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[TRANS] KNK ② “Half jokingly, half seriously the dream of becoming a celebrity started”

‘Issue Daily weekly ‘Hot Debut Reading’ corner through star’s debut from before to after, honest detailed report for the public that solves all of their curiosities. In this piece the protagonist has an average height of 185cm together, warm visual boasting ‘model idol’ group KNK.

Starting from the members their ability to be distinguishable is easy to understand. ‘Become Big and Great People’ has meaning for KNK a group consisting of 5 men Park Seungjun, Kim Jihun, Kim Youjin, Jung Inseong, and Oh Heejun. Last month on March 3rd, their first single album KNOCK was released that knocks on the door of the singing world. This group will go down in history and have you standing on your toes. Second batter is Kim Jihun’s hot debut story, let’s listen.

#Taekwondo Boy, Dreamed of being a celebrity

KNK’s Kim Jihun is in charge of being the leader. Although he looks confident “My face is very distinguishable and I have a timid personality” he said. Till his middle school days he did ‘Taekwondo’ back then he couldn’t even imagine one day standing in front of the public.

“I like singing and listening to music. But because I had a timid personality I couldn’t do those things in front of others. Since I was 6 until I was 15 I did Taekwondo but then a reason to stop came. Just in time my father half jokingly, half seriously said ‘How about becoming a celebrity’ he suggested.”

Father’s words whether by chance or by destiny the dream of becoming a singer raised and began to develop. Jihun for this dream decided to put in effort to change his personality. With this effort he could hope to be one step closer to his dream. 

“Although my father suggested it my mother was opposed. Because it was something I wanted and I was firm about it I negotiated with my mother and she beared with it. At the SM Academy Audition I had to pass, if not I had to declare that I will give up. I had to work hard at hagwon (private school after regular school for korean students), then I had to show my form at audition too, with that it became ok in my mother’s heart”

#Agency, KNK— the destination’s plan

Jihun had a tall mountain to climb. Because he couldn’t show his personality in front of others with dancing Jihun’s path was far away. But ‘Your efforts will never betray you’ he said. At which moment did his efforts begin to shine. 

“I did the Key East Auditions. Because I still couldn’t dance, the team leader sent me to a dance academy. For 1 year I went to the dance academy then I moved and entered Nega Network.”

It went by in a flash, a small destiny became connections. He met ‘KNK’ members and they became precious and dear connections of his. On February 29, 2016 the first single album ‘KNOCK’ was released, and successful debut showcase happened. 

“Together with girl group Bestie Member Dahye Noona we came from SM Academy. A close hyung and Dahye noona introduced me to YNB Entertainment. If they didn’t give me that suggestion then I would be in a contract situation with Nega Network. If YNB Entertainment Director hadn’t said, ‘Someday let’s work together’ it would be too bad. After 3 months I left Nega Network to build my own nest.”

#The pearl inside of the ocean

This time let’s look even deeper into Jihun. He likes to sing and listen to music but which singers does he like.

“I like SG Wannabe and V.O.S Sunbaenim’s songs. Because when I watch them they seem big. I never thought of dancing. When I was a trainee because of dancing I worked hard. Because If it was a day I took dance class, I would fall off my path. (laughter)” 

In his school days, due to a personal situation, the dream of Taekwondo didn’t stop and he kept going. Again if he hadn’t become a singer what would Jihun being doing.

“When I was 17, my life as a trainee began. The life of going from my hometown of Gyunggido to Seoul. Because the road was far and my mother was opposed if I didn’t become a singer, right now I would a college student wouldn’t I?

Because time is short, Jihun straightforwardly and honest confidence was told and still gradually new things were revealed.  

“The people who watch our stage please leave comments. Even though my eyes our closed and their a lot of noise, I think of my existence like a pearl inside of the ocean. If you still haven’t seen it, It’s because I don’t show a lot of reflection. In the future, I’ll show more charms. I ask that you show a lot of interest.(laughter)”

Translated by fy-knk


Kind of angry/sad because SPEED came back and yet again, MBK Entertainment/Core Contents Media failed to promote them properly. They didn’t do any actual buildup to the comeback, and our poor bbys had to do all the promoting for themselves.

But when SPEED doesn’t get promoted, it’s SPEED that gets blamed for not getting enough attention from the public. A band can only do so much by itself.

Besides the obvious smaller companies who have done wrong, I’m not sure whether it’s Nega Network or MBK Entertainment that gives me the most grief :/

Still hoping SPEED does well, though. They’re a good band.