I was talking to Neera about this earlier, like how in my time as an abominable swamp hag I have lived through the collapse of the USSR (albeit as a small child so my experience of it is mostly the wildly fluctuating currency rates, food lines and tanks driving through Moscow), the Bush years which were a barrel of nationalist paranoia and unnecessary and devastating wars, and still…the Orange Man scares me. I’m very much afraid of the Orange Man and his supporters and what his potential presidency means. I don’t understand what’s happening and I want to go home.

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8/10.  Imoen/Neera is more my cup of tea, but Aerie brings similar feels, because nerd lesbians.

  • Imoen makes tea for Aerie whenever she’s having a nightmare about her wings and sits and silently listens to her talk it out.  When Aerie asks why she’s always willing to do this, no matter how late the hour may be, Imoen says that she knows a little something about suffering in a cage and doesn’t want Aerie to ever feel alone.
  • Whenever they learn a new spell together and they get it right for the first time, they rush up and give each other a huge hug and sometimes an equally big kiss.  Giggles all around.
  • They totally braid each other’s hair.
  • Imoen loves the way Aerie’s face lights up whenever she brings her a new book.  There’s something awfully endearing to her about seeing someone who was so closed off from the world discover new things.  Maybe it’s her Candlekeep upbringing.  Maybe it’s just the fact that Aerie is so beautiful.
  • When Imoen is feeling stressed, Aerie holds her hand and softly sings Gnomish hymns to her.

Tagged by @fizzsup a looooong time ago, but I was working out how to actually take screen caps on my phone.  Lock screen to the left being art from Neera who I would tag but it’s not letting me.  Home screen is from @ireallyshouldbedrawing who I tag for the meme.  XD  Art was done for my fic The King and the Dragon.  I would tag @canolacrush, but considering she is much more of a Luddite than me, she will probably have less idea how to do screen caps.  So I tag @itironman, @tonyrumiko (who for some reason still took me forever to remember was not amaratony any more.  That appears to be the name that has stuck with me -_-), and any one else that wants it.