Nefertiti Aesthetic ; Lady of Grace

Nefertiti was the wife of Akhenaten, an Egyptian pharaoh. It is debated whether or not she was Tutankhamun’s mother, although she was married to his father. She was made famous in the present day by her bust, which has been recreated many times. In life she was known to be extremely beautiful, and the reign she and her husband had is thought to be the most prosperous and rich in Ancient Egyptian history.


Queen Nefertiti was more than the iconic pretty face. She and her husband shook shit up in ancient Egypt when they decided to change the religion, art and culture for the first time in the three thousand year old run of static Egyptian culture. (FOR THREE THOUSAND YEARS ANCIENT EGYPT STAYED THE SAME!!) Nefertiti, while being beautiful, was her husband’s equal and had elevated power. She was one of the only examples of being represented as a strong and loving Queen and Mother in Egyptian art work. Hell yeah.

Empress Wu Zetian was empress of early imperial China. She was, in fact, the FIRST woman to become emperor of China. She started out as the previous emperor’s favorite concubine, then his favorite wife and then a stand-in for her young son after he died…and then she said “fuck y'all i’m running this shit now” and made herself empress of China.

Catherine the Great started out as timid german princess marrying the next emperor of Russia who wouldn’t have sex with her and wanted to play with toy german soldiers all day. Luckily she knew from the start that she just wanted Russia’s crown. After battling for power in Russia’s royal court she managed to flip the table and claimed the Russian throne-even while her husband was still emperor. Of course she managed to murder him, crown herself empress and then proceed to lead Russia into its golden age.  

I did all this research on royal women in history because I was tired of seeing Marie Antoinette and Cleopatra being celebrated again and again and again when there is obviously all these other great sassy and stylish Queen Bees that exist in our history. Then I created three illustrations to celebrate these bad ass ladies and the culture they thrived in. 

Sunk relief from the facade of a shrine showing Akhenaten and Nefertiti offering libations to the sun god Aten.

During the Amarna period shrines in the form of pylons were placed in private houses to serve as altars for the cult of the royal family and the god Aten. Discovered in the house of Paneshy at Amarna. Now at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.


Three Dimensional C.T. scan image of the Ancient Egyptian Mummy of Yuya; the grandfather of Akhenaten & Great Grandfather of Tutankhamun.

Mummy found in Tomb KV46, Valley of the Kings, Luxor, alongside his wife Thuya.
Age of death: 50-60 years, no explanation for death itself however.
Stature: 166cm

“C.T. Images of Yuya show that the embalmers stuffed the throat (hypopharynx) of the mummy with a heterogeneous, low-density material. Filling the throat helped to give the neck a full, life like appearence, as demonstrated in this oblique frontal 3D CT image.”

Father of Queen Tiye
Grandfather of #Akhenaten
Great Grandfather of #Tutankhamun