally that the job was done.”

“He fix the light?” Negan asked, glancing at Nicole.

“Yeah.” She whipped out her phone and showed him the picture.

“Good fuckin’ job kid,” Negan told him with a laugh.

“Can I go out tonight Dad? Please…” Carl looked at Rick who still didn’t appear satisfied.

“We’ll see.” He glanced over as Hershel’s car pulled away. “With all this nonsense going on I don’t think it’s the best idea.”


“We’ll talk later.” Rick eyed his son and glanced at Negan and Nicole.

“I think that’s our cue honey.” Negan motioned for Nicole to follow him and looked back to Rick and grinned. “Excuse us.”

“Thanks for the ride,” Carl said genuinely.

“No problem.” She tipped her mouth up in a half smile and walked away with Negan.

“He didn’t try to get frisky on the ride, did he?” Negan began to tickle her, making her laugh but she quickly squirmed away.

“No.” Nicole smiled at him and then forced him to stop to talk to her. “So… what the hell was that all about?”

“I think the guy’s a fuckin’ wackjob.” Negan smiled wide. “But… just in case I think you should stick with me the rest of the day.”

“I can’t complain about that.” She looked around to make sure they didn’t have an audience and then kissed him. “I thought you were working down here.”

“I am,” he explained. “For another hour or so.” Negan reached into his back pocket for his wallet and pulled out a twenty. “Go get yourself some lunch. Hang around the shops over here then you can follow me back to my house.”

“I have money.” Nicole smiled up at him.

“You took care of my dog,” he teased. “Just let me fuckin’ buy you lunch and get us a bottle of wine for tonight.” Negan winked and she accepted the money.

“You’re not… worried about me are you?” Nicole raised her eyebrows as axslow grin spread across her face. She loved hearing that Negan cared about her at times. It was an insecurity that went along with being in the type of unorthodox relationship that she was wrapped up in.

“Well let’s see… you’re talking about a mysterious car, the doctor says it’s the one that was stolen, you see some fucker in a mask out the window. No, I’m not worried.” He grinned and gave the back of her neck a squeeze before kissing her on the forehead. “Just hang around these shops here if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind.” Nicole looked up at him adoringly and felt herself doing it but couldn’t help herself. His lingering ear-to-ear smile made her melt that much more.

“And red wine if you don’t mind.” Negan tipped her chin up and kissed her once.

“I was thinking a nice Cabernet.”

“Perfect honey.” He winked. “Stay away from strange vehicles. Keep your phone off vibrate so you get my call.”

“I will.” Nicole smiled and reluctantly parted from him. She watched as he walked back toward the project he had been working on then stared down at the twenty dollar bill in her hand and headed across the street to a little sandwich shop.

Pacing the sidewalk was Hershel Greene and she could tell from the antsy nature of his walking and the way he occasionally snuck a glance in her direction that he had something to say.

To Close

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This is part 14 of A Touch. Reader and Negan grow closer as the days pass. Reader beginning to help Negan more and more. Her slowly realizing that she might be getting a little to close. 

Negan x Reader

Warnings: Language, mentions of past rape, drinking.

Let me know if you wanna be tagged: @dead-head-joker @cryiner @collette04 @catlovescats @blumenkind72 @frozenhuntress67 @chloebabyboo @daddys-littlewhitegirl

Part 1 Part 13 

Over the span of the next few days I saw a different side of Nergan he was still a cocky flirty and made me want to smack him from time to time but he seemed to care about what I thought on things. It was like we saw a different side to each other. He knew about my past and I had a peak at his. We relaxed more around each other. I found myself spending more and more time with him. I was getting used to Simion and Arat. Me and Alexia was friends. I think me and Negan was as well as messed up as that might sound. I felt more comfortable with him then I have with anyone in a while. I felt safe with him. I found myself with I’m most of the day. Like I was his secretary.

That’s where I was now in his room sitting on his bed looking over the new shipment.

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Lessons Learned

Negan x Reader

I am dying for some Negan smut. your rick smuts are so smutty and just (swoon) filthy… I really wanna see a smut where he gets mad at you (idc what for) and teaches you a lesson bc lets be real.. we all need a spanking from that man. basically just porn, I trust you’ll know what to do with that!

How about a request for a one shot where the female reader lives in the sanctuary fluff or smut ensues.

Kind of combined these two requests, hope you all enjoy! This is for my favorite person on tumblr@zaddygrimes! I hope you love this filthy Negan smut! 💖

Words: 1,935

Warnings: Smut, Swearing, Spanking, Dirty Talk

A/N: I’m back! Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately, but this is my VERY FIRST Negan fic and I’m so excited/nervous to share it with you and I hope it’s not horrible! Also that gif, omg I couldn’t resist!

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I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... MASTERLIST

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When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit….

Chapters below…

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It Takes Two - Negan Imagine

Theme: Fluff

Chapter Summary: As much as you attempt to keep out of the Saviors’ way while they raid Alexandria, your daughter decides to have a word with Negan.

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Prompt: You live in Alexandria with your very sassy daughter, Riley. After Negan takes over, Riley grows to be the one and only person that challenges him - and to say the least, he loves it.

Word Count: 2.1k

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Warnings & A/N: so basically halfway through writing this i realized the daughter was giving me Lilo vibes - so if you could imagine, she’s very much like Lilo :) | no warnings


Ch. 2

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“Where’s Maggie, Mommy?” your daughter’s high-pitched voice met your ears as she stumbled down the hall. You turned to her, closing the book in your lap, “She’s not here anymore, she - .. ‘moved,’” you stuttered. Technically, you weren’t lying. After the run-in with the Saviors, she would be better off, and much safer, not in Alexandria.

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So this guy (Yaoi Voice Overs, @yaoivoices ) made this and had it on youtube but the video was deleted, but luckily I saved it and a LOT of people have asked me to put it up. I’m keeping it unlisted because I DID NOT MAKE THIS AUDIO AND IT IS NOT MY VOICE, and I’m not claiming to have made it.

(contains moaning and suggests oral) 


also if you want to download it for yourself, go to keepvid.com and put in the link to the video


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Summary: Luke’s girlfriend has a real soft spot for Negan which wouldn’t be a problem except people usually frown upon fucking your boyfriend’s dad.

Characters: Negan x Reader. 

Words: 4629.

Warnings: sexual references, swearing, sex.

A/N: I have a serious Daddy kink and I couldn’t help myself. Don’t judge. Not beta’ed so all errors, spelling mistakes and general bullshit are entirely mine. While likes are gold, feedback is golden.


You and Luke had only been together for about nine months but already you were well acquainted with his dad, having been introduced after coincidentally bumping into him while both out on a date. You instantly took a liking to Negan; his charm soaking its way through your veins like morphine and his looks stopping you dead in your tracks. His deep brown eyes, peppered beard and panty-dropping smile made your groin throb immeasurably. You couldn’t tell if the chemistry between you was just entirely fictional but you swore he sensed it too. The looks he’d throw you when the three of you would go out for dinner, the minute touches he’d lay against your skin when passing you a glass of water or the hand he’d press against the small of your back as he helped walk you out of the restaurant. 

Negan was intoxicating and it made you helpless. He’d even snuck into your dreams disturbing your once restless sleep; flashes of those filthy thoughts bleeding over into your consciousness as you went about your day to day business, sometimes appearing at the most inappropriate of times. The worst being when Luke had taken you to visit him and the image of Negan fucking you over his dining table spanking you with his belt engulfed your brain making you temporarily mute. Negan stirred up the sluttiest part of you and as much as Luke enjoyed it when you rode him till neither of you could walk, truth be told it was his dad you were imagining as you bounced on his cock

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Negan being obsessed with you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woah NEGAN :O Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him just liking the way you told him off the first time you met so much he got turned on and since can’t stop himself from being overly infatuated with you

-Him having a habit of pulling you into a tight hug whenever he’s excited as he just needs to feel you, only to end up getting lost in your scent and acting up from it, making people have to almost pull you away

-Him loving to eavesdrop on your conversations as he enjoys the sound of your voice so much he prefers to tune out and listen to you, especially when you’d laugh

-Him always taking your sarcastic responses to his advances seriously and replaying those moments in his mind so often he can’t stop himself from being overly happy, thinking how you want him so much

-Him thinking you look stunning in nearly anything, only to lose his mind and not be able to keep it together whenever he sees you in a short sexy dress

-Him thinking that each time you’d pay attention to him while he’s bothering you or following you around as you flirting with him or even better dates, only to brag about it to his men

-Him loving to protect you from anything and making you feel safe by his side with Lucille, telling you that he’s more than willing to get hurt for you as much emotionally as physically

-Him hating it and always holding a clear and obvious grudge against anyone who dares to flirt or even thinks they have a chance with you, making you have a hard time flirting with anyone

-Him stealing stuff from your room just to keep them as souvenirs in his own, only to straight up deny it or tell you that he’s taking it as a punishment for your “misbehavior”

-Him confessing to you in front of everyone and making a big show out of it as he can’t stand the idea of you walking away from him with someone else

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Lessons Learned, pt. 2

Negan x Reader

Words: 2,262

Warnings: SMUT, language, kitchen sex, unprotected sex

A/N: Here’s the highly requested second installment to my Negan imagine. I hope you all enjoy it! And yes, this is totally inspired by that scene from Sons of Anarchy. I’m a little nervous about posting this so I hope it’s not too terrible! 

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This is my complete, rebloggable masterlist - series, mini-series, one-shots… They’re all here!  Thank you for taking the time to read my stories, and I hope you enjoy.  

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan: *exists*

Negan Masterlist

+ Updated 13/09/18 +

Negan x OCs

  • New Rules / Heavy (18+) COMPLETE
    Friends with benefits is all fun and games until one falls hard for the other.
  • Jar of Hearts - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (18+) IN PROGRESS
    Pre-apocalypse, Ivy fell for her professor and they soon became lovers. Two years later, Ivy and her group stumble across the Saviors and their mysterious leader Negan; her professor.
  • For You - Part 1 | Part 2 (18+) COMPLETE
    Ripley never meant to fall in love with the man she rents a room from every night to see her clients.

Negan x Reader

  • Burn (18+)
    Negan and Dwight’s sister hide their relationship from everyone at the Sanctuary which means having to find anywhere and everywhere else they can to have some ‘alone time.’
  • Daddy (18+)
    Luke’s girlfriend has a real soft spot for Negan which wouldn’t be a problem except people usually frown upon fucking your boyfriend’s dad.
  • Fool In Love (18+)
    Rick’s daughter finds herself living at the Sanctuary and falls in love with the one person Rick hates the most.
  • Body On Me (18+)
    Negan’s PA runs around after him 24/7 meeting his demands; both professionally and sexually.
  • The Stepfather (18+)
    You used to hate the guy who ruined your parents marriage but now you’ll do anything to feel him inside you. 
  • Drunk (18+) (D)
    You drank Negan’s “good” whiskey and he’s pissed.
  • No One Knows (18+)
    Ending up in prison after murdering the man who killed your Alpha, you come across a guard who turns incarceration into a whole lot of fun.

(all reader inserts unless otherwise stated)

  • Possession (18+)
    Negan reminds you who you belong to.
  • Kneel (18+)
    Negan’s gonna need you on your knees.
  • Tease (18+)
    You show Negan what he’s been missing.
  • Redeemer (18+)
    After attempting to hijack one of Negan’s trucks to get your provisions back, you get caught and find out Negan has a very different plan in mind on what to do with you.

(all reader inserts unless otherwise stated)


(all reader inserts unless otherwise stated)

  • Sexual Frustration (18+)
    You’ve been seriously off your game recently and Negan wants to know why.
  • Clumsy (18+) (D)
    You try to cook Negan dinner but he would rather eat something else.
  • Affair (18+) (D)
    Your affair ended with Negan but he just can’t stop coming back.
  • Confession
    It takes almost dying for Negan to confess how he feels about you.
  • Virginity (18+)
    You get dumped by your boyfriend for being a virgin and Negan, your best friend’s dad, comes over to comfort you.
  • Defiance (18+)
    Negan doesn’t take lightly to his rules being broken.
  • Sweet Like Candy (18+) (D) 
    You’re desperate to be your boss’ favourite so offer to show him how much you want it.
  • Bring It On (18+)
    As a cheerleader, having to share the soccer field with Coach proves difficult and when you get caught fighting he’s the first one to step in.
  • Drive (18+)
    Having a crush on your family friend is bad enough until he figures out your feelings and takes you for a ride you’ll never forget.
Safe - Negan x Reader

No one asked for it, but I love the A/B/O dynamic and it is seriously lacking in TWD fandom, so here’s some Alpha!Negan x Omega!Reader. 

Disclaimer: i’m honestly a piece of garbage so i’m sorry if my writings aren’t 110% accurate, but i used @kittenofdoomage‘s ABO RULES to base this off of. (i love her)

Warnings: A/B/O, mentions of death, typical Negan things (swearing and such)

[part two]

Never before in your life had you been surrounded by so many Alphas, especially since the world ended. Most groups you had been a part of, even Alexandria, were majority Beta, which reflected the population of the world before the dead started walking. You were sat on your knees, lined up next to your friends as you all stared at the RV in front of you. You took the chance to peek over at Rick, and your heart broke as you took in his features. He was one of the first Alphas to actually treat you with respect; he even saved you from an Alpha that was the total opposite of Rick. You were the only Omega in the group—he the only Alpha—and while nothing “romantic” ever happened between the two of you, you both felt some sort of responsibility to each other.

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It Takes Two (2) - Negan Imagine

Chapter Summary: During an unexpected visit, you finally reveal your feelings to Negan - gaining an unexpected response from him. 

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Prompt: You live in Alexandria with your very sassy daughter, Riley. After Negan takes over, Riley grows to be the one and only person that challenges him - and to say the least, he loves it. 

Word Count: 2.3k 

Fandom: The Walking Dead 

Warnings & A/N: okay wow, everyone loves this story. THANKFULLY I love it too, aka i’ll actually update this story a lot like the responsible fic writer that i am not | *spoilers* (i think) mention of Negan’s backstory 

Theme: angst

Playlist | Tags: (if you want off or on the tag list let me know!) @negan–is–god @deepsouth


Ch. 1 - Ch. 3

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A few days had passed since you had last seen Negan. Since then, you couldn’t seem to keep him off of your mind. You were stuck in a loop of pondering just who he was. You kept thinking it’d only be for the best - no matter Riley’s new obsession with Lucille - to keep her away from Negan.

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Office Hours

Part 2

Pairing: Negan x reader x another female

Summary: Negan is a university professor, he assigns you an unlikely partner. When things aren’t working out between the two of you. Negan proposes an unusual method for conflict resolution.

Words: 2806

Warnings: Sexual encounter between professor and student, girl on girl action, ffm threesome, daddy kink, unprotected sex. He swears a lot because he’s Negan.

Author’s Notes: Based on this dream I confessed to @grungedaddykinks . Also, the Sam in this story is her. Check out her selfies because she is too gorgeous for my words to do her justice. If you’re interested in reading a little something-something we collaborated on, check out the finished RP thread we did. Feel free to message me if you have any writing ideas for me.

Professor Negan was fine as fuck you couldn’t take your eyes off of him as he paced the front of the room explaining the difference between a representative democracy and a direct democracy. It almost made you regret waiting until your last year to start taking electives. Who would have known such a fine male specimen worked at the Political Science Department at the university?

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The Savior - Chapter 1

The Request: “I’d love if you did a story where it was a pre-apocalypse Negan AU where he is a PE teacher/coach that takes interest in a student that he finds out has been having a hard time at home (maybe an abusive parent of some kind or something like that). She’s a really good student & has been one of his favourites. Have her be 18 & they start up a smutty relationship. Make it as dirty as you’d like. The smuttier the better for me! :D Maybe have her be a virgin or very inexperienced and Negan can teach her things. Thnx!”

Summary: Negan is a PE teacher that spots a bad bruise on one of his favorite students and decides to ask her what happened. Things get a little tense when he presses the subject further between the two of them.

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC), Simon

Rating: Mature (For Eventual Smut) 

Warnings: Swearing, Inappropriate teacher/student relationships. 

Notes: I’m also stressing that the character is of legal age! Also letting it be known that “Y/N” means your name and “Y/L/N” means your last name! 

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11995341/chapters/27138213

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Handle With Care (Negan x Female)

Summary: Her fiancé used to force himself on her. Though he’s gone now, he’s left scars that may never heal. When she becomes a wife to protect her father, she knows Negan expects his wives to do their job…Or does he?

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 6,259

Warnings: Mentions of rape, Smut (consensual), Fluff

Author’s Note: This fic was requested by anon.

No joke, I’ve been working on this fic for months. It’s the first one of my requests I wanted to tackle, and I really struggled with it. I wanted to make sure I handled the subject matter appropriately, and a lot of my other ideas didn’t feel like they worked. I’m hoping that this final product turned out okay.

This is the first fic I’ve posted in a while. I’ve been struggling to keep up with fandom stuff and my muse has been fickle. Maybe with the show coming back on it’ll cut the shit. All I know is I have had no sleep today, my eyes are bloodshot and I typed up about ¼ of this fic 2 hours ago. 

There are mentions of sexual assault and abuse in this fic. It does not describe rape, but if you are sensitive to any of these topics, I understand if you have to avoid this story.

Anon, I am not sure if you’re still out there. If you are, I’d love to hear what you think. 

Feedback is appreciated! 

GIF by @londoncapsule​

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