neener neener

When someone tries telling me I spend too much time watching kdramas...

I am trying to cut back a little though. Watching 8+ airing shows a week is too much…

Are you aware you didn’t answer my question? This charge comes in a tone implying I killed his dog with a hatchet. I did answer your question—you didn’t like the answer. He bullets words like Greek fire, lobbing them across the pond, hoping the spring under my feet is dry tinder. I’m tempted to stick my fingers in my ears and do the sing-song version of neener-neener. I am out of your space-time continuum. And words will never hurt me.

Out of Context Video Game Comments

“Fuck physics, I have a pogo-stick!”

“You run on spring. Not the season.”

“His head is like, the size of a beach ball. It represents his ego.”

“I don’t think anyone has ever driven a car up Everest. That would be impressive. I’d clap.”

“I’m just a man with a stick. Don’t judge me.”

“Maximum height for maximum fall.”

“I’m the king of goats.”

“I wonder if the train would consider me a threat.”

“What the fuck just happened? Yeah okay, let’s pretend that’s normal.”

“I just wanted to surf on a train!”

“Oh sweet mama Jesus.”

“Where’s the pogo-stick, I lost the pogo!”

“Where’d he go? He just got like, eaten by the truck.”

“Catch me if you can, neener neener neener.”

“It’s my shit, I can blow it up if I want.”

“Fuck gravity.”

“I don’t want the porta-potty anymore.”

“You want my autograph? No. You’re dead to me.”

“Don’t question me. Let me kick you.”

to my fellow CSers:

enjoy our OTP being reunited, happy, engaged, true love. there’s so much to be excited about. but if you wanna be petty and throw it in $Qers faces like “neener neener look at what we get and you don’t” that’s p shitty tbh. our OTP is canon, what else could you possibly want? you won. congratulations. if the prospect of other sects of the fandom feeling sad or heartbroken or angry about the direction of the show is what you’re finding pleasure in after everything you could be focusing on in that gift of an episode?? i just… i don’t get it. can we not do that? can we be, like, civil at least? you don’t gotta be bffs or anything, but lemme tell ya, as someone who has been there, who has shipped a non-canon couple and felt the canon couple was entirely wrong for each other, i think getting snide remarks from the canon shippers would piss me off too. at least tag it, if you’re gonna post or reblog stuff. please.

There were regional elections in Finland, and I’m not saying that my single vote decided anything, but I am a little pleased that the party I have some personal beefs with suffered the biggest loss.

Just this once I’m going to allow myself to be petty and go neener neener.

needing to add more tags to the blacklist today. if i unfollow you, pls understand that i just can’t deal with petty anti stuff on my dash, i don’t care which side it’s coming from. any anti-$Q that isn’t tagged properly (especially the ones that are more anti-$Q fandom than just anti-$Q the ship) causes me just as much unease as the anti-CS stuff. pls pls PLSSS tag your posts. or don’t. i will just clean my dash as necessary. i am not here for the drama. xoxo

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And now for something completely… well actually not that different at all.

Some fanart of @ceruleancynic‘s horrible (well it’s not actually horrible) high school Kylux AU Boys on the Radio  because all the reasons, starting with “have you read it“ and ending up somewhere around “I wanna!” and “I love AUs and no power in the ‘verse can stop me neener neener”.

I have crossed the trash event horizon and there is no escape. Trash spaghettification.

The Signs As Fall Out Boy Songs

Aries: Dance, Dance

Taurus: You’re Crashing, But You’re No Wave

Gemini: Beat It

Cancer: What A Catch Donnie

Leo: The Pro’s And Con’s of Breathing

Virgo: 20 Dollar Nose Bleed

Libra: Grand Theft Autumn / Where is Your Boy Tonight

Scorpio: Snitches and Talkers Get Stitches And Walkers

Sagittarius: I Don’t Care

Capricorn: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

Aquarius: Favorite Record

Pisces: Sugar We’re Going Down