Since the Boo York dolls are in stores now, here are some of the sketches I did for the box art. I DIDN’T do ANY of the vector artwork for the dolls. I only provided these images. Some were used and others not. It’s funny. Not very long after I had done these sketches, the artwork for Clawdeen and Draculaura was leaked. Which means they must have had that artwork already done when I was doing these sketches. I have no idea why they would have me do new sketches of characters they already had art for, but they did. I can’t complain. I got paid for them. But it looks like they did use Mouscedes King, Luna Mothews, and Catty Noir. 3 out of 9 ain’t bad. Actually, i guess it kind of is bad……Hmmmmm.


Monster High stickers, scanned and edited by me.

Huge files, just open the pictures in a new tab.


Some positive feelings for the tag after yesterday! All opinions are valid, but to avoid drama and instead try to make people happy why not think “What an awesome doll line for kids with characters based off such CLAWSOME creatures” instead? As I said all opinion are valid and worth being said, but in return to it I redid a project I made awhile back. I think it’s slightly better but I’m still lazy with that white outline… All of these are in separate photosets on my blog under the tag gimp.  

Also doesn’t Werecat Micheal Jackson seem like a purrfect fit for Catty Noir?

(Fire Elemental Art:


My Nefera!  She’s been waiting patiently to be redone.  I was going to make her into Sailor Pluto, as per my bud Mara’s suggestion.  As much of a fine Setsuna she would have been, I couldn’t resist the chance to paint an over the top ancient Egyptian doll.  She’s actually a tester design for something coming up.