@farorest said: What about Alister though? I mean he did almost jeopardize the entire universe in the name of restoring the Lombaxes on Fastoon. And to get to that goal he did try to kill Ratchet (actually succeeding too). Not to mention all the guilt tripping and emotional manipulation he put on the poor guy. If that’s not an antagonist, then i don’t know what is.

While that is a good point, and I’ll admit my brain sorta crapped out yesterday and I forgot all about him (haha whoops). He still doesn’t exactly fit the bill of what I’m describing I want to see. And for almost all the reasons you listed. 

Because as noble as his goal was, it put the entire universe at great risk. And Ratchet knew that it was imperative he stop him (when he realized it) or else they were all doomed. You can’t really root for Alister, because if his plan had gone his way, the universe would’ve been destroyed (because we all know he wasn’t willing to take the option of finding the lombaxes another way).  I wanna see a villain that isn’t putting the galaxy at risk for once and that is actually trying to do something good too. But just in the wrong way.

And his emotional manipulation and guilt tripping helped kill the ability to sympathize with him (but that’s just my opinion, I can’t speak for others). He was basically emotionally abusive (in some parts, mostly the final fight) and controlling, and I just can’t feel bad for Alister’s situation when he acts like that. I wanted to smack him at some parts of the game. And when Ratchet finally stood up to Alister and told him no? I will give you this, Alister tried once or twice to get Ratchet to change his mind, but after that he did not hesitate to kill him or attempt to a second time. His behavior, combined with his extreme goal, doesn’t really make him all that sympathetic. (Again, in my view).

If you ask me, Neftin is the closest character we’ve got to being sympathetic. Because as utterly horrible as he can be, he was trying to make his sister happy and he loved her so much he was willing to go to prison for the rest of his natural life (I’m assuming he got the same amount of jail time as Vendra) just to save her. 

But again, he isn’t what I’m looking to see either.

Ratchet headcanons

Because going through the tag gets me hype for the Ratchet and Clank movie and I could always use more of my fluffy gun happy son.

Lombaxes are one of the few Apex Predators in the Galaxy.

Ratchet continually has several projects lying around to tinker with whenever he’s stuck on his other projects, or slacking off from doing work at Grim’s garage.

The crazy projects that Ratchet gets up to in between saving galaxies remind me of this trope Science-Related Memetic Disorder. Mostly the compulsion to create without any use for said created item.

Due to working at a spaceship garage, he’s met and dealt with plenty of species. Watching them leave after getting their ships fixed had to be the worst part of a job. Ratchet has itchy feet and wants to explore the galaxy. After he becomes famous, there’s a few people who go ‘HEY THAT’S THAT LITTLE FUZZY KID FROM VELDIN!’

He grew up in a desert; if anyone asked him for water, he’d give them some.

Absolute tourist. Takes terrible pictures next to the big landmarks. If there’s a regional dish, he’ll try it. Clank has had to carry anti-allergens because of this. 

Clank also has access to Ratchet’s medical records and Ratchet’s permission to perform emergency medical procedures if they’re not in range of proper medical help.

Ratchet does repairs to Clank as well. No experimenting, just fixing broken limbs and wires.

Can and does sew his own clothes. He’s offered to make some for Clank, and Quark has come to him for last minute tuxedo adjustments. He even crochets, and tried collecting his own shed fur to make yarn in another haphazard scheme.

Part of the reason why Ratchet was relegated to ‘bumbling butler sidekick’ in Secret Agent Clank was that he’s an endangered species. No film studio wants a lawsuit or government up their butts for hurting a ‘piece of intergalactic history’.

After getting Aphelion, he’d sometimes sneak away and ask her things about Lombax culture. She doesn’t know much, but there is some music she plays for him. He sits in the cockpit and lets himself fall asleep to it.

Okay so after the events of Into the Nexus, Ratchet goes on an even bigger journey, traveling from galaxy to galaxy. He says that he’s trying to find a place for a whole species to live in harmony. Mostly everyone assumes that Ratchet knows how to bring the Lombaxes back, and is trying to find them a planet.

But it’s not the Lombaxes. It’s the Nethers.

And once Ratchet finds a good spot, he’ll break Vendra and Neftin out of prison and take them to the Nethers new home.

He trusts her to lead them better, this time.