In Which Eren is a Cat

Eren Jaeger was always a spirited kid. Even as a baby, he fussed for no reason, only calmed by a few songs and some milk. If it wasn’t for Mikasa and Armin, Carla Jaeger was sure that Eren would get seriously hurt from too much rough housing.  

As a result, she was never too surprised when she heard that her son had gotten into trouble with the local kids or even with some of the adults around town. Of course, Armin would explain what happened through watery eyes and all would be forgiven. 

So when Mikasa came running home alone, Carla knew that something must’ve happened. She followed Mikasa towards the river, hearing that Eren was in trouble. She was expecting him to have a swollen cheek and bruises from his latest scuffle… So you could imagine her surprise when she saw her boy sitting on a tree branch. Armin was at the base of the tree, calmly telling Eren to climb back down. The brunet shook his head. “If it was that simple, I would’ve done it!" 

Carla chuckled a little. "What happened here?” She asked as Mikasa looked up at Eren. The blond was the one to explain. “Eren and Mikasa and I decided to have a race to see who could get to the top fastest…And now Eren can’t get down.” He pointed to a broken branch off to the side. “Mikasa nearly fell when that broke. She’s okay though.” Mikasa gave a small smile and nodded. “But now Eren’s stuck." 

Eren pouted. "I’m not stuck! I’m just…enjoying the view.” Carla smiled and patted the two kids’ heads. “Thank you for coming to get me.” She approached the tree’s base. “Eren, let’s get you down, alright? I have a vegetable stew waiting for us at home.” She offered her arms out to him. “Jump. I’ll catch you.” Eren visibly hesitated. It was a long way down… But he trusted his mom… The boy stood up on the branch and jumped down, closing his eyes as he did. 

Carla, without any trouble, caught Eren in her arms and gave him a quick hug. “There we go.” She smiled and set him down. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Eren shook his head. “It was actually kinda fun, flying through the air like that…” The woman chuckled. “Well, just be careful next time.” She offered a hand to Eren and Mikasa each, while Armin held onto the hem of her skirt. 

“Just remember, Eren, that I’ll be there to catch you if you ever get stuck.”

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