nega network entertainment

Kind of angry/sad because SPEED came back and yet again, MBK Entertainment/Core Contents Media failed to promote them properly. They didn’t do any actual buildup to the comeback, and our poor bbys had to do all the promoting for themselves.

But when SPEED doesn’t get promoted, it’s SPEED that gets blamed for not getting enough attention from the public. A band can only do so much by itself.

Besides the obvious smaller companies who have done wrong, I’m not sure whether it’s Nega Network or MBK Entertainment that gives me the most grief :/

Still hoping SPEED does well, though. They’re a good band.

LC9 members

I swear I bet the other 3 LC9 boys are like “totally trolled you bitches” because not many people realized the extra shoes and hints in the album photobook!! I foreals expected something fishy and Yeah I was right (GENIUS lol) can’t Wait to see them, but King will forever stay as my boo ♥