Not my best work im very sorry
I forgot to write down hoever requested these and the other requests too im sorry im a tumblr noob and didnt realise they would immediately disappear after i replied ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but i did remember to put paint all over catrines overalls so thats something.
Also ignore my makeupskills dont zoom in on neferas face thank u.

Upcoming Purge Sale

Hey everyone. Its been a really long time.

I wont make this long, boring or sad but in growing up and noving out I’ve lost the passion for the dolls. Maybe it came with the reboot, maybe not. I haven’t kept track.

Anyways, I’ll be selling all of my dolls. Including originals like Ghoulia, Nefera, all of the boys, the SDCC exclusives I have. Nothing over $50. It has to go, I need the money and they need the love.

You can look through my feed or wait until I post the pictures. Everything will be up. Cheers everyone.