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Hard To Forget.

The sharp sound of what sounded like heels could be heard echoing outside of the door. It was an unusual sound, the Barca boys so used to hearing cleats and sneakers hit the hardwood so when the sound arrived all eyes fell on her.

“Wow,” Ivan uttered.

“Damn,” someone else added.

The woman walked into the room of men. “Neymar…Jr.” She added that in so as to not sound too casual. She didn’t know him personally and didn’t want him to feel as if she thought she did.

She clutched the paper in her hand while she waited for him to come forward. Secretly she knew all of the players by name and face but again she didn’t want to feel weird just walking up to him. Sitting on the bench, Nemyar held up his hand.

Seeing him she walked up towards him while holding out the paper. He took it and quickly began reading over it though he still asked, “What is this?”

“It’s a sponsorship agreement the club needs you to sign. All of the players were given one but it seems you haven’t signed yours yet.”

“Right,” he said as if he knew exactly what sponsorship agreement she was talking about. Thankfully the company’s logo was at the top so he could at least believe this wasn’t some sort of fake contract he was signing. In reality he was too distracted by her deep eyes sparkling while she looked at him. Or at least they looked to be sparkling. Maybe he was just imagining it.

“Do you need a pen or would you like to read it over first and give it back to me later?”

“No. I trust you.” And maybe Neymar trusted her solely off of the fact she was drop dead gorgeous but when she held out the pen for him to take, he grabbed it without hesitation. There was this sort of electrical shock that ran from his fingers and deeper through his body as their fingers brushed against each other.

He shook it away feeling as if he was once again making a big deal out of nothing. He had seen beautiful women before but there was something else about her he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

Finger. Right. The thought reminded him of why she was here in the first place and he finally looked down towards the paper, placing it onto a bench and scrawling his dominant signature.

They say you can tell a lot about someone’s handwring. When she looked down at his, she noticed its size. It had a large, commanding presence on the paper as the black ink glistened until dry. It was accented by neatly carved loops showing a sense of status and confidence. She tucked her random analysis in her back pocket for now.

Once Ney was done he passed the paper off to her with a smile and she returned the gesture. She didn’t say anything else, instead beginning to head out of the area but not before saying, “Congratulations again, Xavi.” She winked towards the maestro.

“Thank you, Y/N,” Xavi responded with a grin. She sauntered out after that.


Neymar turned to his captain. “Who is that?”

“Y/N. She works in external affairs for the club. Handling legal stuff, contracts and things I think,” Xavi shrugged while he sat on a bench, sliding into his sneakers. He didn’t even realize his teammate’s interest.

Legal. That’s what it was! Neymar realized now why she was so oddly familiar. He could remember pulling up to Carolina’s home one day and seeing a young woman leaving in her car. Naturally he felt attraction but he didn’t relay those thoughts to Carolina. He simply asked who she was and she explained that she was a lawyer helping her out with something or another. The details really didn’t matter.

It was her. Only now she was working for Barcelona?

He had many quesitons, most outside of the realm of her work and more about getting to know the mystery woman, so he got up and headed out of the area to find her.

Neymar turned his head in both directions to see which way she may have headed. It didn’t take much scouring as he could see her somewhat in the distance, her heels betraying her location and she seemed distracted as he could see her looking down at the phone in her hand.

“Hey!” He yelled after her to get her to stop while he jogged to where she now stood.


“Sorry if I’m interrupting your work or anything but you looked familiar and I had to say something.”

She crossed her arms over her chest and laughed as if she was about to relay a joke. “I don’t go to clubs so I’m not sure where you’d recognize me from.”

“Carolina. You worked with her on something.”

She squinted her eyes while trying to remember the woman. The truth was she worked with many people on a weekly basis. It was hard to keep track of them all. Thankfully Neymar stepped in and elaborated.

“Blonde hair…”

He was going to continue describing but it seemed the memory came back to her quicker. “Oh! Oh! Dantas. Yes I remember. Are you her boyfriend or…?”

“No, no. I’m…we have a child together.” He wanted to make sure he clarified they weren’t together and that he was single.

Incredibly single.

“Adorable,” she smiled. The woman pushed her blazer jacket sleeve up so she could look towards the gold watch on her wrist and check the time. “I have a meeting to attend to. Always business with this club but thank you.” She held up the signed paper to remind him of the reason for her visit in the first place.

“Right. I guess I will be seeing you around?”

She turned with a smirk before yelling over her shoulder, those heels seeming like a sweet melody to Neymar now as he watched her walk away. “My office is on the second floor to the right. Can’t miss it.”

He was definitely going to pay her a few visits.

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I’m doing another one of these because *harry styles voice* I love the pain. But since it is my birthday, I thought I’d take some time to appreciate a few amazing people. So, thank you to anyone, and everyone who is on here, and to the people I forgot, and to the people that I don’t appreciate enough. Thank you for always brightening my day.

Also, excuse the edit. I do all my editing at 3AM so it’s not the best, but it sums me up very well.

Specials Mentions  

liamsquad: i think know i love you more than zayn missed leeyum that one time

dammitcal: you get real deep at 4AM man and i’m glad i was only half awake for that (jk jk)

tmhstan: cait you’re literally so amazing and perfect and ilysm

zainistan: thank you for letting me rant about tv shows lmao rabya ily

norrmanikordei: we hardly ever talk anymore but i still love u sarah


I was going to bold people, and then I realized that there is no point because I was going to bold everyone. So without further ado, my follow forever:  

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And that is all! Once again, thank you for being amazing people. Thank you for making me constantly happy. Even if I hate most of you :).

-Missi aka. frogmeme

Since I just hit my first thousand of followers, I guess it’s a good time to make my follow forever. I just want to thank you all for appreciating what I do. I love you all! x

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P.S. If you’re not in here, don’t feel bad, because I love each and everyone of you. x

So I’ve been in this fandom for a while now (I used this tumblr before) and decided it was time for me to make (another) follow forever. Its the first one I’ve made on this account. I decided not to put the names in alphabetical order (first letter is, the rest isn’t) bc the last time I did that it took me almost 3 hours. Accounts in bold are mutuals which I clearly don’t have enough off *hint hint*

I apologize for the terrible edit. I tried to add Neymar in as well but i couldn’t find the right picture. And besides I just suck at making edits.

Thank you everyone for my making my dash so wonderful ! I’m sorry if i forgot anyone.

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Okay Hello Guys! It’s my second time I do a follow forever list and THIS EDIT IS DONE BY MY TWINIE foreverneymarjr I just Love it so much imma cry right now it has my hubby and bae and since I reached 1000 followers already anyways so here we go..


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Thank you everyone for 500 followers! I love you all so much because you’re all too special in each of your own ways! Here is my appreciation to everyone! ❤️ 

Special Mentions - 

Gifs/Edits/Icons - @football-s, @dailyneymargifs, fcbarcelonadaily, @tooculeforyou

Imagines - neycrisbale, letsimaginemeandyou, -neymarjunior, ney-ney-the-bae-bae & neymagines4uimagine-footballers, imagineymar 

You can also click my blogroll on my profile to see the beautiful people I follow! :) 

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A Massive thank you to everyone who follows me! I’m sorry I couldn’t include everyone but check out my blogroll..haha. Thanks once again for everything, ya’ll are the world to me and I couldn’t possibly ask for better followers! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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I’m not even sure what to put here. I guess I just want to say I just really love this fandom and everyone in it, it’s filled with a bunch of lovely and amazing people. And, I’m just making this to dedicate it to all of the amazeball folks and totes bitchin’ football blogs that I have come across so far on my journey into this lovely thing that is football. (This is a list in no specific order made 95% of people I stalk but that’s okay)

ilooveneymar, neeymar-jr, neymar-breezy, neymar-brasil, -neymarjr, footballinmyvains, ney-ney-neymar, weloveneuer, manuelneuer4ever, nationalmannschaft-dfb, nikeneymar, neymar-j, neymar–jr, neymar-football, foreverneymarjr, itsxnoemix, neymarporn, naeymarjr, neymarrrrdasilva, moon–bliss, nneymar-jr, neymarspizza, stayforeverbarca, kunessii, thatneymar, davidluizs, neymarforbrazil, neythebae, mullerismymainman, xabiersalonsos, manuelneuerfan, neymar-oscar, cr-james, iwantneymarsjunior, itsneyscar, neymarito, neymarjrsbae, babeneymar, neymaer, dailyneymar, baeoscar, realmadird, neymarijr, wengers, neymarbles, chicas-en-el-futbol, brazilnts, lluissuarez, bbyneymar, flawlesssoccer, half-annd-half, demmagconboys, neymar-is-life, neymarchrist, omg-neymar, oscareleven, zaymarjr, neymar-and-luiz, neymarsfcb, basicallybrazil, campnouforever, goldenneuer, erikdurmn, artflavoredsoul, neyscar-fan, oscarr-love, ohneymarjr, footballslut, fuckyeahdavidluiz, david-luiz-4, yeahdavidluiz, davidluizfcbr, arseneswengers, vikt0rfischer, foxcrumpet, neymarjrdaily, babethiago, spikefuckingjonze, erikdrms, nneymar-jr, daevidluiz, thiagosbanana, thomasmullersdayoff, thomasfrickinmuller, neymarsexual, mullerreus, daviddluiz, dvdlz, gotzeh, neuers, jamesmivida10

This is only a small portion of all the amazing blogs out there and I if you’re not on the list please still know you’re completely amazing!

My follow forever list! These are the lovely blogs that I follow and adore. Sorry if you weren’t on the list but I still love you! xx

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Ok, so it’s been about a month since I started my Tumblr blog and I wanted to do a follow forever to show my appreciation towards every one of my favorite bloggers who made me feel welcome. Here is a list of my favorite blogs and don’t forget to follow!!!

# - B

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Knowing me, I probably forgot a few people but please forgive me bc I’ll add some more later :-)

Alright guys, so recently I reached over 1,000 followers. Guys that’s a heck of a lot of followers, a lot of followers I never imagined gaining. I’m not even trying to just talk about followers. I’m talking about how many of you I got to know and befriend and are there for me, if it’s just to chat or like my posts or is constantly talking to me via messages or other social media. That kind of stuff means so much to me and sure there is still a good number of you that I haven’t gotten to know well (and I would at some point get to know you all), but that’s what makes you guys wonderful. We might not be good friends yet, but you all stick with me for my spams of sports and comics or whatever stupid shit I want to post that day.

I want to thank you for that. I want to thank all of you. Just thank you for sticking around, for putting up with my stupid ass shit and obsessions. Thank you for getting to know me and letting me getting to know you. Thank you for being you, for being the truly amazing and lovely. Thank you for making my day, my week, for just spreading good times. You are all loved by me and I bet by all of your followers. Keep being you, keep being flawless as fuck.

  Just a heads up, I might have forgotten some people and I want you to know that I’m sorry if that happens to be you. I don’t love you any less, I’m just sometimes a piece of shit, but you all should have figured that out by now. Now here are some of my favorite followers/blogs.


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Hello, Hello!

Well! I have already said that I’m doing a follow forever soon and well, HERE IT IS!

First of all I’d like to thank the gorgeous amazing gbales for making me this beautiful edit! You are the sweetest xX

I have not had this blog for long, and ever since I made it, I made amazing friends, met amazing people, and got into a beautiful community some like to call “The Football fandome”

I cannot stress enough how much of a previlage it’s been to have known you all, or not, even if we don’t speak, I just look at you as beautiful amazing people that have changed my life!

Some of you started to follow me when I was ‘eyaneyy’ and some of you when I changed my url, and I’d like to say thank you if you follow me, and I’m sorry if I didn’t mention you!! So sorry!

Here we go:





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hablamadrid , hala-madr-id, hala-madrid11 , herzbeben


idoloverealmadridijustwantsomefootball ,iker-is-everything, ikerbby , ikermadridista , itsladecimaitsxnoemix

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I love you all! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

hey guys, since the festive season is coming to an end, i’ve decided to make my follow forever. i never thought i would experience so much happiness and pain from football, but it’s been worth it all. i’ve had such a blast these past few months on this blog, from the world cup aftermath and to first half of club season, and it’s all thanks to the amazing people i follow. thanks to all the graphic/gif makers for your beautiful posts on my dash. thanks to all the funny posts i see that make me laugh on a daily basis. thank you all for being such delightful people that make my dash glow. and a big thank you to all my followers. i hope everyone has a merry christmas/happy new year/happy holidays!

A-J: azulgranass alexissnchez blaugr4na baernat baeoscar campnou-s campnouforever daevidluiz dailyarsenal daviduliz debuchies degea elreus everyonelovesiniesta erikdurmn fathermessi fcbsouls fireisscatching fcbarcelonadaily festivenando football-s fc-bootylona grriezman gctze gerardeulofeus geradpique gibbbo goldenboyneymar gxtze hummelz hohohommels iniessii j-aviermascherano jalbass jinglebarca jollyassneymar jordialbs juaniturbe

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+ blogroll

hello friends !! since its holiday season and almost the end of 2015, i wanted to make a special follow forever just to wish everyone happy holidays and thank everyone for making my year exciting and beautiful ヾ(^∇^)


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@gablaugrana @garethsidehoe @happyfeetiniesta @heartsoftruth @hesneymar @hohohoector @iamdanialves @idkwbarca @incorrectbarcelonaquotes @its-all-about-barca @itsameyessy @javiermasche @jordi-albae @jordisnuts @jordibelljordibelljordibellrock @joyeuxoli @kingsleysnowman @kunessii @leo-messii @leosmessi @lionelandresmessii @lionelfreakingmessi @lionelmessiah @marcmeme @maschessii @messithehumble @missdasilvasantos @mullerswink


@neeymar-jr @ney-gifs @neyali @neyjrs @neymar-breezy @neymarsfantasies @neymarspassion @neymarsvo @neys-princess @nneyjr @peanutneymar @pique-outran-bale @ppiquechu @princesarafinha @quixiest @rafinhasqueen @rainbowspikewindsor @ramsey-ruined-me @rijaujkani @rxfinha @sanchez-s @sashapique @sergibroberto @sergisampr @shakirugh @slayfinha @sleighmebartra @smsydney @somos-porto @ter-stegen @thiagokillva @tinyjordialba @tudopassanjr @vamosblaugrana @xavihernandes @xaviniestah

i apologize if i forgot your blog T^T, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and Happy New Year to all <3 i hope you get everything you want in the year of 2016! Byee <3 


It took but did for me all my followers are important … Thanks to all who are with me today, I am grateful for everything. A Happy New Year this coming year is blessing and a lot of peace and love! Here are the people that I follow and that I love, friendships that will always lead. Love you Guys! ♥♥♥♥ Did not specify order: 

selenamgomez / itsgomezsel / dilaurentisliar / frgetforever / loverinsgz / yearswithoutyous / selenangomez / perfectionselly / selenaisfallingnaturally / selexnagomez / selenurmurie / holland-roden / seleniez / justninbiebs / cockygomez / neeymar-jr / copthatforeign / slwdowns / misselenur / lyricalgomez / selenastruly / deathsofme / savethedday / myydilemma / butselenas / fitzandmontgomery / goemz / selenagomezworld15 / plldailly / oohgomez / rockksgods / sellenass / wishselala / dylangomezz / selmgomz / lovewllremember / texas7h19am / whosmaries / blamegomez / werrkgomez / favoritecelebs / selenaia / sunsdowns / foreversours / marieselina / starringselena / writeshername / loveremembrs / nightofamelody / darlingomez / melodiesgomez / ohselenurs / selcrush / fallingdowns / bodyrockks / glowselena / selesna / selego / selenadaily / selezwhy / itselenerr / itselenazz / godmezmarie / starsdancez / loversinme / alexrussogifs / fuckyeahselenita / igomezfever / sexylena-hotmez / everything-jelena / seleniegomez / selenamg / alwaysgomez / selnea / jelenathings.

i always wanted to make a follow forever since i’m on tumblr, but i hadn’t the time for this crazy shit… haha but now the time has come and i’ll make one. so if you tagged i want to say that your blog is really amazing and i think we should talk more.. i love u guys and dont forget that!! <3

a arjen-robbens andermufc antox-united all-soccer

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e eden-in-shorts elreus erikwahlstrom erikdvrms 

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g gareth-bae gotzeus-weltmeister gotzeh gxtze garehtbale gbales

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l littlecule lewis-carroll lovefootballyeah lenareus lewandowski-s lewandows l-ukeshaw lareuss

m modricista mgoetzinho madridistalovesbartra my-football-paradise mesuitozil miroslav-kloses manchesterunited4life

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p plszczek persiex pppper papi-luiz paulpogba

q queengotze19 queenleams

r royalmadridd realmadrid-club-de-futbol realmadrid-cf realmadrid-cf radamels ramesrodriguez realmdrid realsmadrid

s sandinjar sergiocuatro santasteiger simplyneymar schweiinsteiger

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unstablemolecule unitedredd

v-persie vikt0rfischer vangaaled vanpersiefans vamosblaugrana

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xoxo-muller xviktorxfischerx xavihernandes xabieralonsos

y youlovemeright-right yallahmadrid 

z zisforzlatan ziyechs

- -the-boy-who-could-fly-

(omfg when i typed the alphabet i came to the t and didnt know what was next.. hahaha)

i love u guys, so hai <3 sorry i’ve forgotten you plz dont hate me im just a human ( i think ) and have a good day

gros bisous – garethgotze aka nienke 


so I’d like to take the time and express my gratitude to all the blogs that follow me and give a big thanks to all the blogs I follow that brighten up my dash on a daily basis 

A - G

baeoscar baezilnt brazilnts brazilnt-daily campnouforever claudiobravos claudiosbravo daevidluiz dvdlz elreus gaerthbale garthbales gbales geezrs  gerardeulofeus geradpique goldenboyneymar gotzeh

H - N

ifernandotorres iniessii jordialbass kunessii manschaft mexiconts naeymarjr -neymarjr neeymar-jr neymarijr neymarito nikeneymar nneymar ntbrasil

O - Z

ohneymarjr oscarpiazons piazonss piqueque realmadird ronaldoe thhiagomessi thiagoavlis thiagoesilva thosecurlssss tthiagosilva wengers zaymarjr 

anyway, thanks to everyone who follows me, and if I missed your blog, I’m sorry! also, here’s my amazing blogroll


Happy Holidays for everyone!! 2014 was a amazing year, we had the World Cup, which in fact marked this year, and the World Cup brought me the idea of having a blog about football, where you met, which made these last few months are very entertaining here on tumblr. I don’t talk much with the majority here, but you are very special to me, I love the posts of all of my dashboard. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful New Year, that all of you dreams come true and are very happy. (Sorry about this tex but I’m not very good at writing hahaha)


all-about-beautiful-wags arjen-robbens arjenrobbens alexfergusons aroyalargentinian arseneswengers blinddaleys blindsdaley brazilnt-daily bastianswagsteiger barcwlona barcareus cescfabrgas claraoswino chelskiblues carljenkinsons 


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piqueque plszczek podollski persiex reusful ronaldeus reallukeshaw robbenaire rafinhasalcantaras remadriid reusmarcoreus rickardokaka 


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I wanted to post this when I reached my next hundred, but I’ve finished it already and it’s starting to annoy me in my drafts which is why I’m posting it now. So thank you all for not causing (that much) drama and posting great things. All my mutuals are in italics. If you do follow me but aren’t in italics it’s probably because i couldn’t find your main blog

A-D albertosmoreno | alifetimemadridista | babeneymar | barca-mylife | barcanjrbarcelonaesmuchomasbarceloniebartrisme | bee44blaugranadays | brazilafbrowncelona | campnou-sclublaugrana | concretarcristianosronaldo | dailyneymar | dailyneymargifs danialvesunnieswag | daniloxluizdont-messi-with-me | dopeneymar | doublethetreble | dsjneymar

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T-Z terslaygen | tellthemthefairytalegonebadtudopassanjr | twirodriguezxavihernandesvamos-barcelona | warriorneymar | withneymar | www-kripzchips96-com

and I also want to add @casixavi who I don’t follow but who is amazing either way